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1. You skip your grandma’s birthday because you have a raid.

2. You shout “Gratz” in a crowded restaurant when they ring the bell signifying ‘order up’.

3. A friend gives you a recipe and you respond with “BRB. Going to a store for mats.”


4. You own more things in game than you own in the real world.

5. Forget doing dishes, you have to decorate your in-game housing.

6. When you actually bother to do chores you wish there was a way to gain XP from them.

7. You kick your room mate out for distracting you and making your PvP group wipe.

8. You often wish you could could collect and swap out cars like you can mounts.

9. You know your cat would be a lot cooler if you could train it battle the neighbor’s dog.


10. You wish your closet were as easy to sort as your bank.


11. When you have to work the week a new expac comes out, you have someone start the login process for you so you’ll be in game by the time you get home.


12. When the servers go down you panic at the thought of actually doing anything else because “They might come back up!”


13. You send email after email to the game devs explaining to them at length why they really have to make a mobile application for specific in-game functions.



The Dragon Egg had been found, but a betrayal by an ally may cost Tyria dearly. Guild Wars 2 has released a new teaser trailer for the next chapter of the living story, “The Seeds of Truth”.

Guild Wars 2 releases Tangled Paths, PvP Changes, ArenaNet is Hiring, and much more!

It’s been an eventful week for Guild Wars 2, and Tangled Paths has finally arrived. This week on the show, the panel will be discussing the release of Tangled Paths, PvP changes, ArenaNet’s search for an engine programmer, more teaser images, and a community-translated map of the planet Tyria. Join JonRoy, and Aaron for another theory-filled episode of Tin Foil & Table Flips!

Tangled Paths has Arrived

Guild Wars 2’s newest living world installment, Tangled Paths, is finally here. The patch has been met with mixed responses from the community, with some players heavily criticizing its length and storytelling. One of the patch’s most controversial pieces of content was its twist ending, which appealed to some, but was less than adequate to others.

PvP Changes to Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has announced sweeping PvP changes for Guild Wars 2 this week. According to a post on the Guild Wars 2 website, they have stated that they will be improving numerous areas of PvP gameplay, including matchmaking, map selection, structure, and how leaderboards function. These changes could potentially serve to coax strict PvE players into PvP, though the degree to which this might be accomplished remains to be seen.

ArenaNet is Hiring an Engine Programmer

ArenaNet has recently put out a job listing for an Engine Programmer through NCsoft’s website. Apart from the usual requirements (BS in Computer Science, development experience, ect.) , the listing also specifically requires development experience with a fixed hardware platform such as Playstation or Xbox. These requirements have led people to speculate on the possibility of Guild Wars 2 coming to consoles, though ArenaNet has not mentioned any plans regarding that topic.

ArenaNet Continues to Roll Out Teaser Images

Teaser images continue to abound from ArenaNet, their latest addition featuring prominent Guild Wars 2 characters Caithe and Faolain. These images have been well received by the community, mostly because they encourage speculation and interest in the lore.

Tyria – It’s a Globe!

Over the past several weeks, the Guild Wars 2 community has been hard at work translating the writing on a map texture featured in the Echoes of the Past release. This texture was featured on a rug in a playable instance, and displays a global map of not only the continent of Tyria, but the entire planet. Each land mass is labeled in New Krytan, an ingame, fully translatable language, and a fully translated version of the map texture has finally dropped on Reddit.


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Coinciding with their inaugural World Tournament Series (WTS) in December, Guild Wars 2 will be updating many aspects of their PvP, and adding a ranking system to help improve matchmaking. These changes are geared towards creating more high-level competitive play in GW2.

pc 2 mmorpg guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 PvP Overhaul Coming In December

When the updates launch on December 2nd, PvP matchmaking in Guild Wars 2 will use Glicko2 ratings, a widely accepted player skill evaluation method, in addition to other factors such as player rank and team party size. A dishonor system will also be implemented for match leavers, negatively impacting their ranking. A new ladder system will also be put into place, and a test run of this will go into affect when the updates launch December 2nd.

pc 2 mmorpg guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 PvP Overhaul Coming In December

ArenaNet will be publishing a series of blog posts over the next few days, giving more details on exactly what changes PvP players can expect in Guild Wars 2 come December.

The WTS is the first cash-prize tournament for Guild Wars 2, with $150,000 at stake over the course of three championship tournaments planned for 2014-2015 in China, North America and Europe.  The event in Beijing on December 5th represents the first championships and is the culmination of months of competition that began with an open tournament inviting all players.

You can watch the WTS championships on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.



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The next chapter in the Guild Wars 2 living story continues with today’s update, in which players and leaders of Tyria find themselves find themselves on the path to war with Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

This update to the Tangled Paths living story brings with it new rewards,  including the opportunity to continue building your collection of new armor.

·         The Pursuit

Players will scour the Silverwastes to seek out the trail of the Zephyrite masters, and search for signs of their vanished leader. A new dragon could make for a powerful ally on either side of this war, and some of Mordremoth’s most deadly minions are also on the trail.

·         War in the Silverwastes

The fight between Pact forces and the dragon’s armies rages on. Newly discovered underground caverns contain new threats to contend with and dangers to brave. Players will need to coordinate with other forces on the map, call siege devourers to their aid and keep one step ahead of deadly mordrem hunters.

·         Silverwastes Treasures

Players can continue building their collection of Carapace armour with the addition of Carapace gloves. Once players obtain new gloves, they can begin collecting materials to unlock the upgraded Luminescent gloves. New rewards have also been added to Bandit Crest vendors.

You can check out all the information on this latest Guild Wars 2 update on the official site.

Guild Wars 2’s Echoes of the Past has been live for well over a week, and the whole experience, while largely positive, has not been without its hiccups. On this week’s episode of Tinfoil & Table Flips, weekly hosts Jon, Roy, Jim, and Aaron discuss Guild Wars 2’s quarterly earnings, the possibilities of an expansion, the aftermath of Echoes of the Past, and ArenaNet’s newest living world teaser trailer.

