The first full week is done, where does the game stand?

Orr is apparently untroubled by our crew of misfits, with PAX — and its many odors — getting in the way for half of the team, just what levels have they reached?

The Trading Post exists — see, told you it did — and is finally up and running for everyone to use. Just how good is it? Was it worth the wait? We talk about some of the fun things you can do with the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2 and how we think it stacks up.

It certainly hasn’t been plain sailing for the staff at ArenaNet who are working themselves into the ground right now. Reddit has been awash with posters complaining of different account issues.

As a reminder, please for the love of all that is awesome, use a different password for your game than for logins to other sites. Thanks.

With the email authentication system employed, does it take away the desire for a physical or digital app authenticator? We talk about some of the account problems that have been occurring and how it seems that roll backs aren’t viable at the moment.

The roll back issue arose due to exploiting that saw the ban hammer brought down with furious justice 3,000 times. ArenaNet is taking no prisoners it seems. Is this a harsh stance to take so early or just prudent setting of expectations for the community?

In addition to all our musings, we have your viewer questions which range from the trinity raising its head to some pondering of an aquatic nature.

Freshly showered with a hint of mint, your crew is on deck. Join GAMEBREAKER’s Gary Gannon, Massively‘s Richie “Bogotter” Procopio and Elisabeth Cardy as well as ZAM‘s Scott Hawkes for this week’s hard-nosed edition of GuildCast!


A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • Angelica Sarvo

    I have this running in the back ground while I play the game. :)

  • Revanhavoc

    New Brunswick Eddison hehe I used to live in New Brunswick in a different country…But in both cases devs don’t care about our tickets…Hope that issue gets resolved soon bro.

    I have to say that a great sign of innovation for me is asking ourselves ‘why didn’t someone come up with this sooner’ and I find myself saying that with GW2.

    And for the record in regard to Richie and Elixabeth- keeping a player around for sub fees and keeping a GW2 player around for free are equally important to both game’s futures.

    Making a moral argument that traditional PvP is just a scam to trick you to keep playing and paying, totally ignores the economic argument that matters more: both business models need players to keep playing!

  • matraque

    Scott’s face gets funny when GG says “bad” things about GW2

    • ScottHawkes

      It’s the face I make when I’m thinking, it sticks out due to the rarity.

  • Warsongraven

    I thought right-clicking an item brought up an option to preview its appearance?? Or is that just not possible on the Trading Post?

    • Bob

      It’s not possible in the trading post. Rather annoying.

  • Morturion

    Why is there always this “progression” issue with PvP in MMO’s. In most shooters the PvP hardly has progression, mostly cosmetic and some upgrades, and people also play those game for years and years. Hell, Halo 2 was played online on Xboxlive untill Microsoft closed the servers.

  • Andrew June

    Dungeons are definitely a challenge especially the Explorer mode when there isn’t a “Tank” or “Healer”. I group with Warrior, Guardian, Mesmer, Necro & Thief(me).

    I personally don’t like to be ranged as a Thief but.. some fights just require you to be one. The aggro is definitely difficult to manage unless I’m doing things wrong plus it feels like no matter how you spec you are just too squishy(again could be doing it wrong).

  • Andrew June

    Underwater isn’t really that fun. I feel underpowered in the water.

    • BrentonB

      try mesmer underwater… it’s awesome! you’re like a merman/mermaid.

      • Jay

         lol it’s true. I like Thief underwater the most so far.

  • Avan Gore

    Underwater combat: When hitting 80 I traveled all 3 Orr maps on my own, just to get a level 80 mastercrafted aquatic helm for ~1k karma, to replace my level 9 one. That’s how fun it is! 

    • REMCO Estimating

       Level 80 in under 12 days?
      -that’s How fun it is, apparently  :P

    • Dularr

      That didn’t sound like fun.  Was that the point? 

    • Jay

       I really like the underwater combat as well. =)

  • Luis A. Perez

    Just started watching the start of the show. GARY YOU ARE RIGHT!!! HATE ON!!!! There should be hygiene standards.

  • Peter Windey

    If they don’t let you send back gems if you don’t want them than that is just illegal. Whatever you buy online you always have 7 days to come back on your decision.

    They can put in their EULA whatever they want it can never  go against actual law.

    • iuam824

      Except for certain exception.This type of online currency is one of those exceptions. Read fine print before posting blindly and looking foolish.

    • Old Ben

      So if you buy food online you can send it back 6 days later?

