Only one more GuildCast until launch!

After this one that is.

We’re drawing ever closer to headstart and thoughts lead us to what we will be doing at that highly anticipated moment.

Will you be packing your loved ones onto a bus tour for a week? Will you be unleashing that long stored up illness — after the mad race to get to the manager’s office before the rest of your suddenly sick colleagues? Or will you be here watching us crazy folk entertain you with our own fevered anticipation?

In any case, better be sure on your times because ArenaNet let slip that we might be running amok in Tyria just a little earlier than we thought…

The server list is up! Where will you be going for launch? How important is it that the official list is finally available for all to peruse? Do I seem to be asking more questions than usual?

I’ll calm down now.

Oh Blizzard, you sly dog. In a move that shocked the world — the world being Mars and even Curiosity knew this one was coming — the pre-expansion Patch 5.0.4 for Mists of Pandaria is being released on the same day as Guild Wars 2‘s official launch: August 28.

Will this hinder Guild Wars 2‘s thunderous opening? We ponder the possibilities.

You want stress tests? We got stress tests! It feels like Guild Wars 2 has been stressed more than my belt after a pizza buffet in the last week or so. We talk about our experiences.

And with that we come to our selection of audience questions. Thank you for sending them in and sorry that we can’t get to them all.

Keeping it together — barely — are GAMEBREAKER’s mighty Gary Gannon, Massively‘s inimitable Richie “Bogotter” Procopio and awe-inspiring Elisabeth Cardy, as well as‘s barely sane Scott Hawkes. Are you ready? Well we certainly are, it’s this week’s GuildCast!

A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • Josh Rosenvelt

    Can’t Wait!!!!!

  • Dularr

    Lol, GamebreakerTV must really hate WoW, they rushed the Guildcast article to the front page before testing out the broken link. 

    • Willi Enderle

      I wouldnt say they hate it.
      Most of them do play WoW.
      I think they are just more excited for GW2. ( I dont say GW2 is the best game ever and WoW sux. Everybody has to decide for themselves.)

      • Dularr

        The hosts and writers are fine, they are doing what they are hired to do – provide option and entertain.  This is the same level of excitement they had over Rift. The Rift coverage was just missing the hate for WoW. 

        I’m guessing its the producer(s) for GamebreakerTV that hate WoW.  Just go to the GamebreakerTV World of Warcraft page to see negative headline after headline. 

        • Willi Enderle

          People like to read bad news.
          Its always been like that. Newspapers are filled with that shi…

          To take an example for GW2 if you want to.
          Check what happened as ArenaNet announced dyes are characterbound now, instead of account bound.
          That was a huge uproar.

          • Dularr

            Ah, this prove my point.  

            Here’s the title GamebreakerTV used for the dye announcement. 

            “ArenaNet Changes The Guild Wars 2 Dye System”

            Very professional, informative title.  Compare that to the long list of snarky World of Warcraft new hit titles. 

        • MMO_NUB

           yeah cause WoW sucks. (not the opinions of said website) let it go….

          • Dularr

            Lol, now that’s okay.  That is your option.   I’m just find it interesting we are talking about WoW on the Guildcast forum.

          • Old Ben

            > I’m just find it interesting we are talking
            > about WoW on the Guildcast forum.

            You “find it interesting”…?

            You’re the one who started the thread. With the following statement:

            “GamebreakerTV must really hate WoW”

            Not flamebait at all, eh?

        • Richie Procopio

          I love World of Warcraft.  I’ve had more amazing experiences in that game than any other game I’ve ever played.  But after 7.5 years, I’m tired of it and ready for something new.  But I do still respect the game and it will always hold great memories for me.

          • Dularr

            I think the hosts and writers are top notch.  Who I’m questioning is who runs the web site and selects the titles for the articles. 

        • Old Ben

          > Just go to the GamebreakerTV World of Warcraft
          > page to see negative headline after headline. 
          > […] long list of snarky World of Warcraft new hit titles.

