This Diablo 3 streamer was banned from Twitch for getting up and walking away from his wheelchair.

The proverbial crap has hit the fan today as a Diablo 3 streamer was caught faking paralysis by standing up and walking away from his wheelchair. It appears that the streamer — who goes by the name ZilianOP — has been pretending to be confined to a wheelchair in order to procure donations from generous and sympathetic viewers.

Sometime last night, ZilianOP stunned his followers by moving into the stream view using his wheelchair  and then later standing up abruptly and walking away.

Since then, his channel has been removed from Twitch — but not before a youtuber named xKRYLOCKx managed to grab the video above. Threads about the incident have been started on both and the D3 subreddit.

A special site — — has even been put up in order to inform viewers as to what has been going on.

Now, according to chat logs also hosted on the site, Zilian claims that he did not actually walk away but instead pushed up off his chair and fell in the process. However the video has some contradictory footage. At about 30 seconds in, you’ll see ZilianOP get up and move to the right, at which point a girl who has been talking to him says “Oh my god…” before redirecting with a story about taking her dog to the fish shop. (You also won’t hear any actual falling sounds.)

Viewers have been pointing out that if you watch the fish tank you will see Zilian continuing to move around in the background. What I find more interesting is that if he had actually fallen, shouldn’t have the girl’s “Oh my god” been followed with “Are you okay?” or something similar instead of a bizarre ongoing story about a dog at a fish shop?

At present, while some viewers are defending the streamer many others are looking to sue him in order to get back the money they had donated.

This kind of thing honestly makes me a bit sad, as it may hurt other streamers as well.  Recently I watched a YouTube video about a handicapped streamer who needed to raise money for a wheelchair. Somehow, the popular streamer Athene found out and flooded her chat with viewers who donated enough for her to purchase the chair within 30 minutes.

It was amazing to watch and a great display of generosity from the gaming community. My hope is that incidents like this don’t end up making those who would otherwise not be more jaded about these things.

Thanks to Chaos_Infintium for the tip.