Maxim Magazine and Virgin Gaming have teamed up to find the ultimate gamer girl.

They’ve launched a contest that allows self professed female gamers to show they have what it takes to be the first ever Maxim Gamer Girl.  The winning girl will get exposure in Maxim magazine and on their site, an all-expense paid trip to one or more VIP gaming events and a potential contract as the Virgin Gaming spokesmodel.

A lot of girls have thrown their hat into the ring for this, but one in particular caught our eye — maybe it’s the panda ears.

TradeChat — also known as Panser on YouTube — is a self described nerd from Rome, NY.   She is, for lack of a better word, a walking rainbow.  Not kidding… Go check out her Facebook.   It’s like a bag of Skittles exploded.

Currently, TradeChat seems to be ahead in the polls, which is somewhat surprising as this is the Maxim site we’re talking about and her bio pic shows the least amount of skin available.

I’m proud of you Maxim voters.

Interestingly, she is the only girl we’ve seen offering rewards for receiving votes.  She has a tiered system starting at 5,000 and going up to 200,000 with a 35,000 vote reward of her livestreaming herself dancing around in a fluffy rainbow outfit.

  • Paul Hillier

    Panser FTW! :)

  • Emily Carson

    Panser is awesome…She shows her love for her fan base and that’s how she’s winning. She also doesn’t only have her tradechat channel. She has a creative vlog and her personal vlog. So she has many many many fans other than just gamers. I, personally, play Warcraft and I wouldn’t be happier with anyone else winning. For the horde! For the panserrrrrr!!!

    • JJGlyph

      Lesbian alert. Just kidding, haha. Glad to see it’s not just horny teens that love Panser. She’s genuinely funny & cool.

  • London Clemons

    lol @ the cow

  • Leo Lamphier

    I Love Panser. I vote for her in every contest she has been in maxim, King(Queen) of the web, and what ever else. :D

  • Carlos Moreno

    Never heard of her. But ya…..bah horde ftl.

  • Brad Boivin

    I don’t think Mia has done porn in quite a while.

  • Revanhavoc

    Well, at least we can move past the “women don’t play games” myth. That’s a start.

    • Roblerw

       More important Now we also learned that Beautiful women play games.

  • Fish Bait

    Used to intermittently watch her stuff, until she begged for money to send her to Blizzcon for weeks on end.

    • Paul Hillier

      Yeah she tried to get help so she could go to Blizzcon and cover it for her channel.  You didn’t have to donate if you didn’t want to or weren’t able to.  A lot of her viewers didn’t mind helping out since she works hard and brings a lot of content to her channel.  

      • Closet Dork

        Content?  You can get the same content by reading patch notes and reading mmo champ.  

      • Closet Dork

        And as far as coverage goes.. I’m pretty sure you can buy the stream to Blizzcon and get some phat loots rather than donate.  Just sayin’.


    i should have submitted myself to this. my zelda heart tattoo is perfectly placed to take risque photos XD


     i love panser to death, and i actually discovered her channel because of the begging. there is a difference between asking, and harassing.. and she was slightly treading in that grey area where one becomes the other unfortunately. still watch every video daily though.

  • Ricardo Espergue

    I love TradeChat !!! She really is a gamer and hot chick !!!!

  • Megan LeRose

    I think it’s great to see TradeChat at the top even if it’s only because of her youtube following, but are you sure it wasn’t the fact that she has 20,000 votes that made her stand out? lol. Just saying :P

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      Nope… That was something we noticed after the fact.  What seriously caught our eye was that she was the only girl that we all agreed immediately was a gamer based on looks.  

      All the other girls we were doubtful of… However… I did read through some of their other profiles and there are definitely some attractive gamer ladies on that site. 

      • Megan LeRose

        Yeah, surprisingly enough, the majority of the girls on there aren’t the typical Maxim girl. It’s nice to see. I was worried that my entry was going to be completely overshadowed by girls in bikinis, and while there are girls still selling their skin for votes, it’s not nearly as skewed that way as I would have originally thought.

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          So true… Closer inspection has shown me a few girls I’d be happy to see land the gig.  BTW.. I had to google to find you :/ No search on the site.  But if I found the right you… The blue hair is lovely.

