Is the grin apparent?

There’s a glowing aura of smugness this week — well, except for Schaff — after the latest Guild Wars 2 beta weekend.

First off we talk about the vast, sprawling grandeur of cities in GW2. With the homesteads of the Sylvari and Asura currently unavailable, what can we expect them to be like?

Don’t bet on understatement.

Could we be seeing Tyria from an elevated view? The gang discusses the possibilities of air travel for the future — with some grumblings about the teleportation system.

We spent a lot of time running around in Dub v Dub. Literally. Those are some big maps to cover. Is it possible ArenaNet has over-sized in this case?

We also take a look at Battleg — erm, structured PvP. How does it compare to WvW? Is it really the training ground for the pro-player?

Weapon switching is discussed in detail, profession favorites — apparently there are professions other than Guardian — and we strive to come up with elements of Guild Wars 2 that we’re not entirely happy with.

Join us as we take a stroll through Tyria with Massively‘s Elizabeth Cardy, Mike B aka Fony of the BFF Report, Scott Hawkes and Mike Schaffnit — nerf mages — for this week’s happy-go-lucky GuildCast.

A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • QSatu

    I heard “broken tooth” and started to look at host’s and later on Fony’s teeth.. heh..

  • Old Ben

    There are some videos showing the Asura and Sylvari home cities (Rata Sum / The Gorve) on ANet’s website and on YouTube. There are also some videos from late 2011 showing playable Asura and Sylvari characters.

    • JJGlyph

      Yep! A possible reason for not showing them is that they want players who follow every little detail to still have something fresh at launch.

      I’ve seen so many videos of human personal story and low level events I may not even enjoy that race until around lvl 20.

      • Old Ben

        More likely they just haven’t finished the starting areas for those races. 

      • Senatic

        That’s kinda what I’ve been thinking. If that’s not the case I think I’ll actually stay away from videos of these things for the same reason, to keep parts of it fresh for release.

      • dawolv

        It’s a Beta. These things need to be tested too!
        I’d agree that maybe they didn’t want to show them off during the press beta (assuming the NDA will be more strict from here on out)
        but most likely they we’re just not done yet to an extend where they felt comfortable letting the world see them.
        After all, they got a reputation to protect (and build)

  • ArcherAvatar

    Really enjoyed the discussion (and the tech issues… the ability to read lips made that significantly more entertaining! o_O) lol
    Thank-you for the vicarious fix of GW2 beta again folks… you were all great.
    Oh… and just say “NO” to mounts!

  • Derrick

    I love how large the WvW maps are. It makes it feel like war and not some preset event. I can’t wait to be guarding a keep with my fellow guildies for a good amount of time and the feeling of battlelust building to have it spill into all out hell.

  • J

    I only have one question… Is Mike S still salty about not getting into Beta? LOL

    That boy was raging hard in the aftershow! Try to catch the show live if you never have… I think the aftershow is better than the actual Guildcast.

  • mcsumo

    Really great show! :) So good to see Elisabeth back, cool to have a full 4 panel….ummmm…panel too. :o Great to see that you are all really pleased with the game, but can still bring valid, well explained, constructive criticism. Can’t wait to see all you guys in Tyria come the end of April!! :D

  • Old Ben

    25-second ads that auto-play with loud sound and can’t even be paused. I guess it’s time to get my GW2 news from somewhere else.

    • JJGlyph

      It’s fairly obvious they are doing this site full time. They need to support themselves somehow.

      • Old Ben

        They are free to do whatever they want. And I’m free to avoid websites that play 25 seconds of loud, unskippable, unpausable music whenever a page loads.

        • JJGlyph

          *that awkward moment when you’re still here*

        • Graham


  • Willi Enderle

    adds in the middle of the video?
    You cant do that to me >_< …

  • Willi Enderle

    Epic XD

  • Chikane Himemiya

    Open pvp would completely screw up the quest system which depends on people cooperating together at all times.

    • Master10K

       Yeah, I’ve said that many times that ArenaNet are trying to make the most co-operative MMORPG out there and every single feature I see works towards that goal. You cannot kill steal, ninja loot or take someone else’s gathering node. The Dynamic Events are all about bringing people together to beat back the enemy. The Guild System allowing you to be with mutiple Guilds on your server (maybe a PvE, RP & PvP focused guild). You are fighting for your server in WvWvW and not for some faction on your server.

      With all these systems in place ArenaNet would be shooting themselves in the foot by adding any form of Open World PvP into their PvE world (besides dueling).

