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The Guild Wars 2 January patch is here!

For a “small” patch the Guild Wars 2 January patch is pretty impressive.  And, it seems like the devs put a lot of thought in to some of the small details, such as how to get players to realize there’s new content and where it’s located.

Signs and Heralds

If, for some reason, you’re one of those people that can miss seeing a city if you blink, ArenaNet has you covered — with signs.  That’s right, just follow the signs into the city and you should be fine.

Once in any major city, players can count on heralds to tell them where events are happening.  This, plus the addition of a whole new achievement category, is certain to get people traveling around the world.  It seems like it should also have a long running value as the devs can just “alert” the heralds whenever something new is going on and the heralds can send players on their way.  And, well… let’s face it… who doesn’t enjoy getting achievements?

New laurels and the daily system

While there’s no laurel reward for the January monthly, players can look forward to receiving a laurel for completing the daily achievement.  The dailies change every day and ArenaNet has even added an underwater combat daily in the Guild Wars 2 January patch.

Eventually, players will be able to pick and choose which parts of the daily they want to do, but that’s a bit off.

Dynamic Leveling

Significant adjustments have been made to dynamic leveling so that players will be weaker when adjusted down and stronger when adjusted up.  The upside is that players will be able to receive loot at their own level from any enemy.

Tons more

The hosts discuss all of the above and several other things that came with the Guild Wars 2 January patch.  Plus, they take on your viewer questions.

And, if you missed last week’s show, you can check it out here.

  • Perkysaurus

    Oh yes the wonders of the mystic toilet.  

  • John Albano

    Great show, as usual. On in-game gambling, Puzzle Pirates made it a regular part of their game a long time ago and I found it odd others haven’t added it to their games as well, especially the games with PVP and competitive matches. GW2 needs baby quaggan cage fights, like rooster/dog fights, but cute… with gambling.

  • Liam Richardson

    Gambling in Star Trek Online in the form of Dabo

  • Tori McGrath

    OMG I bet Elixabeth hates that picture

    • Elisabeth Claire


  • Sebastian Carlsson

    There is a gambling minigame :D In Ascelon there’s a cowcannon and you can bet on how far it goes :P

  • Nendogamer

    Daily Dodge… Tons of people really don’t know it.

  • Lance_Darkrage

    next activity, mini pet battles for asura… just sayin…would be amazing…

  • André Calheiros

    ppl can avoid DODGE (as counted in the title) in PvE… to dodge an attack you can dodge a bit earler as the npc starts telegraphing the attack, while for the title u need to do a last minute dodge

    • DoctorOverlord

      Exactly, if you dodge early you do not proc the Evade which is actually what counts for the achievement.   I’ve tested this and it’s the same for melee attacks, ranged attacks and AoE red circles.

      I actually had to consciously alter my timing in order to get the achievement, it felt very strange and unnatural doing so. I don’t think I ever would have gotten it if I dodged the way I usually do.

      But Guildcast brought up a good point, perhaps the achievement was simply meant to get some people to realize you CAN dodge in the game.   I had a friend who never figured it out for himself until I told him.

      I’ve always said a tutorial at the start would solve problems like this but this achievement may work as a decent band-aid.

  • Peter Stenberg

    Rebecca is hot

  • Graham Sadler

    no discussion of the karma boxes?

  • Bush Swanson, The American Dre

    Gary’s been swearing a lot more. I think he’s drunk? :P

  • floppyjoe

    How about not a quaggan rez kit per se, but a Quaggan Hatchling Revive Orb (a la Coddler’s Cove)?

  • Learning-to-Fly

    Killing the rez-zerg mechanic in dungeons is a huge improvement. Now the game has the faintest whiff of thrill and tension.  Now youll see groups actually “try” to strategize or mesh their trait builds. And I think Elixabeth is downplaying its impact. “Being able to steady stream resurrected players” endlessly back to boss is unbelievably boring and easy crutch. And everyone did it. Lets be honest about this.. about 95% of GW2′s “hardest content” is laughably easy already – even without rez zerging. This game’s designs DO NOTHING to support the evocative gameworld they crafted… everything looks awesome and dangerous and then you play it and its like…. meh that was easy. please Anet… inject some fukin danger into this visual masterpiece.

