SimCity Gameplay

Gary builds Bing Bong Bay in this episode of SimCity gameplay.

Gary Gannon decided to give building the perfect city another try with a new episode of SimCity gameplay.  He picked a nice coastal area and set up the beginnings of Bing Bong Bay.  Once again, he made it public in order to allow some of the GAMEBREAKER community to play along with him.

He begins by dividing Bing Bong Bay in half — one side residential, the other commercial and goes from there.

“We’re losing money already.”

It doesn’t take long for Bing Bong Bay to start losing money and Gary tries to figure out why. Unfortunately, sim citizens can be really stubborn and hard to figure out.  You can think you’re doing everything right and they’ll find something to be unhappy about. Sounds almost like real people, doesn’t it?

Gary comes up with two possibilities as to what could be causing the money issue. The first? Maybe there’s just not enough people… So, let’s try building some more houses and get them in here.

The second issue is that he potentially made a mistake when deciding to skip building the less expensive streets in favor of more expensive avenues. The idea, of course, was that it would save him trying to upgrade them later — if he even could upgrade later.  But maybe this just wasn’t the way to start.

“Now I’m screwed.”

Okay… So maybe getting the more expensive roads immediately wasn’t the best decision.  Now, Gary finds himself a little short on cash to be able to build other things his citizens may want or need.  But, there might still be a way to fix it.

What way? Well, you’ll have to watch the full episode of SimCity gameplay to see what Gary comes up with.

And, if you like watching this, be sure to check back regularly for more Gameplay with Gary Gannon.  And, if you missed the previous episode of SimCity gameplay, be sure to check it out here.