Welcome to a new era.

This is the first GuildCast with Guild Wars 2 out live and for all to dive into.

The game most of us have been waiting for with hand-wringing impatience finally launched Friday night — for the Pacific folks at least — and we jumped in with the gusto you would expect. After the launch party, we went our separate ways and explored.

Dynamic events, personal story, leveling curve, tradeskills and so much more are captivating many people. We give our take on the world that ArenaNet built.

There are already a number of level 80s roaming around, just how far did our hardened band of MMO buccaneers get? And with this game, does it really matter?

There’s certainly no doubt that the experience of headstart varied wildly from person to person. There have been and continue to be issues with the game related to the highly successful launch. Over 400,000 concurrent users this weekend explains the massive strain put on the Guild Wars 2 servers. We look at just what has been going on and how ArenaNet has responded.

We rate the initial live experience for us as individuals. Do you agree with our ratings? Let us know below.

There are some interesting viewer questions to round off a show full of the joys of launch.

With GAMEBREAKER’s Gary Gannon are ZAM‘s Scott Hawkes, Massively‘s Elisabeth Cardy and Richie “Bogotter” Procopio.

It’s  the number one Guild Wars 2 show on the ‘net! It’s GuildCast!

A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • Rodrigo Gomez

    My only regret is choosing a server with high population , i like small servers , where yo recognize ppl and not a loot of  x players  >,< . 

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

       They have free server transfers for a limited time. Better hurry.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      Hard to say, don’t know if you still end up in an overflow servers on the low-pop servers.  If the low-pop servers still end up with overflow instances, you still end up with the faceless masses. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506966143 Laurie Pimentel

    Will you be including links to the 3 Engineer builds? =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Butler/100004044764494 Michael Butler

    Gary you were right this game is made for exploring :D

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WZ324KCWGCMJENR2ZFFTCK3QP4 Blaze

    im lvl 33..  love the game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Caliolo/100003765889295 Robert Caliolo

    In defense of the crafter that reached 80… He is now a 80, and allows him to go anywhere he wants to in the game…like Orr…where as US that are not would be insta killed. That crafter will have gear that is level 80 and survive to fight any mob he aggro, and live another day because of it.
    That crafter has lost NOTHING at all in the experience of PLAYING the game. As everyone mentions, he has to start at the newbie zones anyway and can now play the game because of the leveling down system, wish I had thought of this… So what has he lost? He stood in the crafting areas, was fed mats and got to level 80, experiencing nothing but that…Everyone in the guild got max space bags a plenty and everyone is happy except those that did not think of it. That level 80 can now do whatever he wants, is a level 80 and a level 80 crafter. All he needs now are the dropped recipies and karma ones.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      If he leveled to 60 though PVE, he is probably already unlocked his elite skills. 

      I got my Elementalist to 32 and still working on unlocking that first elite skill.

      It does bring back a concern, the higher level content is probably really difficult and best leveled through alternative means. 


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Caliolo/100003765889295 Robert Caliolo

        True, but again…all this guy has done is make a 80 crafter in a sense…to play the rest of the game he will be leveled down, or will leech the exp from others. I would assume that he will just play another character and experience the game as normal, yet still has a level 80 crafter, that and he can do WvW to his hearts content.

  • BigH001

    The first level 80 guy said in an interview with GuildWars2Guru that he leveled 1-60 in PvE and 60-80 via crafting. So he didn’t do it “completely by crafting” or the “majority” by crafting, he leveled though 3/4ths of the game though PvE and 1/4th through crafting.

  • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

    BIG GRATZ on being the NUMBER ONE Guild Wars 2 show on the Internets!!!

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    Leveling is soo long… I’m 29 atm… As old WoW player who hate questing, GW2 is kinda nice, events, hearts, garthering stuff. My realm owns WvW so I don’t have anything to do there. There are few things I don’t like eg, still many bugs, I don’t understand why movement in combat is slower than non-combat :/ 

    • MMO_Doubter

      The server has to track relationships between players and mobs in combat. I am not an expert, but that sounds like the reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angelica-Sarvo/100000523071070 Angelica Sarvo

    I’m 48 currently, I wasn’t planning on lvling very fast but I just get sucked into the game and next thing I know it’s five hours later and I gained a level… xD

    I played five hours the first night. For the first hour I had extreme delays in everything I did but after that it was smooth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Willi-Enderle/1668850948 Willi Enderle

    speaking of EU
    Our Login is down again >_<

    • MMO_Doubter

      Mine too (in NA).

  • http://www.facebook.com/inkogni.alex Inkogni Alex

    Get on the show [Challenge Completed] ^_^

  • Dekin

    You can actually use a dab of paroxide. And depending on the color little water and bleach. But if I had a blood stained wool sweater….I’d ware it like a trophy.

  • http://twitter.com/GrantElicious Grant Butler

    It’s funny how everyone was saying how different and amazing it was before launch. Now the wider audience are playing most the feedback is “it’s just another boring fantasy MMO”…….

    I just don’t get Gamebreaker, you hate on every other game you cover and yet GW2 seems to get a free pass. The game is generic as hell for one, it looks generic, has a generic race selection and has the most boring story of any MMO I’ve played.

    That’s what happens when you don’t have a subscription, suddenly everyone sings your praises and you cannot ever say the game is dying because there is no way to gage it.

    • http://twitter.com/NicholasDeLucia Nicholas DeLucia

      You can criticize Guild Wars 2 about a lot of things, but being too “generic” is not one of them.  There are many things in this game that have, quite simply, not been done before in an MMO setting.  This game is falt out different than anything else on the market right now, disputing that makes me think you haven’t even played the game.  

      Whether it is a good different or bad different remains to be seen.  I am glad you can accurately sum up everyone’s opinion of the game by reading the loud, angry, anonymous minority because the ones that like it are you know actually playing the game.  How about you wait a few months before you start your dead game warhorn?  Since apparently everyone thinks they are super cool when they “call” it.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Caliolo/100003765889295 Robert Caliolo

      To me, it is not boring at all. Different? Yes in the various ways to play the game.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Sardella/1422784105 John Sardella

      Sorry your experience hasn’t been what the majority feedback is. If you are talking about the general forum voices, that’s because all the people that love the game, are ingame. My experience has been the exact opposite of what you are experiencing. No game is perfect for everyone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      Yeah, have to agree with the guys below. For the fantasy setting, Guild Wars in not quite in the generic category (see Elder Scrolls Online). However, I do agree that the game is different and is not going to appeal to everyone and that kind of gets glossed over except for a few passing comments from Lix and Scott in a couple previous episodes. I have a problem with the fact that many of the design decisions are taken to be “Better than everyone else out there” when in fact the enjoyment of said design is largely a matter of personal preference and subjective thought.

      However, it could be just me, but it does seem that Anet is kind of getting left off the hook for some things that any other dev company would have been burned at the stake for. Of course, more of it might be made (as well as the usual “It’s dying” posts) in the forums … that is if the forums were actually up and running. Hmmm, another free pass on that one?

    • Nick Cattane

      I’ve been playing MMO’s since MU online and part of countless beta’s/launches since.  If you think this game is honestly generic then I would love to hear if you have any examples of exceptional games (even one’s outside of the MMO market).  This game isn’t the greatest game ever made and currently the server issues are annoying.  Nonetheless, the experience thus far has been fantastic and the game itself superb – and I went into this launch extremely skeptical that I would even like this game.  I can now say Guild Wars 2 has won me over and you should try getting past the first zone before you even try to judge the massiveness and appeal that this game has.

      Additionally, gamebreaker does not hide their bias – they acknowledge it constantly and you’re obviously here viewing their content for a reason – gee, their opinions/interests must hold some weight.  This game isn’t meant for everyone, gamebreaker loves it and so does the vast majority of purchasers – get over it and move on troll.  Time will tell where this game goes, but I can guarantee the ‘wider audience’ loves this game.

      (this opinion comes from a level 70 in a guild full of server first 80’s)

      **edit** I might add, lol at all the responses below contradicting your “wide audience” theory.

    • Lycronis

       While everyone is entitled to their opinions, yours is just wrong! ;) Seriously though, your statement about the wider audience is completely incorrect. Sure, there are some that don’t like the game, as with any game, but THE MAJORITY of people that are actually playing the game ARE enjoying it. No, the game is not perfect, it’s not the “savior” of MMO’s, but it’s one hell of a game and even with it’s current issues it been better than any recent MMO. You don’t like it, don’t play it. And why follow it and troll articles concerning it?

      • MMO_Doubter

        People who don’t like it have as much right to comment as those who do.

        “The majority of people”? Hmm. I wonder if anyone will call you on THAT claim. Since it paints GW2 in a positive light, probably not.

        In My Humble Opinion – the majority of people who don’t like it, are not playing anymore.

        • Lycronis

          I have nothing against commenting and voicing one’s opinion. What I have a problem with is with the ones that talk a bunch of crap and make up nonsense (and you have been guilty of that from time to time yourself.) just to get attention. I don’t like a lot of games that are out there, but I also don’t follow them and I sure as hell don’t go into the comment sections just to knowingly piss people off. Comment to share an opinion and give reason as to why you have that opinion is fine. Making stuff up, or just blatantly lying about it is not.

          And I stand by what I said. THE MAJORITY of people that have played/are playing the game are enjoying it. The wider audience’s feedback IS NOT saying “it’s just another boring fantasy MMO”…….

          I’m sure you can find some that are, but for every one you find, there’s at least 100 more that say otherwise.

          Again, the game is not perfect and there are several issues ongoing. But overall, it an enjoyable experience for most.

          • MMO_Doubter

            “I’m sure you can find some that are, but for every one you find, there’s at least 100 more that say otherwise.”

            There is no way you or others would let me get away with a claim like that.

            Obviously, the people who are still playing like it. That is no proof that they are the majority of people who have purchased it.

          • Lycronis

             Dude, seriously. If you think that everyone is already hating the game and think it just another boring MMO, then why in the hell is almost ALL of the North American servers currently full? Why is it nearly every time you log in or go to zone that you are in the overflow? If it sucks, then why are people still playing it? Why are they still complaining because the log-in servers (EU) were down again? Why are you complaining because you can’t log in? My point is, if so many people have already decided that is just another boring MMO, then why are so many playing it or trying to play it still?

            As to my claims, it doesn’t take to much effort to find out for yourself. Just take a look around the web. Media sites, gaming sites, fans sites, various forums etc. and just about everywhere you look, the general feedback is far more positive than negative. I don’t need to prove anything.

          • MMO_Doubter

            “If you think that everyone is already hating the game and think it just another boring MMO,”

            I didn’t say that.

            What does “full” mean? How many people on the server?

            “Why are they still complaining because the log-in servers (EU) were down again?”

