Stress, stress, stress.

That’s probably how you’re feeling as the countdown to the Guild Wars 2 headstart continues inexorably. It’s also apparent that ArenaNet needs to apply the pressure to the servers with the stress tests lately. One last week, another tomorrow, can we take any more of it?

Deep breaths.

Mike Zadorojny spoke to GameTrailers about the Fields of Ruin. This area is seeped in lore due to the history of the Ebonhawke through Guild Wars and GW2. We talk about just why this place is so important and what you can expect to bump into there in just a couple of weeks.

We’ve been waiting to see what the apps for Guild Wars 2 would look like and it appears we’ll be waiting quite a bit longer. ArenaNet stated that the app and web development team will be going into overdrive after launch.

Throw in a gentle sprinkling of your viewer questions and we have a lot to cover.

The crew is back in full force this week, so join GAMEBREAKER’s Gary Gannon, Massively‘s Richie “Bogotter” Procopio and Elisabeth Cardy, as well as‘s Scott Hawkes for this week’s GuildCast!


A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • Gramis

    was hopeing this would go up before the stress test. Glad i could watch it before it.

  • Dekin

    I think every time I watch this Richard P. has another rubix cube in the background…….I think he might have a Rubixs Cube Infestation.

    • Old Ben

      That could totally be the plot for an Asura world event.

      • Dekin

        Rubix cube investation…..the most confusing infestation ever.

        …………..I miss Mitch Hedberg…….

  • Kicknpups

    Stress testing is like a teenager @ prom you know your going to get it eventually but a few hours feel like weeks!

    • Old Ben

      And then, just as you’re reaching for the chest, she logs you out.

  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    im freaking out richie and elix have swapped squares! … my continuity mechanism is out of wack

    • Elisabeth Claire

       I’m so glad I can’t actually see the screen when we broadcast. I’d probably have been paralyzed by the new-ness of it all.

  • Pat Are Green

    Any one else think that they keep having stress tests so that people will be downloading the rest of the game spread out over a few weeks rather than 1 day before?

    • Old Ben

      You mean you don’t run the game every day, even when there isn’t a stress test, just in case…? ;-)

      And no, they’re having stress tests because they’re still fixing / adding things and want to make sure they work with real players (with lag, etc.) and not just when tested inside their small LAN.

      They’ll probably be using Akamai or some other big network to distribute the patches, so the load from people downloading the game shouldn’t affect the actual game servers.

  • CaakEE

    So about the Unique nick and cross World sPvP, can I invite a friend on another server play sPvP on the same group ?

    • Elisabeth Claire

      sPvP is not world-specific, so yes!

  • JB

    Great show guys! Now take some time off and relax from all that stress.

  • Inkogni Alex

    YAAAY, something to listen to while we duke out one in GW2 last (maybe) beta

  • Liesan Croese

    Having ritualists back would be so cool! :)

  • Charl

    Guild  Wars 2 now with Guild hosting.  The name says it all XD :P

  • Robert Caliolo

    Speaking of dynamic events… has anyone heard/read if there are going to be dynamic events in the cities? I would think some dynamic event raiding force that has breeched the city walls would be a cool idea. One where the other races would be called upon for renforcments to help.

    • Lian Wan

       That wouldn’t work very well for the main cities since they are separate zones. It would also be very annoying since DEs can render various NPC services inoperable.

      • Old Ben

        > It would also be very annoying since DEs can
        > render various NPC services inoperable.

        Thus giving players a reason to actually get involved instead of just ignoring the invaders, which is completely in line with Arena Net’s philosophy (ex., waypoints becoming “contested” and lost if players don’t defend them).

        I’m pretty sure they have some stuff planned for the cities; they’re huge, they’re very detailed, and not much happens in them at the moment. 

    • Old Ben

      They do need at least one of three things to make cities feel more alive:

      1. Persistent guild halls (to make players have a reason to hang out in cities).

      2. Events in cities (invasions, festivals, whatever).

      3. Traditional quests, where the NPC is in one place and the objective is somewhere else (ex., NPC in city asks you to bring him some item or ingredient found only in a faraway area, possibly triggering an event in the city when you bring back the ingredient and his experiment goes horribly wrong).