  • Reverend Puck

    Hell, TradeChat for random host of Legendary.  Couldn’t be any worse than the constant trolling of Skippy or jessecox. ;)

  • Army Navy

    Tradechat ftw!

  • Ricardo Velez

    Inb4 Freakyfev20 wins it all thanks to Mike.

  • Darkfire124

     I’d rather the Lollipop Chainsaw coplayer, why isn’t she on the list?

    • JJGlyph

      Because she’s not a gamer, she’s a sex symbol.

      • Darkfire124

        So a gamer can’t be a sex symbol? Guess someone forgot to tell those pornstars that play WoW.

        • JJGlyph

          I didn’t say that. I said she’s not a gamer. Because she isn’t.

          • Darkfire124

             Her website says she loves gaming, isn’t that enough to be a gamer?

          • Vince Ludovico

            I love science, doesn’t make me a scientist.

          • Darkfire124

            That’s a stupid analogy, loving games would constitute being a gamer.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      I believe she’s not on the list because she didn’t sign up.  Jessica already has contracts so she may not need another and is giving other girls room to go for it. 

  • Laughter

    No one wanted to vote for Pinkie Pie. D:

    Anyway congrats to Panser. Honestly, no one had a chance with her signing up for it. She has a big following. =]

    • Scyfo aka Funkay

      Hey Laughter :)

  • Belinda Smith

    Great, just what we need. As if gaming companies and men (generalisation here, but oh well), didn’t take women in gaming seriously enough, now, apparently, the only value we have is to be semi naked in men’s mags covered in gaming merchandise. This one might be ‘popular’ on You Tube, but she’s suffering a bit of a backlash on some other sites. What is a ‘gamer girl’ anyway? I’ve been playing since the 80’s (when computers weren’t cool) and I don’t know any female gamers that look or act like she does. This is nothing but self branding and promotion. It has nothing to do with reality. 

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      To be honest… People that are ‘popular’ often suffer backlash outside of their given area of popularity.  

      As for the rest of it.  The way I’ve come to look at things is this.  If a girl is comfortable with things like this and is not doing it in a way that is harmful to herself or others… It’s her choice.  I NEVER want to watch a girl (or guy) for that matter do something detrimental to herself, but I don’t feel this is a dangerous thing.

      Is it sexist.. Yes…  But sex sells…  Look at Godaddy’s ads.  

      We also can’t say it doesn’t go the other way to some extent.  Hop in to Gamebreaker’s live chat and watch what some of the girls say about our male hosts.. It can be just as bad as what the male members say about any of the women hosts we have.

      I’m not saying that makes it okay. But it comes back to if the girl is comfortable and is in no danger, then let her do what makes her happy.

      • jayremy

        Seems a very fair image I agree with you, it’s like the golden rule (in its MANY interpretations) or “principle of liberty” in a sense. It may not be liked or fair to all, but that’s is the way it is, and nobody is truly suffering in any significant amount.

        As a guy you could say the sexism is in the woman’s favor, because as an (ugly to be stereotypical) nerdy guy generally speaking, woman are not going to watch guys like guys watch women. I bet a lot of guys wish that wasn’t the case for that reason, but that is the way things go I think other problems in society case these stigmas, this is merely an effect not the cause.

      • Salts Dude

         I would say the fanboys are as bad as the fangirls when it comes to your male hosts :)

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          Well… Yes… True. XD

      • samhainous

         I agree with your popularity statement. Some things aren’t for everybody and sometimes it’s just the nature of the anonymous internet or “hatenet” to crap on people. She seems to be fine with her objectification because she is cute. If she were 250 lbs of sweaty, cheesey, stink, the probability of her putting herself on the internet in her panties, let alone in a “men’s” magazine, would be greatly reduced. Maxim is not known for promoting “ugly” unless it’s to be made fun of or parodied and the idea of that fabled hot gamer chick hits that sweet spot demographic of 15-25 year-olds. Hopefully she won’t receive too much crap from haters or pick up too many stalkers. Her probability of being picked up by G4 increased where apparently only attractive women and playboy models play games. So she has a shot at a job there possibly.
        The good side is she is getting what she wants which is more mainstream exposure.  The bad side is that exposure is continuing objectification of women, which could be a reason why they earn less and are not treated equally in most job markets.
        In a perfect world, she wouldn’t have to undress to get her love of gaming across to the masses but she seems to enjoy it and the gaming industry may have found a new cute “gamer chick” to hock their wares. So as long as people don’t mind being bombarded with products that may or may not be worth purchasing enjoy the obligatory strategically placed controllers,game paraphernalia, and sexy cos-play.
         Cos-play, heh. I went to a Cos-play once. Beautiful Jello soliloquy.