            How could the servers be full, if people can’t log in?

            Really? More positive posts, than negative?
            Given the way people are attacked for saying anything negative, that really doesn’t surprise me.

          • Lycronis

             Dude, you really are stretching. I know you are not stupid and I know you are fully aware of what I’m talking about. Stop trying to put a bad spin on it. It’s just not going to work.

          • MMO_Doubter

            Dude. Write your points clearly, so people who are NOT as smart as I am can understand.

            Just because I can read between the lines, doesn’t mean everyone can.

          • Lycronis

             Sorry, but I refuse to write in crayon and dray pictures for you or anyone else. You know as well as everyone else that posts in these comments exactly what I’m talking about.

        • Jant0n

          >”People who don’t like it have as much right to comment as those who do.”
            They most certainly do, but there is a difference between stating opinion and fact. Grant Butler said “Now the wider audience are playing most the feedback is ‘it’s just another boring fantasy MMO’…….” that is quite a large assertion to make.

          >””The majority of people”? Hmm. I wonder if anyone will call you on THAT claim. Since it paints GW2 in a positive light, probably not”
           Lets try expanding on the snippet you quoted “Sure, there are some that don’t like the game, as with any game, but THE MAJORITY of people that are actually playing the game ARE enjoying it.”. It seems reasonable to believe that most people who are actively playing a game do so because they enjoy it; that isn’t to say they don’t find faults with it. Given that it is fairly easy to return the game I think it also fair to say that most people that didn’t enjoy it would have returned it.

          >”In My Humble Opinion – the majority of people who don’t like it, are not playing anymore.”
            What I find funny is you just took what he he said and reversed it. If I took what you said the “majority of people who don’t like it, are not playing anymore” then that means that the majority of people who are currently playing do like it, since the majority that don’t like it no longer play.

  • http://twitter.com/GrantElicious Grant Butler

    Also I asked for a refund back in beta and they still haven’t replied……. another MMO with poor CS.

    • sukhdeep bhatti

      A god damn lie, even the worst troll Sharuko got his refund O_O

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hamilton/1150725720 Ryan Hamilton


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Caliolo/100003765889295 Robert Caliolo

    Dynamic events could be started by talking to an NPC that is on a variable timer who spawns, triggers the event when talked to, then disapears and respawns ad some other random time, be it 30 minutes or 30 hours.
    Also keep in mind, at some point that dynamic event/world event will happen and no players will be around to prevent it and now some new stage that no one has experienced will take place because the players were not there to stop it from happening… next thing you know the entire area is overwhelmed with an invasion force that was never there because the players prevented it from happening all these times.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000804921688 Michael Z Lively

    I think what is needed to answer the question of, “Why do they do it in a good game?” We need to objectively define what a good game is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      The problem is that you can’t put an objective label on a subjective feeling. What would  be good for one person may be crap to another. It’s like trying to say GW2 is better than WoW or WoW is better than GW2 – either statement may be true if you are talking about things that are easy to quantify (such as graphical complexity), but in terms of gameplay and design, WoW is an apple and GW2 is an orange. They may have been grown in the same garden, but they are two different fruits and while you may and many others may like oranges, there are an equal number of people who think apples are the better fruit. You can really on objectively determine if both fruits are healthy and well grown examples of their respective fruit. In that case the answer would be yes to both.

      • Ravenstorm

        If you slice apples and oranges up, dump em in a bowl, and cover em with red wine, put it in the fridge for say 2 hours, you get a delicious funmaker for parties. Can we have that mmo pleez?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

          The only problem with that then is you get half the people complaining there are too many apples in the bowl and it might as well be an apple clone. The other half complain that there aren’t enough apples and the bowl sucks, so they are going back to their apple bowl until someone finally gets a bowl right.

  • Shadowtalis

    The simple fact that this is such a high quality MMO that requires no subscription alone makes it worthy of praise.

    Most of the complaints are from people burned out on the genre and want something completely different from anything that even looks like a fantasy theme park MMO.

    It’s like saying “I don’t like this hamburger because Its not a pizza.” Nevermind that you saw it was a hamburger from the picture on the menu.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      While the game is fun to play, the complaints are valid.

      Using your hamburger analogy:
      You order a hamburger, but the doors are locked and you can’t get in.  (joining guild problem.)
      You order a hamburger but have to wait because the cash register is broken. (Trading Post)
      You order a hamburger, but a hacker breaks in line and steals your hamburger (hacked accounts)
      You order a hamburger, pay for the hamburger, but that hacker that stole your account, walked into the restaurant and started ranting curses. So you are banned from the restaurant for three days.
      The store has a grand opening, but won’t let EU in to order.
      You order a hamburger, but they tell you its a Arenaburger and make you feel stupid and go out and order again. (people tell you your stupid for following the personal story and hearts.)

      • Shadowtalis

        Those are indeed valid complaints.

        However… We’re talking about two different things. The complaints you list are annoyances that will soon be fixed. None of those complaints address any fundamental issue with the game itself.

        Or to continue with burger analogies…

        A new restaurant makes a damn good burger.

        It’s located in a rough part of town, and the joint opened a bit sooner than it should, the renovation sign is still hanging up. None of that changes the fact that it’s a damn good burger.

        And on top of that, it’s a burger you buy once and then all future hamburgers are free.

        While Arenanet deserves grief over these issues, none of them are reasons to say Guild Wars 2 sux.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

          To continue the anology:
          The hamburger is damn good because of a new recipe that includes a mix of some spices. The hamburger and it’s recipe have been hyped and touted by the restaurant and local newspapers as the best because of the spices. They have several taste tests before opening, and bring pre-selected people to the tasting in buses with darkened windows so no one can see outside. While some realize that the hamburger does not appeal to them, the restaurant and the newspapers all proclaim it to be a great success and they will be ready for opening day and in fact give those select people access to the restaurant 3 days before the official opening.

          As the Quiet Opening marches on and the initial problems worked out, more people find that the new recipe is not to their liking. They are told they are stupid and eating the hamburger wrong.

          • http://twitter.com/DaveyDiablo Davey Diablo

            That’s a lot of hamburgers guys

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            Another hamburger analogy.  A bus loaded with MMO players shows up at the hamburger restaurant. The MMO players enjoy their hamburgers, but the bus driver gets really screwed over.  

            How do the guild leaders feel right now?  (Notice how Scott would never wants to be a guild leader in GW2 again.  He seems very happy just riding the MMO bus.)

          • ScottHawkes

            I never said I would never be a guild leader again. I just didn’t want to be starting up a large guild at launch. I want to get to play and with my schedule being so packed at the moment, I couldn’t run a big guild, particularly a public one.
            Once the bugs, of which there are a few, are sorted (mainly due to server strain) virtually all of the problems that I detailed on guilds have been sorted, other than the part of the game which makes large organized PvE guilds a necessity (still waiting on whether that will be evident).

          • http://www.facebook.com/gotadobo David Pazmino

            Could I just say I love all of these hamburger analogies?

  • http://twitter.com/GrantElicious Grant Butler

    It’s not different.

    Combat is the same shit just with dodge which has been in other games of this type and you only have 10 skills which you can only use 5 at a time and switch……. other than that it’s MMO combat, nothing special. I haven’t liked an MMO since 2005 but to me WoW’s combat feels better and I hate the whole fight to survive thing, when I’ve been beaten just let me die.

    The heart quests are kill 10 rats, the same as every other MMO which I got bored of with WoW 7 years ago. The “dynamic” quests are just public quest from WAR, they aren’t dynamic and they aren’t fun. They usually involve fighting off waves of mobs and going round collecting things, again not fun but repetitive and boring. Like in WAR when you’ve done them once and the population becomes top heavy, they’ll quickly become dead and pointless. I found the main story to be boring, just full of character I couldn’t give a crap about cause they’re poorly developed, generic and it’s done in a stupid comic book style cutscene…. just keep me in game and give me quest text. 

    There is no world PVP, the world is so instanced and zoned up that there are far too many annoying loading screens like AoC. So to me the world doesn’t feel like a world and most of the stuff is in the sky box so it all feels fake anyways as you cannot ever get to it. If I wanted to play Battleground type PVP I wouldn’t come to an MMO, for me the massive part is what I come for. The WvW stuff is just WAR keep PVP, so it’s been done before and it was all about the ranged zerg then and it’s the same for GW2. 

    I don’t get why there are three cloned borderlands maps around a central Eternal Battlegrounds map, it just spreads the population too thin and the PVP never seems to move well. Why not just get rid of them and just have Eternal Battlegrounds? The other thing I hate is travel, there are no mounts making getting around painfully slow. I hate the whole teleport thing, just feels so cheap and again kills the world, an MMO should keep it immersive.

    On top of that I don’t like the generic art style, looks like any other fantasy MMO out there. I find the storyu to be really uninteresting and the race design is so poor I just cannot take any characters seriously and I hate the way characters look which makes me not want to invest time into them. I find the classes to be all really generic and because this trinity thing has gone, they all feel like they share a lot of the same skills and can play the same roles, which WAR suffered from too. The MMO that got classes right was WoW, every class felt unique from the other and had specific rolls so you could really fall in love with certain classes. Another MMO with generic class selections where they all feel the same is EQ2, I just found them all to be really boring, like they could have merged half of them together lol.

    The whole game does nothing for me, I played Guild Wars for 10 mins back in 2005, I didn’t like it because it was one loading screen after the other and I didn’t like the art style or how you felt stuck to the ground. I thought GW2 was going to be different after what everyone was saying, I was coming into hating the art style anyways and after a few hours I realized I just didn’t like it. I stuck with it for two beta weekends and……. it still didn’t grow on me. People say you need like 100hours to decide if you like an MMO or not, that’s crazy, I experienced pretty much everything within a few hours.

    I never got to see them jumping puzzles, like most things in the game, it’s quite hard to find with the poorly designed UI.

    I loved UO, EQ, DAOC, PS, SWG and WoW but once I got bored of WoW late 2005 after world PVP died thanx to battlegrounds, I went back to SWG after I got over the CU and then one month later the NGE hit lol. Since 2006 till now everything has just felt like WoW to me, nothing is unique any more. GW2 just feels like WoW and people are going to argue with me but I feel like I’m doing the exact same things in GW2 that I’ve done in every MMO since WoW. Pre WoW they were all different and offered massively different experience, not it all just feels like I create my character, do some kill 10 rats quests, dabble in some public quests, realize PVE in MMOs holds no challenge any more. So I go to PVP but world PVP doesn’t exist in MMOs these days so you have to do battlegrounds and I realized I find them boring and crafting is so dumbed down these days it’s pointless. I think the worlds never feel like worlds any more so I never feel like part of a server community or a world and so I don’t want to invest any time into my character.  