  • Robert Caliolo

    Biggest issue for PvP is WvW queue times to get into WvW PvP. Since WvW is actually more like true pvp vs structured, more want to play WvW but having to wait 4+ hours to get into WvW is terrible.

    • Dularr

      If there is not a queue, it is during off hours, a completely dominated map or a completely lost cause.   During heavy peak hours with compelling battles, there is a queue. 

  • Nathiest


  • Master10K

    Gary’s opening rant on PAX and people’s personal hygiene was hilarious. XD

  • Samir

    nope trading post is still not working atleast not for everyone.
    cant see sh**, just the blue background and close buttton.
    And am pissed of becuz of it, they send no replies or confirmation of acknowledgement
    and tell the world everyone is able to acces the TP o.O? srsly not me.
    /end rant

    But am still happy about everything els though

  • !wut_iz

    Um… Just a personal insight… Not all gamers go to cons… For a handful or reasons, or hundreds of them (Hundreds of them).

  • JB

    Great Show Guys! Sounds like PaX was smelly lol

  • Thomas Monahan

    With the topic of the GW2 normalization verse the Gear Grind Progression……

    The reason for Rift seeing their numbers and even Swtor talked about this, showing that Gear Stat Grind Progression retains or would be better for them is because they are sampling those who already enjoy the Gear Grind Stat Progression system.

    The question is- To gain new players would the Gear Grind Stat Progression be favored over the GW2 Normalization system? You have to ask your self what are walls that keep players from staying or playing these type of games or this game mechanics? Could Gear Grind Stat Progression actually turn off new players or casuals who enjoy the PvP but don’t want to feel like they must keep up with gear treadmill just to be able to compete? 

    We have seen LOL and First person shooters who have a great player retainment. The main reason is the area that players have fun and there is a smaller wall of entry verse the Gear Grind Stat Progression which has a high wall of entry over time. 

    I played Swtor and had fun with the PvP from level10 – 49. Once I hit Level 50 i was fighting players with higher gear stats since they play more often and rise up the treadmill but in return you have entry 50s feel like they can’t make difference or fight a one on one fight and even come close to wining. I myself stop playing Swtor PvP at level 50 because I don’t enjoy feeling its a second job to keep up with the gear treadmill which leads to = no fun. This is coming from a more casual player which are the players the MMO games want to bring in who don’t usually dip into the MMO world due to certain factors like a SUB or Gear Treadmills..etc. But what can be done.

    I understand that Rift and Swtor don’t have dodge which makes games like GW2, TSW, and Tera more centered around skill/movement. The MMOs like Rift and Swtor can’t go full normalization but they could look at managing resources as a way to add skill and normalization in their PvP. Lets take Swtor, in Swtor you can use items to heal as well as give the player expertise. These are resources that can be used at certain moments to help you in the match but also have a cool down to make a player judge when to use them and when not to. If Swtor took Expertise out of the PvP armor and just used items like this to help add some tactics and skill into the PvP watches. This will lead to players having fun and those who are good will know when and not to use these items and their numbers of them are higher then other entry players but it still comes down to making the correct judgement to act or not with the item. Swtor can still have special PvP Gear that comes from gaining wins or tokens but they show who are the hardcore and they will have armor that cry’s PvP Champ. 

    With the center around item that give small stat increases over time and cool downs the developers will eliminate the issues with damage numbers going over board where it is hard to manage especially when you get up in the numbers of tiers. Swtor now can design maps and game play with these items and even make ones that might have certain effect in certain maps. This allows Developers to think outside the box verse keeping to the dogma of MMO mechanics.

    In closing, I think Game Developers might be looking at the players who already enjoy or are so use to, in some ways institutionalize by this MMO Gear Stat Progression system. The real question is – will making Normalize PvP actually bring in new players? Why do certain players don’t stay? Could the Gear Stat Progression system actually push players who are casual and are done with the normal PvE content?

    Food for thought….

    • Dularr

      The real question is will GW2 sPvP enjoy the success of LoL or the other DOTAs.  
      Can GW2 sPvP really complete with the other lobby, map, normalized gear based games. (and it is lobby based, when you can go to the mist at level 2 and be competitive, that’s a lobby based game.)

      So far all I hear is the game does not require a gear grind and attacking gear-progression MMOs, but I’m not hearing what makes GW2 sPvP compelling to play.

      Tell me, what is going to draw the LoL or first person shooters to this game.  



