With 4.2 right around the corner, there isn’t a lot going on in Azeroth lately. Unfortunately, this leaves Darnell with nothing to do but spend his time trolling Blizzard for what he considers to be a considerable lack of effort on a pretty significant topic.

  • lyck

    YOU ARE BACK ;) ;) ;) jubiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Urkylurky

    mhmm yeah we knew our boy Darnell didn’t forget that WoW looks to him for answers and stuff

  • Manu

    Awesome as always ty Darnell you make the day bright

  • Duwayne

    Oh man i love this show so much!

  • Bashiok

    nice mounts man. blizzard needs to see them haha

  • Bashiok

    Best one yet too. the whole thing was perfect

  • http://lowendtheory.enjin.com Benchif4

    The Rainbow was pretty win.

  • Steve-O

    omfg that was full of winning. Flying armor bear with rainbow was the best..

  • zabuza

    I want NYAN CAT mount…

  • Eibmozz

    Quality , love the retarded flying lion at the end, your sense of humour rocks dude, just love it

  • Khelledros

    I loled…..the whole time. Armored Armored Armored Flying Warbear had me dying.

  • Zax19


  • Feydakin

    At the end I was like, “Oh snap, what is he mounting? Quick, what’s the funniest, most ironic possible mount he could use right now?” perfect… 8)

  • satarell

    ya Darnell is back

  • zerconi

    Hahah, Darnell :D
    Armored Armored Warbear Triple-X Season Fourteen Flying Mount was the best one.

  • Shrymp

    Funniest show so far!

  • Pug

    Jon Benjamin haz a van. Tuesday AND wednesday. On some channel somewhere in the world. :I

  • Spliddo

    Armored armored bear ftw> With Rainbow. Nyanbear?

  • Dein

    Can blizz please make that armored rainbow bear? :D

  • Martin

    Darnell, please please please put this on youtube so i can favorite. :D

  • Manduck2k3

    Entertaining ep. Too many kiss ass comments though..

  • kms

    oh my god this was hilarious

  • Karmakaze

    lol loved your video. definitely will share it with friends.

  • Bovina

    You don’t know how much I have waited for this video!

  • zellogs

    hillarious, good work lol

  • Nybombe

    Epic show ftw :d

  • peespipe

    First time I watched, I scrolled down to the comments just before the end and missed it. The video was still playing so I still had sound.

    I never realized before how much the winged guardian sounds like a flushing toilet…

  • Colin

    Well done Darnell!

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  • Selection

    This is pure genius !!!

  • Aerchimonde

    the drake is from malygos so EoE not OS

  • Marrowqt

    Hey hey, At least its not like my Deadly Frostwyrm, the Gladiator mount has NO armor yet the easy mode drake has some.. hmm

    Ima goahead an stick to riding my Brutal Netherdrake until I get my hands on that Armored Armored Warbear Triple-X Season Fourteen Flying Mount.

    Reppn from Marrowqt.

  • REup

    now ya boi darnell been doin sum diggin

  • http://zam.com hosoi

    wow, i am crying here, every show gets better

  • Mayhide

    LOL! Best one so far!
    Get them all up on WCM now. Before i do it :P

  • Xentra

    I have to agree, seriously that was roflmao XD i mean come on blizz I could just go and run OS 3D and ninja myself a season 9 mount xD (with no armor, best part about it =P ), I’ll stop playing wow till season 13, I want that nyan bear =P

  • Hector

    Words cannot describe the win of Blizz Blues ty MikeB for many lols

  • Torq

    Haven’t played since Vanilla, Still laughed so hard I cried watching this one.

  • http://youlostthegame.org/ ShadowStalker

    O my Love the Rainbow Powered Bear, hahah.

  • Razer

    This was ultra-epic