This Diablo 3 streamer was banned from Twitch for getting up and walking away from his wheelchair.

The proverbial crap has hit the fan today as a Diablo 3 streamer was caught faking paralysis by standing up and walking away from his wheelchair. It appears that the streamer — who goes by the name ZilianOP — has been pretending to be confined to a wheelchair in order to procure donations from generous and sympathetic viewers.

Sometime last night, ZilianOP stunned his followers by moving into the stream view using his wheelchair  and then later standing up abruptly and walking away.

Since then, his channel has been removed from Twitch — but not before a youtuber named xKRYLOCKx managed to grab the video above. Threads about the incident have been started on both and the D3 subreddit.

A special site — — has even been put up in order to inform viewers as to what has been going on.

Now, according to chat logs also hosted on the site, Zilian claims that he did not actually walk away but instead pushed up off his chair and fell in the process. However the video has some contradictory footage. At about 30 seconds in, you’ll see ZilianOP get up and move to the right, at which point a girl who has been talking to him says “Oh my god…” before redirecting with a story about taking her dog to the fish shop. (You also won’t hear any actual falling sounds.)

Viewers have been pointing out that if you watch the fish tank you will see Zilian continuing to move around in the background. What I find more interesting is that if he had actually fallen, shouldn’t have the girl’s “Oh my god” been followed with “Are you okay?” or something similar instead of a bizarre ongoing story about a dog at a fish shop?

At present, while some viewers are defending the streamer many others are looking to sue him in order to get back the money they had donated.

This kind of thing honestly makes me a bit sad, as it may hurt other streamers as well.  Recently I watched a YouTube video about a handicapped streamer who needed to raise money for a wheelchair. Somehow, the popular streamer Athene found out and flooded her chat with viewers who donated enough for her to purchase the chair within 30 minutes.

It was amazing to watch and a great display of generosity from the gaming community. My hope is that incidents like this don’t end up making those who would otherwise not be more jaded about these things.

Thanks to Chaos_Infintium for the tip.

  • Aloexx

    If i had donated money to him i wouldnt only be looking to sue him… last i checked doing something like this is highly illegal… why isnt he in jail yet.

    • uidiot

      Well, for starters it just happened last night.

  • Mark H

    Also if he pushed off the chair as he states, why were his hands not on the chair when he STOOD up. And you can see his reflection in the fish tank as he WALKED away.

    That guy should be done for illegally obtaining funds under false premises.

  • Matthew Burns

    So this guy is being brought up on charges of fraud….when?

  • Rick

    Wow, what a fucking scumbag.

  • Andrew June

    Izzy aka apocalyptickitten aka kamikazekitten was so happy that Athene helped her out with the streamers. She was always open about her diagnosis.. EDC or EDT. It’s sad that this asshole will use the charity side of the interwebs to the degree Zillion did.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      Yeah… Some jerk was cutting onions near me when I was watching the vod of that stream. Stupid onions.

    • Richard Elder

      Yeah, Athene gets a bad rap with a lot of people, but they don’t realize that the majority of his public persona is for show. It can be too much to take at times but I found it moving when he and his girlfriend did a campaign a few years ago reaching out to people thinking about suicide, got to see a little bit of what’s behind his bombast in that.

      • Fish Bait

        I know Athene is acting, but that`s the reason I can`t stomach watching anything he does, kind of kid I`d floor instantly if someone acted like that for real. Good that he does a lot charity wise though :)
        (Ever see Athene on Swifty channel at Blizzcon? He was sat in background looking like he was about to mess his pants lol)

        As for this muppet, surely the law could be brought in as he`s defrauding in some form.

        • Jimmy McRustle

          “kind of kid I`d floor instantly if someone acted like that for real”


          Athene is 31, probably older than you “kid”

          • Steven Opie Wallace

            The internet is for tough guys.

          • Fish Bait

            I wish, but I surpassed 31 many moons ago ;p

  • Inkogni Alex

    the scumbag level is high with this one, now gamers have there own Scumbag Steeve
    ( or something )

    id love to see the chatroom at that moment he got up

  • Kenneth Cunningham

    The bullshit part about this is there somewhere down the road there might be a streamer that is sincere and could use some help and now because of this bastard people will be less likely to believe it. Way to fuck it up for others douchebag.

  • jeus

    there will be always smart people taking advantage on stupid people :) good news the stupid ones are plenty…yay

    • Matt Cipriano

      yea because donating money because you feel it is helping someone is being completely stupid…shame on them. How dumb do those people have to be to feel sympathetic towards another human being? Give me a break…your line of thinking equals a very disgusting world.