NCsoft Releases Quarterly Performance Information for its Titles

NCsoft recently published its earnings report for quarter 3 of 2014. While Lineage 1 remains its most prominent money maker, the earnings generated by Guild Wars 2 appear to be on the decline. Despite this, it cannot be definitively determined from the information provided whether or not Guild Wars 2 actually going downhill financially.


In a recent conference call, NCsoft mentioned that there is the potential for expansion content to be released for Guild Wars 2. However, the simple use of the term “expansion” can mean a multitude of different things, and should not be taken to imply that Guild Wars 2 is getting a full blown expansion any time soon.

Echoes of the Past Aftermath

Over the past week and a half since the launch of Echoes of the Past, the community’s response to the patch has been largely positive and enthusiastic. Perhaps too enthusiastic, as it turns out. Due to a glitch in a certain section of the new Silverwastes explorable area, players were able to spawn special reward chests at a much faster rate than originally intended, allowing for an extremely overpowered farm to commence. While the farm could be called an exploit, the damage to the game’s economy was not severe enough to warrant bans, and the bug was fixed within the week following the patch.

ArenaNet’s New Teaser Image and Trailer

ArenaNet has released a new trailer for their upcoming Guild Wars 2 living world release Tangled Paths. The trailer features possible new bosses and areas, as well as an ominous and cryptic narration. Along with the trailer ArenaNet also released a new teaser image, which features a prominent character from the living world holding an object of great importance.


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“The legends were true, there is a dragon egg…”

The next chapter in the Living Story of Guild Wars 2 is set to release on November 18, and Tangled Paths may change the face of Tyria forever.

There is indeed a dragon egg in Tyria, and this teaser trailer indicates that players must help in locating it, before Mordremoth does.

Check out the teaser trailer above for Tangled Paths, then head over to the official Guild Wars 2 site to find out more.

Guild Wars 2 Releases Echoes of the Past!

Echoes of the Past has hit Guild Wars 2, and Tinfoil & Table Flips hosts Jon, Roy, and Aaron are beside themselves with excitement. Joining them this week on the show is Robin Baird, a writer for GAMEBREAKER TV and avid Guild Wars 2 player. On this episode, the panel discusses macros, instance mechanics, and the new Echoes of the Past patch!

ArenaNet Allows Macro Use for Instruments

ArenaNet has recently stated on the Guild Wars 2 official forums that they will not be punishing players who utilize macros in conjunction with in game instruments. The response to this decision has been generally positive, as instruments, which are purchasable “toys” on the gem store, do not offer any sort of reward or compensation for their use.

New Job-O-Tron Back Item

As per their custom, ArenaNet has released new gem store items with their living world content release. Among these items is the Job-O-Tron back piece, which has unique humorous dialogue that it utters from time to time. However, this dialogue can be heard not only by the wearer, but by all players in the vicinity. As this has the potential to become a nuisance to some players, ArenaNet may want to look into implementing an option that would enable players to mute Job-O-Tron’s dialogue.

How Story Instances Could Be Potentially Discouraging Group Play

Group viability for story content has become questionable with Guild Wars 2’s release of Echoes of the Past. One of the most important story instances in the release, the Hidden Arcana, does not allow players who are not the instance owner to interact with any of the objects (many of which are books with important lore references) in the instance. Furthermore, players cannot even view the instance owner’s interaction with said objects. This has the potential to cause players to opt to play story quests solo rather than party up, which could be viewed as a problem for a social game like an MMORPG.

Echoes of the Past Release

The fifth installment of season 2 of Guild Wars 2’s living world, Echoes of the Past, was finally released this past week. Contained in the patch was a new explorable area, several new quests advancing the storyline of the living world, and a plethora of new and exciting rewards. Community feedback regarding the release has almost been unanimously positive, and the Tinfoil & Table Flips crew go all out with lore discussion and story speculation.


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Wait, WHAT? A new Guild Wars 2 show? That’s right!

This week on Tin Foil & Table Flips: ArenaNet’s Raid CDI, Guild Wars 2’s China Publisher leaks upcoming content, and ArenaNet releases a teaser trailer!

ArenaNet’s Raid CDI Discussion

ArenaNet has reached out to their fanbase for feedback recently in an open floor raid CDI on their official forums. The community has responded enthusiastically, offering up over 15 pages of discussion regarding the possible implementation of raids in the game.

Guild Wars 2’s Chinese Publisher Leaks Crucial Information in Relation to the Plot of Season 2 of the Living World.

This week, ArenaNet’s Chinese publisher KongZhong leaked specific information about chapter 5 of the living story, Echoes of the Past, in an article. According to an ArenaNet post on Reddit, this was done without their consent. The article in question contained several spoilers and screenshots to upcoming content.

ArenaNet Releases a Teaser Trailer for the Next Upcoming Chapter of Season 2 of the Living Story, “Echoes of the Past”.

As it is the week leading up to the next living world release for Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has put out a teaser trailer for the upcoming content. The trailer itself is part recap and part teaser, revealing several key hints at what the November 4th patch might contain. Also released this week by ArenaNet via Tumblr was a single teaser image of Rytlock Brimstone where he was last seen in the living story, just before he followed his sword, Sohothin, into the mists. The tagline on the image reads: “I have to go after it. Without it, we’ll never end this war.”

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A large and still growing thread has popped up on the Guild Wars 2 forums over the past 24 hours, following a change to the way players can exchange in-game currency for cash shop Gems in order to purchase cash shop items. When a thread becomes this large on a game forum, it’s usually a safe bet that players aren’t happy.

The change involves taking away a player’s ability to exchange in-game gold for the exact amount of cash shop Gems they wish to purchase based on the current exchange rate. If a player wanted to just purchase 100 Gems for a particular item, they could do so in the old system. The new system has taken away that ability, and instead players can now only exchange their in-game gold for set amounts of Gems, starting at 400 Gems, with denominations of 800, 1,200, and 2,000 available as well. The new system is now reflective of the real money exchange for Gems.

pc 2 mmorpg guild wars 2 mmorpg featured     Guild Wars 2 Currency Exchange Revamp Ignites Player Backlash
Image via GW2 forum thread.