    SWG made me care about my character and what I owned in the world, it felt persistent, gave me land I could own with a seamless house and player housing. Now if housing is done in an MMO it’s all instanced……. what’s the point, it might as well not be in the game then because it doesn’t feel real. Even WoW got the game world right where it was mostly seamless apart from the instances, which were built into the game world, they took up real game space. You had to go into a cave to enter the Dead Mines and you could see the back of that instance from STV. Travel was all done in real time with Griffins or on boats and there was only one loading screen between conts. It didn’t magically warp you anywhere, you had to travel. Now all that’s ruined and you warp everywhere in the game and it sucks…

    Whatever, done with this genre now, nothing else on the Horizon after GW2 and SWTOR failed. I would be excited for Planetside 2 but it’s SOE so I’m not going there. 

    • sukhdeep bhatti

      Refreshing tale chap

    • Tom Donahue

      …wow.  Bitter, much?  Maybe a job/career, and a girl/boyfriend would be a nice change for you.  Anyone who puts this much energy into a rant really really needs to get outside.  Maybe try a museum?  BINGO at the old goats lodge? An extension course at a jr. college?  Learn to bowl? Maybe take a cooking class? Learn to SIGN!  yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket. But stay away from gaming.  Your visceral need for flawless immersion indicates other needs and possibly expensive couch-time.

      • http://twitter.com/GrantElicious Grant Butler

        Had my rant now I’m done, took like 2 mins of my life to type after I’ve had a few beers and didn’t even read through it myself. So hardly wasting a life, taking a dump wastes more of my time.

        Also MMOs are meant to be built to last years and keep you playing them. The problem with MMOs today is people want to get through all the content right away and so they’re built for that now. What’s wrong with wanting immersion and wanting the gameplay to be slower? That way I can play the exact same time now but not get bored because it takes longer to achieve things or to travel. 

        Like Dayz my main goal might be just getting to a different town for that play through, I love that and I love how immersive and seamless it is. You can play it and nothing much happens or you can play and the crap really hits the fan, that’s the beauty of having proper dynamic gameplay. 

        To me an MMO must be seamless or at least mostly seamless. I’m still playing Dayz after 5 months of playing, yet I cannot speak of any modern MMO. Most people got bored of SWTOR after a month, why? You go through the content mega fast and then there is nothing to do, why not pace the game better?

        • dagatkarimlan

          For what it’s worth. your analysis is appreciated.  At least you qualified your statements, unlike a lot of the posts here.

    • Nick Cattane

      Such a troll post, get a life broooooooooo

    • http://twitter.com/EdwardvanRaak Edward van Raak

      Old MMO veterans like yourself sound like my grandpa talking about the “good old time”.

    • http://twitter.com/NicholasDeLucia Nicholas DeLucia

      Jaded MMO players need to go back to the “good old days” and stop regaling us with their tales (and I played many of those games).  The honest truth is that those games are not as good when you take off the rose colored glasses.  I am not going to go through point by point on why you are so very wrong, but I will mention a few.  World PvP is a highly overrated concept because it simply becomes a giant zergfest, basically a numbers game.  My faction has more people, so I win everytime.  Fun stuff, eh?  GW2 system is an improvement on that concept, epic battles without total unbalance.  Crafting dumbed down?  Yes in many MMOs, but it is fairly complex in GW2 or did you even look at it?  Your total unfair portrayal of DEs is laughable at best.  No mention of epic DEs that chain into each other that lead to raid-esque fights, which in turn have an effect on the zone?  Yeah totally done before.  You are really trying way to hard to find everything wrong with this game (and apparently all modern MMOs), so I suggest that you stop playing them and focus on Day-Z and the coming standalone (great game btw). 

    • Ravenstorm

      To all the haters of this detailed report opinion of GW2:
      This Grant person seems to me to have decades of gaming experience. If a person is looking for something more than a superficial experience smartly packed into the same boring stuff, then it’s his right to express himself. Apart from what indeed seems a hefty dissapointment in modern gamedesigns, he told his dissaproval in very stern but detailed points. Instead of humiliating this person you instead maybe could take some of his points and relay your own opinion towards them and why. As I haven’t bought GW2 yet but have kept a close track on the devellopment of the gamecontent, it would be very helpfull to me and perhaps many other people who are interested in bying the game for it’s positive changes, to explain why Grant is wrong in your opinion. Now Thát would be a nice change for the usual ‘fak you and go die’ attitude on the web. I really hope honest naysayers (look it up it was a respective job) like Grant keep posting their detailed opinions so there can be a clear positive-negative side to games, so people will get a clear view to all sides. 

      • MMO_Doubter

        It is much easier and more popular to point and cry “HERETIC!”

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

        My previous comment is waiting for approval, presumably because I included a link to a thread in the GWGuru forums in which the merits of the changes in GW2 are being civilly discussed. I also posted it on the GameBreaker facebook page if you want to take a look.

    • Lycronis

       It is different if you willing to notice. But it’s obvious from your rant that you no longer care about MMO’s in general and GW2 is definitely not the game for you. I get what you are trying to convey but I just don’t agree with it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/osiris.neits Osiris Neits

      “Combat is the same shit just with dodge which has been in other games of this type and you only have 10 skills which you can only use 5 at a time and switch”

      This tells me you didn’t play long enough to unlock skills for slots 6 through 10, making everything else you post extremely suspect.

      ” I hate the whole fight to survive thing, when I’ve been beaten just let me die.”

      I love being able to fight my way back and rally. I you just want to die, then don’t press any buttons. Easy enough.

      “The heart quests are kill 10 rats, the same as every other MMO which I got bored of with WoW 7 years ago.”

      Actually, the hearts are EITHER kill a bunch of rats, OR disable traps, OR retrieve supplies, etc. Not only do most hearts give you a choice of what you want to do to complete them, but some give 5 or 6 things to choose from. Gone are the days of killing 50 rats to get the 10 rats eyes you need, since apparently 4 out of 5 rats have no eyes.

      “The “dynamic” quests are just public quest from WAR, they aren’t dynamic and they aren’t fun.”

      Taken as individual events, this may be partially true. However, most events run in chains, which are dynamic, since the next event is a result of the outcome of the last. Fun is subjective, so no point even arguing that point.

      “They usually involve fighting off waves of mobs and going round collecting things, again not fun but repetitive and boring.” 

      Basically, it seems to me you dislike playing games. That’s ok.

      ” I found the main story to be boring, just full of character I couldn’t give a crap about cause they’re poorly developed, generic and it’s done in a stupid comic book style cutscene…. just keep me in game and give me quest text. ”


      “There is no world PVP, the world is so instanced and zoned up that there are far too many annoying loading screens like AoC.”

      You can play for hours without seeing a loading screen. Not my faorite part of the game either, but meh, it’s a non-issue for me.

      “The other thing I hate is travel, there are no mounts making getting around painfully slow. I hate the whole teleport thing, just feels so cheap and again kills the world, an MMO should keep it immersive.”

      I would rather take a portal than a 20 minute flight path. Just personal preference. I had over 100 mounts in WoW, so I can see both sides here, but I don’t really feel any real loss.

      “On top of that I don’t like the generic art style, looks like any other fantasy MMO out there. I find the storyu to be really uninteresting and the race design is so poor I just cannot take any characters seriously and I hate the way characters look which makes me not want to invest time into them.”

      Subjective. I think the graphics in GW2 are awesome, and like the races.

      ” I find the classes to be all really generic and because this trinity thing has gone, they all feel like they share a lot of the same skills and can play the same roles”

      See the response to the first paragraph. I find that all my characters play differently. 

      “The MMO that got classes right was WoW, every class felt unique from the other and had specific rolls so you could really fall in love with certain classes. ”

      WoW did a lot of things well, for it’s time. Unfortunately, the world is static and boring.

      “I experienced pretty much everything within a few hours.”

      This again. I knew this was the case at the beginning of your rant, because of the inaccuracies.
      I would not agree with those that say you need 100 hours to decide though, especially if you dislike the style and overall feel of a game. No game is for everyone.  

      “I never got to see them jumping puzzles, like most things in the game, it’s quite hard to find with the poorly designed UI. ”

      See above. You never got to see them, because you didn’t play the game enough to make anything more than a superficial judgement. Again, that’s fine.

      “GW2 just feels like WoW and people are going to argue with me but I feel like I’m doing the exact same things in GW2 that I’ve done in every MMO since WoW.”

      There are only a few different categories of quests. If you play an MMO, you are going to kill things. Sorry that you dislike that, but there it is. The difference is in the presentation. Being able to advance without doing the things you dislike is what makes GW2 different. If you dislike doing anything, well, that’s on you, isn’t it.

      “realize PVE in MMOs holds no challenge any more ”

      Another statement that shows you never made it past the starter areas in GW2. There are plenty of downright punishing encounters in GW2.

      “crafting is so dumbed down these days it’s pointless”

      The crafting system in GW2 is actually pretty awesome. Go try to level cooking if you think it’s dumbed down.

       “Travel was all done in real time with Griffins or on boats and there was only one loading screen between conts. It didn’t magically warp you anywhere, you had to travel. Now all that’s ruined and you warp everywhere in the game and it sucks… ”

      Yeah, because it was kind of nice to be able to fix a sandwich and go to the bathroom and watch tv and take a nap while you were on that flight from Org to Tanaris.

      “nothing else on the Horizon after GW2 and SWTOR failed”

      GW2 is hardly a failure in most players eyes, but to each his own. Enjoy man.

      • Spammerbam

         ^ Damn.

      • http://twitter.com/GrantElicious Grant Butler

        You’re basically trying to say my opinion is wrong…… it’s not, I’m allowed one and I’ve stated it. I’m just sick of everyone saying buy it, it’s the most amazing thing ever.

        I have mine, you have yours, we’re both allowed one.

        • Lycronis

           The only problem is with that statement is that YOU are doing the SAME exact thing, only going the opposite direction. The biggest difference is is that you are in the minority. The is nothing wrong with not liking a game, I don’t like plenty. But making post TRYING to convince people that YOUR opinion is the correct one is not cool. It’s clear you don’t like the game, but it’s also very clear that many more do like the game. I love the game and I could write hundreds of reasons why but that is not going to change your opinion and that is fine. But commenting on things that you clearly have not done in the game or basically don’t have a clue about doesn’t exactly solidify your stance about it being “just another boring, generic MMO” and it sure as hell doesn’t make your opinion any more important than mine or others.

          • dagatkarimlan

            Hello pot, meet kettle.

          • Lycronis

             Wow, what a well thought out response. Perhaps you should actually READ my posts and then compare them to the ones I’m talking about. Again, giving opinions, good or bad, is fine. But making bogus claims and flat out lies is not. Get the point?