      Right now cities look great but there’s very little reason for players to go there. There are crafting stations in most small towns and they give access to the bank, you can access the trading post from the menu, etc..

    • Jay

       They actually had an event in Divinity’s Reach like you’re talking about in one of the betas (not BWE)… I can’t say how I know ^.~ but yeah, they can definitely do it.

  • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

    But event on the 25th or 28th ?

  • Old Ben

    When they say the encounter takes place “in a dungeon” they probably just mean an instanced area. It could simply be a copy of a normal world zone (like in most steps of the personal story). 

    • Elisabeth Claire

       Yeah, my understanding of “dungeon” is always just “instance,” whether that instance takes place in an actual dungeon or not.

      • Dularr

        So, are there any instances that are not Dungeons or Personal Story?

        • Old Ben

          Some areas of the cities (ex., your “home district”) are also instanced. But from the description it looks like the fight against Zhaitan will be part of either the personal story or Destiny’s Edge story (or possibly both).

          • Dularr

            I’m assuming the “home district” is part of your personal story and changes over time, based on story choices.  

            Did notice Elisabeth mentioned Destiny’s Edge regarding some Dungeon encounters, wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

          • Elisabeth Claire

             Elisabeth mentioned Destiny’s Edge regarding their Elder Dragon encounter from Edge of Destiny.

            Anyway, Zhaitan isn’t the end of personal story in the sense that you have to play personl story to get to him, so while it appears like at least the final encounter with him will be instanced, it seems like it’ll be outside of the personal story.

            Ben is right — home district and a few other parts of cities are instanced separately of dungeons and p. story.

  • Min Hsin Waitforit Shiek

    i has a question guys…… lets say u start playing on server x…. and then u guest on server y as u ahve a friend there…. if server x has the WvW boosts do u get it while guesting on y? as ur main server is still x?? OR if server y has the WvW boosts…. do u get the bonus cos ur guesting there???

    • Old Ben

      You get the boosts from your server. Otherwise people would just hop into whichever world was winning and always get the boosts, therefore having no reason to fight for their server.

  • Dularr

    Richie, if you purchase the Squad Commander feature, you get a special Squad chat, increased party size and can mark the map.  The Squad Commander can be used in WvW and PVE.  Wondering if you can still make a personal Waypoint for your group. 

    • Richie Procopio

      Would be awesome if they extend that feature to the mobile app so you can command a squad even if you’re away from the game.

  • Sklys

    This stress test same as last one. They had to start servers again and same trouble as Scott
    was having last time. So am watching the Guildcast  while waiting for the ANet folks to get
    the test underway. :)

  • Noctover

    The last stress test and the last BETA event, all 3 had the same problem for me. Since they added GPU optimization it resets my GFX drivers, crashes PC constantly, and caps my GFX fan at 30% nearly frying my card which is just plain dangrous.

    When i posted this issue on the forum it got deleted, with no word (which is unprofessional), when i posted it again i was banned, again with no reason.

    Combining the two i applied for a refund, i just thought people should know the forums are heavily moderated to keep negative comments from getting out before the launch. My post btw was free of abuse and constructive.

    The other post i made before the ban was hijacked by the admins, i told people how the game was lowering GPU fans to 30% and they spun it to “this is a good idea to watch your GPU temps” which had nothing to do with my post, they wanted to turn attention away from the problem.

    Just my final 2 cents on a game i was very much looking forward to.

    • Old Ben

      The game has no control over GPU fans (or voltages, or frequencies, etc.). If “normal” software could do that, it would be trivial to write a virus that could damage hardware. Any program trying to change those settings needs to go through the chipset / graphics driver, and will pop up a “Do you want to authorize this?” window.

      If your GPU fan isn’t reacting properly to the temperature, check your graphics driver / GPU control panel.

      Anyway, assuming they’re not very old, both your GPU and your CPU should have a thermal diode that throttles down the speed and / or resets your system if the temperature gets too high. 

      And if your post was “free of abuse and constructive”, I’m sure they didn’t delete it. They probably just moved it to a different sub-forum (their software doesn’t seem to support ghost threads, currently, so they can’t leave a link in the old forum).