          “Official Mists of Pandaria Trailer Released!”
          “Blizzard Confirms RaF Bonuses For Monks”
          “Pandaria Brings Battle Net Account Wide Collectors Edition Rewards”
          “Mists Of Pandaria Has An Official Release Date And Pricing”
          “Blizzard Unveils The Guild Mentoring Program”
          “Mists of Pandaria Is Handing Valor Out Like Candy”
          “The Latest Warcraft Novel Will Focus On Jaina Proudmoore”
          “20 Years of Blizzard Game Art Book”
          “Sam Raimi No Longer Directing WoW Movie”
          “How Many Pandas Will You Buy On Day One?”

          Yeah, look at all that snarkiness and negativity!

          Careful… paranoia is a typical sign of addiction.

    • Stradus Woods

      I doubt there is much if any hate involved.  More like a mix of excitement, actual show over trailer,  older vs newer,  and other stuff.

    • Tj Vossos

      They Don’t hate WoW there shows are auto front paged after upload

      • Dularr

        No, it just seem they were in such a rush to get Guildcast out the door, GamebreakerTV released the article with a broken link to the video for Guildcast.

        We will see how much GamebreakerTV hates WoW after Josh craps all over Mist of Pandaria cinematic. 

    • Jakrapan Veaworawit

      LOL, I don’t think 
      GamebreakerTV hate WoW. But obviously you are seriously hate GW2.

      • Dularr

        Me, no.  Really enjoying GW2.   I will be playing a Asura Engineer in PVE, Asura Warrior in sPvP and Charr Elementalist in WvW. 

        Love the races and professions in GW2.  I really like the combat in GW2, find the character are very easy to play.Not really crazy about the dynamic events and personal stories seem a little on the juvenile side.   Not sure if there is really alot of replay in the PVE of this game.  Figure it will be fun to play for about 6 months. 

      • mcsumo

         LOL no don’t worry guys Dularr just takes the p**s out of everything. :D

        • Dularr

          as in meaning to mock, tease, ridicule, or scoff.  Yeah, that sounds like me.  ;)

    • Landon Loper

      there’s no denying that GBTV is obsessed with gw2 -_-

    • Lian Wan

      Unfortunately broken links seems fairly common here regardless of the game involved.
      Hopefully the new site that Gary has mentioned a couple of times will include a link checker.

    • Odeezee

      dude, why make up a Strawman? don’t let your insecurities get the better of you.

  • Tj Vossos

    woot its finally up, 

  • Willi Enderle

    There is one thing we know for sure now.
    Elisabeth loves pandas

  • Max Lanctot

    You guys are the best! Great Show!
     Keep up the amazing work Gary ^_^

  • Dekin

    Richard seriously bro, call pest control….or hasbro….your rubik’s cubes are breeding with one another. You have an infestation

    • Dularr

      That how collectors start.  Friends and family see you have more than one of an item, so they start providing you all sort of collectibles.

      • Dekin

        Touché……When I was a kid I had eagle statues everywhere cuse my mom told people that I liked Indian and eagle stuff…..Then my grandmother bought me two porcelain Indian dolls with glass eyes……..*shiver* the image of them still scares me I finally blind folded them and hid them in my sock drawer….15 years later they are still in that sock drawer….

  • Not Daz

    Funny funny show. For those of us in the UK/EU I hope the launch party plans are well advertised. I need to make plans to get up extra early.

    And nice Shaun reference Scott.

    • ScottHawkes

      Thanks ND, glad you picked up on it.

  • xxffss

    Played WoW since BC. Have all boxes. But I am not gonna play any more WoW if I am forced to pay an subscription for getting nothing. 
    In Rift I atleast got new content ~2 month, but in WoW you get a new raid 3 times in 1½ year and almost nothing more.
    GW2 is gonna be great, even if they are not adding content that often I don’t care since I don’t pay them 15€ every month.
    If I get new content in GW2 I see it as a bonus! If I get to play WoW free a year if I buy the MoP box I would probably play it as much as any other game. I kind of need to juggle 2-3 games to not get bored. In the past I have played 1 mmo and 1-2 singel-player-games at the side, but I see no problems in juggling 2 mmos. As it looks now I have no urge to renew my WoW-tax

  • Avaloner31

    Thank god. In another month and a half or so when things have settled down this site will at last stop hyping GW2 to the high heavens and move onto the next shiny. It will be interesting to see if GW2 has initial success followed by the steady decline of other MMO’s or if it has any staying power and grows, like WOW and the MMO’s before it did. Time will tell. I hope it is the latter.

