Another revelation from the Game Developers Conference came with the announcement of the next Battlefield 3 expansions. Departing slightly from the highly successful formula of Back To Karkand, it seems each of the three expansions will have a theme.

First up is Close Quarters, with indoor frantic firefights spotlighting infantry combat. Hopefully the experience will include loose and complex action rather than the bottleneck, borefest of Metro. Developer DICE, mentioned “vertical gameplay” as a feature of the design; could we be looking at Battlefield 3: Die Hard? Yes, please.

Close Quarters is scheduled to release in June, while the next two expansions are slated for later in the year.

The following expansion will be Armored Kill — happy now tank fans? — which brags the largest map in Battlefield 3. That’s going to be one gigantic warzone. The shelling will commence in the autumn — or fall, depending on your continent.

Finally — and appropriately — the last expansion announced will be End Game; so far, we only know that it will be released in the winter.

Exciting times ahead for BF3 players. I can only hope that DICE meets the same quality of Back to Karkand this year.


A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • 7BitBrian

    AS a big Battlefield fan, for years now, I am excited to see what we get with these expansions. Looks to be some amazing stuff, can’t wait to play.

    • ScottHawkes

       Same here 7BB, though my tendency to want to break my headshot distance record will be curtailed.

  • SevenFold

    Loved Back to karkand can’t wait to see these new maps.

    • ScottHawkes

       Agreed 7F, I thought BtK was fantastic and still isn’t stale.

  • Bluecewe

    It’s not really as “good” as it appears.

    The first expansion will be released in June as was stated in the clip, however DICE have yet to give any firm release window for the “super” patch which is desperately needed to fix a vast array of bug and balance issues.

    For instance, although dedicated servers are a huge part of any Battlefield game, it is impossible to have a VIP system in place and thus for busy servers it is often a very tedious process to kick several people off a server so that owners of that server can get online.

    The other huge issue however is that DICE seems to be following Activision’s tactic of churning out as much DLC as possible, disregarding quality in the process. With Vietnam in Bad Company 2 you were really getting a game within a game, but with these 3 upcoming DLC packs I don’t see them offering the same feeling.

    My only hope is that the armour DLC will really offer what they say it will, though I fully expect DICE to disappoint fans with their definition of what “mobile artillery” and “the largest map in Battlefield history” are. Maps are quite large in Battlefield 3 already, but often have capture flags located too close to each other, resulting in most areas of the map only seeing aircraft activity.