      And they didn’t add much GPU optimization; in fact they moved some code from the GPU to the CPU (to make better use of extra CPU cores). You can go back to the old method by running the game with the command-line switch “-umbra gpu”.

      • Noctover

        I can assure you, when the game flashes (the same way when you update your graphic drivers) it reset the fan to 30% flat speed. I know this for a fact because i have my GFX fans on 100% speed for GW2, i have the graph from MSI Afterburner running on my 2nd screen in real time, and i see the moment the screen comes on after the flash my GPU fan is no longer 100%, its 30%.

        On another note, they gave me 3 points and an 8 hour ban claiming my post was an “infringement” for “attempting to start a discussion” regardless of the fact the post was merely a warning to others.

        • Old Ben

          The game has no control over your fan speed. 

          I assume that by “when it flashes” you mean when it changes the video mode (which you can disable by setting it to run in “windowed fullscreen”, BTW). And when a game initializes the 3D API (whether it’s windowed or fullscreen), the driver switches to performance mode, which has separate settings from desktop mode.

          IIRC, 30% is the default “Auto” setting for Afterburner in 3D mode, and it will stay at that speed unless the GPU is overheating. 

          What _temperature_ was your GPU actually running at?

          • Noctover

            Ok, i already said this. That’s the point i made in the thread. Its a known issue with the 400 series that the card would sooner fry before the fan speed increases to even 60% of its total speed, this is why me and many many other users use a tool like Afterburner to force the speed up or use their own profile to increase the speed increment depending on the heat.

            The factory default fan speed, btw is 40% not 30%. 

            Now when you consider the game is resetting my GFX drivers, causing my fan speed to drop from 100% to 30% flat “user defined” settings (importantly note this means it cannot increase from 30%), this makes my card shoot up from 60deg to 95deg over about 6 minutes.

            I figured people ought to know this is a problem, not everyone has the luxury of dual screens so that they can see their fan speed has been reduced to a hard-capped 30, i do. When i tried to warn people about this i was silenced, THAT is my issue here.

            On another note window mode performance is highly inferior still to FS, and the problem persists, im an IT Technician and i do know what im doing, I’ve tested all the logical routes.

          • Old Ben

            The game doesn’t “reset” anything. It calls DirectX to enable 3D acceleration, same as any other 3D game. Beyond that, the speed of your fan is controlled by Afterburner or (if you set Afterburner to “Auto” or disable it completely) by the card’s own BIOS.

            Most cards don’t bother to raise the fan speed if the temperature is below 70 or 75 Celsius by default (some only start raising it at 85). There’s no benefit in keeping them cooler than that, and increasing the fan speed causes more noise.

            In fact, most current GPUs are fine up to 120 Celsius or so (as I’m sure you know, being an IT Technician), but if the airflow in your case isn’t very good, the heat can potentially damage other components and / or force the CPU fan to speed up.

            Anyway, GW2 has absolutely no control over your fan speed. If the fan is going back to 30% it’s because Afterburner is telling it to. If you have Afterburner set to manual mode (“Auto” disabled and “User Setting” enabled), defined a temp:speed curve (under Advanced Properties -> Fan), and Afterburner isn’t following that curve, then there’s probably something wrong with your installation of Afterburner. 

            Oh, and on most modern systems windowed fullscreen is within 5% of the performance of normal fullscreen. 

          • Noctover

            Im going to assume by that you’ve never had a game reset your graphics drivers, with the drivers bringing up an “unexpected reset” error.

            Your not quite understanding, im not saying GW2 is changing my fan speed, im saying the compatibility issue between GW2 and NVIDIA drivers (which many people have) is causing the drivers to shut down and reset (causing the flash) which defaults current settings (like afterburner).

            And yes operational temp of my card is 110 degrees, that dosent mean i want my card running for extended periods at boiling point.

            i have an OC’d i7 2600k and 2x nvidia 470 gfx cards, 12gig ram, and the game runs on a solid state HDD, so yeah its a modern system.

            This does not change the fact MANY people use afterburner. So this means everyone having the graphics driver reset problem, (which is many as we established, just check forum) AND running afterburner (wanna take a guess how many that might be?) Will be running their graphics card at a 30% flat speed fan after the reset and not even realise it. Why should i not be allowed to warn people of such?