    • Jado Cast

      I think it will grow, it has a dev team that will continue to patch and update for free and pump out content fast enough to satisfy those who go through the content quickly.  I say that based on what they did after GW launched.  In my opinion, it will grow because it will attract people who don’t play MMO’s in general, and the PVP will succeed as an eSport which will increase popularity and give the game a lot of free marketing.  

      However, I will say that many people have MMO burnout, so unless the “next shiny” can separate itself from the typical MMO, nothing else will come along with this much hype.  Even Elder Scrolls with the popular IP is not highly anticipated, so it is unlikely that something new will come along anytime soon that will generate this kind of Hype in the MMORPG market.  The “next shiny” will most likely be something like Planet Side 2 or something very different than a high fantasy MMORPG.  Of course this is all speculation and just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    Red circles on ground while trying to cap a red teams’ node… yeah that needs to be fixed for the color blind and the normal people

  • Aaron

    Gary went all DayZ forums on poor Mitch.

  • Shawn

    I cannot wait! This game is far superior to anything that WoW has ever conjured up.

  • Luis Silva

    i think they giving the 3 hours window so they can increase server capacity, on full server.

    This will allow players in guilds not to be scattered around, or pissed off cause they cant play with friends

    • Old Ben

      Guilds can exist across different servers (although they won’t be able to do WvW together), and there will be 1 week to change servers for free anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Dularr

        So theses guilds across servers, share the same chat?   Seems to be the only time I actually chatted with other players, was just generally in guild chat. 

        • Old Ben

          Guild chat works across servers, yes (or at least that’s what Arena Net has stated – I didn’t check if it was working). They might disable it if you’re on opposing worlds in WvW, though. It would be a bit strange to be able to read your enemies’ chat.

          • Dularr

            This is not the same as guesting?   I understood you could guest on another server, but didn’t know you could link the chats between servers. 

          • Old Ben

            How would it be “the same as guesting”? Guild chat and guesting are completely different things.

            You don’t need to be in a guild at all to visit another server, and you don’t need to visit another server to have access to your guild’s chat.

            BTW, based on the wording of Arena Net’s latest post, guesting probably _won’t_ be available at launch, but transfers will be free at the start, so it amounts to the same.

          • Corey “Crimzen”

             Yea guild chat is currently working across servers, had a few guildies during the beta and recent stress test on different servers who were still able to be invited and chat with us in the guild.

    • Dularr

      You don’t think players will be scattered around?  Doesn’t Arenanet close a server when it is full? So, I’m guessing several servers will full up during the headstart and some players who wait until the launch on the 28th will not get into their guild’s server.

      • Jado Cast

        I would imagine trying to “guest” on a full server at launch will be difficult as well.  Unless it will put you  in that server’s overflow server, I don’t see how you can get into a “full” server, and I don’t think the overflow servers are set up that way.

  • Rasmus Bidstrup

    Rofl… that 16:40 moment :D

  • Josh Freeman

    Opens at 0:00 PST, which is 7GMT, which to me makes the launch 5-8am as said in this, but the countdown states 0:00GMT+1, midnight my time, the countdown is different for everyone, WHEN THE FUCK DOES THIS GAME GO OPEN. Shit!

    • Lian Wan

       The countdown shouldn’t be including the 3 hours since it’s not a definite thing.

      • Dularr

        But, don’t you need to include the three hours to make sure you get into your guilds server?  Or guarantee a one word name. 

        • Lian Wan

           Not everyone wants a one word name or a name that is going to be popular.

          As for the other part … maybe but then ANet posted this:
          > At launch, players will be able to transfer between worlds freely.
          However, once server
          > populations have largely settled and stabilized,
          world transfers will be restricted to
          > once a week and cost a variable
          amount of gems based on the population of the world
          > being transferred

  • Paul Kling

    Like Richard I played WoW since original beta.  MoP will be the first expansion that I will not be buying; I have zero interest in it.  And, with Guild Wars 2 eliminating so many things that I hate about mmos I see no point in playing said mmos any more.  It’s like being hot all the time and not really knowing it until you go into an air-conditioned room for the first time and realize that you just don’t like the hot stale air any more.  Ahhhh, cool, refreshing Guild Wars 2.