  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    I just went to AC (dungeon)…. sadlly :<  I must admit that trinity is the best system for group instanced PvE. This AC run was a chaotic mess, I died like billion times mostly 1 shoted. I'm VERY dissapointed… rest of the game is great but this PvE is just horrible BS.

    • iuam824

      I also did AC for the first time and if you know what your doing its not that hard. I PUGed the whole thing and we only wiped once when we pulled too much trash. If you dodge, kite when needed, and focus the right target you can keep coordinated and do well. Just play better and it’ll be decently simple.

    • Nick Cattane

      Experienced MMO’ers/raiders will love dungeon’ing in GW2.  Unfortunately (not trying to be offensive), it has a steep learning curve and new/noob players will get wrecked pretty easily.  I’ve been working on/done most of the explorable modes and they are much harder than story mode.. good luck.

      • Dularr

        Sorry, story mode is not that hard.  Don’t make sound harder than it is.

    • Dularr

      I know everyone wants to say GW2 doesn’t need the trinity, but that really is just talk. 

      For a really smooth AC run, you can use two heavy melee(acting as tank and off tank) and three range dps (with one or more that can aoe heal when needed.)  

      Makes for a really smooth run, with no wipes and rarely needing to respawn and run back.

      • Jay

         We ran it just fine with no heavy types… Thief, Engineer, 2 Ele, and myself as a Ranger. Also ran it with other random profession combos… For a really smooth run, you need patience, awareness, and coordination; not a trinity. People just want things handed to them like in WOW. If they want to stand still and press buttons, then this isn’t the game for them.

        In this game you actually have to pay attention at all times, because the mobs can target you at anytime. Keeps things interesting, and with a -coordinated- group, you can setup some nice combos for teamwork.

        So no, GW2 not needing a trinity isn’t just talk, it’s called a learning curve.

        WoW is still there for those who want it easy… =)

      • Old Ben

        Good luck “acting as tank” when you have no taunts and no way to magically generate aggro. And good luck standing there and waiting for the “healers” to keep you alive, too…

    • pc11

      The biggest problem I have with PVE combat is you are supposed to actively dodge and avoid damage yet you cant see shit of what the bosses are doing because the screen is filled with billions of spell effect particles!

      I cant “antecipate” any kind of special ability because I cant see anything besides the little red postion marker where the boss is standing.

  • itsJUSTINduh

    Thanks for choosing my question about gold sellers and answering it.

  • Donn Maindric Eddy

    Keep AC the way it is.  It is not hard, you just have to coordinate the dungeon. Me and some guild mates did it, no problems.  No wipes.  We had 3 fresh level 30’s too.

    • Ariel Vildósola

      Did yu try explorable mode??

  • uardin

    I would love a GameBreaker brand scented tree necklace!

    • Ravenstorm

      Gary flavored?

  • Grant Griffard

    “There are people who want to grind for hours and hours to get the sword of awesome and go into PvP and smash you with it and shove it in your face”…… And this game isn’t built for them.”     That is one of many reasons why Gw2 wins. 

  • AkumaShogun259

    Speaking of stereotypes, its funny that Gary’s impersonation of customer service has an Indian accent. lolz

  • Blaze

    My wife is one of those people that will click an item ten times and order that same item ten times because she thinks everything should work instantly online.  Even if there is a warning that says don’t click, she will go crazy clicking.. she opens up fifteen internet explorers if their is lag.

  • Dularr

    Lol, I could imagine GG wanting the private party area with the separate entrance through the kitchen (ala Goodfellows) and velvet ropes, so he could get away from the unwashed masses. 

  • ryan phillips

    anyone know WHY arenanet is acting like nazis with this game? seems like shady business.

    • Jay

       “Nazis” because they actually care about the GW2 community? If someone is using a vulgar name or exploiting vendors, I don’t really have remorse for them making those choices. I’m glad someone is willing to try to bring some integrity to the internet…

      Some people just have to learn the hard way.

      • ryan phillips

        You make a person change the name, you don’t delete their 60$ without warning (there could be gray area names).
        Also, deleting accounts because they over-purchased Karma items on a mistake Guild Wars themselves made? it’s a fuckin joke.
        If they want to play with the big boys, ie: BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, they better learn to rollback before they get laughed off the face of the planet.

        • Jant0n

          >”You make a person change the name, you don’t delete their 60$ without warning (there could be gray area names).”
               They didn’t permanently ban players with offensive names they temporarily banned them and made them change their character names, if that was the reason for the ban.”To keep Guild Wars 2 a pleasant place to be, we take action against racist names, hate speech, and other unacceptable behavior. We have
          suspended some accounts involved in the use of offensive character names or inappropriate chat. The number of account blocks is miniscule: less than .001% of our total player base.” ~ GW2 Reddit thread named Suspensions for Offensive Names and Inappropriate Behavior.