The flexibility of the old system is gone, leaving many players with only the option to buy more Gems than they actually want at the time. Obviously the forum thread is a result of players who utilize the in-game gold exchange losing the flexibility they once enjoyed.

The forum thread isn’t the only place where players are voicing their displeasure. Lewis Burnell of TenTonHammer has also written a lengthy editorial on the matter, saying that he feels ArenaNet is “nickel and diming” the playerbase with this change. Burnell is also very critical of the response from ArenaNet thus far.

Here’s the first response post from Gaile Gray, ArenaNet’s Communications Team Lead:

Ok, guys. Some of you are unhappy about this change, I can see that. BUT… quite honestly, most of you are sort of (I hate to use the word) ranting (sorry!) instead of offering suggestions.

I assure you, the team leader told me not 15 minutes ago, they will listen to suggestions.

Does that mean you get everything you want? Probably not.

Does that mean you should suggest something? Yes, of course! Because they’re expecting player input.

So you want lower increments? Think it through and present a suggestion! You want XYZ in the interface? Post that idea. You would rather see something else? Post what you think about that other thing. Please don’t get into the whole “I’m going to kick the devs and their little dogs, too” because it’s not doing you or us any good at all.

I’m not here to apologize. I’m here to communicate and right now, the communication is coming in without a whole lot of substance. Over to you for suggestions and constructive input!

ArenaNet has also stated that part of the justification for this change was to create less confusion for new players when using the currency exchange, and that only a small percentage of currency exchange users were purchasing Gem totals smaller than the 400 Gem starting point now on the exchange.

Guild Wars 2 players are left wondering where new players are getting enough gold to purchase 400 Gems in the exchange.

As far as the small percentage of players who purchase less than 400 Gems at a time; it looks like every single one of them have showed up to voice their displeasure with the new system.


October beckons the return of spooky events in many MMORPGs, and Guild Wars 2 is bringing back its Blood and Madness event once again.

The activities and events in Blood and Madness will be the same as last year, but the rewards have been revamped, with all new items to collect.

pc 2 mmorpg guild wars 2 mmorpg     Blood And Madness Event Returns To Guild Wars 2 Today

Doors are opening up all over Tyria, and players can go trick-or-treating and stumble upon the entrance to the Mad King’s realm, as well as take on the Bloody Prince.

pc 2 mmorpg guild wars 2 mmorpg     Blood And Madness Event Returns To Guild Wars 2 Today


Following the Blood and Madness event will be the return of the Living Story on November 4, with ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson promising that this season of Living Story will feature “stories with roots deep in the very heart of Guild Wars lore”. Johanson also promises that this season’s final episode will be “unforgettable”.

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As a fan of Guild Wars 2, you know Jonathan Sharp as one of the primary voices for the game. Unfortunately, it’s time for him to leave ArenaNet. According to a post on the official forums, the designer has moved on to greener pastures. But he couldn’t leave without giving a farewell to the community.

“I’m sad to say that I’ll be leaving ArenaNet after 8 years with the company, and it’s been an amazing ride!

I’ve chatted with many of you on vent, we’ve debated on State of the game, we’ve tossed ideas back and forth on the forums, and I’ve met many of you in person at various cons!

It has been my privilege, pleasure and honor to work with such a passionate and intelligent group of fans. You guys have always kept me honest, you’ve pushed me to better myself, and your ideas have helped to create GW2’s success – we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your love, passion and communication.

I will always look back on my time here with love and gratitude, and much of that is owed to you, our wonderful fans.”

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Is ArenaNet looking to jump into esports with Guild Wars 2? It’s an odd jump for a game that’s approaching two years old now. However, during its trip to EGX London, Guild Wars 2 appeared to reintroduce itself to many players, specifically the esports crowd.

In the video above and the one below, the Competitive Events Manager (that’s right ‘competitive events) Joshua Davis takes a half an hour to show us where Guild Wars 2 fits into the esports world. Then Community Coordinators Rubi Bayer and Elisabeth Cardy introduce the basics other basics of the game if you’re just now getting into it or maybe need a refresher if you’re returning.


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What you wanted more than what the titles says? Fine. Besides the teaser image which indicates that a new Guild Wars 2 zone is forthcoming, ArenaNet shared this statement:

The fate of Tyria hangs in the balance. The world’s races are uniting against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Their first lesson – there is no sanctuary.

At the culmination of the first half of Season 2, Tyria’s leaders had gathered for a secret summit at the Grove, at the base of the sylvari’s sacred Pale Tree. They proved an easy target for Mordremoth’s forces, facing a surprise attack by the Shadow of the Dragon.

Tyria’s heroes are now scattered across the world but in pursuit of one goal: how to bring the battle to Mordremoth. The secret may lie in a vision delivered by the Pale Tree moments after she was badly wounded by the Shadow of the Dragon.

What did the vision mean, and will a united Tyria be enough to thwart the threat from this powerful Elder Dragon?

The fight continues…

[via Massively]

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Today another large Feature Pack went live in Guild Wars 2, and it comes packed with plenty of updates to improve the experience of players both new and veteran.

The WvW experience has been improved, a new Trading Post UI has been implemented, wardrobes and collections have been updated, and the new player experience should be better than ever. Take a look at the rundown of what dropped in today’s patch.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 September Feature Pack Is Live

  • Wardrobe Updates

The April 2014 Feature Pack brought the account Wardrobe, a system that made it easier than ever for players to manage clothing looks and dye colors. Now, it’s being expanded with new features and functionality, including Wardrobe support to store and manage combat Finishers and ‘Miniatures’ (mini-pets), which can be account unlocked and equipped via a new mini-equip slot.



