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Prepare your family for your disappearance.

Friday June 8 to Sunday June 10 will be the next Guild Wars 2 BWE and if you haven’t managed to pre-purchase yet — or want to win a chance for an unfortunate friend — we’re going to give you a shot to take part anyway.

More on that in the show — yes, I’m a tease.

Chris Whiteside let us know that the next BWE will feature some shiny improvements based on the previous beta testing. Good job all. Better party cohesion through the overflow system, improved performance and lots of other fun enhancements await us.

But, no Sylvari or Asura.

Will we get to see these enigmatic races before launch?

Eric Flannum dropped a bomb in a recent interview: WvW mini-dungeons. Setting up traps and fighting the opposition in pursuit of treasure? Yes, please.

Could there be mobs and bosses included in these dungeons? Could this be a very cool way to introduce guild competitiveness in WvW? The opportunities are vast.

Structured PvP will be getting tournaments and even WvW tournaments are being considered for after launch. How on earth would a WvW tournament work? We ponder the possibilities.

All four maps for structured PvP will be based on point capture mechanics. Are you disappointed there isn’t a completely different mechanic-based map? Or does the variety shown between Kyhlo and Niflhel show that there can be enduring gameplay differences between the maps at launch?

Add in your probing viewer questions and we have a lot to cover. Joining your host Gary Gannon are Massively‘s Richie “Bogotter” Procopio and Elisabeth Cardy, along with GAMEBREAKER’s Scott Hawkes for this week’s GuildCast.

A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
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    Would love a beta key after my pre-purchase was taken away from me courtesy of a UK company selling stolen CD keys, I was not a happy bunny!

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    Not finished watching the show yet but enjoying it (of course). I have pre-purchased so only send me a key if I can pass it on to a friend to try. Oh and Elisabeth looks especially lovely today. :)

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    Asura had some stuff leaked from the starter zone, so maybe they might come in a BWE, but Sylvari it seems need more work on their start zone, or so I heard.

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     Great GuildCast! :)  Thanks for the opportunity for beta keys.

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    Hopefully look forward to this beta and trying out the game. Tho I very much want to play the Sylvari. Their lore was an awesome read and they are just completely different to any other race I have seen in an MMO, maybe they will be in beta 3 can only hope.  

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    Great show again. 1.5 weeks until sleepless nights that are not caused by a sleepless toddler for a change :)

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    That WvW mini dungeon seems like an evolution of Dredgion from Aion, from what it says there, if you know what I am talking about.

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    Great show, I hope the hosts don’t read chat during broadcast though. It is pretty cringe inducing.

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    Luckily I already pre-purchased the game so I don’t need a key but good luck everyone =]
    I heard ANet added skill challenges to WvW so it’s becoming an area in which you really can spend all your in-game time.

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    My first live GuildCast! Short but sweet! I love how much ANet is doing to help really make the WvW something that will be very appealing to players who favor world PvP. I’m not a fan of PvP myself, (though ANet has me interested) but a lot of my friends are fans of world PvP and with all the content in WvW they might actually be interested in the game, which would be great!

    P.S. I “still” have a key chain authenticator for the one game I played enough to bother protecting and I love mine. I prefer it to one for a mobile device since it feels less vulnerable. I have a laptop, so I just keep it on my power cord with tape to keep it from slipping around ^.^;

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    Please give me one! I am a GW2 guild leader and would love the opportunity to give a key to a few of my members who haven’t been able to purchase a copy yet!

    Big fan of the show and GBTV! Help me out guys!

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    Oh well – see you all on the fields of battle where we shall crush all in the name of Darkhaven!!

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    While I’ve been very PvE-centric in the past, GW2′s WvW has me rather excited to dive in and bust some heads as an Asura Guardian.  I’ll be the short ball of flames beside Mr. Hawkes spawning blue walls.

    Horray for the beta-key giveaway …

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    nice show , good info on the pvp stuff. Not sure how long ago DAOC was but good remembering the dungeon which gave all sorts of bonus things , that was a long time ago :) 

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    Dungens trough WvWvW keeps sounds like Ragnarok Online to me and that would be great.
    I would love to get crafting komponents out of the Box at the end of the Dungen. Mybe everyone gets something but you need an massive ammount of komponents to craft it that would be epic and encourage people to trade or even guilds trading with another.

