SimCity Gameplay

With the release of the latest version of everyone’s favorite urban building game, Gary Gannon decides to try his hand at it in this SimCity gameplay.

SimCity hit the streets yesterday — along with few other titles and GAMEBREAKER’s own Gary Gannon decided it might be fun to do a SimCity gameplay with some of the GB community.

Let’s be friends.

After figuring out how the log-in system for the game worked — mostly that when the game says 20 minutes, it’s not telling you that’s how long you have in queue.  He invited community members from the GAMEBREAKER Twitch stream chat to try to join him.  Several chatters volunteered to join and began building on their own plots near Gary’s.

Good times for all.

As with all ventures into SimCity, Gary begins by trying to put together the ideal urban environment for his little city dwellers. Streets, factories, roads, centers of commerce and government are all placed — carefully?

The life of a mayor is rough.

Anyone who’s played any Sim related game knows the feeling. You’re going along, building things, trying to make your people happy. You give them jobs, places to shop, roads, electricity and more. And what happens? Sooner or later, disgruntled citizens are picketing outside City Hall. You try to placate them with fireworks or some other form of entertainment, but it doesn’t work.

What do you do?

To find out what  Gary and those who were able to join him did to fix the issue, and what other disasters may have befallen them, watch this SimCity gameplay.  If you enjoy it, be sure to let us know in the comments below.  And, if you’d like to see more gameplay episodes like this, be sure to let us know that too.

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