          • MMO_Doubter

            Off topic – but I wanted to be sure you saw this:


            Pretty much everything in the ‘boosts’ section.

             I would look for more, but the GEM shop seems to be bugged right now.

          • Lycronis

             Okay. What exactly are you WINNING with those items? Really, what are you winning? Give me an explanation as to how you WIN with those boosts? Any of them! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WIN?!?! Never mind, I’ll answer for you…. NOTHING!!!

          • dagatkarimlan

            I did and I deeply regret doing so. My response is not verbose because anybody with half a brain would recognize the hypocrisy in your arguments.

          • Lycronis

             Yeah, you are a rock star! Get a dictionary little boy because clearly didn’t pay attention in school. And just to clarify it for you, NOTHING I said is hypocritical. Perhaps you don’t understand what that word means? Opinions are opinions, LIES are lies. See the difference? Probably not since you can’t seem to see past your own nose.

          • dagatkarimlan

            Haha, you sound mad.  You know what, your last post pretty much closes my argument.  I rest my case.  Enjoy your self-indignation.  You seem to be really getting off on it.  And your welcome.

      • Lycronis

         Couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course, I’m sure your response will get disregarded and every counter-point you made will be ignored by the usual “nay-sayers” even when they are the ones that always cry fowl because nobody responds to their “rants” constructively.

        • MMO_Doubter

          Actually, the hearts are one of my favourite parts of GW2. As he stated, they give options for completion. Which is a very good thing for reducing boredom.

          Remember – I am playing GW2. Obviously I enjoy SOME parts of it. That does not make me blind to its flaws, however.

          Trading Post is STILL broken. A week in.

    • saluk

      The jumping puzzles you have to actually explore to find. It’s not part of the UI. If you liked exploration in some of those other games, you should really take some more time to explore the world of GW2. I can see that you want a sandbox game, I like those as well, but don’t review GW2 as a sandbox game. As a themepark game it changes the formula significantly. It’s OK not to like it but most of the reasons you posted for not liking it are somewhat flawed. The REAL reason you don’t like it is it is still a genre you are not that thrilled about, the themepark mmo. I really really like what you are looking for, but I never expected to find those things (like from SWG) in gw2. It’s just not meant to be that game. But what it is is really fun, and fixes so many of the systems in other games that  have always felt broken to me. The lack of roles is my favorite thing, I can play all of the classes and tailor them to my playstyle!

      It still sounds like you really didn’t put that much time into the game or into levelling a single character so you can see more of what the game has to offer, and get used to how it does things. But if the art style puts you off (man, I don’t see how it could, it looks amazing to me… but whatever) and if you are going in with a huge chip on your shoulder then it’s probably just not going to work for you. Sorry you didn’t like it, I hope for both of us that someone actually makes a good sandbox type game someday.

  • Jediwolf

    Hey i used my banker Golem while it was on 0 days left, and it reappeared in my bag with 4 days charge available again.I think its forever but its just a funny way of implementing it with consumable charges marked up on it. And i deleted the 1st toon i created , the one that i unpacked my miniature Rytlock onto. So bye bye  mini pet I dont have it in my pet bank  even though it was  activated and nothing in any other mails. sad face.Its a one time send out that is able to be mailed to any of your characters.

  • David Knapp

    Problem is they don’t tell you stick around for maybe more, also dynamic events are random you could have bad luck and just be behind the curve.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      I did try waiting for a couple of Dynamic Events I knew to exist.  One never triggered, I just ran into it midway through the event several times.

      I also waited over an hour for the Flame Elemental questline to respawn.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cominotto Shane Cominotto

    why do people feel the need to post drama and rubbish play the game or gtfo :D

    • MMO_Doubter

      It is hard to play when you can’t log in.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      Because it is the right of the consumer to complain about a product when it doesn’t meet their expectations or the advertising (hype). Work in retail for a few years and you’ll get the idea.

      • Lycronis

        Apparently you don’t understand what “drama” and “rubbish” means then. And yeah, the consumer has a right and it’s called getting a refund. If you work/worked in retail for a few years you’d KNOW that.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

          I did for over 15 years – and the consumer did get their refund, after they unleashed their drama and rubbish as was their right.

          • MMO_Doubter

            LOL. I bet there weren’t crowds of ‘customers’ telling them they were wrong and to STFU and go away.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

            Oh, the stories I could tell. In fact my wife is currently dealing with one of these “drama” and “rubbish” customers for a problem that has been ongoing for 8 months. It doesn’t matter if the customer is right or a complete lunatic (guess which one she is), it is my wife’s job to do everything in her power to rectify what she can and try to please the customer. The fact of the matter is, the customer is unhappy with a product and has a right to complain about the reason why she is unhappy and demand every effort be made to correct the problem.

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            What your wife didn’t publish the customer complaint to Reddit and get accolades from the customer base.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

            Exactly. Nor did my wife tell the customer that she had to go down the back alley, make a left, and look for a log cabin about a mile down the road in which she first had to lodge her complaints.

          • Nick Cattane

            They unleashed it to the company selling the product… Guess what this forum is not? Arenanet. GG.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

            Correct, and unfortunately, third party sites are the only current place in which to post complaints – the “company’s” official forums remain closed.

      • Nick Cattane

        Right of the consumer?  Shouldn’t your complaints be directed to the company then?  And if you’re still working in retail, then damn that blows.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      Do you not listen to the shows.  GG all but begs for viewers to post their opinions on the game and shows.

  • MMO_Doubter

    “For security purposes, we alert you each time your account is accessed
    from an unrecognized location. To authenticate this login attempt,
    please click the link below:”

    Legit, or not?

    • Lycronis

       Legit, I had to do that a few days ago and my girlfriend had to do that this evening. Just make sure the links are really coming from Anet/GW2. (I forget which one it actually refers to.)

      • MMO_Doubter

        Thank you. I am in. The TP was working for a few minutes, but it is down again.

  • bsqminus4ac

    I just finished reading through the Reddit posts. If I didn’t love AreaNet before I sure do now!

    Player: “I didn’t do anything and my account was banned”

    ArenaNet: “Name: OK Chat: Not OK  ”

    WAY too funny!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Master10K Master10K

      Yeah that reddit post was hilarious. Even funny when IGN staff were some of the offenders. Remember one saying something offensive to the non-english.

  • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

    Scott compared GW2 launch to SWTOR, again. With GW2 400k simultaneous players to SWTORs 350k simultaneous players.   To be fair, BW early start was spread out over a week, with about 150k to 250k new players each day. This lead to a smooth rollout, but with less concurrent users.  Arenanet’s headstart solution was to release GW2 3 hours early, which seem to work really well, but eight hours later all the servers were offline for 3.5 hours without notice.      

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      And took GW1 with for that period of time. Something completely unmentioned and overlooked at this point. This is one thing I find completely unacceptable in that a “completely different game’s” issues make it impossible to play the game of my choosing.

  • Josh Rosenvelt

    Arenant have stopped sales on there website.

    • http://twitter.com/Master10K Master10K

      They said they were going to do that, due to the limited space they currently have on their servers and that they’ve reserved enough space for X number of digital copies.

  • Tig Bitties

    I want this game to live up to the hype so bad, I didn’t beta test it and ever since the EU servers got up and running I been trying to really enjoy my time in GW2…but…I just don’t see it. I don’t see it’s greatness and I am clueless why e v e r y o n e are so hyped up over it?

    • http://twitter.com/GrantElicious Grant Butler

      See this is the reaction I’m seeing from more and more people. I have a group of 7 real life friends who all play PC games as I do and none of them are playing GW2. A few of them pre ordered for the beta but the game just never caught on. The thing that they and lots of other people say like Jeff from Giantbomb is “it’s another WoW like MMO and I’m bored of that”…

      I felt like the need to say something here to why I don’t like the game because this website seems to want to gloss over all the problems and make out like everyone is crazy. Yet with every other MMO they cover it’s all doom and gloom, they love insulting them and with GW2 it’s “BEST GAME EVER”… it’s not.

      Why I feel offended is I bought the game to try it on the back of these videos because they were making out how fresh and amazing it was. So I’ve wasted £65 quid of a game where I feel like what they were saying is massively over stated. 

      Every single problem with the launch for example has been glossed over, yet with games like SWTOR or whatever it was just constant hating.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

        I agree with your third paragraph. IMO, this game is different in several key ways, but being different does not objectively make it better – it only makes it different, and not everyone will enjoy those differences. I have a huge issue with the fact that one or two episodes ago, a viewer question asked if they should buy the game. Naturally the answer was a resounding YES!. After all, the game is F2P, so you need only drop the min. $60 on the initial purchase to play, so why not try it out?

        First, in today’s economy, even $60 is tough to justify when you are on a budget. So to enthusiastically tell someone to spend that kind of money without caveats is a little offputting to me, again, especially in the case where this game is not going to appeal to everyone, especially fans of the original. That would have been a good opportunity for Lix and Scott to go through, point by point and list the drawbacks to Anet’s design and actually allowed the viewer to make a truly informed opinion. But instead, the changes and potential problems were glossed over/not mentioned and it became an opportunity lost.

        • MMO_Doubter

           Very true.

          It is clear that GBTV exists to sell product, not to inform consumers.

          • Lycronis

             Yeah, because GBTV is the ONLY place to find information for games. If people bought the game purely on one site’s recommendation and it doesn’t turn out like they hoped, then that is on that person because they failed to do their research (that goes for the comment about spending your hard earned money as well). You can take ANY game, and ANY web site and say that they over-hype it, but that is still on YOU to make your decision. There is SO MUCH available information on the Internet that is easily and readily accessible.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

             And that’s exactly what this particular consumer may have been doing. We have no idea what other information he may have resourced to make his purchase decision, but the fact of the matter was that this was one of those resources. I could be wrong, but GBTV at least purports to be at the very least a minimally informative news outlet for the gaming genre. As such, when someone comes asking for an informative opinion on the game, I think it’s only fair to not only offer the fanboi response but the negatives as well.

          • MMO_Doubter

            Yes, and THAT is exactly why I post here – to counter the pro-marketing fanboy spew this site is pumping out for GW2.

            People come to find out if they should buy GW2, and they deserve to know both the good and the bad.

          • Lycronis

             That’s all fine and good, it’s just than when the negatives are just lies, that’s where the issue appears. Kind of like your crusade about it being a “pay2win” game, which it IS NOT. ;)

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

            Which is all well and good, but let’s also remember that there is a difference between a lie and an opinion based on personal preference. I, for one, would hope someone calls me out when caught in a lie (or most likely making a factual error), as I will rightly correct myself if that is indeed the case.

          • Lycronis


          • MMO_Doubter

             I will have a look in the store tonight and let you know what I think.