     I was censored…wow is poop.  Why cant people just stop comparing everything too it. Yes 20 years ago it rocked. Now it’s just hipsters and geek sheek

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      Because it has millions upon millions of players across the globe and is the single most popular MMO in history. Just because many of us do not like it does not mean it is not relevant in today’s industry. There are many, many things that WoW has done and continues to do right to attract many players so thus, comparisons will and should be made in regards to any game that wishes to have commercial success.

      I never had any interest in playing WoW, nor do I today or in the future. There are other games that I find quite enjoyable and spend my free time on. GW2 happens not to be one of them. Like WoW is poop to you, GW2 (and WoW) is poop to me.

      • Josh Mann

        If you’re so against GW2, why the hell are you in these comments?

        • Jim Bergevin Jr

          I’m not against GW2 – I was just using a hyperbolic statement to call out what I thought was an asinine comment. I am a big GW1 fanboi, but have no interest in GW2 and the betas did nothing to change my mind on that. It’s not the kind of GW game I want to play. If both games were released as they are in 2005 and in 2012, as competing titles, on both occasions I would buy GW1 over GW2 hands down.

          My reasons for it have been stated numerous times in the GW forums for both games, but the short of it is that the design and mechanics of GW1 are more fun and appealing to me than the design and mechanics of GW2. However, I still have an interest in following the game because ultimately, it’s success or failure will have some impact on the longevity of GW1 and I want GW1 to be around for a long, long time.

  • Ashlock Green

    Exliabeth, Im dieing to know….   you said you had a question, and Gary glossed right over it… what was the question???


    • Elisabeth Claire

      Uh, when?

      • Ashlock Green

        at 37:05, now that I re-watch it, you were saying that out of the four, YOU were the only one to think of a question at all.  Never mind :)  well done.

  • Lek Stacy

    Gary, not cool. You obviously were trolling and were only kidding,
    but that’s not an excuse for that behaviour, you should have acted in a more
    professional manner, and not made fun of someone’s differences when answering a
    serious question about making a game more accessible to more people.  

    Being colour deficient (colour blind is an incorrect term as
    you can still see colours, just not all of them) would make playing videos
    games difficult. Red also happens to be the most common colour people are
    unable to see. It appears as a shade of grey.

    I’m actually really surprised that ArenaNet does not have a
    colour deficient mode, as they appear to be a thoughtful company.

    Universal accessibility apparently needs to be taken more
    seriously in the game development world.

    • Dularr

      Ah, so the new medical term from the American Optometric Association is “Color Vision Deficiency.”

      Gary was really playing that over the top to make sure everyone understood it was a joke. I think he got the reaction from Elizabeth.

    • Methadose

      Pull up your skirt, I can smell you from here. It will be added, don’t worry about it.

    • Nappie Chappy

      It is taken seriously, but it requires a lot of changes. I’m sure it’s one of many things that will be worked on after release, but people would be outraged if the game was delayed 6 months for Colorblindness. Don’t forget gaming is a luxury, we should all be happy they make the changes they do.

      • Old Ben

        > It is taken seriously, but it requires a lot of changes. 

        It would have been trivial to take it into account during development. For example, picking red-yellow-blue as the team colors in WvW (instead of red-green-blue) would have made it much easier for color-blind people to distinguish the teams.

        The shade of green they picked isn’t too bad (it’s slightly cyan), but yellow would have been a better choice.

    • Old Ben

      > Red also happens to be the most common
      > colour people are unable to see.

      Actually, no. There are approximately 6 times more people blind to green (deutans) than there are people blind to red (protans).

      > It appears as a shade of grey.

      People suffering from protanopia (red blindness) will see red as a dark shade of “green”, while people suffering from deuteranopia (green blindness) will see red and green as almost identical shades of “red”.

