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A Korean financial site says Guild Wars 2 brought in $150m USD in 2012, and an expansion is planned for late 2013
Cement your Aion legacy by designing a Bard weapon.
MMOs have gone through a lot in 2012, and some of the changes have been for the better.
Aion Reveals Bard Class In Trailer
Aion 4.0 - Katalam - Rune Entrance

NCSoft Reveals Concept Art For A New Region In Aion 4.0
Aion Reveals Video Of A New Class
Forget Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. Here are 9 games sure to kill World of Warcraft for good!

Guild Wars 2's Headstart In Comparison To Other Launches
Guild Wars 2's Three Layers Of Story

Guild Wars 2's Three Levels Of Stories
ArcheAge Teases Story In Trailer
Asura Intro Revealed
Heavy Rain Creator David Cage Talks About Innovation/Emotions In Games
Rift - Storm Legion - Trion - Volan - Boss

Trion To Include Full Rift Game With Expansion
Korean Securities Firm Predicts Launch Date, Big Sales For Guild Wars 2
SWTOR, WoW, GW2, DCUO Continually Growing Fan Bases
Guild Wars 2 Answers Server Queue Problem

Aion Going F2P In North America
Watch A Dark New Teaser For Aion

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