Glyph Of Ganking

Darnell has had a rough time lately.

Garrosh has been his usual charming self, Jaina Proudmoore turned nasty in a hurry. And don’t mention the lines in MoP.

But every dog — and his bone — has his day.

The Glyph of Disguise is the best thing to hit Azeroth since, well since… hmm.

Let’s face it, it’s the best thing ever.

Particularly for your boy Darnell, who doesn’t need an open invitation to go on a PvP spree. So when the new glyph gives him exactly that, it’s time to go gank-wild.

Sometimes, it really is great to be a gangsta.

A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • Erlot

    awesome :D

  • John Doolittle

    One of the best yet. Laughed my ass off.

  • Bob Shaffer

    That was the funniest thing. I see them changing that ability. Thank for ruining Mike. ;)

  • Heather Mayo

    one more swing please baby please! Lmao…now I’m going to go play my rogue.

  • ArcherAvatar

    “What happens in beta, stays in beta…y’know wat I’m sayin’ girl?”

    Oh man!  Darnell dog… you a panda puncher?


    Dropping knows and spankin hoes

  • Jado Cast

    They got Weed . . . s, love that show!  LOL

  • Crusadernero

    haha amazing!! One of the best. I say that everytime:P

  • 7BitBrian

    As a loyal Alliance player I probably shouldn’t find this as hilarious as I do. But I just cant help it. Comedy gold.

  • Dularr

    LOL, genius, just pure genius

  • Kyle Johnston

    I am now going to make a rogue on a pvp server because of this…lol

  • squzy

    You forgot to add the emote /y You no take candle!

    Would make the kobold that more convincing :P

  • Andrew F. Saxton

    Best. Episode. Yet.

  • Just Moro

    god. he’s a beast.

  • Christian Fokdal

    greatest fucking idea ever!

  • Karla Triplett

    so funny !!!

  • Cody Miller

    Greatest glyph ever along with one of the funniest blizz blues ive seen great show keep it up!!!

  • Josh Dooley

    A mazing!

  • Theyrealone


  • Daniel Lesh

     was that lore your flirting with?

  • EndrzGame

    Please don’t stop doing these! I cancelled my WoW sub last Sept. but I still tune in to watch Blizz Blues. Always funny!

  • Nate Glass

    That glyph runs a serious risk of getting hit by the nerf bat, but LOL is that ever a clever use of game mechanics right there. :P   Darnell Fo’ President.

    • Kagitaar

      What would you nerf? It already drops in combat, unless you removed the whole thing there’s nothing else there.

    • pc11

      well now that this video was done it will be nerfed for sure!

  • Benoit Viau

    “Oh would you look at the time, I’m a rogue!” hahaha

  • Molly Brewster

    I need to finish leveling my Rogue before MoP now.

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    the best glyph in history of WoW….

  • Warsongraven

    Omfg, best Blizz Blues yet. /applaud

    Now I’m gonna make myself a rogue just for that.

  • fallos24

    so good!!!!!!

  • zentai

    Haha Gief more like this one

  • HallusH

    haha awesome. it’s like vanilla ganking with furbolg trinket at winterspring

  • Miloš Radojković

    i actually don’t play any rogue, but this seems to be very funny :) :) :)

  • Wolfdreamer101

    Thanks for the good laughs Darnell.  Now I need to go farm some rediculous outfit for my rogue so everytime I do this its add another layer of shock factor.

  • M_5hizzle

    They got weed(S), love that show.

  • Andrew Cohen

    hahahahah bessssttt ever!! i hope that goes live!

  • Jay

    Now I understand where aka “Fony” comes from… :3

    Keep it up bruh

  • John McCracken

    So nice, I watched it twice.

  • Aesir Valkyr

    Best Ad for Netflix I have ever seen!  Great episode too.

  • Matthew ‘Raving Rendal’ Ulmen

    Another well done episode :)

  • Connor Grogan

    Looks like i’m rerolling rogue.

  • Elusive Fox

    this was hilarious

  • Chaz

    “Well that’s just rude.” 
    XD Great job Mike B

  • Naughtypants

    Hahaha. Never thought of doing this with the glyph… Seems like I’m going to have so much fun with it… That’s if the leveling areas on my realm stop being dead. Lol.

    Thanks Mike B!

  • pc11

    fucking hell now you have to see 2 ads, an automatic one plus the in video Netflix, and you still go around asking for subscriptions?! Getting greedy much?

    • Cody Moody

      QQ Moar. Free service is free.

      • pc11

        If time is money and i have to spend 30secs watching an add before the actual show/news then the service is not free anymore.

        You fail at not being a sheep.

        • Xoa Wolf

          Well think about it, can they survive without adds? Free now a days means they won’t charge you for the service, doesn’t mean you are gona get it without some kind of drawbacks. Doing something completely free without ANY profit is ultimately a recipe for your (or your company’s) own demise: a death wish  So suck it up and deal with the ads or you can just not have a GBTV.

  • Taras Kravchuk

    who would be stupid enough to fall for something like this lets forget for a second that every player in the game is marked with an alliance insignia or a horde one lets also forget the fact that all you have to do is mouse over a player to tell you there race and class then you can still look at there name to know a fake from a real mob

    • Jeremy Whallon

       When I used to play WoW I’d never dedicate my full attention to questing. I’d be listening to music, talking to friends, or watching TV at the same time. So it’s extremely easy to see a situation where I glance at my screen, right-click and then move my attention to something else only to realize too late that it’s another player disguised at the same mob type I’ve been killing.

    • Xoa Wolf

      Here’s the thing bout that, being a rogue glyph you can easily just “stealth aggro” onto a player. What I mean by this is how many times have you hesitated to attack something that stealthed up next to you just cause you were curious? Stealth + this glyph DRASTICALLY increases your chance of this working. And there are plenty of mobs in the world who stealth around especially in the lowbee levels, including the ones posted in this vid. Imo even if the players do fall for this trick without stealth, they deserve to be ganked.

  • Jay Burna

    easily the best episode of anything on this website.  i lol’d..  

  • Brad Boyce

    Why no tell blizz blues youtube channel about only posting here on GBTV in 2012? So much catching up to do!

  • Mike S

    Absolute brilliant use of the glyph. I have a new reason to roll my rogue now.  Entertaining as always Mike.

  • Justin Green

    I felt like I was watching Jackass in the first part. For the next episode of Darnell’s Jackass “Yeah yeah yeah, this is Darnell and I call this ‘Cheeves punting’ “

  • Melissa Cartun

    :D OMG I have to roll a rogue.

  • Matthew Felton

    So whhy do we need to give them a credit card info and make a deposit if this a free month for Netflix?

  • Ray Williams

    Awesome episode