          • Old Ben

            > you’ve never had a game
            > reset your graphics drivers

            Games don’t “reset your driver”. Drivers reset themselves (at the request of Windows’ TDR) if a GPU thread doesn’t respond for a long time. That has nothing to do with the DX initialization that every DX game performs when it starts.

            If you’re getting a TDR recovery message when the game starts, you’re probably trying to force some settings through the graphics driver that GW2 doesn’t officially support (yet), such as SLI or certain anti-aliasing modes. 

            > im not saying GW2 is
            > changing my fan speed

            Oh, I guess I must have misunderstood when you said “since they added GPU optimization it caps my GFX fan at 30%”. Or maybe when you said “when the game flashes it reset the fan to 30% flat speed”.

            > that dosent mean i want my
            > card running for extended
            > periods at boiling point.

            Unless your card is made of water (unlikely), you’re nowhere near boiling point. The boiling point of silicon is 2355 C. You’ll probably notice some magic smoke escaping well before that, though. 

            > Will be running their graphics
            > card at a 30% flat speed fan 
            > after the reset and not even
            > realise it. Why should i not be
            > allowed to warn people of such?

            I have a feeling (based on your posts here) that your “warning” was more along the lines of “GW2 changes your fan speed and damages your GPU!”, which is nonsense on every count. 

            Fan speed isn’t even a relevant measurement; you can have cards running cool at 20% fan speed and other cards overheating at 100% fan speed. If your card is under 95 C and your case has decent airflow, there’s no reason to increase the fan speed. 

            And you haven’t replied about Afterburner’s settings.

            If you have “Auto” disabled, “User Setting” enabled, and a custom curve defined under Advanced -> Fan, Afterburner will change your fan speed according to that curve. It doesn’t even matter if the graphics driver is reset; Afterburner hooks directly into the fan controller. If it’s not respecting the curve you set, there’s probably some compatibility issue between your version of Afterburner and your graphics card(s), which means you can’t even trust the values it reports.

            In Auto mode, the default BIOS settings for reference design 470s keep the fan at 40% until they reach 85 Celsius and then start increasing it, hitting 55% fan speed at 95 Celsius (and presumably raising it more if the temperature gets higher – but that’s the highest temperature I’m seeing, even at 100% GPU load). If you’re seeing speeds under 40%, either your cards have a modified BIOS or you have Afterburner using a custom curve. Check Advanced -> Fan and change the speed there, not on the slider bar. Read the Afterburner manual, pages 14 to 19, for more details.

          • Noctover

            Ok, most of your responses are just pedantic. For example, if a game triggers my graphics drivers to reset im going to say it makes my graphics drivers reset, im not going to go into detail about how the game dosent reset them windows does, the game is the cause and therefore i and most other non-pedantic people will say as such.

            Im aware of the way GFX cards are cooled, that dosent mean to say running it at a stated 100 deg C is healthy, infact it would be silly to even suggest that it is.

            Even if i did say the game stops fans (which i didnt, ofc, i went into detail as to why) it still dosent warrant deletion without warning and a ban, without warning.

            Please dont tell me how afterburner works, im very aware of it runs, i use a custom fan profile to make my fan increase speed at a faster rate, because of this issue i tried running it at a straight 100%, to experiment and find the same results.

            Please don’t insult my intelligence with the SLI compatibility being a maybe cause, anyone even semi proficient in the use of computers will have tried with that disabled.

            Again you seem to be missing the point of the post, which is ANETs reaction to a simple, informative and calm post warning people that use 3rd party software to manage fan speeds that the game (yes, the GAME) can potentially lower than fan speed and cause overheating, this does not warrant a ban without warning, its called censorship. 

          • Arkanthos

             If u posted in the forums there like u posted here, then im not suprised why they banned you.

          • Noctover

            How exactly have i posted here? i haven’t abused, flamed, used language or caused any issue, so your response makes no sense. Or was the point of this response “If you post on there in a calm non-aggressive manner, im not surprised they banned you” it makes perfect sense.

          • Arkanthos

             First of all don’t take this personaly, but no one knows how you posted there. You could have flamed them and now say you didnt, we don’t know as we didnt/can’t see the post you made. Secondly you are the only one with this problem but you still insist its the game’s fault. And even with the explanation of Old Ben you still force yours, if you did this on the forums then no wonder it would be taken down.

