CoD - ME2 - Oopsie!

Purchasers of the most recent Call of Duty game, Black Ops 2, got something a bit different than what they were expecting when the game install asked for Disk 2.  After popping the disk in and giving it some time to read, they found the install couldn’t progress because they had popped in a disk containing files for Mass Effect 2.

See the above video.  [WARNING: Language may be inappropriate for the kiddies.]

Needless to say, those who bought the game were surprised, annoyed and maybe a tad amused.

Two things are unknown as of this writing.  First.  How did a disk from an EA game end up labeled as an Acitivision game and shipped?  The current best guess is that the two companies use the same manufacturer to produce the disks and it’s a simple mix-up.

Second.  What — if anything — is Activision going to do about it?  They haven’t responded yet, so we’re all waiting to find out.

However, Bioware has responded and if Activision or the distributor in question were worried about court proceedings, it looks like they can relax.  According to a post on Bioware’s site, they feel that this mix-up isn’t a mistake at all, but an omen.  Apparently the universe wants all of these people to play Mass Effect.  And they’re not going to argue it.

So in order to comply with the wishes of the universe, Bioware is offering to send a free code for the entire Mass Effect Trilogy to any player who received the ME2 disk with their copy of Black Ops 2. The only thing those who received the accidental ME2 disk must do is send a picture as proof to

Bioware does ask that both the disk and it’s owner be visible in the picture.  I’m not quite sure how they’re going to verify that the disk is indeed one of the mislabeled copies since they look like Black Ops 2 disks until you pop them in the drive.  Perhaps they’re just feeling really generous.

Video via zeroiez