          >”Also, deleting accounts because they over-purchased Karma items on a mistake Guild Wars themselves made? it’s a fuckin joke.”
               They permanently banned people who bought hundreds or thousands of the karma weapons and then later reversed it to a three day ban. In my opinion the perma ban was a bit excessive, only beccause there were people who may not have been entirely aware of ArenaNet’s policy; now that they know if it happens again I would hope they do get permanently banned. The reason I see this as such an issue is the economy in guild wars two is both linked across all servers and directly tied with real money, via the currency exchange.

    • Old Ben

      Some of Arena Net’s moderators / community managers are known for their knee-jerk reactions (threads in the official forum often get locked for completely incomprehensible reasons – or sometimes comprehensible but deeply hypocritical on their part). And, in this case, I think they realized they didn’t have the tools to reliably roll back the transactions, so they kind of panicked and reached for the biggest hammer they could find.

      The problem with this kind of overreaction is that they lose the ability to distinguish between something that has very little direct influence on other players (such as the wrongly priced karma weapons – they couldn’t be sold for gold, and most people who bought hundreds just gambled with them at the Mystic Forge, trying to find something “cool” for themselves) from something that does have a direct influence on other players (ex., someone using a wallhack or a speedhack in sPvP.

      They also lose the ability to differentiate between “exploits” that stay within the rules of the game (taking advantage of an error by the person who typed in the prices) from actual hacks that are based on modified game clients, packet injection, 3rd party applications, etc..

      When you use the death penalty for every crime, people start thinking that every crime is equally wrong.

    • Volkon

      Nazis? No. More like that protective parent seeing their child entering puberty (yeah… I’m just about there now… sigh…). You’re extremely protective, ready to lay waste to anything on the planet that threatens her innocence and well being. As a dad with a daughter approaching her teens far too soon I fully support their parental approach.

  • Old Ben

    The trading post, in its current form, is kind of pathetic. No way to filter armor by type, no way to preview gear, no way to filter out items we can’t use, no way to find out if there are any buy orders from the crafting screen (before actually crafting something), no way to see the names of buyers or sellers (I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind paying 10 or 15% more if I know I’m buying from a friend), and so on.

    Supposedly the TP is inspired by Eve Online’s marketplace, but it’s like comparing a space hopper to a spaceship.

    The gem-gold exchange is also nothing like Eve’s ISK-PLEX conversion, where you can see supply and demand (i.e., see individual buy orders and sales), put PLEX (gems) for sale for a specific ISK (gold) value and wait until someone buys them, issue buy orders for PLEX, etc.. The one in GW2 is just a black box where Arena Net sets the conversion value using some unknown algorithm supposedly based on the number of transactions (can’t be based on actual “demand” since there’s no way to evaluate demand without letting people set different prices or make different offers).

    The game itself is a lot of fun, but the trading tools and the economy are primitive to say the least.

    Hopefully they’ll improve things with time, but their philosophy definitely doesn’t seem very transparent (contrary to their philosophy with account names, character names and player e-mails, which they seem eager to share with the whole world).

  • bsqminus4ac

    I had a similar problem to that mentioned about the gem shop. I purchased a character slot upgrade to get to 7 slots. The next day I decided that I wanted more slots so I purchased another character slot upgrade thinking that I’d get to 9 slots. Apparently the cap is at 7 slots per account. I sent in a ticket but apparently ANet hasn’t had time to deal with it one way or another.

    I can’t see why ANet can’t perform a simple check, like is done in the LOTRO store, to check to see if the item has already been purchased thus preventing players from unknowingly wasting money. I saw no indication in the store that there was no point in buying the character slot upgrade more than once. 

    I love ANet and GW2 but I’ll be pretty disappointed in them if I don’t get my gems back. Well actually, why on Earth would there be a cap at all? I’d probably buy even more than two character slot upgrades if they let me. 

    • Old Ben

      I have 8 slots and I know several people who have 9. You will only _see_ 7 slots in the log-in screen, but there will be arrows to the side of the slots which you can use to scroll to the remaining ones.

      If you’re not seeing the arrows, you didn’t get a slot that you should have; contact support and / or post in the forum.

