Woman Finds Rare Nintendo Game at Goodwill

A woman in North Carolina picked up a rare Nintendo game for 7.99 that turned out to be worth a lot more. She bought Stadium Events at her local Goodwill. When she saw the Bandai label and thought she might have something. A quick Google search revealed that she was right. 

Stadium Events is the rarest game that has ever been released in the US.   

She took the rare Nintendo game to Save Point Video Games, a local collector’s shop, and blew the shopkeeper’s mind. “This was found here in Charlotte for basically nothing!” said Wilder Hamm on his facebook page. 

Don’t lose hope game hunters, the gems are still out there!”

The rare Nintendo game was in great condition. It was in the original box along with the instruction manual. It is brand new. The only flaw is that the plastic cover had been slit to allow Goodwill to know there was actually a game in there. To be fair, Goodwill isn’t in the business of appraising. They just make sure their stuff is intact and sell it away at a low price. Had the plastic not been slit, Bandai’s Stadium Events could possible have sold for upwards of $40,000.

But she will still get a good price.

“This game in this condition can go for 15k+. I nearly fainted and was too dazzled to make a legitimate offer. She will be getting it VGA graded and you might see it on eBay sometime soon. I’m humbled to have even laid hands on it. Don’t lose hope game hunters, the gems are still out there!”

Why is Stadium Events such a rare Nintendo game? What makes it the rarest of them all? The game was released in 1987 to go along with Bandai’s Family Fun Fitness mat. It was a game controller that you spread out on the floor so you can run and jump on. Sound familiar? Nintendo bought the rights, called the product a Power Pad, and re-released the game as World Class Track Meet, which pretty much came for free when you bought the pad. Side note: You can get World Class Track Meet right now for $2.99, which is slightly less than you would pay for Duck Hunt.

Does this news make anyone else want to hit up the nearest resale shop or estate sale? It mostly reminds me of schooling my brothers at Track Meet… by pounding on the Power Pad with my fists.