          • Nick Cattane

            You don’t even know their philosophy regarding their store?  Think you need to do a bit more research here

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

            Stated philosophy is one thing. Actual implementation is another. Personally, I try to stay away from P2W arguments, they usually go nowhere.

          • MMO_Doubter

             YOU don’t know their philosophy, either. Unless you work for ANet.

          • Nick Cattane

            They’ve voiced their opinion and ideas (thus philosophy) behind their Gems system multiple times.  Considering their words and actions have thus far been in sync, I think we have a good idea, nor do you need to be an employee.

          • Nick Cattane

            lol!  what a troll.  You come here to help unsuspecting gamers make an informed decision? haha what bs

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

            That would be great except you just make shit up and don’t know the difference  between something that is a real problem and something you just don’t like. Also that you have a habit of assuming things, and judging the game based on things the developers have not, and may not, actually do.

            Like your whole “pay to win” argument; the game has been up for nearly a week now and how many of a million plus players have said the cash shop is pay to win? You. Just you.

            How many players have said there is currently nothing pay to win about the shop? Everyone else. Heck you even implied in one of your posts somewhere on this site that you are not even sure what is currently in the damned shop.

            That isn’t informing people; that is making  shit up and fear-mongering to further your own bias agenda. Who are you? Glenn Beck?

          • Nick Cattane

            GW2 receives no profits from Arenanet.  They only gain revenue from articles/views (whether their content is PRO gw2 or CON gw2).  Not to mention they ALWAYS mention their bias.  Guess what, they’re gamers at heart and are going to have overwhelming opinions on topics.  I for one agree with them.

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            Did you hear GamebreakerTV Guidcast show was the number 1 Guild Wars 2 show on the Internet.  That doesnt just happen by accident.   The GamebreakerTV did alot of work feeding off the hype surrounding this game. 

          • Nick Cattane

            Did you read my post?  They receive no direct profit from Anet – They do, however, get revenue from ads, hits on their page, etc, so yes, indirectly GB profited from the game, just as they do for any game they discuss/receive views/review.  Do you honestly think they just over-hyped the game and claimed bias towards it simply because they felt this stance would drive in more views?  Watch any guildcast, most of the crew legitly likes the game and you can tell which ones don’t – they make it absoultely apparent.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

            So? It’s an opinion show just like everything on Fox News. Currently I don’t think there even is an un-bias gaming media source.

            Just because these guys like the game and enjoy the hype doesn’t mean they are being paid off. Hell I like the game and have hyped it to no end with my friends and I haven’t gotten a dime from Arena Net.

      • Nick Cattane

        This game isn’t meant for everyone, sorry you didn’t like it and more people than not love it :)

  • pc11

    I stayed away from any info and beta play for this MMO on purpose. After so many disapointments I wanted to come to this one fresh.

    Now that I have played GW2 I like it. It looks beautifull and they do alot of things right. With that said… NOTHING in this game is original. NOTHING! So I dont understand the hype and all the “arenanet” is changing the face of MMOs comments.

    Hearts are normal quests just without the exclamation point NPC. But you still have to return to the NPC if you want to buy the karma stuff from him after completing the heart.

    Dinamic events are what WAR introduced to MMOs.

    Crafting is from LOTRO.

    3 faction pvp is from DAOC.

    Again I am loving the game so far on all regards but please dont ever say they are innovating.  NOTHING in the game is new to the MMO genre, just done in a much better way. So far…

    • Lycronis

       This sounds eerily familiar to all the talk when WoW launched. Blizzard took basically everything that had been done before in other games (mainly EQ), polished and improved upon them a bit and put them into a single, cohesive world. This is exactly what Anet has done with GW2. They have never claimed that they invented all of the ideas in the game, they have just taken those ideas and refined them and combined them into a cohesive game. Nothing wrong with that. Is GW2 revolutionary? Nope, I’d say it’s an evolution and a good direction to take. Is it the best game ever? Nope, but it’s pretty good in my opinion and a lot of fun to me and my friends. Was it over-hyped? Hell yes! But with a game like this it’s pretty difficult not to be, like other AAA titles like Halo, CoD, SWTOR, Mass Effect, etc. And there was no way it could live up to that kind of hype. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great game in it’s own right.

      • MMO_Doubter


        What keeps it from being a great game, is that important parts of it are NOT WORKING CORRECTLY – if at all.

        • Lycronis

           But, like nearly every MMO, these types of things tend to happen. They will get fixed and it’s not like Anet isn’t keeping us informed about it. And for me and many others, the items that aren’t working correctly are more of an annoyance than a game breaker (not including the log-in issues, I totally agree that that sucks) but I understand how it can disappoint others that want to use those things.

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            Not to this scale, while the game fun and playable for the average user.  Significant gameplay elements are missing or broken.

            Some of Arenanet’s systems are amazingly ambitious:
            – Auction House that spans all servers.
            – Guesting that allow you to group with any player on any realm.
            – Allowing players to join multiple guilds.

            Very complex, probably very difficult to implement. This is not a case of some very buggy quests.  

            While Arenanet’s uses of social media has been commendable, usually you feed customer comments back into internal customer forums and not outsourced customer communications and data to third party companies. 

            Most companies don’t hold their customer up for public ridicule, no matter how much they deserve it.  Maybe, I’m a little old school on customer service. 

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

            Interesting to note is that SWTOR allows you to join multiple guilds and has also made their AH global in the game.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

            While I understand the Trading Post and Guesting issues, I honestly do not understand people bitching about the guild system. I am currently leader of two guilds, and a member of five.

            Seriously there is no problem with guilds that I’ve seen; everything works perfectly.

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            What size guild do you have?   During the betas Arenanet kept the guild to 100 players, it wasn’t until launch and guild grew over 100 players that problems started.  What I’m hearing is some guild leaders could no longer see their guilds, represent their guilds and invite players to their guild. 

    • saluk

      Innovation is not only creating completely new things from scratch. MMOs
      are a collection of systems that work together in tandem. None of the
      systems involved in mmos have ever been original. The only thing about
      MMOs that has EVER been unique to the genre is the fact that many people
      play. But the fact that many people play means you have to be creative
      about everything. The way Guild Wars 2 puts together the systems is
      completely original, and really works well. I don’t give a bundle of hay
      whether the individual pieces are innovative or not as long as the game
      is. That said, what you posted is BS.

      Crafting – exploration and sped up bars. Dynamic events – chaining, scaling. 3 faction pvp – um, world vs world hello :) Hearts – yeah no one ever claimed these to be amazing, they are there to keep you around to see an event. And yet they change up the system by joining you with other players, and letting you complete the objectives you are interested in rather than getting frustrated having to repeat the exact same objective forever.

      You also left out some other things in the game that are original. Professions having no locked roles, lack of mob tagging, downleveling to the area you are in, etc.

      Nothing is wholly original, but literally everything
      in the game has been rethought, and almost everything fits into a
      cohesive system. Looking for something completely original is barking up
      the wrong tree. Things that are TOO original tend to be terrible games,
      or at best, mildy interesting.

      I don’t really know what you’re
      looking for here. They’ve changed literally everything. Some in subtle
      ways, some in pretty drastic ways. I can see people arguing that they
      don’t like the game, or that they don’t like this or that, but not that
      it doesn’t innovate. WoW innovated A LOT – even though it was basically a
      trumped up everquest. GW2 is probably as innovative now as WoW was

      TL; DR Innovation doesn’t matter what matters is how the game is designed overall and how it all fits together, but you are grossly underselling the creativity that’s put in the game. Maybe some people are overselling it, but don’t undersell it either.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

        Don’t say that too loud – according to your post, Microsoft would then be an innovative company, and we can’t have that vicious rumor getting out.

        But in the interest of keeping things honest here, I do not believe Anet’s implementation of Professions and the downleveling is original. I believe there have been several other games that have “classless” or “class-switching” roles. I can’t name any off the top of my head, but I am sure someone can. I can say that Oblivion had level scaling, and iirc it worked both ways (downleveled and upleveled). It was one of the reasons I ended up not getting into the game right away, and still it sits on my bookshelf unopened.

  • matraque

    Well… I’m i crazy saying that SWTOR launch was actually better?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      That’s a tough call. I gave GW2 a 7 – I would have liked to taken more off for the fact that the crash over the weekend also took down GW1 for a few hours, but I think 7 is a fair number. SWTOR handled things differently, but I don’t know if the way they did it was any better. I think a lot of the pushback from SWTOR’s launch came from the lack of things that many players expect to have in the game at launch – like customizable UI (oh wait, GW2 doesn’t have that either, does it?)

      As Gary said, Rift probably had the smoothest MMO launch (I didn’t play it, but heard from many who did), and I am trying to remember back to GW1’s launch and seem to remember almost zero problems there – at lot better than GW2’s. If I had to give SWTOR a comparison number, I would say 8 – partly from the fact that it was their first MMO launch and many of the problems with GW2’s launch could have been avoided with better pre-planning, especially from a company that has already gone through it and had more than enough time, Betas, and stresses to prepare.

      Just look at the whole account hacking thing. Lay blame where you want, but a simple Authenticator probably would have eliminated 99-100% of the problem. Players have been begging for an Authenticator for years in GW1, especially after the major round of hacks in 08 and 09. There was no excuse to launch GW2 without one.

      • matraque

         I didn’t play Rift either.  I wanna try GW2, but i feel like i should wait SEVERAL months before actually giving it a try…  I think the only thing SWTOR did wrong at launch was listening to the whiners that where in queues for 15 mins.

        • saluk

           15 minutes??? Try 4 hours. I had much more time during SWTOR launch where I couldn’t play. But yes, opening so many servers was a mistake, I’m glad ArenaNet haven’t done that. Once in the game SWTOR worked flawlessly – as designed at least.

          • MMO_Doubter

             I like the IDEA of the overflow servers (as I have stated here previously), but not their implementation.

          • saluk

            I prefer overflow servers, but I agree that it would be better if you could stay on the real server when you zone, and could be done better.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

            I know I’m wasting my time trying to explain this to a troll, but think about this. Let’s say you do finally get into the main server, and then you zone into a new map that just happens to be at player capacity. What happens? In order for you to stay on the main sever when you change maps someone who is also on the main server, and already in that zone, has to be kicked out.

            You going into an overflow when you try to move into a full zone is fair. What would be unfair is if someone who has been there for a long time, and right in the middle of a dynamic event, gets kicked to make room for you; a player with no stake in the current state of that zone.

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            The problem is not with the overflow servers, heck SWTOR had multiple instances of planets.  The key was SWTOR allowed you to attempt to change instances.  