  • New Trading Post

The update features a brand-new Trading Post interface which provides a better overview and is easier to navigate, meaning it will be much easier for players to find and buy the items they desire.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 September Feature Pack Is Live


  • Collection Achievements

A new Collections Achievement category will reward players for amassing items from all over Tyria. By sampling all of the ales, stockpiling trinkets, and collecting themed sets of gear players can earn rewards like new equipment, recipes or even a rare treasure chest for their home instance.


  • World vs. World Updates
    From Commander tag updates to the Siege Golem ability line and the new Siege Disabler Trick, there are many exciting additions in the feature pack affecting strategy and tactics in Guild Wars 2’s popular competitive mode, World vs. World. Furthermore players from across the globe will have the chance to put their abilities to the test in the forthcoming World vs. Wold Fall Tournament 2014 which commences on Friday September 12.


  • New Player Experience
    The latest update includes a series of improvements designed to ensure that Guild Wars 2’s early levelling and learning experience is more engaging, easier to follow and rewarding.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 September Feature Pack Is Live


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If you were a fan of the feature pack Guild Wars 2 put out earlier this year, with tons of updates and improvements, you’re gonna love what’s coming in next week’s September Feature pack.

Already announced to be coming in the September Feature Pack are improvements to competitive play, class balance changes, a change to the starting experience, and wardrobe and collection UI improvements.

Now ArenaNet has given us the 411 on a pretty big Trading Post update, bringing a faster auction house experience with a better interface.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Getting Big Time Upgrades In September Feature Pack

The Trading Post has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, and functions much more like the gem store, which will not only improve functionality but make it easier for players to find what they are looking for without having to sort through thousands of items.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Getting Big Time Upgrades In September Feature Pack

The expanded filtering options available when searching in the new Trading Post include:

  • Category (completely reorganized to better fit expectations)
  • Subcategory (also completely reorganized)
  • Rarity
  • Level
  • “Available now” to limit search results to only items with active listings
  • Attributes like power and precision (and many more) are available within the Armor and Weapons categories
  • Profession is now a filter available within the Armor and Weapons categories;  Armor will apply a weight filter (light, medium, heavy), and Weapons will filter to only those types appropriate for your character
  • Bag size
  • Crafting discipline and level

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Getting Big Time Upgrades In September Feature Pack

“One of the biggest challenges about the Trading Post has been ensuring that users understand what’s happening. It’s not terribly common to have a game market that works more like a stock market than an auction house, and that means that we need to do a great job of messaging. Never is clear messaging and useful, timely feedback more important than when you’re about to spend some gold or sell one of your hard-won items from your inventory.”

You can check out the official site for all the details.

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Guild Wars 2 is getting ready for its big Feature Pack release on September 9, but details on what’s coming in this huge update are still rolling in.

Today ArenaNet talked about improvements being made to the wardrobe UI, better differentiating between your slotted equipment and your wardrobe, allowing you to easily sort and preview different looks for you character.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Improving Wardrobe, Adding Finishers & Miniatures Collections

Along with this improvement comes the addition of Finishers to the wardrobe tab as recognition of the feature as a true form of customizing your character.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Improving Wardrobe, Adding Finishers & Miniatures Collections

And finally, they are adding a Miniatures collection tab to the UI, and all Minis are now treated as account unlocks in your wardrobe instead of storing them in your bank. New minis can also be previewed via the wardrobe window before purchasing, save for a few rare minis that remain hidden until unlocked.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Improving Wardrobe, Adding Finishers & Miniatures Collections

This September Features Pack is really shaping up to be a great update, and is bringing some fantastic quality of life improvements.

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In an effort to make the new-player experience better, ArenaNet is revamping the starting zones and the leveling process for Guild Wars 2.

ANet posted a lengthy article outlining the things that will be changing for beginners, but I will give you the highlights here. The team would like to give a clearer sense of direction and a better rewards system, including a revamp of the interface. Stat awards have changed to be more significant to the players, and the personal story has changed so that you can have a complete playthrough of a chapter without awkward starts and stops.

The full article can be found on the GW2 website, and look for the update this September.

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The September Feature Pack coming to Guild Wars 2 is looking to be quite an update, with already announced changes coming to PvP and WvW. Add to that now, a first look at profession balance changes that are coming once the feature pack goes live sometime next month.

We don’t have a ton of specifics for you right now, but there is a lengthy overview of the incoming Guild Wars 2 class changes which you can check out below. ArenaNet says there will be more details on this Friday’s “Ready Up” livestream at 12pm pst.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

The elementalist’s cantrips are popular in all parts of the game, and in the interest of promoting build diversity, we’ll be using the feature pack as an opportunity to work on other types of utility skills. For example, the fire and air storms from the Glyph of Storms will now apply conditions of their own. In addition, we’ll rework some of the new grandmaster traits that currently don’t have enough of a payoff or are too difficult to use. Finally, we’ll be addressing the Tornado and Fiery Greatsword elite skills; we’ll make some usability improvements and tone down some of their unintended functionality.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

In this balance pass, we’ve focused on giving some love to lesser-used kits and several non-kit utilities. With this update, you’ll see some changes to a few of your elixirs that will give them a bit more functionality, like Elixir R, which we’ve altered to also remove immobilized. Likewise, we’ve looked at a few of the gadgets and updated them to have a more defined purpose and a clear use.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

With the guardian, our intent for this balance update is to improve some of the less popular utility skills and open up some build diversity in both support and offense. The active skills of some of the spirit weapons have been reworked to include more supportive functionality. One change we’re excited to tell you about is Spirit Bow’s command ability, which will now heal in a targeted area rather than just around the bow itself. We’ve also adjusted the guardian’s elite skills; the tomes have received considerable number changes and quality-of-life updates.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

The mesmer has seen adjustments in a few areas. For this update, we’re looking at improving multiple traits, utility skills, weapon skills, and illusions. We’ve taken a look at some of the new grandmaster traits and improved upon their original implementation. We’ve altered the scepter a bit, pushing it more toward the condition role we would like it to have. In addition, you’ll see some awesome improvements to offensive mantras and a rework of the Mimic skill, which will now copy all boons on your target to yourself.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