    • Wade D McGinnis

       If you have been to any conventions in the past 10 years woman are highly sexualized both in games and booth babes (same can be said for male characters as well in recent years lol). If you want to push out of this generalization of woman, then do what you enjoy and dismiss the rest. People with knowledge/experience will come through and become respected figure heads (GBTV cast, youtube hosts, websites, blogs etc.) leading to a gradual change of mainstream perspectives over time.

  • DoctorOverlord

    I’ve said it before Gamebreaker is turning into my place for gaming news.  There’s a wide variety from industry insider bits to annoucements to stuff like this.  Keep up the great work!

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      Thank you so much!  It makes everyone at Gamebreaker very happy to know people are enjoying what we’re doing here.

  • pc11

    are gamers really so desperate and hopeless that an ugly girl like this gets so much attention?!

    • Mike Boiwka

      I could recommend a good optometrist if you like… ;)

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      I’d like to refer you to our site rules   Particularly number 10.  Future disrespectful comments about anyone will be deleted.

      • pc11

        saying someone is ugly or pretty is an expression of opinion and taste. You americans need to loosen up.

        Comment removed for the faint of mind.

    • Helen Pomfret

      I think shes very pretty, so what she isn’t a pron star or model. She’s a true gamer, she’s a girl, she doesnt feel the need to get nakid all the time to gain votes and realistically very pretty. 

  • SevenFold

    cow FTW

  • You Lilphucker

    Dodger should enter to give some competition, Dodger is quite talented.

    • Matthew Riley

       I have to blame Panser for showing me Dodger.  Dodger’s just plain awesome, can’t remember what life was before Coffeh Time.

  • QuintLyn Bowers

    Speaking as a female. It is not really up to you to decide what women are allowed to be interested in outside of gaming.  There are no rules saying a girl has to give up on things like beauty competitions just because she’s a gamer. 

    That’s like saying men who game can’t be athletes. It’s silly.

    • Samuel Koty Kotula

      Its opinion, if you disagree its ok, but dont censor what i write or modify it.

      This goes if you’re talking about a GBTV staff member or one of your fellow community members.*Shes either so rule does not apply even if i intented to break them.

      • QuintLyn Bowers

        EVERYONE is to be treated with respect on our site.  There is NO room for argument here.  If you can not abide by that then I’m am sorry.  But posts and comments will be moderated appropriately.

        • Samuel Koty Kotula

          Then why there is that section in rules ?

          “This goes if you’re talking about a GBTV staff member or one of your fellow community members.” 


          • QuintLyn Bowers

            Because I expect our members to be smart enough to understand that respecting people on our site carries beyond just that phrasing. But since you do seem to have difficulty with it, I will edit it immediately .  Thank you for pointing out the error in our phrasing. 

          • Samuel Koty Kotula

            Haha thanks you !

            Now stop beeing disrespectful to me it offends me :c

          • ChristopherMitchell1

             Sometimes we have to stop and look at the bright side of things. Thanks to this guy being rude people like me get a link to the rules that we didn’t know was there :D

            (P.S. Samuel also broke rule 13 >_>)

          • ScottHawkes

            Hi Samuel, you seem to be confusing having an opinion to expressing that opinion in a way that is obviously offensive.
            There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion that stands against the majority, I have those regularly, but I do have the courtesy to phrase those opinions in ways that do not cause initial offense or provoke antagonistic responses due to the disrespectful connotations of their phrasing.
            That is the distinction that you failed to include in your original post, and the reason it was moderated.
            That’s why we have moderators, it’s not just for the particular individual being insulted (though that is paramount), it’s to ensure the community is served similarly.
            There’s nothing wrong with opinions, just be aware of how you express them.

          • Samuel Koty Kotula

            Sorry, it was not meant to offend, for that situation i found only that word, and any other wont express it in same way, it was what i thought about her, thought i will share my concerns, will not reply with my opinion again.

