When it RainZ, it PourZ.

As if the news surrounding Hammerpoint Interactive‘s zombie/survival game War Z was bad enough already, the very title of the game may be in jeopardy now. It appears that the US Trademark office has suspended the application for the title “War Z” based on the grounds that it is a bit too similar to Paramount’s upcoming movie “World War Z

The full suspension notice appears here and includes a few items that cause questions of their own. A quick search of the trademark application database shows that The War Z trademark application was filed on July 20, 2012. While not a “smoking gun” in and of itself, it does lend a bit more credence to a shorter development time than Hammerpoint advertises. Also of note is the fact the the suspension was sent out on November 15, 2012. This means Hammerpoint has known about their application suspension for over a month now.

So what does it all mean? Basically the trademark office has only put a hold on the title. Hammerpoint could try to fight the issue and, who knows, they could even win. The issue here is that Paramount is waiting on the other side and will likely be very protective of their existing trademark should the trademark office itself ease up on Hammerpoint. Long story short, it’s time to change the game’s name, and really…with all of the problems with a release that wasn’t a release, a buggy game, and gamer complaints galore maybe a name change isn’t the worst idea right now anyway.

One thing’s for sure, I find it very funny that War Z tried to capitalize on the popularity of Day Z only to get the shaft from a totally different direction by World War Z.

So here’s your chance! What should the new name of War Z be? Put your comments below!