Our focus for necromancers in this balance update has been on improving their survivability through utilities and traits as well as improving the overall effectiveness of their melee and skirmishing weapons. You’ll see that the dagger auto-attack will now hit two targets, while the axe’s animations have been tuned to be more fluid. Along with weapon skill updates, your utility skills have been updated to provide more survivability over time.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

The balance team has given the ranger a lot of love during this balance update. Rangers will be seeing a rework of Signet of the Beastmaster, which will be replaced by a new trait entitled Predator’s Onslaught. With this change, Signet of the Beastmaster’s effects will be rolled into the baseline signet skills. We’ll also be updating several Beastmastery traits to remove pet specificity, allowing you to choose which pets you’d like to use rather than the traits themselves requiring a specific family. Along with these improvements, we’ll be updating quite a few weapon skills to improve their base functionality and responsiveness.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

The goal for the thief during this balance pass has been to improve upon the new grandmaster traits that were recently added and increase the overall value of a few other traits through small tweaks. For example, Venomous Aura will now use your own stats rather than your allies’, so if you’re a master of condition damage, your shared venoms will be more effective than ever. As with the necromancer, you’ll be seeing increases to the number of targets that your dagger auto-attacks can strike. Additionally, we’ll be introducing a small range increase for pistol attacks when using the Ricochet trait.


pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Reveals Class Balance Changes Coming In September

In this update, we’ll be adjusting how the warrior uses and loses adrenaline. We felt that the warrior maintained their adrenaline a little too well, in that there wasn’t a real consequence to missing with an adrenaline skill or simply keeping it from fight to fight. We’ll be adjusting adrenaline so that it’s lost if you miss with a burst ability as well as draining slowly when you exit combat. With these changes, however, we will be updating the greatsword’s adrenaline burst ability to be a cleaving, execution-style attack more fitting for the weapon. In addition to this, we’ll be updating multiple skills and traits, increasing and decreasing some adrenaline-gain abilities, and addressing multiple traits to have better effects.


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The world of competitive play can certainly draw a crowd, and Guild Wars 2 seems to be focusing on improving their PvP and WvW with a second feature pack due out sometime in September.

While the details will be slowly coming over the next few days, ArenaNet has said that they are focused on embracing the fast growing popularity of competitive game modes in Guild Wars 2.

So far they have announced a feature which will allow PvP players to standardize enemy models, making all other players look the same, allowing for easier visual recognition of attacks and abilities.

guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Bringing Feature Pack & Focus To Competitive Play


Guild Wars 2 will also be adding a PvP armor and reward track, giving players the ability to work towards and earn improved PvP gear.

guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Bringing Feature Pack & Focus To Competitive Play


Along with the continuing upcoming announcements of all the goodies coming in the September feature pack, ArenaNet has also announced the World Tournament Series, the first ever global competition for Guild Wars 2 with a $150,000 prize pool up for grabs.

guild wars 2 mmorpg featured news     Guild Wars 2 Bringing Feature Pack & Focus To Competitive Play

It sounds like some fun times are ahead for Guild Wars 2 PvP and WvW players.

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Season 2 of Guild Wars 2‘s Living Story is still going strong, and ArenaNet launched the latest addition today. In fact, Dragon’s Reach: Part 2 is called the mid-season finale.

We are half-way to the end, and based on the trailer, it looks like we might be facing another dragon. ANet tell us that the second half will resume this fall.

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When Corruption Spreads

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2 featured     Dissecting The Guild Wars 2 Dragons Reach TrailerWell, I guess no one made any weed repellent strong enough just yet because the vines have spread out to at least the Black Citadel/Plains of Ashford area. I noticed that the corruption spread distance from Dry Top to Timberline Falls (from episode 1 to 2) is relatively the same distance from Timberline Falls to The Black Citadel. If the corruption spreads in all directions, then we could be looking at the bottom of Frostgorge Sound having a few vines as well.

I do wonder if the corruption could even spread into the Shiverpeaks. If it’s possible, the spread would be quite bad. The reason I question if it’s possible is that The Risen have only spread up to Lion’s Arch (starting from the bottom left of Tyria) during personal story. It looks like Mordremoth’s vines are either following a path of waypoints or the ley lines which pretty much covers Tyria either way.

Alliances Are Tested

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2 featured     Dissecting The Guild Wars 2 Dragons Reach Trailer

This patch features Destiny’s Edge 2.0 making what seems like some hard decisions. We see Rox talking with Rytlock, Braham about to talk to his mother Eir, and we see Taimi with other Asura looking as if they want an answer out of her.

These “tests” definitely follow the personal issues of each character I mentioned above from Living Story Season 1. From Season 1 we know there’s friction between Braham and Eir. We also know that Rox had to make decisions between her friends (mainly Braham at the time) and her getting into Rytlock’s warband. Taimi I’m not so sure of but there may be some Asura not too thrilled with her infatuation with Scarlet or with her research of Scarlet.

It will be interesting to see how these characters will proceed if personal issues get in the way. The members of the first Destiny’s Edge had big personal issues as well; and we all know that turned out badly.

“Ascalon, I Free You From This Curse!”

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2 featured     Dissecting The Guild Wars 2 Dragons Reach TrailerHands down, this line is the single biggest thing in that video. I had a dumbfounded expression on my face but was internally freaking out when I saw that. It appears to me that Rytlock is going to release the Ghosts of Ascalon; possibly to fight for him. You know, the ones who harbor insane hatred for the Charr for over 200 years? Yea those ones. That scene reminded me of Aragorn from Lord of Rings: Return of the King when he got the ghosts to fight for him. Rytlock is pretty much Aragorn in this case. Oddly enough, they both need a sword to release the ghosts from their spectral curse.

The fact that Rytlock resorts to these measures really signifies that Mordremoth presents a huge problem next patch. However, if the ghosts are bound to help Rytlock fight Mordremoth in exchange for something, I’m guessing letting their spirits being freed, that’s a different case and could very well prove to make the story more interesting.