          • Old Ben

            > if a game triggers my
            > graphics drivers to reset 

            The game does no such thing. TDR is a Windows mechanism that restarts drivers if they don’t respond for a while. In some cases (especially with slow GPUs, but can happen with faster GPUs depending on shader design) it can make the driver reset even though everything is running fine (and the GPU is simply taking longer to respond than Windows would like).

            > that dosent mean to say
            > running it at a stated 100
            > deg C is healthy, 

            Oh, so now it’s 100? Because two posts ago it was 95. I guess it got hotter meanwhile. Anyway, it’s perfectly healthy according to Nvidia (and they probably know).

            > infact it would be silly to
            > even suggest that it is.

            Well, don’t buy cards from a silly manufacturer, then.

            > Please dont tell me how
            > afterburner works, im very
            > aware of it runs

            Either you’re not or your copy of Afterburner isn’t working properly. And if it’s not working properly, then you (as an “IT Technician” and all) should know that you can’t trust the values it reports.

            > the game (yes, the GAME) 
            > can potentially lower than
            > fan speed and cause
            > overheating

            Still wrong on both counts. The game can’t talk to your fan controller at all, and 95 C is not “overheating” for your GPU. It’s a perfectly normal chip temperature for a 470 under load, as you can see if you read some reviews:

            www [dot] guru3d [dot] com/imageview.php?image=23204

            www [dot] guru3d [dot] com/article/geforce-gtx-470-480-review/13

            But, of course, you’re free to keep insisting on your theory. Ultimately you’re the one wasting your time; I’m done wasting mine.

          • Noctover

            BTW i will rap this discussion up, as this is kind of what i expected when you write a negative comment about a game on an article of which people (like yourself) only look at because they are excited and looking forward to said product, hence adding a large degree of “Fanboy’ism” shall we call it to what would otherwise be met by logical responses. I say this because you have proven it, by ignoring the basic point of the post (The forums banning without warning for anything that could be considered negative), and babbling on about afterburner, windows, drivers, and fan control, whilst amazingly completely misunderstandingthe main point of your entire argument.

            Also i am somewhat concerned about your inability to understand that no one is suggesting the game its-self, slows the fan speed, and merely that the game triggers a series of events that does cause this to happen. You’d think of a guy who mentions “wasting time”, you’d understand how people might not go around the houses trying to explain all the sub-situations that occur in order to trigger a driver reset, and more just cut to the chase and say “hey guys, GW2 causes the fan to be lowered to 30% when using 3rd party fan control software. (Remember, we have already established that many people use 3rd party fan control software, and that many people are having the driver resetting compatibility issue with GW2).

            Warning people of a problem that i had is only a “nice” thing, and nothing negative can come of it, except if your a game developer/publisher who would rather people didn’t know of it. 

            Im going to spell it out one more time for you because it seems you lack the schooling to understand. GW2 (thats the game) causes the drivers (graphics drivers) to reset, for many many people. These people, if they are using 3rd party fan controlling software (That’s afterburner) may have there personal profiles or forced fan speeds reset to a hard capped 30% (Thats what happend to me). This is the important part, so pay close attention: No one is saying that GW2 directly controls the fan speed, only that it is the CAUSE, of the issue. Now im going to suggest you read back a few times,  to help you understand, i know it can be difficult. Do you get it yet? If i wasn’t playing GW2, the drivers wouldn’t reset, because the game causes that to happen? This is only the 3rd time, are you following me yet?

            Lastly i e-mail’d NVIDIA with the question (of which i already knew the answer, hence why i haven’t responded to this comment until now) just to put an end to your condensation, i will paste it for you.

            “Thank you for your support request CENSORED.

            The NVIDIA 400 series graphics cards are capable of hitting temperatures of 105°c as this is their maximum operational temperature. We do however advise against running your graphics card at temperatures exceeding 105°c for prolonged periods of time as this can potentially reduce the lifespan of your hardware.”

            I wont paste the rest, it was basically a copy-paste from the cliché handbook of how to cool your gfx card and avoid damage.