      • jeus

        so how do you help this guy ?? he has money as I can see he is playing d3 so he bought it he also is paying for Internet connection and also i ‘m seeing him staying in a house….

        • Wang

          I hear he also owns a fridge, hardly poor if you ask me

        • Matt Cipriano

          It is no secret that people with handicaps tend to incur high medical costs or need to buy expensive equipment. Regardless, people were donating out of the kindness of their hearts with the hopes they were helping him out. You turning it around on all of them and calling them stupid is in the face of anyone who donates to charity, shelters, fosters, or anything else that helps other people besides themselves. He was scheming everyone, but that doesn’t make them the stupid ones.

      • Patrikules Vunderbar

        that very disgusting world… is the one you live in buddy.. wake up

        • Matt Cipriano

          I’d be more inclined to say the ones who just go with the flow and act like there’s no possible way to change or help are the ones asleep. I’m sorry you feel so jaded by the world, but there are plenty of good-hearted people who have no problem lending a helping hand.

  • Gabriel McGinn


  • Nathan Solinsky

    I’m not a legal expert, but I’m guessing someone needs to know what state he’s in and let the attorney general know, since he’s probably not reading gaming websites. I would guess the company he used to collect money needs to know as well, of course, if it’s paypal they will do nothing except maybe close his account.

  • Revanhavoc

    The twitch chatroom must have blown up when this went down…
    But still, I wonder if he bought that sweet fishtank with the donations…?

  • ArsenicSpritzer

    Fraud on the interwebz? Who’da thunk it? But hilarious how he managed to out himself so epically.

  • Dularr

    Sigh, while it’s fairly clear this guy is faking. There are muscular-skeletal diseases that limit the ability to walk. So, while you can walk for short distances with appropriate equipment, they also use a wheelchair.

    • Kagitaar

      For a good video game example, Joker from ME.

    • Flying Monkey Boy

      according to what i’ve read on reddit he said he was paralyzed in a car crash ( I of course have no idea if thats true )

    • Disgust

      Yea but this guy claims it’s because of a “street racing accident”

  • Melissa Waldrup-Old

    Wow, what a piece of garbage. Does he really think people are stupid enough
    to buy that he ‘pushed’ himself up, when clearly stood up quickly and effortlessly. Then realized he screwed up and moved the camera away from his empty chair. Dude, you’re busted, man up. May the karmic fallout be immense.

  • Joe Cooke

    Sorry, but if you parted with your money then that’s that. It’s borderline false pretences, yes, but he didn’t collect on behalf of a fake charity. The best thing the guy can do is admit his mistake and maybe give that cash to a real charity. Anyway, I can’t understand why anyone would give cash to any bedroom streamer. It just encourages slacker behaviour.

    Also, I wanna know the rest of that dog story.

  • The Monster Atlas

    What a dick bag.

  • Pootie

    The best thing about this entire thing, is that The Strength To Go On was on in the background… if that song title isnt ironic enough, then the fact that it is by Rise Against just makes me lose it.

  • Edward Clifton

    This is why I laugh at anyone who donates REAL MONEY to people who stream on those websites. All twitch is is now a safe-haven of 80% nerds who fake their lives online, lie on stream, and sit in one room everyday for years and just play games 12-20 hours a day and then have the audacity to tell me, “My life is good.”

  • ryan phillips

    i love how people try to lie even when the truth is on film, of all things.
    i’m pretty sure wheel chair people don’t try to get out of their chairs to begin with if they know they would fall; and most damning of all, he adjusts his camera downward at the end, certainly signifying he WASN’T lying on the ground.


    Atleast give xKRYLOCKx credit for the video you used since you took it from his youtube.

    • =maD.Doc:.

      “Since then, his channel has been removed from Twitch — but not before a youtuber named xKRYLOCKx managed to grab the video above.” So what is this then, but not credit for that?

      • KatieGaming

        he wasnt mentioned in the article when it was posted. he messaged them and told them so they added him :)

  • kimchi

    Reject scum bag. Burn him!!!

  • wraylasgaming

    What about those who paid $4.99 to sub to his channel under false pretenses? Is twitch going to offer a refund? And can twitch then turn around and try to get there money back from this guy?

    • Daniel Reasor

      Twitch shouldn’t suffer. The guy ought to be buried in a class action suit following his conviction for interstate fraud, though, not that the donors will ever recoup their losses from him.

      • wraylasgaming

        not saying that Twitch should suffer. People who subbed to his channel entered into a contract under false pretenses so they deserve a refund.

        At the same time when this d-bag got his sub button he also had to sign a contract with twitch, which was once again under false pretenses so twitch could give refunds and then go after him for damages.

