It’s been over 2 months since we reported on two of Bohemia Interactive developers being jailed for allegedly taking pictures near a Greek military base to use in their company’s upcoming game ArmA 3.  Since then the developers have waited patiently through a strike by the Greek justice system to hear if they would be allowed bail and a chance to return home prior to the hearing.

As it turns out, they will not. Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar have been denied both bail and their appeal and will face trial. If found guilty, the duo will receive a sentence of up to 20 years.

Buchta and Pezlar’s families have been seeking help from Czech President Vaclav Klaus and Prime Minister Petr Necas. According to Buchta’s mother, while the developers are allowed to speak with their families, they no longer insist that things are okay.

Since the court’s decision to deny the appeal and bail, the only thing the families are hearing from their sons is “Mom, Dad, please save us.”

  • jugyfant

    Espionage is dealt with whether guilty or not in any country anywhere in the world with the utmost priority/severity. It would be very beneficial to the public to know what the details of this case actually are and which of those facts are acceptable in court.

  • Nicholas Hayden Wood

    Excuse my language, but holy shit that’s fucked up.

  • Corey Harvey

    Wow isn’t that something.

  • Blake Morris

    the greeks are doing this to extort money into their bankrupt economy.. fucking bastards

    • MikeTsa

      Taking pictures/espionage of military bases is illegal in any country and dealt with accordingly. Any goverment would not take this lightly, and the 2 idiots that went to the military base taking pictures for whatever reason have their selves to blame.
      Greece’s economy has nothing to do with this.

      • InvaderMig

        That’s not what happened get your facts straight.  They were filming in a moving car and happened to catch hangars in the background along with everything else they were filming.  It was a freaking vacation video for god sakes.

  • Hicks64

    Pretty sad the Czech government isn’t doing their part in publicizing and making sure their citizens are getting due process. Lack of government help internationally is usually unheard of in the US, China, UK, etc. etc.

  • Michael Byrne

    Sad situation. Q-may want to make an edit though my dear. They were not taking pictures for the game. They were on a holiday inspired by the game they were working on and they filmed a short video while driving on the main drag around the international airport. 14 frames of that video happen to have hangars from the base in the background. It’s a mistake any of us could have made while being a tourist, which is what these two were there for themselves.

    • MikeTsa

       Two developers of a military/war game “happened” to take footage of a military hangar which btw you can’t see in an international airport but a military airport.

      • Michael Byrne

        Funny. You should actually look into something before you comment. The hangers they are accused of photographing are literally right outside the International Airport, can be seen on a Google Image search and there are actually longer examples of the same footage they captured in a few different Olympic Videos :) I would link it but admin would block it. Just Google “Olympic Air Dash, Flight from Limnos to Athens”…it’s the same “military installation” they were accused of photographing. Also, Greece has released a large portion of the case file that supports the same information I am giving you.

        • MikeTsa

          Maybe you’re right and the footage was easy to take. Knowing what they do though these guys probably went out of their way to take footage of the said hangar. And it is ilegal to take footage of military bases/installations no matter what we say

          • Michael Byrne

            Just look at the footage I suggested you look up and then find the case file and read it. They support both things I am telling you. Don’t misunderstand me though. I agree that countries would have the same initial reaction and would expect them to secure their borders the exact same way. However, after reviewing the actual evidence and making a large portion of it public I am VERY surprised that they were denied bail and appeal. THAT’s where I think Greece is going a bit far. 

          • Dularr

            Many parts of the world taking pictures of international airports is just as illegal. Airports are targets in any type of conflict.

          • Michael Byrne

            100% Agree, but again this wasn’t the case. They were in a moving car and the footage was in the background.

          • Dularr

            Thats terrible.  You know thoses frames will be presented at their trial.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

       Hence why I wrote “allegedly”.

      • Michael Byrne

        I saw that after the fact on the re-read. My apologies Q :)

  • Dularr

    Sadly it’s not looking good for them.  If it is true, they traveled to Greece on vacation and was caught taking pictures of a military installation, that is a crime and is typically dealt with harshly. 

    With the Middle East heating up, I don’t see a trial going well for them.  Hopefully they can resolve this with a fine before the trial, so they can avoid jail time if found guilty. 

    • Revanhavoc

      The Middle East has absolutely nothing to do with a diplomatic concern of Czech Republic and Greece.

      These two poor kids are going to have to stay in jail until they can prove they are not spies. And sadly Greece is not a country I would trust with having the highest standards of bureaucratic and judicial effectiveness. But it is going to trial.

      • Dularr

        Sadly, the story has gotten so big, I don’t think Greece would release them without a trial.   It’s turned into a message to anyone collecting intel, don’t film the roads and thoroughfares to their airports and military installations. 

