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The Protogames Initiative hit WildStar today. And judging by the trailer it has a lot to offer. Let's break some of it down for those who might not know what's in store for the Carbine Studios game. The new Shiphand...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9NHNttthGw What is it about giant metal beasts fighting other giant metal beasts that fascinates us? MMO publisher NCSoft has latched onto that desire in a big way with Project HON. Unfortunately for western countries, this game is currently only slated...
Recently, the MMO WildStar was hit with a gold exploit that resulted in a rather imbalanced in game economy. Community manager Tony Rey jumped on the official WildStar forums to let everyone know that things are being taken care...
If you've been missing the schizophrenic computer AI called the Caretaker, then you have to look no further than the next update for WildStar. The mysterious of Nexus are becoming less and less mysterious but more and more frightening. In...
Carbine Studios, the creator of WildStar, recently laid off about 60 people in a restructure move. But that number doesn't include the numerous people who left the company before the layoffs. According to a report on The Escapist, the...
WildStar had some struggles. Top-level designers and community leaders have jumped to other projects or left the industry altogether. Needless to say morale for the budding studio is down over all, but thanks to the latest developer blog, things...
After trying to enchant a weapon in Lineage worth $28,000 and destroying it , a 64 year-old Korean woman sued NCSoft for refusing to replace the item.
A former Blizzard, Sony Online, and Relic developers have come together to form a new AAA online gaming company, Molten Games.
Guild Wars won't be taken offline anytime soon.
Charles "Bull" Durham answers questions about money sinks.
Get ready to experience the fall and resurrection of Lion's Arch in the newest Guild Wars 2 novel.
Wildstar's Charles Durham discusses the in-game economy and their plans to steal your stuff.
NCSoft announces that Guild Wars 2's Gem Store sales are still going strong.
Wildstar's Newest Dungeon, Stormtalon's Lair, Has Been Revealed.
International cyber-espionage group Winnti is sneaking onto players computers via official patches and infecting your game updates.
Carbine hosted its very first Wildstar Arkship event for fan site partners.
Korean Investment Firm KDB Daewoo recently produced the strongest statement yet on the question of when we'll see a Guild Wars 2 expansion.
ArenaNet's latest blog post details the new living story added to Guild Wars 2 and we have a video guide to accompany it!
Richie Procopio takes a peek at the GW2 gem store.
ArenaNet announces long-awaited guesting feature is coming in the January game update.
Players are secretly using magic find sets to improve their loot while slowing down dungeon runs in Guild Wars 2.
ArenaNet unveils their 2013 plans for Guild Wars 2, including new features for PvE, PvP, and World vs. World.
Find out which dungeons you have to run to snag the coolest armor sets in Guild Wars 2.
New methods to acquire Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons are not currently being implemented.
Guild Wars 2 players banned after abusing a Wintersday snowflake recipe to amass ridiculous amounts of wealth.
Colin Johanson teases on the forums about new world vs. world maps for Guild Wars 2.
A Korean financial site says Guild Wars 2 brought in $150m USD in 2012, and an expansion is planned for late 2013
Legendary weapons have found their way onto the trading post in Guild Wars 2.
TERA going free-to-play in Korea and Japan with big update on the horizon.
ArenaNet explains some upcoming changes to the Fractals of the Mists dungeon.
Random mystery boxes can hold some rare surprises, but are you more apt to spend money on a specific guaranteed item?
Cement your Aion legacy by designing a Bard weapon.
Learn how to hop from snowflake to peppermint in this complete guide to the Wintersday jumping puzzle.
Why do you think ArenaNet is looking to add non-PvP items to the glory vendors in Guild Wars 2?
ArenaNet has snowball PvP battles, an icy jumping puzzle, and new 5-player content coming this weekend in the Wintersday patch!
ArenaNet's latest trailer gives us a glimpse of the Wintersday festivities, including what looks like an incredible jumping puzzle!
Should ArenaNet allow players to test their content for bugs before the update goes live?
GuildCast Looks at News From NCSoft and Enough Content to Fill a Free Expansion!

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