            The problem is how buggy grouping is within overflow servers.  Using your banking example, you have a party of five people, three are told to go to bank A and two are told to bank B.  Everyone complains they can’t see the other party members and can’t get their banking done, because half the party is in another bank.


          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

             Oh believe me I’ve been complaining since day one about that issue. I play these games with my fiancee mostly, and not being able to group with her is down right infuriating. I’ve posted in GW2guru (at least Arena Net used to read that), and directly on their twitter; so I’m not some blind fanboy giving them a pass. This problem was seen in the first BWE and should have been fixed by now.

            That said there is a differnce between bitching about the overflow servers not working properly, and bitching about them being there in the first place like Doubter.

            Finally; I can confirm that while it is still bugged the grouping in overflow system has gotten a lot better. She and I played for about six hours last night and only got separated once, rather than every time we changed maps, so clearly they are working on it. That said the join in button still may as well not exist and I still think this whole issue could be resolved by just adding an instance selector like they had for city districts in GW1.

          • Key Foster

            I agree, launching with lots of servers like that was really bad, it hurt them seriously. And I do believe they were definitely missing some major ingame stuff that should have been there for launch.

            What I really think they should have done is tell EA and the other share holders to chill out and just should have launched the game december 2012, that would have been the best as far as tweeking and timing. Imagine having everything you need at launch…well….at launch, hmmmmm. Which, I will admit is still hard to do.

      • Bob Richmond

        “Just look at the whole account hacking thing. Lay blame where you want, but a simple Authenticator probably would have eliminated 99-100% of the problem…”
        Let’s really lay the blame where it should be…For how long has it been known that using the same password in multiple places is not advisable? Even though an authenticator would have been the technical way to correct a human problem, it is not the cause of the problem.

        I for one could not use an authenticator based on anything except email, so the email authenticator they are working are working on would be about the only one I could use. I do have to say that I wished they had it ready and well tested before launch though.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

          Oh, no doubt human error is the cause of a great many problems. That’s why any company needs to take that into account. It doesn’t matter how much training and information you give to people, they will still make mistakes. That’s why we have learned to rely on things that help to mitigate those mistakes when they happen. Even the great game of Baseball is learning that now. The technology is there – might as well use it and save a lot of headaches.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      SWTOR had a much better launch.  BW pre-loaded the guilds, allowing players to create guilds, assign officer and invite members.  BW then assigned the guilds to a server for load balancing. 

      SWTOR’s headstart was spread over a week, GW2 headstart included all pre-orders and may have contibuted to the server melt down Saturday morning. 

      SWTOR’s AH was very generic and minimally functional, but it did work. 

      SWTOR’s Slicing crafting skill was seriously out of balance, but I’m not aware of any players being banned for excessive crafting.

      With that said, BW should have really taken queues from the current ideas in MMOs  purchase to play, no monthly subs,  control server selection, limit number of characters, paid server transfers, cosmetic cashshops, horizontal progression, long leveling timeframes, small 2-4 man instances, large space battles and large ground assaults.

      Rift benefited from a very long beta test (some say the beta test burned many players out) and only 600k max subscriptions. 

    • bsqminus4ac

      “Well… Am i crazy saying that SWTOR launch was actually better?”
      Of course not but you’re speaking for yourself. It’s completely possible that you like SWTOR more than GW2 and the opposite is completely possible too.

      The nice thing is that GW2 is a one time purchase so people who still love to play SWTOR but also enjoy GW2 can have both without the burden of two recurring monthly charges. 

  • http://twitter.com/borded nathan law

    The making of book in the ce said tengu were going to be a playable race and they even had a capital city which is still in the game but not yet accessible. 

  • MMO_Doubter

    GG: “MMO players have stopped having fun.”

    Me: “MMO devs have stopped making fun.”

    • Nick Cattane

      Fun is subjective.  Sorry you don’t find GW2 fun :(.  At least find enjoyment/fun in trolling GB comments.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

         Just so you know; Doubter doesn’t know what subjective means.

  • Nick Cattane

    I’m pulling out my troll bat here, so keep the posts coming trolls

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      OK Bill Bergen

      • Nick Cattane

        lol, had to wiki that one – pretty good reference.  Did you actually know that off the top of your head?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

          Vaguely – I had to Google to make sure I was thinking of the right name. I actually learned of Bill a while back when I was reading about his brother who ended up in a murder/suicide scandal.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      Oh a tough guy, going to have to take you to Chucky Cheese to use that bat on whack-a-moles. 

      • Nick Cattane


  • http://twitter.com/Nathiest Nathiest

    Was there ever a TV spot for the game? 

    • bsqminus4ac

      I performed a quick Google and nothing came up. I see no evidence that there ever was a T.V. spot. 

      As AreanNet had to shut down its online sales due to the overwhelming popularity of the game resulting in overloaded servers, maybe that’s a good thing. :-)

      • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

        It is a good thing, Arenanet has to get the Trading Post working.  Every day they wait, the problem is going to get worse. The amount of mats and gold floating in the economy is going to swamp the Trading Post once it is released. 

      • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

        It is a good thing, Arenanet has to get the Trading Post working.  Every day they wait, the problem is going to get worse. The amount of mats and gold floating in the economy is going to swamp the Trading Post once it is released. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      No. I don’t think Anet ever made TV spots for either game that I recall. For the most part the two big MMOs with ad spots have been WoW and SWTOR.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1222221574 Garry Runke

    Viddler download rate is terrible here and it opens the viddler page instead of pausing the video when I click in it. Why not youtube, why why why? Most of the 3rd party portals don’t even come close to the big brother.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.moonchild Jay Moonchild

    Quoting Scott– “There are already a number of level 80s roaming around, just how far did our hardened band of MMO buccaneers get? And with this game, does it really matter?”
    I got 5 characters from 8 to 12 by Sunday and then couldn’t play for the rest of the week due to personal reasons.

    But our Guild Leader is a YouTuber (MattVisual) and felt he needed to level to 80 as quick as he could so that he could present high level content for his viewers. A few of our guildies joined him to help him out so now we  have a few level 80s in the guild.

  • ElHefe

    80 matters a lot for WvW, try killing an 80 as a level 2 in WvW, you will be crushed along with the other 20 level 2’s trying to kill that one guy.

    • bsqminus4ac

      If 20 level 2 characters (elevated to level 80 stats) are being crushed by a level 80 player then the 20 level 2’s must be picking their noses instead of playing. 

      It is certainly true that a lvl 80 character, with all the traits and such, has a huge advantage over a single character but they certainly do NOT have the 20 times the DPS, for example, of a level 2 player in WvW. Not even close. The 20 level 2 players would spike him so hard into the ground he’d never get up again. 

      People need to get used to the concept that GW2 is largely skill based (the skill of the player). Someone who has a really good build and knows how to use the build to its fullest extent can crush his opponents into dust without breaking a sweat. Mindlessly bashing through a rotation of keys will rarely leave a GW2 player at the top of the heap. 

  • http://twitter.com/viion Josh Freeman

    Got me level 80 today :D and i kinda feel sorry for a lot of people in WvW, a level 1..5..20..w/e has nearly no chance at me lol, a 40-50+ can tho!

    Just like to say: Traits you cap at like 60, Skills you unlock all you need by about 40 and I unlocked them all by 60, there isnt much to do, you can get to 80 by just 100%ing 7 zones and doing story. All I did XD

    • Diequex

       Dude, I started classes the WEEK BEFORE Guild Wars 2 launched. Freaking hate my University ): Still found time to get to around 40, but man. I wanted to no life the game before school ): Social life gtfo

  • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

    To really survive in WvW it really help being level 80.  I have a level 38 Elementalist and unloaded everything on a level 80 Elementalist and barely made a scratch. 

  • http://twitter.com/Leithian Duane Lee Hampson

    I am currently lvl 47 mostly due to the fact I’ve just had an operation and had some free time on my hands. I read this whole thread and I am amazed by some of the commentary. I cant even imagine spending a fraction of the time typing that some of you did to hate on a video game and the opinions of the gbtv crew.

    That aside, as my teacher used to say “the great thing about opinions and a-holes is we all have one and there’s nothing wrong with that”. It isn’t going to be the game to end all games, its not going to change the universe, but it took a few steps off the normal beaten mmo path that makes it a little fresher.

    To touch on some of the more popular complaints, there are a few where it’s  just impossible to please everyone. Art style for example, I like Dali you like Picasso that’s just personal preference not a flaw in the game. Same with combat, I like the trinity system you like the free for all, again its not a flaw its just a preference. Mounts or portals? Well mounts are really just a time sink over long distance or a time saver over short ones. Portals speed up long journeys but may have you run on foot on the shorter ones and yeah you dont get that pixelated pony you’ve been dreaming of. This is all personal preference and there is no way any company can hope to please everyone because part of being human is being different from the next guy.

    To give a non bias opinion of a product you have to remove your own personal preferences from the equation and look at things like the functionality, responsiveness of the control system, glitches, inoperable features of the product ala Traiding post. These are valid areas to critique.

    What amazes me though is this is a show called Guildcast build around GW2 and you think 39 episodes in that all of a sudden they are going to hate on the game? Its a show made by fans of the game. Sure they have shows on here about other games they play, but this is the hot product right now just like luminous pink socks in the 80s lol.

    In my personal opinion which is bias, because I am human… just, if you like to play mmo’s such as Rift, Swtor or WoW you will find many of the features you like in those games plus a few more. These include but are not limited to: jump puzzles, exploring to find vistas and various points of interest, talking to random npc that, if you arrive at the right time, will trigger an event as they shout “come over here” at you, you will find plenty to like in this game.

    However if you are looking for the traditional “holy trinity system” structured end game raid content, lfg tools, addons such as a dps meter, healbot and an agrometer or even a fully customiseable ui (though the minimap is moveable and you can move you skills on the right bar around a little) you may find this game will not meet your needs. There is raiding of a sort in the dynamic events and also in wvwvw if you organize internally through your guild to fire off a dynamic event or all join in the wvw and defend or attack a certain point.

    The races and classes are varied enough but not to much so as to unbalance pvp. PvE in this game plays very much like PvP, lots of movement is required to stay alive you wont have much fun if you try to play this game like Wow and facetank the npcs. The mobs you face are fairly generic in the earlier zones bandits and centaurs feature heavily in the human side. However as you break away the variation is second to none in my opinion. Lots of different things to encounter  especially if you take time to travel the cave systems and water areas in each zone.

    If you are a fast food generation person you may want to hold on to your money (i know its hard because you want it right now, its right there and you have to have it) at least for a few months. so conveniences such as the Trading post , guesting on other servers and im sure, eventually, an lfg tool get put into the game because you are going to whine about it and hate the game.

