Notch Made Minecraft

Every time you turn around it seems that Notch and the Mojang crew are throwing money at one good cause or another.

Now we know how they manage to do it.

It seem that those crazy kids in Sweden have made approximately $80 million on Minecraft in the fifteen months since the game officially launched.  The game has been downloaded more than 25 million times with 5 million of that being actual sales.

Of course, with all this success comes a lot of interested parties who want to get in on the fun — and by fun I mean find ways they can make money from Mojang’s hard work.  In fact, Mojang recently turned down a business offer from Sean Parker, former Facebook president and Napster co-founder.

However, that doesn’t mean some deal might not be struck somewhere else along the way.  According to Mojang’s chief executive Carl Manneh, they’ve been approached by some high-profile Hollywood producers about doing television shows.  Manneh says that it’s something they might do but that it’s difficult without having any experience.

I’m pretty curious as to what kinds of shows these guys have in mind and whether it has anything to do with Minecraft at all or just that they want Mojang to make a show — any show — with them.  It’s hard to imagine anything in a normal TV format based around Minecraft alone.

Either way, it’s nice they feel so comfortable as a company that they can tell people, “Nah… We’re not really that interested in your money right now.”