GuildCast - Guild Wars 2 Show - Episode 52

Panic on the streets of London…

But enough Smiths references, there’s no need to be running around waving your hands in a frantic manner for ArenaNet, NCSoft‘s “realignment” announcement isn’t related to Guild Wars 2 in any way, as confirmed by Martin Kerstein today. We discuss the ramifications of the sad news of job losses for NCSoft and the way ArenaNet’s staff model seems to differ to that of many MMO developers.

Colin Johanson got chatty this week and revealed some saliva inducing info for PvP worshipers. Is the infrastructure that could get competitive eSport PvP on its way? How long will it be until the work the designers are putting in right now bears fruit? We ponder the possibilities and talk about eSports and MMOs in general.

Also we are apparently about to be blown over by a tidal force of new content. Enough new bells and whistles in January and February will be added to add up to a free expansion’s worth of content. First of all, that’s a bit good isn’t it? But does this set up a precedent that will be difficult to match? Is ArenaNet planning on a constant deluge of new awesomesauce?

With patch notes and viewer questions — yes my overlords, they are finally getting your triumphant message, I am preparing them oh masters — the crew is on hand to guide you through.

Join Gary Gannon, Massively‘s Elisabeth Cardy and Richie Procopio with some odd English bloke from ZAM for this week’s GuildCast!