That’s how much money the THQ Humble Bundle wound up bringing in before it came to a close.  THQ stock rose significantly during the sale, and analysts are considering the event a success for the game developer, who has seen its share of financial woes recently.

With a stellar line-up of games available, the value of the THQ bundle was one of the all-time great buys for players.  For as little as $1 players could get 6 THQ titles, and by paying higher than an average price that hovered around $5-$6 could get DLC for one of the base games, plus 3 bonus games including AAA title Saints Row: The Third.

The Humble Bundle sales are typically used by indie developers to garner attention for their games and raise some cash for future development.  Many were suprised to see THQ go this route, but it seems to have been a smart decision that has had positive effects for the company, raising funds and drawing attention back towards their titles.  This sale of course can’t outright save the company, but it sure seems to have gone a long way towards moving THQ back in the right direction.

With over $5 million raised from 880k sales, there were a lot of folks who paid more than the minimum $1 to grab up the core bundle games.  There were also several very large donations made of over $1,000.

Rumors are stirring that THQ is interested in another Humble Bundle sale in the future.  Maybe some other non-indie companies are paying attention as well.