Zombies As Far As The Eye Can See

Zombies are on the move — again.

You may be a little underwhelmed about the idea of another zombie massacre game, but The Walking Dead is a different proposition. Robert Kirkman‘s zombie survival story has found great popularity — both in the original comics and with the successful AMC show.

The difference between many examples of the genre and The Walking Dead is that the drama of the living is completely in the foreground. The zombie attacks are used at the right moments for maximum impact on both the reader and the character. Telltale Games is planning to use the same approach with their forthcoming series.

The developers of The Walking Dead: The Game promised that creating a compelling story was their first focus — meaning they did not want a faceless mowing down of the undead — and each zombie should count. Telltale is using new characters to allow them freedom of story while exploring the same themes as the comic series.

As confirmed by IGN, we will have to wait until Monday to see gameplay footage, but we do now know that the first installment — of five — will be arriving in April.

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