Skyrim Mod

Skyrim Mod Adds Giant Monsters, Quests 

A Skyrim mod is out that adds content in the form of giant sea monsters.

Whenever the PC vs. console debate comes up, the conversation inevitably falls to Skyrim and its mod community. If you play on console, you get the original game as intended. If you play on PC, you can mod the hell out of it and play a ton of different ways. A Skyrim mod can extend the life and playability of the game that you probably love. This mod is no exception.

“Monsters are tragic beings. They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy.” –Ishiro Honda

Here There Be Monsters is a Skyrim mod that adds content. There are nine giant (and I mean really, really big) bosses added to the Ghost Sea. You can hire ship captains and monster hunters to help you on your mission to down these behemoths. When you are ready to fight, talk to a survivor to lead you on a quest to find them.


“The Sea of Ghosts, they call it. An emptiness of ice and fog, lifeless and haunted. But the icy depths hide horrors even the Dragonborn has never faced. Legends tell of the beasts that dwell in the deep. Creatures that have slept for centuries beneath the ice. Monsters of such immensity, that even the dragons fear them. And now, like the dragons, the monsters have awoken…”

If you check out the description of the Skyrim mod, there are photos of the monsters you can go out and fight. They are each found in their own location and look entirely different from one another. There is a translucent water serpent and a giant walrus. You can fight a huge crab or an underwater fish. And of course there is a kraken. You can’t have humungous sea creatures without a Kraken.