Descent - Unreal Engine 3

Those of you familiar with the classic shooter Descent may be excited to know that someone is currently working on porting the game into Unreal Engine 3.  The one man project will include the original campaign complete with new textures and models as well as a control scheme as close to the original as possible.

The developer — who simply goes by  “Max” — has released a tech demo that demonstrates flying and shooting in the revamped environment.  (Just a gentle warning for those of you who get motion sickness easily.  You probably shouldn’t watch it full screen.)

He has also posted a request on his website for anyone wanting to help with the project, stating:

“While it’s still in its infancy, the project is moving forward rapidly at the moment since I’m programming the core stuff whenever I can,” reads his statement. “I need support especially in the modeling and graphics department right now. I’m making use of the existing community-created content for D2X-XXL, but high-detail robot models are one thing that this game absolutely needs and that doesn’t exist yet.”