  • blonyandcheese

    Wow. I’ve watched him alot. I’ve seen him describe his accident. I’ve seem him discuss his attempts at obtaining disability. He has even gone so far, before he moved, of putting his mom and brothers on cam with him. He’s got alot of people complicit in his actions.

    • Darby O’ Gill

      what does that tell you? Maybe people are overreacting? he got up for like a second, we have no idea if he was using a walker, or cane afterwards.

  • Deffizzle

    If you notice when he got up all the pressure was on his legs, if he had no use of his legs his first intention would of been to use his arms to somewhat get up. He just straight got up and walked away. What a doucher

  • Saeteurnkl

    is this the new era of beggars? people who pretend to be sick or hurt on streams since the streets are to full of beggars :/

  • Obakemono

    Anyone receiving money under the basis of false pretenses is a statutory offense in most jurisdictions in the U.S.; the seriousness of the offense can range from a misdemeanor to a felony.

    Soliticing donations as a non-profit basically means that one can potentially face huge fines, sanctions, and criminal prosecution for fraud (that not only includes receiving property on the basis of false pretenses but also failing to report these donations as income and paying income taxes on them; the IRS does not like tax dodgers). The severity of course really depends on how much money this individual received not only from viewer donations, but also any subscriptions to his channel (the paper trail on this will be long). And even if one creates a non-profit organization, there are both state and Federal laws which need to be followed (basically, lot of record keeping).

    In the event that formal inquiries/complaints are lodged (either with local authorities, state attorney generals office, etc), the following organizations nonetheless, take a great interest in this area; U.S. Dept of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, National Association of Attorney Generals, F.B.I., and the U.S. Postal Inspector (basically funds that cross state lines amounts to wire fraud). Blizzard has been deleting threads about this person since right now, this is a potentially sticky legal issue (especially if they end up being subpoenaed by authorities since they do have his contact information/other information pertinent to the above).

    Essentially, this individual crossed the line with the disability story since you really don’t want to fool around with defrauding the public out of money based on false/misleading pretenses.

    • Demi_God

      Yes but what were the pretenses? Did he ever claim he needed money for medical expenses specific to not being able to use his legs?

      Or did he claim, like most other streamers, he could use donation money to help him make a living as a streamer?

      • Anon

        He received thousands of dollars in donations specifically for a wheelchair he was “needing”

        • Demi_God

          “I need a cigarette.” Need is subjective term unfortunately. For all we know his knees hurt. Not that I would believe him if he told me so but a court might.

          My point for trolling this issue is that a prosecutor would have to prove that money was donated purely for the physical ailment vs donations to help his dream of making a living as a streamer. And that could be hard.

          Except for the awesome dude that captured this video and posted it on youtube, is there any hard proof?

          • Dularr

            No, if someone filed a complaint, saying I provided him money based on him saying he needed money for a new wheelchair.

            The proof would be the complaint, a copy of the financial transaction, the video of the request and the lack of medical or police records (if he stated it was a automobile accident.)

            His defense would be producing medical records of his need for a wheelchair or maybe claiming it was a joke and didn’t think anyone would send in money.

            The real question is, has anyone filled a complaint with the police.

          • Demi_God

            First the burden of proof falls on the prosecution and not the defendant who can use the 5 amendment quite liberally in this matter.
            Second, medical records could only be obtained after it could be determined that this individual did infact state he required a new wheel chair for said “specific” medical condition. He doesn’t have to turn those records over freely.
            And finally the reason this will most likely be prosecuted is that the amounts donated were small. Theft by deception is certainly against the law. But the severity of the crime is based on the dollar amount stolen. Most of the donation were in the $5-$20 range most likely. At $20 per complaint the prosecution would need 50 people to file charge (each of which could prove beyond a reasonable doubt they were lied too) to come to court and testify against this asshole in order for it to reach felony status. And as per our constitution the accused has the right to face his accusers in court. With this case the accusers are scattered across the country making that pretty unlikely that all of them would make an expensive trip to testify.
            Save for this video, the only proof is the hearsay floating around the internet. Not something admissible in court.


    I am caretaker for my grandfather who has an extremely hard time using his legs and I know that there is no way this guy stood up by pushing off his chair.
    if he was paralyzed it would have taken a tremendous amount of arm strength to get up as quick as he did, and then he would have fallen as soon as he let go of the chair.

  • GameEntity

    [Random–somewhat silly–thought]: Notice how more times than none, it’s an unattractive person doing something negative? Yes, pretty people misbehave as well, but it seems to be ugly people that do foul shit the most. What a dumb, ugly douche bag Burn him alive. There are some unfortunate people out there, who could really use help from their fellow gamers.