To Sum It Up

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2 featured     Dissecting The Guild Wars 2 Dragons Reach Trailer

All in all, ArenaNet has been doing a great job on the story. I hope they’re not burning through all the good stuff right now as I feel we’re reaching the climax rather quickly. I could be wrong though and this could very well be only a small sample of the good stuff yet to come.

Personally, the Gates of Maguuma patch was okay for me, it felt like a normal LS patch: a bit of speculation and decent story setup for next patch. Entanglement is what woke me up, the trailer was fine but the ending of that episode was so good and had me wondering what was coming next. Now we see that the trailer for Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 is amazing and full of intrigue. It naturally leads me to believe the patch will be amazing as well.

I have to force myself to remember to dial it back a bit as next episode is Part 1 of the story. I assume there will be two episodes to make up the story of Dragon’s Reach but you never know!

So what did you think of when you finished the trailer? How excited are you for the next Living Story patch? You can leave your answers and more in the comments below!

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The second part of Living World Season 2 kicks off today with the Entanglement Patch and some things are already afoot. Early this morning a vine appeared and took out the Mirkrise waypoint which has shut it down completely (when looked at from the map it appears permanently contested). All signs point to this only being the first sign of the Vine Spread.

When the Entanglement episode becomes available players will meet-up with Braham to check on Taimi who was, perhaps foolishly, left behind in Prosperity to do research. Players will also find new foes and discover new secrets in Dry Top as they continue searching for the ley line hub. Possibly another jumping puzzle as well?

Also don’t forget if you haven’t finished the last storyline you can still go back and finish anything which was missed; and as long as you log on between now and July 28th the second episode will also be permanently unlocked for you.

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Today is the day Guild Wars 2 fans have been waiting for. Season 2 of the Living World story kicks off today with the launch of Gates of Maguuma. The Living World story will see a few updates this season, including a story journal which will allow players to replay their favorite moments in the story.

There’s a strange disturbance in the tangled western reaches of the Brisban Wildlands, and it’s up to you to find out what’s afoot! Meet up with Seraph forces in Brisban and get to the root of the problem.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Begins Today


The Fall of the Zephyrites

The Zephyrites are in need of your aid! After they departed from the Labyrinthine Cliffs and the festivities there, the Zephyrites met with trouble in the air. You’ll need to find the ship and its inhabitants and figure out what went wrong.

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Begins Today

Digging Deeper

Meet up with Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Taimi and Scruffy to investigate what’s causing such a commotion and how it’s connected to the fallen Zephyr Sanctum. It’ll take courage and no small amount of teamwork to get to the bottom of things!

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Begins Today

Against the Inquest

The commotion in the Maguuma region has garnered the attention of the notorious Inquest. As you venture through Dry Top, keep an eye out for Inquest devices and operatives. They’ll stop at nothing to reach their nefarious goals, so you’d best be prepared for a fight!

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Begins Today


Elite Achievements

Once you’ve completed the storyline for Gates of Maguuma, you’ll unlock access to challenging achievements that will push your wits and skills to the limit! Perform daring feats of valor, strength, and sheer guts to prove your worth and unlock rewards! Read more about the Story Journal feature that’s making all Living World story content permanent!

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Begins Today

Rich Rewards

This release brings in a whole passel of new rewards, including new crafting materials. Refine Ambrite into sheets to be used in crafting gear with bonuses to Toughness, Healing, and Vitality, or harvest cacti to create delicious new dishes! You’ll also have a chance to find the new Adventurer’s Spectacles and Adventurer’s Scarf, which can be combined to create the stylish and functional Adventurer’s Mantle!

pc 2 guild wars 2 mmorpg     Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Begins Today

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Things have been a little quiet on the Guild Wars 2 front recently, but that’s all about to change as ArenaNet is preparing to release the first episode of the Season 2 Living Story on July 1st. To get us all warmed up and ready for brand new GW2 content, they’ve dropped a little teaser trailer on us today, and it looks like Season 2 will be starting out with a bang!


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Guild Wars 2 is making a bit of an overhaul to their Living Story system, now allowing players to “unlock” each episode to re-play through later or on another character. During each two-week episode time period, all you have to do is log in and that episode of the Season 2 Living Story will be added to your new Living World Journal. You’ll then be able to play through episodes of the Living Story again simply by accessing your Journal.

According to the blog post by Colin Johanson, level 80 characters will be able to choose between playing their Personal Story and the Living Story. Sub-80 characters will be able to see the unlocked Living Story quests, but not play through them via the Journal until level 80.

Writes Johanson: “With this addition to the story Journal, content from Living World episodes will be a mix of new story steps and open world content. Story steps will work just like existing story steps in the game today by taking you on a journey specific to your selected episode, which ties into a broader narrative from the season’s continual story progress.  Open world content additions to Living World updates will permanently expand or change the world of Tyria and will tie to the theme and story of the episode.”

If you are unable to log in during an episode’s two-week window, episodes will be available to be unlocked via the store for 200 gems.

Season 1 will not be included in the new Journal, but ArenaNet hope to add it in to the new system at a later date.

Achievements are also being changed in Season 2, with rewards coming at the end of each episode’s storyline, and a variety of rewards will be available via the open world content of each episode. Also, once one character on your account has completed an episode in their story journal, every character on your account will then have access to a set of challenging achievements. At any time once unlocked, you can return and attempt to replay that episode in order to complete the achievements. The achievements will be much more difficult to complete than those traditionally found in Season 1, and are intended to be challenging achievements for skilled players to overcome. Each achievement will award both achievement points and material rewards.

This all kicks off when Season 2 begins on July 1st.


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It’s been a few months since the first Living Story Season wrapped up with the defeat of Scarlet and the revelation what she was trying to do was wake-up the sleeping Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Apparently Scarlet felt it would be better for him to wake-up now instead of whenever his cycle would have been up.

We were left with many questions, least of which is what is the Sylvari relationship with Mordremoth? Way back when we first met Scarlet we saw a vision where the Pale Tree told her she was delving into the forces that created them… which (if it was a true vision) could mean the Sylvari are creations of an Elder Dragon.

