Skyrim Map App Goes Live

Prima Games released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official World Interactive Map for those residents of Tamriel — and the US only — who want to find their bearings on the go.

The app is befitting of Skyrim‘s style and as a free download it is an appealing proposition. The 150 files to download after the initial install — though you can opt to update as you go — take over 30 minutes to nab and extract. But Skyrim is a monster of a game.

Bethesda‘s Skyrim has 100s of hours of gameplay; it is understandable why many would see a portable guide as a boon. There is a large catch, though: to own the entire inventory of information will cost $9.99. There are 20 separate sections to download individually — or in offer packs of two or three — which cost 99 cents each.

A large chunk of real estate is free of charge — including the major cities — but I don’t think I’ll be spending nearly 10 dollars for information I can get gratis on several websites.

While looking at the tour of the terrain, download the latest Skyrim beta update, which removes the 50 mod limit to make your adventures even more enjoyable.
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