    • Matt Cipriano

      I wouldn’t burn him alive haha but I agree that it is very important to remember that there are people out there that legitimately need help

    • Darby O’ Gill

      That’s… idiotic.

  • Cryosis00

    I have watched this streamer along with others since the release of D3. He used to live with his mother. The story was he was paralyzed from the waste down in a car accident. At one point his viewers raised enough money to buy him a new wheelchair, which he opened and put together on stream. He was eventually able to move out of his mother house into an apartment from the amount of money he made through Twitch monthly.

    Ultimate scumbag. Wow.

  • Cryosis00

    Forgot to mention Zillian also had his original D3 account banned when he “accidently” streamed while having his AH bot program running.

    Again … Ultimate Scumbag

  • Taizun

    Given the fact that there’s a delay substantial enough on Twitch streams, to not be able to react to something happening ½-1 second after it happens in real time, I doubt the girls outburst of “Oh my god” was a reaction to this guy. Play the video again, and notice how quickly after he gets up, she says it. That would otherwise mean she was sitting in the very same room as him, or has a magic direct connection to his webcam/stream, meaning pretty much no delay. Most Twitch streams has a delay somewhere between 5-10 seconds.
    But I highly doubt that – so again, I don’t think her outburst was a reaction to him getting up.
    I hope this guy gets what is coming at him – it will no longer be donations, but a good beat up and a jail sentence.

  • melton80

    If he had just fallen down and he can’t stand, how did he get up to the CAM and push it down toward his keyboard at the end of the video.

  • john nuyen

    This guy better pray someone doesn’t have a lick of legal sense. If they donated money and it was under false pretense. Its prison time, if it was across state lines its a federal crime thus federal prison. this could be interesting

    • Darby O’ Gill

      Bullshit, theres no law about pretending to be in a wheelchair and accepting online donations.

      • efo

        man you came out of nowhere and you’ve been defending zillion in every post. what for?

  • Demi_God

    Personally I find this humorous. I must say good for him, because I really have no problem with a person ripping off people that stupid and delusional about themselves being compassionate.

  • buttcheese

    He smokes bugler roll your owns.

  • Eric Argoni

    wait so is the girl in on it? why did she redirect her OMG so quick?

    • Deathstar2x

      That is her girlfriend trying to give him hints that he left his wheelchair while streaming, but unable to say it directly because she was on stream/live as well.

      • Darby O’ Gill

        uh… that’s a very convoluted and unlikely scenario…

        • Deathstar2x

          I don’t think it’s convoluted at all as the “Oh my god” is perfectly timed with the streamer (ZilianOP) getting off his chair. If you do have new data and/or explanations on ZilianOP’s incident from April 2013, feel free to share it. This was also heavily discussed in Reddit as well; check that out for the original archived video and discussions.

          FYI: A bit of a necro-reply as this news post was posted on April 5th, 2013. Honestly, nobody is going to see these new comments (without searching or receiving new replies).

  • PET

    I remember watching him once and he told the viewers that he is in a wheelchair and his dream is to make money by playing games.

    About 2-3 days ago I accidentally clicked his channel and I just saw him walking down on his chair. I tought it was some other guy but it seems not.

    • Joe Cooke


  • Steve


    • DosTacos

      lol, Yeah a Miracle! Someone lied and/or misrepresented themselves or a product on the Internetz!!!!

      IDK, if you want to believe everything you see and hear on the internetz you just make yourself that much easier to scam.

      This guy wasn’t your Family, a neighbor, a friend or even someone you work with, yet just cause he Steams while playing a game he somehow seems totally legit?!?!?! Wow, hope you guys don’t vet every other financial decision with the same level of incompetence.

      You threw money at this guy and all you knew about him was he Streams while playing a game you like. pfffft, yeah ok, he deserves the “Death Penalty” and you deserve to have parted with your money.

      “A fool and his money are soon parted” – attribute to whomever you choose.

      • Kevin Cox

        Steve’s sarcasm flew so far over your head it was poetic. lol

      • Patrikules Vunderbar

        absolutely! A-men brother

  • Phasra

    The article mentions the girl that Athene helped. Well, if you watch her channel on youtube (not that hard to find), you would know, that not all conditions that require a wheelchair restrict the person from standing up. She made a very informative video explaining her own condition and asking people to understand that, just because they see a person in wheelchair suddenly stand up – that does not mean the person is faking it or that he has just been cured or something.

    I don’t know the full story of this guy, therefor I’m not defending him.