      I put the words “red” and “green” between quotes because, to those people, “red” and “green” are in fact the same hue, so you can swap the names any way you like. You can even call them shades of yellow (although the concept of “yellow” doesn’t make any sense for a dichromat, unless he suffers from blue blindness, which is very rare) 

      In neither case, however, does red appear as gray.

      For a protan or deutan dichromat, “gray” would be something reflecting the same levels of red and blue (or green and blue). Pure red and pure green wouldn’t have any blue in them, so they would never appear as gray; they will simply appear as “the opposite of blue” (which, for a trichromat, would be yellow – but not for most dichromats, as described above). Gray would appear as gray, and so would certain shades of magenta and cyan, but not red.

      For red to appear as gray you’d need to suffer from monochromacy, in which case _all_ colors would appear as gray.

      • Jado Cast

        How do you know what color people see in place of another color?  If you are color blind, you have no point of reference to know what that color is for everyone else?  I never understood that, and even one of my college buddies who is color blind couldn’t explain that to me.  Basically you would have to have regular vision, look at a color chart, and then go color blind to see what the different colors are on the chart but I don’t know anyone that “went colorblind.”  

        • Old Ben

          > How do you know what color people see in place of another color? 

          How do you know what non-color blind people see? For all I know, what I see as red you see as blue, but you were just taught to call it “red” when you were young.

          Color blindness is caused by the lack of a certain type of photoreceptor in people’s eyes. By seeing which type of receptor is missing you can tell which wavelengths that person can’t distinguish.

          People normally have four types of photoreceptor cells. 

          One type handles peripheral vision and night vision, and sees only luminance (black and white, very low resolution, slow, but works great in low light). 

          The other three types (used for high-resolution day vision) see red, green and blue (not exactly the _same_ R G and B that monitors use, but close enough). However, they don’t see just one wavelength, they see a pretty broad range (with peaks at those colors). The green cells see a lot of yellow and cyan, and also a bit of blue and red, the red cells see a lot of yellow, quite a bit of green and magenta, and a little bit of blue, and the blue cells see some magenta and cyan.

          Our brain sees “colors” by comparing the level of excitement of each of those types of cells at a given eye location. 

          If the eyes are missing one type of cell, the brain can’t distinguish between those colors. For example, if you have red color blindness and you look at something bright orange, your brain can only tell that the thing doesn’t have any blue (because the blue cells are quiet) and that it has some green (but not as much green as a truly green thing of the same brightness). The result is that you see it as a medium green. But if you were taught to call that “orange” (because that’s what your parents called it), then to you that is orange. But then, whenever you see something that is medium green, you might call it “orange” too.

          So while it’s possible to tell which photo receptor someone is missing, there’s no way to say if they think of it as “red” or “green”, because that really boils down to language and habit.

          • Jado Cast

            I learned something today. I didn’t know the biology behind how color vision works. Thank You Professor Ben! LOL

  • Lian Wan

    Judging from the way they mentioned the 3 hours thing I think the idea is that the people who know for sure they won’t need to compete for a name or don’t really care about name they can just wait until the official 0:00 PST and stick to the their usual schedule. That would take some load off the servers.

  • Old Ben

    Scott, you spent the entire last week in a pizza buffet? 

  • Lian Wan

    For the circle color they could bypass that by giving different borders for the circles. Jagged circles for enemies(because spikes are dangerous), smooth circles for friendly.

    • Dularr

      Also, looks like some games are using a yellow/blue combo for 
      color vision deficiency.

    • Old Ben

      The issue isn’t the border, it’s the color. Color-blind people don’t have any problem distinguishing white from red. The problem is distinguishing the red circle from the underlying green terrain (which they also see as “red”).

      Making it jagged would make it even harder to see, because it would get completely lost in the grass texture (imagine a jagged red line over a grainy red background – or a jagged green line over a grainy green background).

      To make it visible to (the vast majority of) color-blind people they need to make sure the circle and the underlying terrain have different amounts of blue or significantly different luminance values. 

      • Lian Wan

         Depends on the size of the ridges. I think the different shapes would be easier to identify. On the other hand changing colors should much easier, even if they hardcoded the colors.

