Saints Row IV Coming in August

Deep Silver today announced the impending release of the newest entry in its pimp-slappin’ series, Saints Row IV, coming to consoles and PC in North America on Aug. 20, and in all other territories on Aug. 23.

The subhead on the press release? “Saints Row IV Announced, Bitchez.” Classy, no?

In this installment, the leader of the Saints has been elected President of the United States, which sounds like an arguably better version of reality than what we’ve had for the past decade or so. There’s an alien invasion to deal with, sci-fi weaponry to exploit, superpowers to be abused, and probably plenty of bitches and hos to slap around — and we’re not just talking about Congress.

[quote]In the next open-world installment of Saints Row, Volition continues the story of the Third Street Saints by elevating their status to the highest level – the leaders of the free world. In Saints Row IV, the head honcho of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. But the Saints are just getting started. Now the larger-than-life insanity of the Saints series gets a new twist with a catastrophic alien invasion, and the aliens have transported the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation. Wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak’s mental grasp. Escape the simulation that’s trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.

Saints Row IV lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each Saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. Utilize out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the greatest, most insane installment of Saints Row yet.[/quote]


Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with, he also blogs about video games at
  • Johan Bärtzner

    im surprised they didnt use a dupstep song or a rap/hiphop song for this trailer

    • Talal Vanish

      its not EA games xD

  • Ravenstorm

    Where’s Neo?
    He’s doing his Superman thing.
    Oww Yeah!

  • Inkogni Alex

    awesome one half of the video and other half READING! I *** LOVE READING!
    ok, so what did i inhale this time to love reading?

  • Keith William Gretton

    What I would like to know is why they went with the black bar censor instead of the pixelation blurr – that bar seemed pretty small to me… I haven’t played the previous instalments but it seems like they’re scraping the bottom of the ideas barrel based on the description blurb, so it’s likely that I won’t be looking to pick up the series with this title either.

    • InvaderMig

      Lol, if you think that black bar was small, then you should be making a killing doing porn right now because you probably have an anaconda down there. =P

  • Keigh

    While Im glad to see another Saints Row, not to sure about the setting this time with being president and aliens.

    • Phasra

      Did you have problems with Zombies in the 3rd?

  • Roger Means

    Try to remember the series is not a serious gta clone instead its a parody

  • Thomas Vu

    I saw a dong so I clicked on the image

  • Revanhavoc

    Jason, somehow I just knew it would be you posting the article on this video!
    Remember that performance you promised.
    *Creepy smile*

    • Jason Winter