  • Samuel Koty Kotula

    2Moderator: It was mine opinion, why you censor someones opinion if its negative against someone that is what he sayd he is, theres no normal or prettier word for it, so stop it.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      I edited your post because it breaks our rules regarding treatment of people.  And yes.. You could have simply said “she likes attention” without using the phrasing that you did.  

      Opinion or not, you do not have to be disrespectful to other people.

  • Helen Pomfret

    I imagine the reason she’s so popular is because she’s an actual gamer, not someone scantily dressed hoping to earn the title of “Gamer Girl” all the while saying, “Thrall? whats a Thrall?”, she’s more real than most of the others…wait does that make sense? makes sense in my head.
    As a woman and gamer, I’d be more inclined to vote for her over the others, she’s also very pretty. But on the whole, I’d rather be playing than faffing around with all that nonsense.

  • psychopat

    as a side note Morgan Webb was in the Maxim July 2004 edition

    • thegoodidea

       I didn’t believe it ’til  I googled it and wow….she sure was. Seeing her on X-Play so long ago and then seeing the maxim shoot just now, she looks like an entirely different person.


  • Tom 紳

    DO NOT WANT. I never liked her as a person… etc, etc… attention seeker… etc etc… also, I don’t this is very appropriate for the site overall. Perhaps I’m just a scrooge.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      It’s perfectly appropriate for the site.  It’s news related to gaming and gaming culture.  And apparently it’s news that people want to know about and appreciate. The article has almost 5,000 social shares… Most of the conversation is positive and friendly.  

      Whether you like the girl or not is up to you.  I do not know her on a personal level but she seems nice enough if extremely enthusiastic about what she does.  

      As for your deleted by mods comment. We have rules on this site and participation in our site means you abide by those rules. Same as any other.  Our rules are really not that difficult and come down to being respectful to other people and having common sense.  

      If this is a problem for anyone they are always welcome to leave.

      • Tom 紳

        “The article has almost 5,000 social shares”
        Yes, an article with a half naked girl thumbnail will do that :D
        But I do question whether Gamebreaker should be covering things about Maxim or posting those scantily clad cosplay galleries… It just gives off a NSFW vibe.

        • iamthemikeb

          I’m going to start calling you Glenn Beckamana

        • MMO_Doubter

           NSFW? Then get back to work.

      • Closet Dork

        Not to sound rude but as an aspiring community manager a warning in regards to the rules before deletion in private would have been a better way to resolve the issue here. 

        • Closet Dork

          “If this is a problem for anyone they are always welcome to leave.”
          Grow, nuture and foster the community.  Don’t tell people to just leave.  

          • QuintLyn Bowers

            You will find that while that is the ideal solution, it is not always the appropriate one. 

            “Our rules are really not that difficult and come down to being respectful to other people and having common sense. ”

            If the above is a problem for people and they do not wish to abide by it then they do have the option of leaving and may find someplace else more suited to their liking.  

          • Closet Dork

            Well with as welcoming as you all are in regards to a difference in opinion, I don’t see why anyone would want to leave!

            Dripping with sarcasm, of course.

          • QuintLyn Bowers

             Look.. I’ll explain this as simply as possible.  Those who can follow our rules… Which are very simple and require people to just be nice to each other and use common sense are always welcome here. 

            In general, we love our community and think they are the best.  However… Those who have a problem with that should not be here as it’s obviously not suited to them. 

            We don’t care about criticism or differing opinions. We DO care about HOW you go about expressing those opinions.  People should THINK about the words they are using.  ie: Did you just call someone something cruel?  Yes?  Maybe you should not have done that.  Could you have said it in a different way and not have been cruel? If yes… Then go ahead and express your opinon. 

            It’s not the opinion. It’s how it is presented.  If you are capable of behaving like an adult and not resorting to things like cruelty, name calling, verbal abuse, et. Then you are fine. 

            Those people that can’t abide by that.

            I’m not going to cry over them leaving.

          • Closet Dork

            I’m assuming the word in question in two posts I’ve seen moderated with an incredibly strong hand was the “W” word that rhymes with bore.  