  • Hicks64

    Gary says I’m smelly and have no life with a lvl 80 *tear*

  • Old Ben

    It’s trivial to code a system that won’t sell people multiple unwanted copies while still allowing them to buy multiple wanted copies (i.e., a system that only accepts new purchases after it has confirmed that the previous purchase has been shown to the user).

    All the server needs to do is use a unique token for every page sent to the client. When the user clicks the “buy” button, that request includes the token. If the user then clicks the same button again (before the page refreshes), the second request is ignored once it hits the server, because the token is identical to the previous one. Once the client reloads the page (showing that the item has been bought), it gets a new token from the server. It’s on-line commerce 101.

    Arena Net’s web coders seem to be fresh out of school (if they ever went there). The password recovery form, the registration process and the forum are case studies in what not to do. If the people coding the shop / trading post are the same, it’s no wonder the thing has so many issues.

    • Jado Cast

      I haven’t had the issue because I was very careful to look and see if I had the item because I could tell it was lagging.  But it’s absolutely wrong for Anet to have a system that can cause you to buy something more than once because of lag.  That should absolutely be fixed.

  • Ian Smith

    Not sure what the deal is but when the show cuts to commercial about 15 minutes in it crashes the page.

  • Volkon

    Interesting point on gold sellers, out of curiosity (and a suspicion) I looked at one of their sites to see how much they were selling gold for. At least on that site, it actually would cost you more real money than it would to buy gems and convert them to gold in game! So gold sellers are charging you more and give you the added benefit of putting your account at risk of permanent deletion.

    People really need to think. In GW2, stupid kills in more ways than one.

  • Dularr

    My first two purchases on the TP were immediately followed up by gold seller in game mail spam. 

    Anyone else seeing the gold seller and bots on the Trading Post?

    • Steven Whiting

       No but late at night I saw them coming into chat and spamming.

  • Lynx Raven Raide

    On the gem shop, you have to click twice (once on the item, second time which says “Click To Confirm”) in order to get items, so if a person tries to abuse support by selecting something they decide after they dont want, Anet can easily say yes you bought it

  • Genesis Nazjatar

    Ok i was new to gw2 i bought some items with karma not knowing that the prices were wrong not knowing i know isn’t a excuse but seriously that isn’t my problem i got my account back but having this happen in the first place was not my fault but the fault of the publisher, instead of the publisher saying hey were sorry but those items were not set at the right prices please delete them and buy them at correct price it was just BAN BUTTON, to me this was smack in the face not looking out for player base is just wrong on many levels.

    • Jant0n

       >”i got my account back”
           How many weapons did you buy? From this statement it sounds like you bought more than 50. I would have a hard time believing that someone would buy more than 50 of the same weapons just because they could, without knowing that it is an exploit; I am not saying it couldn’t happen, just that it seems very unlikely. The statement from ArenaNet is “The players we banned were certainly intentionally and repeatedly
      exploiting a bug in the game. We intended to send a very clear message
      that exploiting the game in this way will not be tolerated, and we
      believe this message now has been well understood.”. I am more inclined to believe the official statement, especially after the Reddit thread regarding the people who claimed they were banned for one thing but in reality were banned for something else entirely.

      >” to me this was smack in the face not looking out for player base is just wrong on many levels.”
          I believe that they were looking out for the player base by not allowing a small minority of players to hurt the in-game economy. In my opinion the permanent bans were excessive, but understandable from the perspective of ArenaNet. The economy in guild wars two is both linked across all servers and directly tied with real money, via the currency exchange; this makes exploitation of in-game systems even more detrimental to the game’s economy.

      • Brad Boivin

        Everyone who was perma banned was given an opportunity to get their accounts back by appealing and promising they would delete all the items and money accrued by this.  And that would check back in a bit to see if you had.

  • Azagathoth

    I don’t understand why people keep listing stuff in the TP for one copper over the vendor price. Am I wrong in thinking that they are not factoring the listing fee, and are actually losing money?

  • DoctorOverlord

    Who the heck picture the front picture for this episode with Gary and the Chainsaw Lollipop model? LOL

    Got a good laugh over the comments about con-stink.   Gary must have been avoiding the gamer cons.    Odor has always been a part of them, like the old time RPG cons, now -those- were smells that lingered.   It would be nice if gamers learned to freaking shower but one might as well wish for maturity on the Internet. 

    I did not know those Trading Post tricks!  Thanks for mentioning them!
    It is refreshing change to see a company taking a hard stance on exploits and bannable offensives.   I think the community will be stronger for it.  I agree with Scott, the General Chat is so much better than other games.