        • Old Ben

          A grass-colored line over a grass background is kind of invisible (or at least hard to see) regardless of the shape. Unless the line had some sort of animation, making it jagged would only make it blend more into the grass.

          But yes, changing the color should be pretty trivial. The game clearly has support for user-defined color filters (that’s how the dyes work), so it shouldn’t be hard to give players some color sliders or (at least) a choice of two or three colors, to cover all types of color blindness.

  • Kenneth Cunningham

    LMAO the other 3 got bugged-eye when Gary said there’s another stress-test.

  • Kicknpups

    Can’t wait I actually have off from work and school from the 25-5 and All I’m doing is Playing G2 and I may..Just may perform hygiene and eat something.

  • Jasongvh

    Hey Gary,

    Just wanna say appreciate all the work you put into gamebreaker TV. Keep it up!

  • Aelskafotboll

    Yeah Mitch! L2P!

    Stop being so FU**ING colorblind!


    Great show!

  • Josh Mann

    Please solve those cubes man. they are inflaming my OCD.

    • Old Ben

      OCD? With that avatar?

      • Pedro Ducos

        He means that the squares for each panelist are not perfectly aligned on a 4×4 grid. There is a slight offset, specially on Gary’s square with the other three. It annoys me as well.

        • Old Ben

          Er… no, he means exactly what he wrote, which is that Richie has several (unsolved) Rubik’s Cubes in the background.

  • Marco G.

    Just to let you know, your videos do not work on iPhone Google Chrome App, which sucks, because people have to use safari again. Not sure how big the crowd is, using Chrome on iPhone though.

    • Jado Cast

      I can’t get it to work on Safari or Chrome on my iphone.  My ipad works with Chrome but not Safari.  This started since the new video player.  It also glitches on my Google TV, which I use to watch it live when I can.  I wish the Podcast episodes were updated by next day as well.  Many times, it’s not available until days later.  

  • Mathieu Mauve

    Gary forgot to hear Elixabeth’s answer on which character she will be playing come launch. 
    Though I’m pretty sure it will be a Sylvari I’m curious now. I’m always curious ^_^’
    I’m planning on rolling a Sylvari Mesmer myself.

  • Sharmake Mohamed

    elisabeth has a cute sad face lol

  • Ian Smith

    I spent the stress test finalizing my human warrior look and then I just killed centaurs and sent villagers to the inn for two hours. I earned about 750 karma and enough money to form two guilds.  I never left the intro zone. Don’t get me wrong, the best boss is the Sylvari but I love the music and atmosphere of the human, it is just my favorite.  :D

  • Kevin Raymond Macduff

    i would like to explor faction aswell as elona but also i want to see the ring of fire island

  • Dr. Yiggles

    I am sure that Anet is working on the colorblind mode as I know they are very serious about the community and leaving out people who have a common disability especially to be on a even playing field would be wrong for them to not fix.

    I know an old friend of mine who I played WoW with had some Color Vision Deficiency, but I wasn’t aware til he mentioned about there was a color blind mode settings in WoW.  I’m not sure if it even was out at launch of the original WoW, but I’m sure even if it is not out at launch that we will see it soon in GW2.

    The fact that they can change and patch and update the game in minutes as per restarting the client; I can see it not being a major issue with them making changes at the snap of a finger.


    With the subject of the MoP pre-release patch.  I don’t really think it will effect many people.  Those who are very dedicated to WoW and planned to play MoP at this point already are going to play WoW.

    Those who have pre-purchased and have been waiting for GW2 or playing GW1 in preparation for GW2 are most likely going to be playing GW2 over a patch in WoW.

    I’d be more inclined to try Rift’s expansion rather than MoP.  This is just my personal preference.

    In any case, great show guys and some really good topics of discussion.  Keep it up! :)

  • Mathew Edwards

    That last question. WHAT DOES ZHAITAN LOOK LIKE????????

  • Mitch Aufiero

    I still love Gary, even if he hates the color blind. </3

  • Inkogni Alex

    Arena Net just may have the smoothest game launch of all time, OF ALL TIME.
    kinda have that feeling on this

  • Deathstar2x

    Nice wall of text, Scott.

    • Old Ben

      Those were the mad editing skills that got him hired by ZAM.