    New mmo’s are always a little buggy at launch and to be honest if you like to throw your toys because you got your big mac 15 seconds after the guy who ordered after you, well, waiting that month or 2 may save you having to buy a new keyboard or monitor that you just threw out the window because it did work right now and gdi you paid your money and it must be perfect.

    Its a good solid game, if you like to explore and play platformers you will get a lot of extra fun from this title. If your sole purpose in an mmo is to kill stuff and grind to end game you most likely will not get much from this title that you dont already have in your current MMO of choice. The combat, especially in instances where you normally rofltank and spank your way through just wont work here and will be frustrating for people who like to watch tv eat dinner and play iphone games while they are playing their mmo (you know who you are!)

    I suggest watching some youtube videos of jump puzzles and instances before you buy this game. I am totally enjoying it and I’ve been playing MMOs since Ultima Online, but I will tell you my wife hates the combat in it. Has to be mentioned its free to play once you have bought it. If you think about your average xbox game will play around 20 hours your getting a good deal for your money if you only do that much. So there we go. Do a little research before you buy, if you like it awesome.

    • MMO_Doubter

      “I cant even imagine spending a fraction of the time typing that some of
      you did to hate on a video game and the opinions of the gbtv crew.”

      Yet you proceed to write eleven more long paragraphs.

      Nothing wrong with a long post, but don’t start it by criticizing long posts.

      You say it’s fine for people to have differing opinions, yet you later use terms like ” throw your toys” and ” whine about it and hate the game”. Did your teacher tell you the meaning of hypocrisy?

      You want posters to be unbiased, yet defend the supposed professionals at this site for acting like fanboys. GBTV is (in theory) supposed to be serving US, not ANet – or even their own biases.

      As for doing research – no research would have told me that the TP, grouping, mail, and guilds would not be working properly. Yeah, I know it is release. That is not an excuse anymore. It wasn’t for SWTOR. It wasn’t for TSW. It wasn’t for WH Online. It isn’t for GW2.

      • http://twitter.com/Leithian Duane Lee Hampson

         My post wasn’t out of hate though, that’s the difference, I like the game. Why spend so much time writing about something you don’t like? Why come here convincing people not to try it for themselves? Probably because you want people to be playing whatever your game of preference is?

        I didn’t say anything about the length of the post /boggle, just why waste time writing so much hate on something you don’t care for, hell why visit the site as often, as you clearly do for example, about a game you don’t like, you certainly wont find me trolling products I don’t like whats the point? Its obvious you are a fan of either another mmo or most likely a different genre of game altogether. So go enjoy that community.

         I’m sorry if the sentiment rings home, but unfortunately people with the rage type persona who hate on anything that isn’t perfect right now will not enjoy this product until the kinks have been ironed out. This is fact. You can rage all you want that it should be perfect at release its just never going to happen in an mmo where you just cant predict how many are going to role what race / class / server where they live what times they will play, unless you send out a survey to all potential buyers prior to purchase and launch.

        I have been to this site numerous time and I haven’t seen a single thing stating this show claims to be non bias its a show built around this game. Imaging tuning into a football coverage show where they went on about how crap the sport was and why would anyone pay to watch this boring game. Would you watch a show like that?

        Your issues aren’t with whats broken your issues are with people who like the game, you don’t ,and you want everyone to share the opinion the game sucks because you say it does.

        My wife isn’t coping well with the mobile combat after playing years of rofltank wow for example, getting used to having to move and dodge and use block spells and stuns to stay alive is a different concept. If you try to play this game like wow or swtor or your flavor of choice you will hate this game, bottom line.

        • MMO_Doubter

          So, it is okay to write a novel here, as long as it is a love letter? But bad thoughts are not allowed?

          You are so wrong about me, it is kind of sad.

          I am not subbed to any MMO currently, and the game I have been playing the most (by FAR) the last week is:


          However, unlike many, I am able to see the bad with the good.

          I think those who come here looking for information need to know the flaws as well as the virtues. The truth seems to offend fanboys.

          • Jay

            Just don’t forget to add the good within those comments, or you just come off as a hater. I personally don’t care if you hate the game or not, but I’m just telling you how it seems if someone is always negative.

            GW2 is kool… No game is perfect, and I think it was worth my money. To be honest I think it’s great deal for $60… Based on what past MMORPGs have been charging in sub fees.

          • MMO_Doubter

             There are more than enough insane fanboys here to shout happy talk.

            It is the negatives that need to be revealed.

            As for how I come off – I couldn’t care less.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

          To add to M_D’s comments, again, this site purports to at least offer some “news” elements to the content they produce (the “News” Breaks, anyone?). True, to find an unbiased piece of news in today’s world is like trying to find a virgin in a brothel, especially  from the major news networks. However, that doesn’t mean us independant types can’t try and aspire to take the higher ground and actually offer up what is lacking in journalism today.

          As I have said, I come here for the entertainment value that the shows have to offer, and because two of the main shows talk about games I am interested in – one I am playing and one I am not. However, in terms of GW2, I have been, and will remain an ArenaNet and GW fanboi – I just happen to dislike the current game, but that does not mean I cannot come on to follow what is happening with it or discuss it with the knowledge I have thus gained with the product.

          You might be hard pressed to go into a group of gamers and not find at least a few who think games should be perfect at launch and that day one patches and DLC are a sign that the dev is lazy, their QA sucks, and they are just out for money. That being said, I do not take that view (though having a perfect game at launch should always be an aspiration), GW2’s launch went pretty much as I expected, much better than many, and certainly not as good as others. Again, however, there were and continue to be obvious mistakes that should not have been made, and other devs have been taken to task for them and Anet should be no different. There’s nothing to rage about, those are just the facts. I am disappointed that Anet choose the direction for the game that they did, as I so wanted to continue my adventures in Tyria outside of GW1, but I am certainly not angry about it, nor do I hate the game – it just doesn’t fit in with my playstyle. And once more again, I will still call out obvious mistakes, hyperbole, and asinine comments when I see no one else doing so. I have done it on numerous occasions and will continue to do so with GW1, despite my fanboism for the game.

          And with that being said, again (did I just say that again?), your posts bring up some very good points, but you also make some very poor assumptions and statements and take others to task for doing that very thing. I am glad you enjoy GW2 – Anet certainly has created a good game that many will enjoy. It is not without it’s mistakes and faults, but no game is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

      I have to agree with some of MMO_Doubter’s comments below in regards to some of your statements. However, I do like the overtone of your post. You know. It’s sad that the official forums are not up yet – quite frankly, 95% of the debates and comments that are here should belong there. But at the very least, it’s continuing to make this episode a hot topic – I noticed it was the feature on the main page for much longer than usual.

      That being said, yes – research into a game today is vital. We can see the results when a gaming community just buys into hype and does little to look at what is being done and what reasonably can be done in a game with SWTOR. SWTOR lived up to exactly what I expected because I moved past the fanboi/hater flamewars and the media/EA hype to see exactly what BW was trying to accomplish. IMO SWTOR hit the mark in what they were setting out to do. The same for Anet and GW2. The difference is, I prefer GW1’s and SWTOR’s designs and mechanics to that of GW2. But aside from personal preferences in the game, there are several things right now that are problems unrelated to playstyle choices that need to be called out and I don’t see that happening right now. They did go into the lack of an Authenticator, but quite frankly it was an absolutely stupid decision to launch the game without one. What continues to go unmentioned is the fact that in today’s market, it is common to have official forums for the game in which to discuss and inform the community about the game. That still goes unmentioned for the most part, even though we know exactly why they did it. Fault BW all you want, at least they had the balls to stand in the fire and take it. Whether the choice was good or bad is a personal view, but I happen to think they ultimately took the higher ground while Anet is acting the part of the coward on this one.

      My reason for being here, aside from being entertained by GBTV is to follow and discuss the games I am interested in. As part of that, I call out errors and hyperbole when I feel it is necessary to get the true picture of something. GBTV sets out to be a pseudonews endeavor, and as such, I think some impartiality needs to be in place. I have no problem with them being fanbois, but (as I mentioned in a discussion below), when someone comes here looking for information on a game and whether they should purchase said game, I expect more than just a fanboi response. Not everyone has the kind of disposable income to go out and buy games willy nilly, so I think it would be just common courtesy to give a full and unbiased view of a game when asked. If the hosts fail to do so, then I most certainly will. I am doing it here, and I most certainly would do it for GW1 and SWTOR.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      Well, hope you are doing well. Gratz on your level 47 character, I suspect it’s above typical leveling curve. 

      Do you not watch the show, GG clearly love viewer chat room and comments, he is asking for them all the time. The quote from your teacher is sad, that quote is typical used on the playground and is mean to degrade options and shut people up. 

      The GW2 art style and game design are fine, the problem begins when GW2 fanboi start saying you must like this game and agree with all of Arenanets decisions and if a different game has different design, it’s clearly inferior and must be eliminated. 

      Guild Wars 2 is having more than a few typical MMO bugs.  You don’t stop selling a game because it was too popular. You stop selling the game when adding more players will further damage an overwhelmed infrastructure and realm design.

      Let’s not oversell the PVE group combat in this game, it’s simply zerg events, you look at your map, identify the combat, run to the combat, dps the boss, dps the mobs, dodge damage, rez dead players and kite the boss if you draw aggro (the bosses are as slow as molasses.)

      So far the game is very checklist: 
      – Complete the hearts 
      – Visit the vistas –
      Visit the points of interest 
      – Unlock the Waypoints 
      – Complete the jumping puzzles (optional) 
      – Progress through the personal story.  
      – Participate in story mode dungeons 
      – Participate in the Dynamic Events. (Very reminiscent of Rift, when a rift would drop, the player base would charge and attempt to close the rift.)

      Let’s also be careful with the Arenanets marketing of this game, there was never a demo of this game, never an open beta and a tremendous amount of hype.  If there was any criticism  of the game design, people would say, “Hey there not a monthly sub.”

      While I enjoy the combat is this game, the reason I’m not playing it right now is I wanted to play some WvW, but we are getting our asses kicked, we are pined to our base and outnumber five to one.  I don’t jump servers, I just stop playing the game.

      • MMO_Doubter

         What server are you on? I am not above moving.

        The biggest issue I have with WvW is all the damned NPCs. There should be NO combat NPCs AT ALL. WH Online got this wrong, and GW2 is MUCH worse.

        Perhaps when the match-making is enabled, WvW will be more even.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

           You’re actually complaining about WvW not having proper match making in the first week? Seriously?

          Just what the hell do you expect them to use to match servers up? Psychic powers? Until the game has been out for a while, and they get enough data to see what servers have WvW focused populations, and what servers tend to dominate, they CAN’T match up servers.

          • MMO_Doubter

             ” You’re actually complaining about WvW not having proper match making in the first week? Seriously?”