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    To find a treasure chest at the end of a dungen sounds smilar to WoE in Ragnarok to me. I would love to find Crafting items in these chests for epic pvp equipment. Everyone gets and crafting item but it takes an massive ammount of Items to craft even 1 equipment. This would encourage Guilds to stick together and even trade with other guilds or people who do not want to take part in WvWvW.

    I hope i can play this Beta thanks to this beta key

    Greetings Xenotor

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    Nice show as always. The PvPvE aspect does sound interesting(I wonder how it will differ from Aions PvPvE raids) How will guilds from the same server be able to compete for example.

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    Loved the Show! I really like the capture point system for Structured pvp they have right now, but I also miss other game types like CTF, and I would love to see them implement that even if it was only the secondary mechanic of one of the capture point maps.

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    Beta! Beta! Beta! , great show as always,would be nice if guild cast was 2 hours long,cant get enough of the show.and just for the record,Anet will continue to surprise people with the amount of work they do,people just dont realize yet,get ready because guild wars 2 is coming and it will be big at launch and beyond . Guild Wars 2 is THE mmorpg of 2012, just saying ^_^

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    @PvP maps: Maybe the underwater one and the nostalgic one are the same? Lots of old areas that have been flooded over the last 250 game years. I’d actually quite like that.

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      one is Underwater and the other has Guild Lords

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    Great show!  Very excited for the WvW dungeon, am a big fan of Darkness Falls and the LotD dungeons.

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    I believe one gamemode in sPvP is a good decision from Anets side. But as Scott mentioned i also believe it will be possible and perhaps more interesting to merge other gamestyles with the conquest type of play eventually. This was actually something i had already thought about after the first BWE as a response to all the people on the official forums going “OMG GW2 doesnt have arena = it will fail as a game”.

    Because the beta forum is offline (sadly) i cant access my post but here is one of my quick suggestions.

    You could easily merge a CTF play style into conquest in a following way. 
    There are still 3 zones on the map but also a flagstand, if you bring the flag to one of your current zones the points gained will double. However you need to drop the flag for this to happen. Ofcourse just camping that one point wont be enought to win because the other team can just cap the other two zones and it would take longer to take to flag back to one zone then to cap 2 other zones.

    The reason i said drop the flag would be so there could be tactics where lets say a thief just runs in the enemy zone while stealthed, steals the flag and gets the fudge out of there. 

    Just an idea, not put much thought into it but it is possible. I will post the link to the beta forum thread when/if it gets available again. 


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    it would also be great to get a Beta key for my wife so I can show her no healer is not the end of the world.

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    but if i get a beta keys and my friend got in i probably roll a new char with my friend :)
    oh wait.. i don’t have to. since there’s level scaling down.

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    Damn, I might have to join Guardians Anonymous.  I was dead set on playing the thief and learning a new playing style… nope, I played a guardian for a few minutes and never put it down.

    Scott’s guardian would be screwed if there was friendly fire, he’s on fire half the time anyway.

    They do need to improve some tutorial aspects, tooltips or whatever.  In the last stress test I taught a 10th level player how to dodge.  He was soooo impressed that I beat a mob that roflstomped him.  I was like “you have to dodge,” and he’s like “you can dodge?”  In defense of tutorial “areas,” they’re fine as long as it’s skippable.  Having said that, the tutorial area in GW2 is that 5 minutes before and including the first boss fight, so it’s highly unlikely that they would expand that.


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    I have not looked too far into personal story, to avoid spoiling it for myself, i would like your opinion on the choices offered in the personal story. Are they meaningful or just gimmicky in your opinion?

    Also, gief beta key pl0x, kthxbai and all that.

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    Greetings from Bulgaria !! :)))

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    I wish they would lvl us to 35 so we could find the bugs in the dungeons!

    • BigH001

      I know! It would be really nice if they reactivated the NPC they had during the Press event.
      Someone last time said (on the official forums maybe… but not a Dev) maybe they left it disabled because they wanted us to focus on the lower level content. But since the BWE2 announcement mentioned people testing the dungeon, it would be nice if they turned on the NPC again so more people could get in.