  • Zanneth

    Honestly, who gives a crap about the Greece Military anyways?  NO ONE.  WHO WOULD CARE ENOUGH TO SPY ON THAT?! This whole situation is a joke and these developers need to be released immediately with a full apology and payed for their time in that shithole

    • Dularr

      Turkey, Greece has a low boil conflict going on with them.  Cypress and oil off the Greece shores.

      • Kagitaar

        I’d think that Turkey’d be busy enough with Syria.

        • Dularr

          That conflict does seem to be a bit hotter right now. 

    • Jado Cast

      Maybe they were afraid someone might find out about their secret weapon the Phalanx.  :)

  • Elias Rowan

    I hope this turns around for them and they get home safe and soon.

    Definitely will not be adding Greece to my list of places to ever travel to.

    • RobertKleiveland

      If you plan on spying Military bases, dont :P

      • thomas

        they weren’t spying numbnuts.  learn2read.

  • Thomas Monahan

    I wonder if Greece is waiting for Czech PM to give something they want in exchange to get these guys freed. Greece is hurting economically, maybe the Czech can find a way to make a deal. 

    I hope the guys get out and make it home soon.

    • Martin Lomas

       I would have to agree with you on this, they would be a great tool.

  • Glenn Hyatt

    I don’t feel bad for them it may be cold but they are foreign nationals standing accused of photographing a military base.

    • thomas

      retard #3

  • Brian Day

    deny the appeal   … is this  lawful  …
    1 a : being in harmony with the law ..a lawful judgment… b : constituted, authorized, or established by law : rightful ..lawful institutions.

  • Brian Day

     Examples of the many contexts in which there may be a right of appeal are:
    criminal cases there may be an appeal against conviction or sentence by
    the defendant, and a reference to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney
    General against a sentence that is considered to be unduly lenient in
    more serious cases. In family cases, an appeal against a
    judge’s decision to place a child in care, to grant custody of a child
    to one parent rather than the other, or to determine how the matrimonial
    assets should be divided on divorce; In civil cases the
    examples include; appeals against a judge’s determination of a
    contractual dispute (for example between consumer and supplier, builder
    and house-owner, or two businesses), a boundary dispute between
    neighbours, or a claim for compensation for personal injuries sustained
    in an accident or because of negligence by a doctor; Against
    decisions of judges ruling on challenges by citizens to the decisions of
    public authorities; for examples challenges to decisions of NHS Trusts
    as to the availability of medicines, and decisions of planning
    authorities granting or refusing permission to build or extend houses,
    roads or motorways; Procedural decisions made by judges in all
    parts of the justice system, such as whether to allow or disallow
    certain evidence to be put before the court, whether or not to require
    disclosure of certain evidence, or whether or not to grant an
    adjournment are also subject to appeal.

  • Shane Cominotto

    lol 20 years my ass

    oh no lets all go to jail we can see the military base on Google maps

  • RobertKleiveland

    Well, they were stupid enough to get caught taking pictures of military bases at times like that.

    In other countries they would have been killed on sight.

    • Ravenstorm

      And which countries might that be? Syria? Russia? Cuba? I wonder which democratic countries will kill on sight.

    • Æ

      you’re joking right?

    • thomas

      fucking retard #2

  • Ravenstorm

    This case is pure bullcrap. The base is clearly viewable on google maps, so what if some guys take pictures from the outside? The whole world knows where the base is situated. Greece is going too far on this. I’va always had great respect for Greece but this is changing my mind severely. Slap them on the wrist. Give them a fine. Ban them from the country. But this?

  • steve

    Lol its the greek army. The czechs should just send 2 of there toughest guys and get them out. But then again its the greek army. They guys don’t even need to be that tough. 

    • TacoBaal

       Do they even lift?

  • Jado Cast

    I bet if they were Americans they would be out by now.  

    • Dularr

      You know it!

      • Aaron Lynn Brooks


  • Stone LX9

    Greek military base, serious business.  lol

    Maybe someone cared in 334 BC. 

    • thomas

      you’re a fucking retard

      • Ravenstorm

        Thomas, I think you misunderstood Stone. He’s not saying Martin and Ivan are unimportant, rather he’s saying he thinks it’s a bad joke that these two men were inprisoned because the Greec government thinks it’s so big and bad that pictures were taken from a military base in Greece.
        In 334 BC Greece was involved in a huge battle with Alexander the Great etc., at that time a military base was very important.
        Stone is using sarcasm to show that the case vs mr Buchta and Pezlar is ridiculous because this military base is not hugely important in the present time, and these ppl shouldn’t be imprisoned like this for taking some pictures from the outside…

  • rippled

    Hey in a world where you get life in solitary confinement for leaking harmless (yet embarrassing washington – embassies banter, a couple of years for taking pictures of a military installation sounds totally reasonable.

  • Steven Whiting

    Another reason to boot Greece out of the Eurozone.  They are fing idiots.  Constantly going bankrupt.  Even in the 19th century they had big problems paying their loans.  Fools.