            If that’s the case, then yes maybe put in a filter for said words and even four letter words.  But at the same time you’ve got Panzer in her panties as well as a bunch of half naked Cosplay girls there, so its safe to assume that the majority of your audience are adults.   If someone threatened the girl, yes.. intervene with a heavy hand.  But in on an online world there are going to be little trollish brats that don’t read the rules, are cruel and verbally abusive towards each other and the subject of articles you all post here.  Should they be moderated for language and/or content?  Of course, but deleting them is totally overkill.

          • Closet Dork

            Also, turning auto-play off on your videos would be awesome.  I couldn’t figure out where the gruff male voice was coming from until I realized it was enabled.

          • iamthemikeb

            Thanks, I thought I was a bit rasp this morning.. but I can dig the “gruff” thing.

          • QuintLyn Bowers

             As far as filtering goes.  I have literally just not had the time or wherewithal to do so yet.  But in that respect you are correct. It is an option and will be done when I do have the time for it. 

            As far as deleting being overkill.. I had honestly felt that deleting the entire comment would have been such and that is why I did not… However… deleting the words in question are by definition moderating for language and content.  A link was also given explaining why the call was made.

            My other option at present would have been to delete the entire comment, but I did not view the rest of the comment to be breaking the site rules and therefore did not want to do so.

            As an aspiring manager, you will find that you will never be able to please everyone – especially as your community grows.  You will find you have to make judgement calls people do not like or find unfair.  And it will be frustrating, but it is part of the job. 

            Sometimes, like in regular relationships, the only good thing for both parties is to let go. 

            All that said, I feel to be a good community manager you must stand by your decisions – even while admitting there may have been another way.  I stand by mine.

            Now… This is all I am going to say about this as whether you agree or not is up to you. 

          • Closet Dork

            I totally agree with you :) And yes, it can be very frustrating.  Plus, it’s really not being right or wrong I just thought I’d offer a little feedback :P

          • QuintLyn Bowers

             ^_^  Thank you.. And I’m sorry if I came off as harsh.  I have been in the process of trying to find a new place to move to, leaving a job I did WHILE doing this and many other things while maintaining my position here.  So I was very tired last night.

            However, I do hope you understand that I typically go very far out of my way to be fair to everyone and give a much leeway as possible.  It is just that sometimes, the answer I gave IS the best one.

          • ChristopherMitchell1

            I feel like I was trolled by how this conversation ended >.> but I guess it’s better that it ends in nice tones albeit less entertaining than the alternative Z: Though I think you guys are actually quite free when it comes to posts and am honestly surprised some of my comments were allowed due to how mean I can get when… excited. And I totally agree with Q that sometimes things deserve to get deleted if it blatantly goes against rules or commen sense of respect. The onlytime when it becomes a problem is when things are deleted for personal reasons but have yet to see anything like that here, in fact, I rarely see any edits at all lol :D

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          The *comment deleted by mods* comment is EXACTLY as Tom posted it.  I have yet to delete anything he said.  The only thing I deleted out of this entire comment area were two words in someone elses comment that were determined inappropriate for our site. 

          That being said. I make moderation decisions as they need to be made and as I find them appropriate.  Many times there is not an opportunity or a need to take it up with a member in private due to the necessity of it needing to be removed.

  • Tom 紳

    Also *comment deleted by mods*

    • iamthemikeb

      I get what you’re trying to say, but people seriously think that your comment was edited by a mod. Make your point in a manner that’s direct and that doesn’t add anymore confusion to the situation. HELP US HELP YOU MAN

  • Matthew Riley

    FreakyFev has two votes…

    Come on people, he needs your votes!

  • Jason Quinn

    …or girls who claim they’re gamers who just play Mario kart casually. They’re the worst.

  • ChristopherMitchell1

     I should have had my fiance enter this. She still plays her super nintendo XD of course some would argue that she isn’t a gamer cus she doesn’t have a PS3 or an Xbox 360 buuuut I’m a gamer and have niether of those as well lol. She an old school gamer chick and yet if you saw her you would think she was just a normal girl (not meaning women that look like gamers are not normal but you know what I mean >.>)

  • Clayton Weaver

    The problem I’ve found upon listening and talking to them on their YT channels is they think the Virgin Gaming contract is something other than modeling or event booth related. One I talked to thought it meant she would become a opinionated host for VG and games. I think they need to clear this up as it sounds to me it is just modeling contracts and maybe a booth model for gaming events.