Arenanet released a teaser picture today with the announcement Living Story Season 2 starts on July 1st. With a whole month to go before it officially starts you can be sure there will be even more teasers to come. Also, make sure you have everything you want done in the Festival of the Four Winds because when the Living Story starts again, the Festival ends.

The Guild Wars 2 WvW Spring Tournament brings out some interesting strategies, most notably the 2v1 strategy

So I’ve been getting back into WvW as of late. Some might not like it because they think it’s simply a “zerg fest”. However, I find that it actually takes some skill to play in WvW as a zerg or as a small group. That’s what I feel the WvW tournaments are about: which servers are the best at moving around, communicating, winning vital fights, and capturing objectives. This brings me to a strategy that’s been brought up a little bit in the WvW community: the 2v1 strategy.

Here’s an example of how this strategy is being used in the WvW gold tier. The Blackgate server fought Jade Quarry and Tarnished Coast in the starting weeks of the WvW Spring tournament. These are the top 3 WvW servers in North America. The thing is, Blackgate was literally fighting both Jade Quarry AND Tarnished Coast. JQ and TC were trading wins in order to gain a higher ranking than Blackgate because Blackgate is known as a server to beat for 1st in WvW. At the moment Blackgate got bumped down to 4th and are now fighting the Dragonbrand and Maguuma servers.

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Guild Wars 2 WvW 2v1 Strategy: Is It An Issue?

Narrowing It Down

You can’t complain about the Jade Quarry and Tarnished Coast servers cooperating because it is a viable strategy to perform. One of the issues is the trading wins bit. I feel that trading wins like this during a tournament kind of defeats the purpose of having a tournament to begin with. There can be some competition when two smaller servers join forces to even the odds against a dominate server. However, there’s no real counter play to the strategy when two top tier WvW servers join forces to take down another server which is the other issue. At least I haven’t heard of one yet. The awesome Commander Siegecrusher NPC a server gets when you fall behind can only help so much. The only way at the moment is to figure out a strategy to fight an overwhelming 2v1.  This also doesn’t help the servers just below either. Since Blackgate is decimating the 5th and 6th placed servers (as far as I can see), it doesn’t give them a chance to get 4th place.

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Guild Wars 2 WvW 2v1 Strategy: Is It An Issue?

What Needs To Be Looked At

Before the next WvW tournament, I think ArenaNet needs to figure out a way to keep 2v1 a viable strategy but in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the server getting ganged up on too much. Since I don’t play WvW a lot, I can’t really go into details of how this could be done. Who knows? Maybe someone will figure out how to win against a 2v1 matchup down the road. The flip side to all of this is that it changes the server matches up from time to time but even then the matchups might be uneven. What do you guys make of the 2v1 strategy? Does it negatively affect WvW? Let me know in the comments!

The first season of the Guild Wars 2 Living Story wrapped up back in the middle of March and the “Big Features” patch is done, so now seems like a good time to start thinking about what I’d like to see happen in the next season.

Mordremoth and the Sylvari

In the very last story instance to wrap up everything from Season 1 Taimi talked about how Scarlet has awoken Mordremoth. She sets the stage for what will likely be the first act of the next Living Story Season, Mordremoth awakening and becoming active.

We know he is starting to stir because of the tyriaquakes which have been happening ever since Scarlet set off her device. However, he’s clearly not fully awake since nothing catastrophic has happened just yet. When he does wake we should see some zone altering changes and an outpouring of plant minions.

On that note the fact this Elder Dragon will be obviously of a plant type, there should be some interesting implications for the Sylvari. I wouldn’t be surprised to be meet another group of Sylvari who represent what they would have become if the Pale Tree’s seed hadn’t been stolen. If no one else does the Priory should be able to connect the dots on it. Assuming the truth of the Sylvari isn’t just said outright, there might be some people questioning if any Sylvari can truly be trusted. Additionally it will be interesting to see how the Nightmare Court reacts to all of this. I’d expect the Sylvari to also have a lot of soul searching to do. If any of them suspect they are creations of Mordremoth’s then there would be a whole interesting moral dilemma for them to deal with. What matters more? Who created them and why or what happened to them which made them different than what they were intended to be?

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Lets Talk About Guild Wars 2s Living Story Season 2

Rebuilding Lion’s Arch

Currently Lion’s Arch is just a mere shadow of it’s former self, which it should be. Rebuilding this city should absolutely take a lot of time and we definitely should not get LA back to exactly how it had been before. Rebuilding too quickly or making it exactly the same again would just undermine the importance of it being destroyed.

At the same time it shouldn’t just be an NPC only rebuilding process. Instead of having the rebuilding be a small event which happens during this season Arenanet could make it longer one which spans the whole season or more. For example one part could be a collection of wood and metal to help the rebuilding. Every person who contributed could help the process along and once a certain number of materials were collected that stage would be done.

With the implementation of the megaserver Arenanet could even set to goals for the entire population of GW2 to work on together. And it doesn’t need to just be collecting materials, there’s all sorts of events which could be utilized to help players feel like they really had an important part to play in the rebuilding.

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Lets Talk About Guild Wars 2s Living Story Season 2

New Boss Fight

Currently in the new universal Boss Timers there is a spot for an TBD boss. Now first thing first, it is unlikely this fight will be Mordremoth himself. I’m not sure how Arenanet intends to implement Elder Dragon fights in the future but making them a reoccurring fight seems unlikely. The only way I could that working out is if we fought him until he was forced to retreat, and then after he was beaten a certain number of times the final fight would be triggered (which would probably be a different fight). After that the time slot would go back to being a held time-slot for when the other Elder Dragons are faced.

While all that is possible, I don’t think it is likely. All the other dragon fights on the timers are champions of other dragons so it probably makes sense for Arenanet to stick with this pattern. The only real issue with making the new boss fight be the Champion of Mordremoth’s is we might find ourself in a similar situation as we are with Teq. If the plan with Living Story content is truly to tell stories which have a real and tangible affect on Tyria, fighting the same bosses forever will need to be addressed at some point. The current issue of still having to fight Teq after Zaihtan has been defeated for people who have finished the Personal Story.