  • ObeyCTRL

    YOU ROCK !!!!!!!! LOL Shit only a genius could think of some shit like this and get soo much hype from it. Hell your like the Hitler of the internet :D Smart AssHoles RULE

  • Joe Cooke

    Whats the moral of the story?

    Don’t take your dog to a fish shop.

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    It’s Diablo miracle! Santo Subito Blizzard!

  • ToMowNzU

    What a tool.

  • George

    You know what would make this story truly interesting, if someone actually made him disabled after this incident haha

  • Grumakk

    The fact he would fake such a thing does anger me. However what really pisses me off is that my dad himself is paralyzed, yet he never expected or wants people to feel different or sorry for him. Using this to get money is sick. Sad thing is since he had a beard he will likely change his look and try some similar shit down the road.

    • aljfbdpwaobnfopawnbf

      Thing is…. he did change his look, and streamed once, 6 month after him being busted, on youtube.

  • Aisar

    I am not completely convinced. You can clearly see his back is curved in a very unnatural way when he gets up, it doesn’t look right. If he thought he had switched his cam off and was able to get up normally, he would have done it like any normal human would without a second thought. Also the way his girlfriend just goes on about her story after supposedly realizing what a catastrophic mistake he had just made.

    It really does not add up at all. You have to wonder how he could have made such a mistake and neither he nor his girlfriend freaked out. Besides the oh my god, which may have been the situation they claim actually happened. I am definitely not convinced this guy was faking his condition. Some people can do something resembling walking for a very short time, especially with physical therapy.

    • Bebo

      And people like you are the reason scammers exist, as there is always someone naive enough to believe crap like this on the Internet. Deleting Facebook pages, twitter accounts etc, yeh because that looks like they haven’t done anything wrong lol.
      Oh and sorry I didn’t tell you, you won the Indian lottery, please send me a cheque of $948 to process your win.

      • Darby O’ Gill

        Go fuck yourself asshole. So this person wants the give the guy the benefit of the doubt? Wow, what a jerk.

  • Inkogni Alex

    can we break hes legs, that is the minimal that we can ask for telling us hes BS. BREAK HES LEGS! jk, but id gladly break hes keyboard vs hes kneecaps.

  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    someone lied on the internet!?!? oh jeebus please say it aint so!!!! … poor guy is ugly and … a guy.. so he has to lie to get your money.. unlike the pretty girl who blinks twice and gets to by a new pc from your ‘donations’… toe-may-toe , toe-mah-toe… just dont throw money at the internet.

    Not defending the liar.. just pointing out that anyone who gave money to this guy should have realized that its the internet and that people lie, and hopefully they’ve learned to not be so careless with their money and so trusting of people, especially people on the internet.

    Have a heart….. but just be smart with it.

  • Thomas Monahan

    I smell Lawsuit ……

  • Isabelle Briar

    I think you’re referring to me. Yeah, I’ve been hearing a LOT about this since I use a wheelchair and stream on Twitch as well. I’m still associated with Athene and AtheneLive, and people like this just kind of blow my mind. I really don’t understand the thought process behind it…

  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    “I met him on the internet, he’s a french model .. ‘uh… bonjour?'”

    The argument here is not about whether it’s wrong or right to be charitable… good-hearted people are great. The argument is about ‘blindly’ donating money. To think that no one in this world is going to try to screw you over is extremely naive.

    Even organizations like the red cross are just as full of it as this guy is. (click on your url bar and type red+cross+scandal). Alpine wildfire in CA. – red cross raises over
    $400,000 for disaster relief of which only $54k is used to support the victims. While the CEO of the San Diego Red Cross chapter makes $203k in salary and over $300k with incentives (each year). This is just one incident, there are plenty of other times that the red cross, and other ‘charitable’ organizations, have done something like this. Now tell me this world isn’t disgusting.

    You want to be charitable? Do it physically and directly with little to no middle man involved. (IE- help out at a soup kitchen, build houses for homeless, donate to an actual clinic that’s researching treatments for illnesses, give that bum on the street a
    quarter, volunteer for the girls and boys club, do community service)

    My point here is this.. There is poop (bad people) everywhere in this world. If you close your eyes or turn away, you’ll be up to your knees in it. If you are conscious of it, you can weave your way through and possibly help out the others who got stuck in doody.

    Have a heart… but just be smart.

  • Shane Bryant

    if anyone actually looked at the guy you can see his back is really fucked up and he may actually need that wheelchair just because your in a chair doesn’t mean your paralyzed if people started to assume that and donate money not his fault

  • Drunken Dung

    i wanna see that chat

  • PWNYluv

    The chat must have gone nuts :D The only time I saw something worse on twitch was when a major league of legends streamer used hackerbot scripts while life streaming and everyone freaked out. XD