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GuildCast 58

Looking for info on the Guild Wars 2 January patch, Flame and Frost?  We have you covered.

The GuildCast crew is back with two weeks worth of news, starting with the Guild Wars 2 January patch, Flame and Frost.  The patch, set to arrive on January 28th is the first part of a big story arc that will be doled out over the coming months.

According to a lore teaser it seems some bad things will be occurring in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau — perhaps something involving elementals?

The patch will also include stuff for PvP fans, improvements to the achievement system and dailies as well as guesting.  Of course the most important thing that will arrive with the patch are baby quaggan backpacks.  Let’s not try to think about how those are made.

Colin Johanson details what players can expect over the next six months.

Obviously, the first thing we can expect is the Guild Wars 2 January patch, but what else can players look forward to?

According to Johanson, the team is focused on expanding the achievement system to allow players to earn new rewards for their achievements and take advantage of the open world experience.  Support will even be added so daily achievements will be different for each day of the week.

ArenaNet is also working on adding content that will allow guilds to go on missions together.  And, a system of prestige and advancement is being designed just for WvW that will give players a progression path where they can earn WvW-only abilities and bonuses.

In case you missed it, Scott Hawkes got to sit down with Colin Johanson for a ZAM interview!

The interview covers the Guild Wars 2 January patch, raiding, content for guilds, and even more.  We highly suggest you check it out after the show.

And as always, if you missed the previous episode, you can check it out here.


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  • Jim Bergevin Jr

    Scott – that’s what you get for leaving the butter out on the counter!!!

  • !wut_iz

    Gary “Chunks” Gannon.

  • Dularr

    Good show.  Clearly Gary was going for the Scott barf on screen for his troll video collection. 

  • Daniel Rond

    I laughed so much watching this! Gary is a horrible, horrible person. :D

  • Joey Morrone

    Hahaha Gary. Your sense of humor is the best. So trolly.

  • Zax19

    Dat ending xD.

  • Vyce Calvaria

    this episode was so full of dead air. really a waste of time…

    • Joey Morrone

      Can’t tell if serious or trolling like Gary..

    • Supercoven

      they addressed just about every major issue in the game… probably one of the best episodes in recent memory.

      your comment is a waste of time and you’re pathetic life is a waste of time.

      just sayin

      • mobtek mobtekl

        yup I agree, I had a blast watching this ep

      • Joshua Branstetter

        I love listening to these people, and good info.

      • ArsenicSpritzer

        The one issue they didn’t address, is why they break one of their fundamental design philosophies (“Playing the game the way you want to play it” – 00:30:42), when it comes to completing achievements or pursuing a legendary. Monthly achievements provide a substantial reward on completion, yet require involvement in PvP to complete. And these AREN’T the PvP Monthlies, which are a totally separate achievement path, *exclusively* for PvP enthusiasts. From the wiki:

        Daily (4) — repeatable PvE achievements that reset every day
        Daily PvP (4) — repeatable PvP achievements that reset every day
        Monthly (4) — repeatable PvE achievements that reset every month
        Monthly PvP (4) — repeatable PvP achievements that reset every month

        Notice that the “Monthly” achievement specifically mentions PvE, yet requires 50 player kills in WvW.

        Even getting map completion is impossible without having to deal with PvP. You can get to something like 95% to 97% done, before you are left with WvW maps, where two of the four are carbon copies of another map. And you can’t get a legendary without it, which is the only truly long term goal the game provides. PvP or F-U.

        When they practice what they preach in this respect, I’ll start to get excited by the other stuff they are doing. Right now, it’s all overshadowed by the constant prodding by the game, to subject myself to the PvP cesspool.

        Loved the show though, as I always do. I’m just not ready to drink any more of ArenaNet’s kool-aid — yet.

  • Tommy_NOR

    my god….Gary on the end of this. i laughed so hard!

  • Shana Lacasse

    I think the profession gear boxes are profession based because of runes. Runes of The Elementalist or Rune of The Mesmer per example. The skin coming with it is really curious though.