            One thing i will say is that the support staff for the game are very good, i got my refund within 3 days with no troubles, maybe the blatant lack of professionalism is solely in the moderators on the forum.

            I hope GW2 succeeds, the MMO market can not afford another SWTOR.

            Enjoy your game. 2 weeks to go!

  • Bob

    I was getting better and better FPS from BW3 through the two stress tests. In BW3, I was doing 30-40 FPS on Best Appearance settings. In Stress Test One 40-50 FPS and in Stress Test Two 50-60 FPS. I have an Intel i7 920, Nvidia GTX 560 Ti and 6 GB of ram. I guess all these stress tests are all about optimization.

    • Dularr

      Did you get any message from your utilities about core usage?   Got a message from one of my utilities saying GW2 was using a full core.

      • Old Ben

        It has maxed out one core since the first beta. That’s pretty much the definition of CPU-bound. In fact, it currently comes pretty close to maxing out two cores, since they moved the occlusion checks to the CPU.

    • Jay

       Yeah man, game was running smooth as silk earlier today… Definitely some polishing being done behind the scenes.

    • Jado Cast

      Yeah, I was up to 50+ FPS last test, but today it was lower and I had more issues than ever before.  I just want to get started on my Necro and start playing for real.

  • Tj Vossos

    Guardian are fantastic dps i had an awesome glass cannon build for them too 2 people down and almost a 3rd

    • Dularr

      I tried out the warrior today in sPvP, lovin it.

      • Jay

         Warrior is beast.

        • falknerblitz

           Definitely – if you get hit with bull rush + fury + hundred blades fully head one…..well you can kiss you backside goodbye

          • Nate Amaral

            Its super easy to avoid, only nubs get hit with it :/

          • falknerblitz

             In 1v1 yes. When you’re already in a 2on2 or 3on3 and a warrior blind sides you then that’s when it’s dangerous, especially if your cooldowns are not up.

  • Cyclops07

    I have not been able to play in any of the stress tests as they are smack dab in the middle of my work day which sucks for me I guess. That said, I’m glad they are having them and hope they have another as any chance they can use to work out the kinks to make this the best launch possible is worth it. 

    • Dularr

      Fridays stress test should help, looks like they are listening and scheduling it for a little later in the day.

      • Cyclops07

        Coolness! I will actually get to play in a stress test. Thanks Anet!

  • Galdros

    Theres another stress test tommorow from 4-8. Sadly I won’t be able to play during it due to work :(

    I got some serious screenies though.

  • Galdros

    Also, noticed a few mesmer buffs. For one, my phantasms seemed to persist from target to target.

    Had 3 duelists lighting people up in PvP.

  • Stephanie Schaak

    Doing a stress test during theirbusiness hours is a no-brainier.  BUT they should do a stress test when most of the people would be hitting servers which would probably be people who will be done with work for the day and home playing. :)

    • Bob

      You got your wish. There’s another stress test tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 10th from 4pm – 8pm PST.

    • Jay

       You mean like tomorrow at 4pm – 8pm PDT? :)

      • Elisabeth Claire

        Remember that they have a LOT of EU players, so a middle-of-the-day (US time) test falls right in primo play time for the EU folks ANDfits nicely in working hours.
        …but yeah, more US-friendly test on Friday :)

        • Jay

           Exactly. Gotta show our brothers and sisters across the pond a lil love.

    • Willi Enderle

      We are legion!

  • Dularr

    It would be great to have a WvW app.  Giving status updates, Squad Commander notices and WvW queues. 

  • Jado Cast

    I hope I can auction and craft from my App on my ipad or iphone.  That would be great.  Then I can be productive when I’m not in game.  That would be mucho awesome sauce!

    • Old Ben

      You mean then you can hurt your productivity even when you’re not in game.

      • Jado Cast

        Yeah, maybe real life productivity, but that doesn’t count.  ;)  We all gotta make sacrifices buddy!

  • Elisabeth Claire

    Ignore this. >.>

    • Fluffenstuffen

       Nope. :)

    • Old Ben

      Hey, everybody, look at this!!

    • Elisabeth Claire


  • Ferdinand M

    Procopio… you rock. I wonder how ”hipster glasses” would look on you ! :)

    Google it…buy it, and shine ittttt

  • Jason Quinn

    It’d be hard to go farther than WoW for API. Guild websites display loot that dropped from bosses the night before, and you can actively view the guild bank. 