  • Meager Games

    Basically we will be able to roll Sylvari and Asura during head start. I am more then sure that they have alpha testers testing their content. The main job of the alpha testers is to check for bugs in  the events, personal story and not to stress test the servers. 
    If you are in the BWE’s then our primary job is to stress the servers. I am not saying that there might be code bugs in the BWE content, ( I have not run into any ) I am sure some people have found some, minus the personal story VO. 
    Bottom line is the biggest bug to squash is server stability, not coding bugs.

  • DamnLizards

    Can’t wait to see all these little things spread throughout WvW . Weather machines, jumping puzzles and now a competitive dungeon Oo too cool. Get the feeling the WvW servers aren’t going to hold enough people after a large majority of players satisfy their PvE needs on a couple or few characters. Who knows, maybe they can increase WvW capacity after a while. Here’s hoping! GW2/ Anet …. the innovative drug.

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    • Elisabeth Claire

       I’m assuming we’re not shifting servers (the majority of us) — so most people will probably still be on Darkhaven, unless things change drastically. Guilds are cross-server, so if you’re on another server you could still always chat it up with us.

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    Quite simply, one can not miss out in GW2. All content is always relevant to a player regardless of level or the speed of leveling.

    Hosts continue to flub the actual design points of Guild Wars 2 even 25 episodes into the show.

    Also, Sylvari and Asura will likely never be in the BWEs. have said this as such.

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    Thanks guys!

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    • Camzillasmom

      As I understood it, the keys given out by various media and magazines now are for the next Beta Weekend to which one gets access anyways if prepurchased.

    • Elisabeth Claire

       The keys are just for the upcoming (June 8-10) beta weekend, which prepurchasers already have access to. Prepurchasers have access to all betas, stress tests, and the head start. :)

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    Concretely; is PvE going to be better in other aspects to balance it out? And how about PvP, what’s going to move that to a more important place (ignoring the PvP gear, that’s just kind of petty, really)

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    Dark Age of Camelot did do something similar. it was called Darkness Falls whomever owned more primary keeps would have access. It was a raiding Dungeon from level 1-50 It had mini bosses and allowed for items called Diamond/Sapphire/Emerald seals to drop which you could trade for decent armor. Yet when you hit 50 you could raid the final boss and get great 50 lootz. Another great thing about it was that you could trade these seals for the armor and smelt that armor to trinkets and make “Massive” amount of Gold/Plat. You could also use those trinkets to smelt to medal and make the best 50 craft gear…(Honestly in my opinion best crafting I have ever experienced out of any MMO so much fun!)  I honestly can’t wait to try G2 version.I’m with you guys about the tutorial..Would rather not have that. If anything tool tips how AION does it. It’s a pretty great system.Once again another great show guys! look forward to more before BWE#2.Would Love a beta key for some of my Guild mates on WoW who are Skeptics about the game.Would just love for them to see that you don’t have to pay to play!

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    I am not really into most anime, but this is a great story, Imho.I am a sucker for the type of character Like Vash the Stampede.For a good part of the series, You are never really sure if He is a really lucky clutz,or it is a very clever ruse, ala the scarlet Pimpernell.(These type characters validate most of my behavior) The cool thing about Trigun is that they don’t clue the audience in on the ruse, and You always kindof wonder about Him.
    I’d donate to getting this made into a non-hollywood movie.It’s great, imho.(no key for me,plx.- I have mine :)

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    other than that, lovely idea there on the mini dungeons that boost the clearer’s servers. +1

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    This just shows, and I feel that I am not alone, that there is a huge number of people who aren’t participating in forum/comment discussions and still love the work that you are doing.

    I already bought GW2 pre-purchase, so obviously the key is not for me. I am trying to get one for my friend who made an improper decission of buying D3 instead GW2 ;) Please help him understand the mistake ;)

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    GW2 just continues to sound good.
    (and I would love a beta key to actually check it out and see if what I’m hearing on the media sites matches up to the expectations the reports are creating)

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    • Old Ben

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    If you choose me guys, you are awesome. If not you are still awesome :)

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    This comment does not contain wisdom; you have to find it somewhere else,
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    It does not give any cure, against the worst possible disease,
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    It won’t give you hope, against the darkest horrors of the night,
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    Keep up the steller casts.