  • the_founder

    Agree completely about the lack of PVE Guild sized events… because its such a solo player experience currently, im so freakin bored with GW2 that i would do a 10 man raid for some fuckin vendor trash loot. WTF is the ridiculous and inane fear of ANY group size over 5 players? RAID RAID RAID wtf its just a fukin word. If its NOT tied to mandatory gear progression wtf are these dullards worried about?!!?

    Take a step back you fools and realize just how freaking easy it is to get the best gear in the game… and how many different ways you can get it… a 10 player guild sized event would just be ONE MORE WAY TO GET IT. a type of gameplay that MANY MANY players want. why cater to every playstyle except this particular and very popular one?

    and Arenanet’s newest bandaid for this problem sounds… underwhelming at best.

    fuck i feel a little bit better now

    • Supercoven

      Well said.

      Fine that they got 3million boxes sold and they claim that online activity is up but all 3 of my PVE guilds are dead, and have been for months. And on the rare occasion one of these guilds have more than 2 people online, they all complain about being bored with pve. I dont think Anet’s plans to addess this will fix anything. Guilds will still just be chatrooms for trading dyes 

    • Hart

       yes! yes!

      and more yes

    • Pete Cuellar

      Way to judge something that has little to no info about it.

    • ArsenicSpritzer

      WoW is your game for raids. I never want to experience in GW2, the level of bitching, whining and self-aggrandizement I saw while raiding, previously. With a five man group, I can ensure those I play with are ACTUAL friends, and not just names on a contact list. I know they are people I’ll want to play with, and who won’t make me insane with the desire to strangle them with their own intestines.

      To hell with raids.

      • HartsHope

        Sorry you could never find a group of people to enjoy meaningful and challenging content that raids can offer. Sowwwy that your fragile ego was bruised when better players expressed joy at performing at a high level while you were deadweight sucking it up at the bottom.

        But no worries.. GW2 has plenty of spoonfed easymode content for you and your 4 friends to enjoy and nothing is gonna change that – Arenanet is dedicated to it. But I’ve been playing with the same 20 person guild for 7 years now and we dont see any reason GW2 cant have truely challenging and involved events designed for coordinated guilds.

        So just enjoy your creamed corn content in your geriatric fantasy world – which makes up 90% of GW2 and allow just a little bit of thrilling fun for the rest of us with a pulse. DONT WORRY youll never have to do it. just like you never have to do WvW or sPVP.

        to hell with whining bitches

    • DoctorOverlord

      I am really hoping that GW2 can pull off open-world, large-scale content.

      One of the things I disliked about instanced raids was that it gated not just gear but also major storylines as well as the most intricate and elaborate set pieces and game challenges.    If you wanted to witness those things you *had* to get into the gear grind.     If you don’t jump on the hamster wheel you’ll never even see the storylines that were started out in the open world where everyone was leveling.

      Making this large scale content something that everyone can witness in the open world turns raids from being something that fragments the community into one may actually bring help it together.     Large guilds could get names for themselves for being the ones that organize and initiate these events and people will be able witness their organization as they coordinate and tackle the challenges.

      The big issue is whether ArenaNet has found a way to stop griefers from ruining the coordination of the guilds.     I suppose that is why raids went toward instances in the first place – to escape the inevitable moronic Leeroy Jenkins-types that will show up in the open world.     GW2 does a decent job removing traditional griefing methods in other forms of PvE, maybe it can pull it off for large-scale coordinated content as well.

  • Supercoven

    i find elizabeth to be prudish and humorless.

    • Hart

      Im with you guys about that the new “guild triggered dynamic events” sounds – lame. what a complete joke.

      and about the interface – I actually want to make it even more minimal. I want to hide damage numbers, hide group names above the heads and move/resize the hotbar to make it smaller. I want to move where the buffs and conditions icons are as well. This doesnt change the gameplay in the least… wont give ANYONE an advantage, blah blah. Just lets me feel more at home with the game. More comfortable like when i buy a new car i like to customize the interior… because ill be driving this damn thing ALOT, just like im driving my character thru Tyria. 