      • ScottHawkes

         Someone, I’m not naming names Gary, apparently lost my formatting. I’ll fix it.

  • nathan law

    bringing servers up 3 hours early is a brilliant idea, if blizzard did that with the failure that was diablo 3 they would have had the perfect excuse.

    • Lian Wan

      3 hours early for that wouldn’t have helped. I am pretty sure I had to wait until the next day before I could get it and then it was at least another week before it was really stable enough to use.

      • nathan law

        I got in fine to diablo after about 2 hours, maybe i was just lucky then.

        • Lian Wan

          Well part of the problem there is the 3am but even after that the servers were going up and down fairly frequently.

  • ctap

    So… Elisabeth Cardy… married?

    • Lian Wan

      I’ve been wondering if the location in GW is named after her.

      • Old Ben

        Location? There’s an NPC called Laborer Cardy in GW2 (at the lumber mill near the Queen’s Forest), but I’m not aware of any location with that name in either of the games.

        • Lian Wan

          Memory is a bit fuzzy, I thought I ran into some place called Cardy’s _____.

          • Old Ben

            Can’t say I’m aware of such a place. But I wonder if Laborer Cardy is named after Elixabeth…

  • ctap

     I think yes… was her name hardy before?

    • Old Ben

      Her name was Robert Paulson.

      • Elisabeth Claire


  • Joey Biggs

    I’m also colorblind 

  • Ricky Gilbert


  • Ricky Gilbert


  • Ricky Gilbert

    so I did a youtube search and to my disappointment nobody has done a guild wars 2 mash up trailer to the nero- doomsday song….Gary like his wub wub so much i thought he’d be all over that.

  • Dularr

    I was so glad to see Arenanet sidestep a potential problem at launch.

    From the GW2 web site,

    “At launch, players will be able to transfer between worlds freely. However, once server populations have largely settled and stabilized, world transfers will be restricted to once a week and cost a variable amount of gems based on the population of the world being transferred to.”This should make it much easier to play on the server of your choice. 

  • Osuryn

    In pvp we do feel the changes tho, for example last stress test they changed some skills like Signet of Judgement, Retaliation got nerfed, Stability became a boon and stuff like that

  • chlo1ber

    6. O’Clock. 6…9 was perfect for me. No, it’s 6 now and I can MAYBE log in… ._.

    Why not say “Well, we will open the servers on the 25th, but the exact time is a surprise!” :/

  • Fish Bait

    Up to 10% of the world are left handed. When/if they add colour blind mode, can we have lefty characters? ;)
    I like Richies idea. Seeing the desert wurms you can ride could be fun :)

    • Lian Wan

      I would expect most if not all of them to be dead since they represent one of the biggest threat to Palawa Joko’s rule. Maybe the Order of Whispers smuggled some away and we’ll see them but not in Elona …

      • Elisabeth Claire

         Took me a second to realize that your response, Lian, was to the topic of junundu, not left-handed folk.

        • Old Ben

          Palawa Joko says: “Oops… Sorry about that, guys.”

        • Fish Bait

          Palawa Joko’s  killed all lefties in Guild Wars?
          Ah crap, I just got to that part in game too ;)

    • Old Ben

      It wouldn’t be hard to mirror characters left to right, but I doubt they’ll do it, because it could lead to some confusion (and some unnecessary tech support) as to which hand was the “main hand” and which was the “off-hand”. 

      In the original Counter-Strike everybody was left-handed, BTW.

      • Fish Bait

         I`ve had Counter strike installed for eons & never knew that. Only played it once though hehe
        Yeah, it would be a simple X axis flip. I guess the weapons showing would confuse some, but it is something I always keep hoping for.
        Ah well, as long as the game goes live, I`ll be happy ;)

        • Justin Ryan

          in diablo 2 you can put main/offhand on either side but character model is always righthanded.

    • Roy Harmon

      I may have misunderstood, but I think that the suggestion was not adding colorblind characters, but enabling colorblind players to enjoy the game more. It would be the equivalent of launching a line of left-handed gaming mice, though offering alternate colors for the targeting rings would seem to be much simpler for a game developer to implement.