      • dawolv

         Duelling would be cool, but they’d have to implement something so people don’t just spam it on you. Like a fee of 1 silver or something.

      • ScottHawkes

         I have to agree M10K, Mike B is just a glutton for the PvP ;)

    • ScottHawkes

       Good point Chikane, thanks for your comment.

    • Ivan Noa

      agree, I love the way PVP and PVE is setup in this game.

  • Fredrik Somerville

    I really wish you would releas these as audio streams like the old GuildCast did. I really like the show, but when I do have time to sit down by the computer for an hour or two I tend to do other things… You know, play games?  ;)
    Would really like to listen to you on my iPod when commuting and there’s nothing else interresting going on.

    • Jado Cast

      +1,  Its getting to the point I watch GBTV less and less now because its not convenient to watch the show live or steam it while I’m traveling.  I listened to Shawn and Rubi from the old Guild Cast days, but now I’m downloading Massively Speaking, GW Insider, WP, Yogs, TB and others that I can take with me and watch later.  Guild Cast and others need to be on Itunes just like TWIMMO.

  • Kristian Stær

    pvp skill rule number 1: bring a cripple/chill/immobilize

  • Revanhavoc

    You guys are all just too awesome for complaints.

    Even when one minute you all sound too much on one side, like a little cheerleader squad, the next minute you will bring up legitimate complaints and concerns about a particular issue.

    That makes contrarians like me very happy. I am very excited for this game, but since I haven’t played it yet, I’m glad to have my news source thinking critically about their reviews.  

    • ScottHawkes

       Thanks very much Revan, we’re just calling it as we see it, it all just looks so bloody good.

      • Elisabeth

         It’s hard to *not* sound like a mindless fan when I see a game doing so much that I enjoy and appreciate. That doesn’t make me/us blind to any faults or flaws, though. :)

        • Lycronis

          Even though I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, I can’t help but feel like a mindless fan as well. Everything I’ve seen or heard about it, (especially seeing your elation on this last episode!) has convinced me that this is the game I’ve been waiting for. I realize it will not be perfect and that some things may fall a bit flat, but I’m confident enough that I’m going to love it. It just looks/sounds that good to me.

          Also, another great show and it was nice to have you return Elisabeth! Hope to see you more often.

  • Mark

    Has there been any word on if GW2 will have voice chat in-game?

  • Michael Johnson

    I just realized one match of WvW will have more players on it than most SWTOR servers….

    • JJGlyph


  • Sulac0

    When I hear mass pvp in mmo’s I think about mass lag as well -.- Do we know what Arenanet will do to prevent that, I know you spoke about the particle thingy but do we know more?

    Which DX version will GW2 support? hopefully not only DX9 that would be fail imo.

    Have they talked about a 64bit client?

    Will there be a bolster mechanic like there is in swtor?

    You guys rock as usual, keep up the good work : )


  • Helen Ann Pomfret

    think you guys nailed the line up this week, nice work

  • Madao

    This was the first time I didn’t enjoy to watching recorded GuildCast. I was interrupted three times with 40-50sec long commercial during the video. :(  Sorry, didn’t know where to post this in forum. “I don’t have forum account””

  • Cyclops07

    Was a great show, can’t wait to prepurchase this baby

  • Cosian

    Mike B notes that the worst thing about GW2 is no ‘Open World’ PvP.  As a most time PvP player that always plays on a PvP server, and, has played virtually every MMO with a PvP component these past many years, I have come to the conclusion that layering PvP over PvE content simply does not create sustainable PvP in the long term.  So while it is fun in the begining when everyone is leveling together, it quickly becomes twinked and level capped players greifing new players simply trying to level and become competitive.   This then translates into an ever shrinking number of new players joining the server.  We can go down the list of games, but suffice to say, none that have taken Mike B’s recommended approach have had any kind of staying power.

    So as much as I love OW PvP, keeping it separate in the WvW area is a great design decision and bodes well for game longevity IMO.