    • Elisabeth Claire

      I find you to be incapable of spelling Elisabeth correctly.

      • Joey Morrone


      • DoctorOverlord

        Everyone knows you spell it with an ‘x’ 

  • Quiet

    1 word on experience in PvP that they left out when talking about the greatness of swtor.

    Bots may or may not have a negative impact on the game when there is some follow-me ranger train killing centaurs 24/7. But if PvP gives exp, they will go there, and there will be no debate about the severity of their impact.

    Also, hilarious episode. Glad you guys are back.

  • Duskwolf

    Good episode mates! Made me laugh many a time. :)
    Also want to say that I especially enjoy your sense of humour Mr. Scott Hawkes, hope you’re feeling better! 

  • nathan law

    you skipped over the most intersting part of plans for guild content “ the creation of new content by a guild/s everyone in the world can experience. ”

    • DoctorOverlord

      Good point!   I forgot about that line.   Part of me was thinking that it sounded like a form of player-created content which would be very *very* cool.  

      But then it could just be content that becomes activated by a guild performing large scale events which would be fun but not nearly as intriguing.

      • nathan law

        I’m pretty sure they mentioned the possibility for player created content prior to launch, i cant find that quote anywhere now but im almost certain it’s out there.

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Can still talk about guesting, and how pointless it is. Can already do dungeons and anything group related you want to do cross server.

    • Michael

      Playing with your friends in the world is not group related? Could have fooled me. 

    • Elisabeth Claire

      I’mma go ahead and have to beg to differ. I’m *really* stoked to not just be limited to folks on my world for open-world play.

      • Richie Procopio

        We’ll be able to kill risen, karka and do jumping puzzles together for the first time!

        • DoctorOverlord

          When are we going to see a Gameplay episode with the Guildcast crew running a dungeon? :)  

  • Revanhavoc

    Watching this show live was an experience unto itself. 

  • Robert Selander

    I feel that GW2 has run out of steam in some ways. For me at least. GBTV should consider doing a TESO show instead.

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      Yes, clearly a game that has sold over three million copies in a few months and actually has more players over time is out of steam.  /sarcasm

      I’m sorry you have lost interest in the game, but it is far from out of steam. Statistically speaking it is still growing. Guild Wars 2 isn’t going to go the path of SWTOR; it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • Anthony Botz

    On the Zerg and world bosses. These encounters are interestingly designed, but they are tuned to be pretty easy. As a result the interesting mechanics are just ignored. Imagine if there were 5 mega lazers, and they all needed to be protected and also if the bone walls protected Teq from the blasts. Imagine if 3 of 5 shots didn’t hit him that he wasn’t stunned, and if he wasn’t stunned at that moment he did something that was really hard to deal with. That is the type of complexity that guild events will need. They need to be tuned to be hard, and possible to fail. If they are not afraid to put in mechanics that if not dealt with will wipe the group these could be exciting. Important to make these mechanic something that can’t be trolled, like say Lord Kazzak from Classic WoW and the if you die you explode and kill others ect.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Grossest Guildcast ever.   And I couldn’t stop watching it live :)  

    Scott was really looking green at times.   What a trooper!  

  • Robert Caliolo

    I notice they have opened up the random curse word box. No Biggie but just something I have noticed has happened over the last 3 episodes.

    Other then that a good episode and keep up the good work.

  • ScottHawkes

    Ok, I’ve finally eaten. What happened while I was away?

  • Robert Caliolo

    What if in SPvP they added in a 3rd NPC faction Not puppet npc’s but ramped up npc’s that also want the map. This is their territory and the 2 SPvP teams are there as scouting parties. Both teams would be attempting to secure various points around the map as normal but this 3rd faction would be there to disrupt that by either helping the attacking teams…meaning the npc’s would always be fighting over ANY captured point…basically creating a possible 10 on 5 skirmish for a point.

  • Simon Griffiths

    is the show available in audio only?


  • Mikael Kramer

    Really loved the ending XD Downtalking your own show :b