Do you ever wonder where the pros go to hone there skills and grow to be pro gamers?

There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day between going to school, work, and friends, right? Well what if I was to tell you there is a place you can go where the high school you attend is entirely based around you playing video games?! Well that’s exactly what VGHS is, Video Game High School!

While it’s every gamers dream for this school to actually be a reality, the idea truly comes to life in a new web series written, produced, and directed by than none other than action YouTube sensation FreddieW! A lot a people may know of the FreddieW channel from its 2-5 minute sequences containing action packed gun play and gaming related humor. But taking on a more ambitious project, the FreddieW team began a Kickstarter project for a we series called VGHS.

VGHS follows the story of Brian D, a quirky FPS gamer who accidentally gets an invitation to VHGS for killing the school’s Varsity captain in a random match of Field of Fire. Once enrolled, Brian must step up his game to impress the Junior Varsity captain Jenny Matrix while trying to keep himself from getting expelled for losing too many matches.

The whole series is an incredibly fun and fresh take on a television show made specifically for gamers. While the entire series is sprinkled with YouTube celebrity cameos and terminology slang like “ROFLcopter”, it keeps the tone enjoyable and mature and doesn’t overdo it like so many series before it. Next week marks the final episode in what is hopefully only the first season.

To catch up on the entire series head over to and watch all the video game goodness!