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    The PVP content sounds great, just like how GW1 was (being 2 games for the price of one) just to a much greater extent now with dungeons and more to come.  There are now going to be so many reasons for people to wait in anticipation for expansions and even the monthly updates.

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    Anyways, awesome game, awesome show. Thx for the opportunity and gl to all of you… but most of the luck for me! XD

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    Love the show, just started following. What are the chances of access via Itunes so that i can show my friends?

    Hope to win a beta key too – want to explore the world of tyria with a friend, especially since i can’t yet afford the pre-purchase. ^_^

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    Like Richie, I definitely think the game needs some “introduction to Tyria” quests / events / story steps, where they explain things like whether you need to eat, drink or sleep, what are boons and conditions, how targeted abilities work, how the “bank” works (most people who haven’t played MMOs expect a “bank” to hold and lend out money, when in fact the bank holds every kind of item _except_ gold), what’s the point of guilds, what is salvaging, how to trade with other players, how to send and receive mail (including attachments and gold), how to get into and out of PvP, etc..

    Those can be either a quest sequence (similar to the personal story) or just several independent renown hearts that players can do in whichever order they choose (and skip the ones they already know).

    In fact, there’s already something similar in the game; there’s an area where you can train with a shield, a sword or a rifle (IIRC), to learn how to deal with cooldowns, time your abilities to the enemy’s actions, etc., but unfortunately that renown heart has some bugs, so if you train one thing (ex., shield), the other weapons become invisible and you can’t train them (although the NPC still tells you “go on, pick up a rifle…”).

    GW2 isn’t (just) going after people who have played WoW and Rift and SWTOR for years, it’s also trying to attract new players, and for a new player it’s not just about finding out “HOW do I do X”, it’s about finding out “WHAT can I do in this game”.

    Some lore would also be useful for people who are into that kind of thing, but that can probably be done simply by having in-game libraries and books, or “historian” NPCs. The main thing for new players is explaining how the world is organized and what they can do.

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    Would be cool to get another article from him after he actually got some hands on time with the game.

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  • Catherine Wiener

    Oh for the love of Pete… PLEASE have more than one person proofread and double and triple check the text you post in the video.  The rest of the podcast is at such a high caliber that every time there’s a typo it’s very distracting and frustrating and is easily avoided.

    Aside from that I really love Guildcast but I just couldn’t keep quiet about the typos anymore.

    Thanks so much and keep up the awesome job.

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    NPC’s bring in a factor of luck that, I’d argue, move it further away from becoming competitively relevant

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    Said my comment needed to be approved by a moderator but I haven’t seen it yet. Here is our URL:

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    Would be very much appreciated.

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    Keep making awesome content, really brightens up my day.

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  • DoctorOverlord

    I couldn’t disagree more about the need for a tutorial.   It can be completely optional and skippable if people just want to jump in and play but one of the greatest flaws ArenaNet has is their tendency to not explain their game mechanics.

    This was very prevalent in GW1 where you had to do extensive wiki research to figure out how to simply play and I don’t want to see that even remotely repeated in GW2.   

    The problem is that GW2′s mechanics as they stand are simply not intuitive.   Once you get used to them, they work but they go against the grain of too many traditions and expectation not just of MMO players but gamers.   I had friends in the BWE who had played other MMOs but they NEVER knew anything about dodge.   The game does *nothing* to explain these most basic and fundamental mechanics.

    ArenaNet knows this is a problem if you look at the WvW ‘tutorial’ area.   They know that they have to familiarize people with the mechanics before they get thrown into WvW or else they will get too frustrated.   The same thing applies only slightly less to PvE.  

    Unfortunately that instanced ‘tutorial’ area is a sub-par way to teach anyone.   ArenaNet needs to make a clear and well-designed tutorial to explain their mechanics.   People might not like tutorials but that is why you make them option.   It could be a simple choice when you first roll up your character asking whether you want to enter a tutorial but it is DEFINITELY necessary.  

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