    And if Arenanet ruins it by now “rebalancing” fights to match the lack of rez-zerg – aka nerf it to be easier – then wtf is the point. Heres evidence: how many players do you know or see that put points into utility skills that help rally players quicker for PVE.. ya, like nobody does because its a waste and unnecessary. Everyone mostly goes full dps so you can speed farm tokens fast as possible in order to fight the incredible currency grind of GW2.

    • HartsHope

       big agree.

    • MMO_NewSkool

      Guildwars is a fluff game aimed at making happy meal toys for their gem shop – it was never meant to be challenging. If you bought into the hype about “skill based gameplay” just because stats are downplayed, then shame on you. Just know what youre buying and you wont be disappointed.

      Arenanet does silly fun cosmetic events really really well. If interesting and challenging teamwork based PVE is what youre hoping for… hah youre gonna be letdown.

      • Nick Cattane

        Stats aren’t down played – There is a signifcant difference between someone running full DPS gear and full healing or tank, etc.  Max/best stats are simply easy to obtain.  The PvE content, for the most part, is easy to accomplish, but I think ANET is making it more and more challenging and balancing appropriately with each patch and with the release of FOTM.

        While the content may not be the toughest I’ve ever undertaken, it is quite enjoyable and that’s something ANET has always stood for – fun. So if you don’t like FUN content or if the only way content is fun for you is if you have to wipe 100x, read strats, etc, then the current GW2 PvE content may not be for you.

    • Nick Cattane

      I have a couple glass cannon 80′s and also my +power/healing/toughness shout healing warrior.  He is a beast tank and puts out decent dps + assists the group greatly with his AOE healing.

      I agree dungeons need a bit of a difficulty boost for most core groups that zerg farm them, but for the casual gamers grouping I think it is at an appropriate skill level.  Also, FOTM is great – fun, quick, fresh, and very difficult at the later stages of the levels.  If they implement a dungeon finder and build dungeons in a similar manner they have for FOTM moving forward they should have a great dungeons base.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Terrific episode everyone.

    I made the mistake of starting my dinner near the end and the whole quaggen discussion nearly made me choke on my salad with laughter.    GBTV should come with a viewer warning :) 

  • HartsHope

    at: Scott Hawkes. I want to high-five you about 3 times a show.

    ya I remember Everfrost, and fondly. Could you imagine Vox vs Zhaitan? pffft 1 hit and Zhaitan goes down like a keg brawl bitch. Everquest’s dragons make GW2′s feel like high polygon Salamanders-of-Lame. I wouldnt welcome 60man raids again but hell I killed Jormag last night with 7 strangers while watching cute kitten videos on youtube; i cant imagine a more anticlimactic game.

    at: Gary Gannon. high five for sneaking in a bukkake reference AND Everquest “train” in the same show. skills man, you got skills.

    this show is very informative and very funny.

  • Bear Powell

    Ooooooh… And then it dies.

    • Richie Procopio


  • Lucas Dove

    Did he really say bukaki at 53:40 >.< I can hardly believe what I just heard.

  • Jado Cast

    Its so funny how people thought dungeons were soooooooooo hard when the game first came out and all the Kittens were complaining.  Then a couple months into the game, and everyone complained how easy the dungeons are because people would just graveyard rush the bosses.  Now you ca’t rush the boss, so people can’t breeze through dungeons, and everyone is pissed again in the forums.  “Gamers are Assholes” ~ Gary Gannon.  

  • Graham Sadler

    What do you think about getting lodestones from the new karma boxes?  As you can just Trading post them for a good amount of money, isnt it just a way to convert karma to money? Keep in mind anet has banned for this in the past.

    • Nick Cattane

      I think it’s pretty obvious they want to make karma worth more to the user – which will spark more going out into PvE zones to do events/etc (which this change has already done, cursed shores is full of people at normal hours now).

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      You do realize the stuff you get out of those boxes is account bound, right? 

  • EValentino

    why did you chop my cute little head off? haha best line

  • Chris Catone

    Karma boxes, I missed that.  What’s that about?

  • Himei

    Did you guys play the game out in the world?  Level loot has never changed.  I’ve been getting level 80 gear from chests and low level enemies since November, reason why The Frozen Maw in Wayfarer zone is spammed.  Good video though besides that.

  • Skyler Bradsby

    Dead quaggans can’t say no