GuildCast 16: Shiny Happy People

Is the grin apparent?

There’s a glowing aura of smugness this week — well, except for Schaff — after the latest Guild Wars 2 beta weekend.

First off we talk about the vast, sprawling grandeur of cities in GW2. With the homesteads of the Sylvari and Asura currently unavailable, what can we expect them to be like?

Don’t bet on understatement.

Could we be seeing Tyria from an elevated view? The gang discusses the possibilities of air travel for the future — with some grumblings about the teleportation system.

We spent a lot of time running around in Dub v Dub. Literally. Those are some big maps to cover. Is it possible ArenaNet has over-sized in this case?

We also take a look at Battleg — erm, structured PvP. How does it compare to WvW? Is it really the training ground for the pro-player?

Weapon switching is discussed in detail, profession favorites — apparently there are professions other than Guardian — and we strive to come up with elements of Guild Wars 2 that we’re not entirely happy with.

Join us as we take a stroll through Tyria with Massively‘s Elizabeth Cardy, Mike B aka Fony of the BFF Report, Scott Hawkes and Mike Schaffnit — nerf mages — for this week’s happy-go-lucky GuildCast.