Countless complaints have poured over the forums regarding the hunter class and the perceived imbalance in lower level battlegrounds. Are these complaints justified, or just more of the standard QQ? Darnell is on the case!

  • Cajete

    FIRST! love the show …keep em coming :)

  • Lonegun

    Hahaha… great one Darnell. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Oragany

    ‘yeah you know we might could do that’

    epic :)

  • Jerrythekid

    Sigh, queue times…should have rolled Alliance, people need help getting to Ironforge from Stormwind after all.

  • Buckchops

    Oh damn! puppy rogue.. BOOM For real?

  • Kyronicus

    Darnell, you are getting clever now, EPIC ending!!!

  • Jeros

    This was Epick “Gona seve you body” ah nooooo “gona revenge you body ” Come on lets do this come on loky come on yea yea and he die :D ” this was epick :D:D:D

  • Tsurugi

    Hahaha the other websites that are open besides the forum!!! EPIC!!! ( 0:36 )
    “Do girls like a lot of tongue”
    “Sylvanas Spring Break pictures”


  • Disain

    awezom! :)

  • Braskar

    A Dwarf in a movie named “is hunter OP?”, it must be BRK :)

  • Eetmii

    gonna get that flag back, yeah, gonna get that flag back. gimme that flag, gimme that flag. yeah. best shit ever.

  • KoTu

    ZOMG… MK commercial owns… oldschool ninja outfit FTW… about movie… low lv wsg was always dominated by ranged.

  • bbqisgod

    dam this episode made me want to re-up my sub and play some wsg

    pissing myself laughing during the “pretend i didn’t see that”

  • bbqisgod

    love too where mikeb breaks character a bit and laughs when he pwns the rogue…

    “oh for realz? dam…” /laughs

  • Koala

    Oh for real ? dam…

  • binarybird

    I love you Darnell!

  • Seals619

    I cant get any of your guys videos to come up for me. It just shows gray and doesnt play or anything at all. Iv been having this problem with WCM too. Could you tell me what things you need to watch your guys video? I’ll gladly go download it so i can watch it lol. :)

  • Gzn


  • Twink-E

    Dude, pretty brilliant vid.

  • Metalfenrir

    Yeah yeah yeah! Its Tuesday, woot!

    Aw yeah look at my team, baby. We about to do this….

    “I need help getting to durotar”

    …I’mma pretend I didn’t see that


  • Jeros

    or “gona take this flag back, gona take this flag back” man this mate know how to make good moveis :P:P:P

  • Jeros

    or “gona take this flag back, gona take this flag back” man this mate know how to make good moveis :P :P :P :D :D :D

  • Igor

    Lol @ the internet tabs.

    Great job Darnell, another AWESOME episode that made me laugh hard.
    Keep it up.

  • muffinslol

    “got my zerker buff gunna go up in there and bust a face”