  • Josh Pettey

    I understand Mike’s reason for disliking teleportation, and any concerns for cities just becoming hubs since once you’ve gotten somewhere, you can go back instantly. But I’m kind of hoping the cities get packed. Especially Divinity’s Reach, because seeing a fully populated closer to realistic take on a city would be amazing. If the teleportation is similar to the way it is in Guild Wars now then its probably gonna be fine. I hope it feels like being a human in Prophecies when I was leaving Old Ascalon to get over to the Shiverpeaks and eventually Kryta. When I first played that I felt that the series of missions and quests I got involved in during that time were somewhat challenging. Kryta is great and wonderful and the content from there on out was intriguing. But a virgin to the game as I was I just jumped right in and started playing without any real knowledge of the game. So for me, and my friends I brought with me, it was not the destination but the journey. Perhaps that is what Devs are hoping players see in this new Tyria. They have clearly built a massive world with a greater sense of depth than players are used to seeing. Perhaps Arenanet really is providing a journey good enough that the biggest destinations are just.. lets say… toppings on a massive cake. Or Cookie. Or Cupcake. Or something. 

    • dawolv

       Mounts are, both from a gameplay and from a lore standpoint, most unlikely to appear.
      Very few animals have been domesticated to be ridden in the GW Universe. Gameplay wise, they would undermine the sense of scale Arenanet tried to build.

      The cities are designed to be HUBs (just look at how big they are – they almost look like ghost towns during Beta). Arenanet said they wanted them to be a place where people come just to take off their armor and dance off naked!

      The teleportation system, if anything, doesn’t promote cities becoming HUBs (they do that for themselves) since the further you are away the more pricy it get’s.
      If you need to repair something or just want to sell junk, there are little outposts and towns out in the wild where you can do that (maybe you need to liberate them first, making the world even more alive)
      Through teleportation (and the lack of mounts) you are “forced” to go and discover all the waypoints on the map and hopefully you find cool stuff along the way (or rather off the beaten path)

      For me, teleportation is a muhc nicer mechanic than having to ride a horse everywhere.
      THAT would turn the cities into HUB’s, because before you go anywhere you will make sure it’s worth your time, lingering about and forming groups in a city first – and in return you probably never stumple across other players in the open, except when they rush past you on a Dolyak on RedBull.

      • Josh Pettey

        “Through teleportation (and the lack of mounts) you are “forced” to go and discover all the waypoints on the map and hopefully you find cool stuff along the way (or rather off the beaten path)” <- This idea sells me on the game alone. When I played World of Warcraft when it was first released that was one of my favorite things about the game. The mystery of not knowing what I will find in those grayed out areas of the map. Now you can make Death Knights and Scroll of Resurrection level 80s with full flight paths. And even fresh characters have some of the starting ones. That mystery is gone because I put years into the game. But after seeing the scale of GW2 in all these videos and such, I can really say I am excited to explore off the beaten path. Thanks for your reply. Seems with every day that passes as I friggin lurk over new info for GW2 I just get more and more excited. Cant wait to pre-purchase next week.

  • pc11

    Elizabeth looking good! hubba hubba :D

    oh yeah and GW2 looks good and stuff… :p

    Edit: how are the Silvari still locked and Total Biscuit has a video playing a Silvari Necro?

    • JJGlyph

      Mid-level Sylvari were playable at one gaming convention. They haven’t been part of a press beta yet.

  • Feebsy

    I’m enjoying Scott Hawkes more and more each episode of each show that he contributes too. Great job.

  • steven via

    issues I see with WvW…

    Wins will be based on who is better at zerging.

    Server imbalance between the 3 realms that will go head to head on the WvW maps.
    Unless A-Net places caps on how many people can join the WvW fights. 

    • pandora005

      They could certainly have a “flexible limit” for each side … kinda like the limits for joining a team in an FPS. That way you could only join if your team has less than 10 people more than the highest of the other teams. It would keep the sides somewhat balanced without a fixed limit. That fixed limit might be advisable due to technical lag-related reasons though and the “flexible limit” kicks in before that.

      On the other hand there might not be a need for a flexible limit because of a defenders advantage (defensive siege engines can make attacking a castle hard). That also depends on how you play … shoot the opposing players first OR shoot their siege engines? One of those is not as smart as the other.

  • Jesse451

     Ive been away for a few months now but every video I watch has Mike hosting. Where the F is Gary!?!?!?!?

  • Ryan Weckbacher

    This game seems like it will be very CPU/GPU heavy, with all of the artwork and scale.

    I’m an honorary member of the Collectors Edition club!

  • DoctorOverlord

    Finally caught up on this Guildcast.  I wanted to say this is one of the best episodes, really good group you have.  This could be a strong regular line-up. 

  • pandora005

    Structured pvp mode suggestion: MOBA

    Spawned NPC waves that meet enemy waves and towers and a castle to assault for the win.