      • Fish Bait

         Nah, I knew he meant for players & not characters & I agree, it would be a good move.
        Oddly, Razer are rumoured to be making a leftie Naga /crosses left fingers ;)

        • Justin Ryan

          im left handed and i use right handed mouse, scissors, remotes, door knobs, button pushing in general, and lots more. About the only thing i do left handed is writing so am i really lefthanded after all?

          • Fish Bait

             Ambidextrous. I`d give my left arm to be… ;)
            You`re lucky. I`m a leftie & struggle like hell.
            I have bought a HEX, but it still feels just wrong to me hehe

  • Finding_Nemo

    Ahhh the corporate bit really put me off. Usually you guys are pretty good.

  • Adam Armstrong

    Is it just me, or does Richie’s Rubik’s Cube collection grow every episode?

  • Old Ben

    In other news, GW2 currently occupies 4 of the top 5 positions on Amazon’s PC best sellers.

    #1 – Guild Wars 2 Standard (pre-purchase)
    #2 – Mists of Pandaria CE
    #3 – Guild Wars 2 Standard (boxed)
    #4 – Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe
    #5 – Guild Wars 2 CE

    Of course, this is just one retailer.

    • Solo Miranda

      On Amazon US, TSW is the 2nd best seller in PC and Hardware category 

      • Old Ben

        Yes, it’s gone up since yesterday (it was around #12). Looks like they’re selling it for half the price (it’s just $25 now). The GW2 CE is out of stock, so it’s probably going to drop off the list, unless Arena Net send them more.

  • k3rc

    The WoW servers… will be down for at least 5 hours… on launch day…

  • MonkeyMoniker

     Pity netflix isn’t available in my country xD

  • Randall_Wolfcry

    Even I have trouble seeing the red circles and I’m not color blind at all. They should let you adjust the color so each individual can change the UI circles to what they can see best.

  • Morturion

    I’m going to have to oil and reinforce my F5 key !

  • Thomas Monahan

    Must do Finger exercises and stretches – Must be ready to hit F5……over and over…and over… 

  • Setekh

    Well MoP Pre-Patch release on GW2 release date does not bother me. All that is interesting for me in that patch is the Theramor event and i am gonna do that asap as i am not raiding in Dragonsoul anymore anyway due to boredom. The rest of the stuff i can do/learn while leveling from 85-90 when MoP hits on September 25th. Untill then i’ts all GW2 baby

  • Brian Grant

    I hate wow 

  • addictedtohalo

    If Blizzard wanted to contend with GW2 they should have put it on the 24th, Blizzard patches typically make the game unplayable for the day, let alone a 6GB patch, they’ll throw the patch out on the 28th and it will make the servers laggy and horrible and might send more people over to GW2.  Also I think a good majority of people have pre purchased/ordered so their already invested.

  • Gilles Colinet

    I really want to know their plans for E sport
    Spectator mode, new maps, Tournaments,…

  • Justin Ryan

    Id like to see areas we havnt seen before like east of ascalon and isle of janthir. Much of the shiverpeaks got opened up. When cantha expansion comes we are most likely to see ALOT of landmass opened up as factions area was rediculously tiny compared to prophecies.

  • David Bell

    Ancient Aliens > Dr Who all day long… just saying. ;)

  • DoctorOverlord

    Nice podcast, it helps while we’re waiting for the game :)  

    Good point about the 3 hour launch window Gary.   It made no sense to me when I heard about it but the idea that they can bring servers up early and then have a window to deal with issue is rational.

    Scott, if you ever make a GBTV guild later I’ll join it solely to help you prove you don’t hate us :)

    I have no interest in seeing more furries in any game so no MoP for me.   It was bad enough with the Worgen.  I think it was expected that ActiBlizz would pull something on Guild Wars 2’s launch day.  But  I can see people who have pre-purchased or pre-ordered worrying less with logging in on launch day because of the lack of sub model.     I’m logging into GW2 on launch day just to see the chaos.

    And Gary that had to be one of the best lead-ins to  Netflix ever – F5/Netflix party!

  • Ian Mansfield

    Ive never been able to get silver -.- its harder than gold to get