Steam Pulls DayZ Stand Alone Launch Trailer At Last Minute

DayZ Standalone

Early Access for the DayZ Stand Alone is now available for purchase… Including on steam. However, it appears that Steam will not be allowing players to view the current trailer for the release through their service according to a tweet from DayZ creator Dean Hall.

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Admittedly the trailer is pretty brutal, and depicts themes some people may not be comfortable with. The game is about a zombie apocalypse after all.

  • Reid

    I thought that was the whole point of the age verification…..

    • José Astolfo

      My thoughts exactly, whats the point on age verification then? I verified that I am an adult willing to see adult content, that should be enough for pretty much everything in life.

  • José Astolfo

    The trailer was meant for adult, even though its kind of goofy to see someone drinking from a closed bottle, it was pretty shocking some times, I like it.

  • Robert Caliolo

    I think if he removed or maybe even did not show the gunshot on the double suicide it would have cleared…”Clear”, get it?

  • Steven Opie Wallace

    Regardless of how stupid it is that it got pulled (age verification and all), this video could have used a little more subtlety. Rather than actually showing the act of shooting someone in the back of their head as they are unarmed and on their knees or even the suicide at the end of the video, they could have had the gunshot play as it went to a black screen or switched scenes.

    There are plenty more creative ways to handle a game trailer and it should have been known that the thing would end up getting pulled eventually because people are weak minded individuals that will cry about anything and everything.

    • Jake

      Yes but people need to understand its to show how the game works, how you are able to do things like that, assasinate people, the combat with the knife, holding hostages. the suicide was to show the attachment that player had with the other play, which is why it zoomed out to show the other body. Its to show the emotions you will experience in the game, and for someone who doesn’t know abou the game, seeing this will help them understand that the game is about immersion and realism of relationship between real characters. It is a very unique trailer in that sense, and I love it.

      • Steven Opie Wallace

        You do realize that both the statements you made can still be made without actually showing the act of assassinating someone or suicide. The suicide one, for example, could have panned out to show the other body and then cut to black and gunshot, then fade in with an aerial view of the two bodies on the lawn.

        There are ways to do it that would bring you less problems and still give the same emotion and tell people that you can do these things. If they didn’t show you shooting the man in the back of his head, I still would have known that you can assassinate a hostage just from a subtle gunshot and changing of the scene.

        I do not deny the uniqueness nor the fact that censoring this trailer is dumb in any way but there are better ways to do it if you want to keep the dogs at bay.

    • Cameron

      Yes they are.

  • Alex Martin

    There is not even an entry wound lol it looks terrible

  • Llethander

    Two words: PEGI 18.

    Two more words: Age Verification.

    What’s the problem? I actually thought the trailer was pretty tame compared to some of today’s PG13 Hollywood movies.

  • Nova

    Kinda expensive…. for me if it was 15 euros it would’ve been great … sad

    • Thomas Vu

      I think when released it is going to be $15. Paying $30 (American) is to deter people that aren’t as hyped up about the game, and guarantee only those that are truly willing to support a game that is in its Alpha stages

      • Miguel Devora

        Rocket has said that he wanted to use a “Minecraft pay model”, so if that has stayed true, it’ll only get progressively more expensive (maybe not by much, but a price increase nonetheless) as the game goes into Beta then releases as the finished game.

  • suicide

    what do you expect when you put suicide in a game…

    • Shan Yu

      I know right. Suicide is the WORST.

      I mean dismembering innocent by standers, or dropping some incendiary bombs on hordes of troops. That’s all fine, as long as you don’t make a game that includes suicide or killing pixelated whales.

  • suicide

    when I watched the trailer I thought it was a little bit, amature.. and then I was almost like wow.. he put that in the trailer… aka the suicide in the end with the blood splatting on the trees, it’s just like posting porn on your background of your work computer and saying ” well its freedom of expression” you should know better.

  • realist

    Given the average age of theactual players (see youtube ) is evidently way below 18 , I think its a bit naive or stupid to ruin the release trailer by going ott . Yes its pegi 18 but as adults its our job to make desicions based on facts and not too turn a blind eye to them , the fact is kids play Dayz more than adults and the suicide clip was stupid , when considering that .
    Hope the game earns the longevity it deserves , apart from this little lapse of common sense I believe it has and will continue to inspire many more developers and sofwarehoyses to come.

    • Max Dillon Coyle

      80% of all the players on all the servers Ive ever played (since month 2 of the mod being out, a long time ago, average was late 20′s early 30′s.

      Using your logic we should ban all porn and R18 violence because hurr durr kids can look at it

  • Dularr

    I wouldn’t be surprised the next time there is a school shooting with the shooter committing suicide, both the gun control crowd and the NRA will both trot out this video as example of video games promoting violence.

    • Max Dillon Coyle


  • Notsoanonymous

    People, even a 12 year old, know that if something is rated 18+, there is PROBABLY something in it that may be disturbing whether it’s violence, drugs, sexual content or whatever. It’s not rocket science. Stop making it out to be someone elses fault, in this case Dean, because stupid kids wanna be stupid. If the kid is smart enough to know to put 1995 for the age verification, they’re smart enough to know there’s probably something in the game, or anything related to said game, that’s unsuited for kids their age. /endrant

    • Miguel Devora

      Wow after i read “If the kid is smart enough to know to put 1995 for the age verification”, I remembered when i do that to watch videogame trailers/videos, time passes by quickly. At what age can i use the stereotypical Old-Gamer voice and sayings lmao

  • Game By Night

    The shock value in that trailer is not representative of the game and is deliberately over-the-top-disturbing. Why? Because the game is unimpressive in its current state. So: shocking.

  • turtleracer

    America is awesome when it comes to responsibility.. just remember it’s NEVER your own fault!

  • Miguel Devora

    i find the trailer hilariously different from what usually happens; They show the game and players as if they were doing some SERIOUS RP lmao

    • Michael Brown

      The suicide was pretty funny.