I’m not too worried about this next season of the Living Story starting of as slow as the last one. Near the end Arenanet really seemed to get a handle on how to present the story in an engaging way and when to reveal important info.

What I am concerned about is better story progression overall. My biggest annoyance with Scarlet was how we were always trailing behind her and never actually prevented her from doing anything. Every time we faced her it was on her terms and while we might have accomplished little things (like destroying the nightmare tower) it was only after she had accomplished her goal for that particular endeavor.

We a absolutely should face technical failures when facing very formidable beings. But never having any real success is extremely discouraging. I’m not saying we should be given some simple tasks to get our successes and make us feel good, but we should be able to at least occasionally actually accomplish something.

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Lets Talk About Guild Wars 2s Living Story Season 2

The new icons

One big loose end still out there is Rox needs to go face Rytlock and wrap up the whole part about how she was supposed to help kill Scarlet to get into his warband. I was really disappointed to see there was no real personal growth and self awareness from her at the end of the last season. Braham could use some personal growth and self awareness as well.

Mr. E… Yea we still don’t know that is or really anything aside from whoever it is was trying to help Marjory. I really hope that side story is developed more.

Taimi and Zojja could really use some “on screen” time together. All of their interactions so far have happened somewhere else and the we just get a recounting of what happened from Taimi, which is just disappointing. I’d really like to see how those two affect each other over time.

All that boils down to…

A catastrophic awakening of Mordremoth, some interesting consequences for the Sylvari, a new dragon fight, new icon character development, and an engaging rebuilding of Lion’s Arch. For everything I am expecting to happen (and I am sure there will be other things I haven’t thought of) I would guess the next season will last either an entire year or maybe a bit more. What are you looking forward/hoping to see?

It been long enough, let’s review the Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Features Pack!

Today I’d like to go over the Guild Wars 2 Features Pack that launched this month. Overall, the pack was a major plus in my book and even brought back some players. However, there are some things here and there I think could be worked on. Let’s jump into it and break it down.


To put it in a few words: very good upgrade. Better trait UI, free re-traiting, new Grandmaster traits, can choose to go out and get major traits or buy them. One thing that is peculiar is that some traits have a bit of a “level block” for new characters created after the patch. For example, the 8th major trait (which is a Master trait) in the first trait line for any profession requires the player to beat Citadel of Flames which is a level 70+ dungeon. So when you hit 60, which unlocks the Master trait tier, you can’t instantly opt into trying to get that trait unless you buy it from a vendor. Kind of annoying if you just wanted that one trait to complement your build.

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Reviewing The Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Features Pack

Wardrobe System

I swear this feature made me tear up a bit. You have an account wide skin storage of weapons, armor and backpacks. You can also transmute them a lot more easily using the new transmutation system. I love it.

An issue I, and quite possibly a lot of people with alts, have is skinning pre-80 armor and weapons. While leveling I like to look awesome. At all times. That’s why I like the transmutation stones: to skin pre-80 armor. With the new system, you have a limited amount of transmutation charges (without buying any from the gem store) and your pretty much have to hold off transmutating pre-80 gear to save the charges for a final skin overhaul when your character is at max level and you have all the armor and weapons you want for said character.

Another issue that was quite the outcry by the community was town clothes sets. Clothes sets like the Mad King will be unified as a single appearance in the wardrobe so no mix matching a pumpkin head with Wintersday town clothes. Not sure how long the grace period is for a refund on gem bought clothing sets so you might want to jump on that if you planned for it.

Finally, the last issue I personally have is the UI switching from Equipment, Wardrobe and Dyes in the hero tab. I would have preferred that they had the 3 options of Equipment, Wardrobe and Dyes in the top left and simply highlight the view option you select which would change the view to the selected option. What we have now is a menu of the three options which changes the view but replaces the menu with a back button. I find it’s a bit annoying to flip back and forth, maybe it’s the efficient programmer in me.

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Reviewing The Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Features Pack

PvP Rewards Track

I don’t do a lot of PvP but I like the new reward track system. It gives players a more visual goal progression wise and I’m glad PvP players are finally getting good rewards for their efforts. Kind of surprised that some non-PvP players actually complained about not getting the rewards PvP players were getting.

The Megaserver

This is basically a solution to deal with world boss events and living story where players want to group with their guild or party. This new feature makes me wonder if guesting will be required when it’s fully implemented. That’s a topic for another day. Overall I like the new system for PvE. Each map is more populated so the game feels more active and hard events can actually be done.

The down side to the megaserver is longer loading times to get on a map. Another other down side is, due to the nature of how megaservers are implemented, more contested waypoints. A bit annoying to deal with but I guess the tradeoff of having populated maps for events is worth it.

A final point about megaservers that I’d like to bring up is the new schedule for bosses around the world. There’s always a boss to fight pretty much every 15 minutes. People who want to do the boss gather around and with the megaserver there will be more than enough people. This may or may not be good for people with intense schedules, I’m not really sure. If you want an event timer, Dulfy has a great one here.

guild wars 2 mmorpg features 2     Reviewing The Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Features Pack

Other Extra Features

The changes to Critical Damage makes the stat overall easier to understand. I am glad that account bound dyes and WXP are a thing now but I think we can all agree that this should have been implemented at the start. Account bound legendaries and ascended gear is great if you wanted to swap gear from character to character every once in a while.

So that’s my take on the Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Features Pack. Again, the changes overall were great with a few small grips here and there. What do you guys think of the Features Pack? Also, I may have left something out so feel free to comment below!

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ArenaNet has announced changes to the upcoming Tournament of Legends as a result of “overwhelming turnout.” More than 200 teams have registered for the event, causing ArenaNet to work together with Mistpedia in order to accommodate as many teams as possible.  As of now, each region will hold 64 teams — instead of the original 16 — for a grand total of 128 teams.

In addition, the team has also decided that since turnout is so great this time around, they will be be setting up another tournament in June or July.