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The December 2013 released Dementium II HD still runs $14.99 by itself on Steam, but got a whole lot cheaper today with GMG running an Indie Games Bundle: five Digital Tribe Games for only $4.99 – or rather only $4 after coupon. If each game was bought separately at full price, they would add up to $42.94.

Note: The coupon code ends on July 25th at 11am Eastern.

The bundle includes five games, a DLC pack and after purchasing gets you a 75% discount on Stronghold 3 Gold Edition, dropping that game to $x. Included in the Digital Tribe Bundle is:

  • Dementium 2 HD
  • Legendary
  • Kung Fu Strike
  • Kung Fu Strike: The Warriors Rise Master Level DLC
  • Velvet Assassin
  • The Terrian Saga: KR-17

Doug Belgrad, the president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group, told the Hollywood Reporter the release date.

“June 10 is a great date for Uncharted. It’s just the right place for this exciting action-adventure film.”

We don’t know the actors for the film based on the video game franchise yet, but we do know that Seth Gordon — of Horrible Bosses — is the current man on deck to direct, and script is written by Safe House writer David Guggenheim.

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Kris Vale from Winterkewl games threw a wrench in what seemed to be a simple case of a developer underestimating the cost of a project. Vale claims, via an email exchange with PC Gamer, that Yogscast had possession of the $150,000 from Kickstarter that was supposed to be used for two primary purposes: creating the rewards and hiring staff.

The staff consisted of an artist that pretty much ran off with $35,000 and a programmer, except the programmer was never hired. According to Vale, YogsCast refused to take responsibility for hiring the programmer, even thought it had the Kickstarter money to do so.

“We did at least get them to finally agree in writing that the money for the physical rewards was in their possession so it was their responsibility to create and ship the rewards.

We were unable, however, to get it stipulated that they would hire a programmer.”

We know that the $35,000 the artist ran off with cannot be legally returned, that no programmer was hired, and the rewards are not being given out as planned. This leads to one question, “Where is the $150,000?” Nobody seems to know.