    • Justin Munyer

      Actually you can go much further than that. See EVE Online’s API system

      • Jamie Weston

        Hear, hear!

  • Nappie Chappy

    Procopio is a wise man.

    • Jant0n

       He is indeed

    • Jay

       We should nerf him…

  • Larry Huggins

    8/10/12  at 8:03 pm and the unexected Stress Test ended!  From 4-8 PM it ran.  I just happened to be checking for file uploads and noticed that today some occurede.  Post supper and then it connected. “)

  • Kicknpups

    I’m glad they have been testing…I have to say I had tons of trouble yesterday. Graphic glitches GALORE! Personal story zones were all just well gone! haha. Literally couldn’t see my char or any anything just blue skies and ground and certain angles I could see but would just disapear…I’m glad there testing and I hope non of these glitches will be there because honestly will be very very disappointing..

    • cyanpill

       Yeah, looks like they are still testing things everywheres. I had much less fps in this stress test then the one before it, and there were disconnects that apparently were caused by arenanet on purpose to see how it would strain the servers. Hopefully they will use all this data so we will never have those issues for realz.

      • Razor4884

        It was confirmed by Arena-net at the end of the last stress-test that many of the disconnects were caused by an internet issue that affected not only GW2, but GW1 also.

  • James Sahertian

    I am so glad to hear about the hard boot issues. happens to me a lot. i thought it was my pc.

  • Bob

    There is another stress test tomorrow on Aug. 12th from 11 am PST to 12 pm PST.

  • Corey “Crimzen”

    On the topic of adding new professions, If anyone hasn’t noticed already they have 3 light armor professions, 3 medium armor professions only 2 heavy armor professions. So I think it may be safe to say that the next profession is going to wear heavy armor, but who knows. If we go to cantha first I would want a Samurai profession…just saying.

    • Jay

      Don’t even start that Samurai talk… I still miss my SAM from FFXI :(

      I’d like to see a Shadow Knight style profession too.. Which is basically a heavy armor necro or the opposite of a guardian. Life drains, skeleton pet, and heavy plate? Yes, please.

  • Kenneth Cunningham

    I think Polymock could be totally ported to a mobile app.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Good episode!  Goodbye Scott!  I liked seeing him on Guildcast.   I hope Gary finds someone competent to fill his shoes.

    I actually did as
    Richie suggested and took screenshots of my character customization
    choices.  Now I won’t waste 10-20 minutes
    on launch day and still be happy with my character who I’ll be playing for
    years to come.  

    • ScottHawkes

      Thanks Doc, it’s very kind of you…waitaminute! I’m not going anywhere!

      • Peter James Mckenzie

        So Scott as mentioned in the vid about Zam, what does it change in regards of what you do at gamebreaker? That’s if you don’t mind us asking. Cause it wouldn’t be the same guildcast if the others weren’t giving you crap about guardians :)

        • ScottHawkes

           I’ll still be here on GuildCast each week to be ridiculed ;)

          • bsqminus4ac
      • Jay

         It’s too late Scott… Bye! *waves*

  • Vlad B.

    Sad to say that since you guys switched video players , can’t watch any of your videos. (Europe- using chrome)

    • Kenneth Vassbakk

      Yup, new player is crap :b

      • Jado Cast


  • Andrew Ashall

    dear Scott… Alt+f4 is your friend!

  • Robbie Paul

    Not much to say other than i love this show.

  • Scott Fuller

    I have a queston for Guildcast crew: When do you think more people will start playing, at the “head start” or “official launch”?  Given the fact that a lot of those interested would have wanted to access the beta, I am thinking that the head start will be when most people start playing than those who wait to buy it at launch.

    Thanks, Scott

  • bsqminus4ac

    I’ve had the same trouble as Scott. When GW2 does pretty much anything other than log in smoothly I have no alternative other than to hard boot. 

  • nathan werner

    This will be the first time I have not preordered a WoW expansion.  This game looks to break all the rules and yet be ALMOST the best thing since sliced breadz.

  • Drest

    oops double post

  • Drest

    RICHIE!!! you’re the best!