            No, I am not. I am suggesting that the mis-matches are a temporary problem.

            Calm the hell down.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

            I apologize then. Honestly. I was just surprised to find you saying something that, well, made sense. Normally you tend to raise hell as if minor bugs and glitches are the apocalypse.

      • Jay

        That’s a long “checklist”… You forgot a few things too, like crafting and explorable modes, which both of those can take a very long time to complete. You’re free to do any and all of those things for experience too, so I don’t think it can be considered a simple checklist like WOW has. Don’t forget the Legendary weapons, because it’s not like WOW, every profession can get more than one in GW2; so imagine how long that’s going to take if you want all of the Legendary weapons your profession can use…

        No game is perfect, but GW2 is stacked compared to other games that are out… You can’t just disregard that there’s not subscription fee, because games that are charging a sub have launched with much less content.

        • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

          The big one I forgot to list was unlocking my elite skill.  I’m three skill points away from unlocking my charrzooka or Whirlwind. (decisions, decisions)

          Don’t have much faith in explorable mode dungeons, not sure if I really have the twitch skills necessary for that. Once, the really good players complete the explorable modes, getting players to run the again will be next to impossible. 

          The Legendary weapons looks like a massive grind, with very little in return.  Without a guild hall to hang out with your guildies, what is the point of Legendary weapons. 

          I can fully appreciate the no sub fee argument for content, I have a problem with fans excusing serious infrastructure bugs because GW2 have a monthly sub.

          For me, WoW is about playing with your guildies, running raids and dungeons.  Actually experiencing the content together.   I was hoping for this in WvW, but it’s not looking good.   

          The most fun I had in GW2 was running the large WvW with the guild event lead by MikeB.  So far, I haven’t had the same level of fun with the live release. 

          • Jay

            All I’ve been doing since release is PVE with guildees and other people I’ve met, and recently doing dungeons, and large scale bosses aka raids. Basically the stuff you say you like in WOW… BTW you need to get tokens from the explorable mode runs if you want the gear from them, so you’ll find more people running them than you think.

            If you like WOW better, that’s okay, but I can definitely see why a lot of people would like GW2 better. It’s a new MMO that actually feels like a new MMO, instead just another WOW clone. I’m happy about that…

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            You are the guy that mentioned WoW, I’m sick and tired about hear about WoW in GamebreakerTV GW2 articles and GW2 in game chat, WoW this and WoW that.  I keep my discussions to GW2 until you start talking about WoW.
            I am looking forward to hearing about the Explorable Mode dungeons.  It should be really challenging and fun content. So far, I haven’t seen anything I would call a raid boss, large scale events yes, but nothing I would consider a challenging raid boss. 

          • Jay

            Oh, I didn’t bring up WOW.. you did, lol. I was just letting you know that the stuff you mentioned you like in WOW is also in GW2, but in a different form.

            Do you define a raid boss by how hard it is, or by how many people are there? I personally don’t care if it’s 10 people or 5 people, I just like it to be fun and challenging. So far the dungeons in GW2 provide that, so me and my WOW guildees are having a lot of fun using whatever profession we like. Just relying on teamwork instead of a tank/healer is really refreshing. =)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R35J5EUERGS3E6JRIQMBCDTRRY Nathan I

    Rytlock is account based, but you only get him once. Same thing with the guild influence item and the glory item. Everything else you get once per character

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

    Before we devolve completely into a fanboi/hater flamewar here, let me put my take on some of this. There’s a huge opportunity lost in some of these episodes to really dig into a good discussion of the games and the merits of their designs. It’s okay to be fanbois for something you like, but Gary as the moderator also has the responsibility to take the conversation deeper, and on several occasions he has let the opportunity slip by. It’s like “Hey, yeah great – Dubstep Lix, very entertaining, but what were they saying about this particular mechanic – why was good? Why is it better than other games? Oh … wait, now we have Dubstep Cat, yes very cute.”

    For example, I mentioned the one episode with the viewer question asking if they should buy the game. Of course, we expect the fanboi answer, and there’s nothing wrong with that unless that’s all you get. Here was a huge opportunity lost to discuss not only why one should buy the game, but the caveats on why perhaps one might need to pass this game up.

    On another occasion, Scott talked a little bit about the combat and the Holy Trinity. I appreciated his comments, but there was just not enough discussion on it – at that point, we should have gone in and said “OK, Trinity is dead or at least appearing in a modified version in GW2” and talked more about what Anet was trying to solve with this and what drawbacks their implementation may have, and if it is something that is better or worse than the tried and true mechanics.

    There were also a couple of occasions where Lix came out and said that the game was not for everyone, but it always seemed just to be a passing comment and nothing much more was made about it. This would have been a huge opportunity to go into a real good in depth point by point discussion on why Anet’s choice might be better or worse for the game and the genre as a whole, and who should and shouldn’t buy the game – something you probably won’t get anywhere else.

    So as a suggestion for future episodes – not just Guildcast, but all episodes, let’s have just a little bit less Dubstepping and more good game talk; a little less “talking out of the butt” viewer questions and more questions that ask for some really thoughtful and in depth discussion of the games, both positive and negative.

    • MMO_Doubter

      GBTV is just preaching to the  choir, and waiting for the “AMENS”.

      I am done trying to cure the demented.

      • Lycronis

         Because you are clearly “Holier than thou!” right? Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are really trying to do and what you think you are seriously trying to accomplish.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

          No, no, no, no, no…..don’t try and talk to him; I think he’s finally ready to leave and troll somewhere else. 

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            Guys keep reponding to him, keep him tied up so he will stay of off WoW articles. 

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

            He’s not the troll the WoW community needs; but the one it deserves….

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            no, no you keep him

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

            Been stuck with him too long; it’s your turn.

        • MMO_Doubter

          I told you before what I was trying to do:

          Bring the truth out in the face of fanboy propaganda.

          Holier than thou? Yeah, at least most of thou. There are few decent posters here who can at least consider reality.

          But the shills and true believers can have this site now. They can be happy in knowing that the poor standards they defend will drag this industry down into the sewer, because companies will sell shit if they can get away with it.

          That is because it takes no effort at all to make shit.

          • Jant0n

            >”Bring the truth out in the face of fanboy propaganda”
                 Acting superior to others does not help make your case. Also making accusations with no proof(GBTV is just preaching to the choir, and waiting for the ‘AMENS'”) and calling people names (“I am done trying to cure the demented”) is only ever going to make you lose credibility. The staff here work hard to provide good information and opinions on the games that they cover. Just because you disagree with their opinions doesn’t make you right.

            >”They can be happy in knowing that the poor standards they defend will drag this industry down into the sewer, because companies will sell shit if they can get away with it.That is because it takes no effort at all to make shit.”
                Opinion stated as fact. You all but say the game is shit, which is absolutely absurd. It is one thing to say you dislike something and another entirely to accuse someone of making shit because it’s easier.

            There are things in this game that I don’t like. There are things about the game that cause some frustration (Trading Post) the difference is I can state my opinion in a civil tone without being condescending to people.

  • MiZTiiX

    yh keep thinking arena net is good for taking action and banning accounts whens all of the perma banns have been unbanned because they knew people would buy the game again…… they are fcking with the players

  • MiZTiiX

    “the meat of the game are dynamic events” wow are you serious right now? the meat of the game is PVP, it’s a PVP game, dynamic events are as grindy and repetitive as questing and will be forgotten fast. Seriously Richie is probably the most BS talking guest.

    • Jant0n

      Dynamic events are the meat of the PVE game (they also occur in WvW); I play this game mostly for PVE and am having a blast. Also, saying someone is full of “bs” right after you assert you opinion as fact really does not make you look very intelligent. I really like what Richie adds to the conversations and feel that he does a great job. Hope you don’t hurt yourself falling from that high horse you’re on ;)

      • MiZTiiX

        There is no meat for PVE in this game, quite frankly the meat of the game is PVP. PVE doesn’t offer anything good, dungeons can be completed and never looked back at in 1 day and dynamic events are like quests that get repetitive after a while. If you want this game to last you you will have to PVP because in a couple of months of being lvl 80 nobody will look back at PVE

        • Jant0n

          >”There is no meat for PVE in this game, quite frankly the meat of the game is PVP.”
          Clearly you and I just have different opinions on this.

          >”PVE doesn’t offer anything good”
              That is your opinion, stated as fact. I love the PVE you don’t; it doesn’t mean either of us is wrong it just means we like different things, but there is no need to say it as if it is a fact.

          >”dungeons can be completed and never looked back at in 1 day”
              I have not really done enough of the dungeons to make an informed statement on them. However, you again seem to state opinion as fact.
          >”dynamic events are like quests that get repetitive after a while”
              Again, you are stating opinion as fact. I have spent 87 hours total in game, at the time of this post, and I am still having fun doing DE’s.

          >” If you want this game to last you you will have to PVP because in a  couple of months of being lvl 80 nobody will look back at PVE”
              Holy sweeping generalizations Batman! Yes, I think by now we all ge that you dislike the PVE in this game, but that does not mean that everyone does. Are there aspects I think could be improved upon? Of course there are, but I have found a solid and enternaing PVE experience for myself.

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            There is a some facts to back the PVE comments up.  While I’m having a blast with the PVE content in this game, some of my former GW1 player friends said, after awhile, it become really difficult getting guidlies to try harder/older content.

            That is why I’m trying to get my Elementalist to level 80 and keeping a running checklist going for this game.

            Shadow Behemoth – check
            Flame Elemental – check
            AC Story Mode – check

          • Jant0n

            That is anecdotal evidence. Saying that this will apply to everyone is demonstrably fallacious.

          • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

            You are in serous denial. I never said everyone, I said the former players I spoke with and my personal experience is leading to a single play through of the PVE content. Not endless repeating dynamic content and dungeons. 

          • Jant0n

            >” I never said everyone, I said ”
                  You make a statement that “there is a some facts to back the PVE comments up” then state that “While I’m having a blast with the PVE content in this game, some of my former GW1 player friends said, after awhile, it become really difficult getting guidlies to try harder/older content.” That you did not separate these or state that this was just  in your experience would suggest you are using it to back up the first statement. If that is not the case I apologize; however, you could see where my confusion would come from.

            >”You are in serous denial.”
               I am in denial of nothing. The statement I responded to “There is no meat for PVE in this game, quite frankly the meat of the game is PVP. PVE doesn’t offer anything good, dungeons can be completed and never looked back at in 1 day and dynamic events are like quests that get repetitive after a while.” cannot be stated as fact.

          • Old Ben

            GW2 and GW are completely different games; they just happen to take place in the same universe.

            And if it “becomes hard to get guildies to do older content”, and that’s what you want to do, maybe you need to change guilds.

          • MiZTiiX

            okay so you’re denying the fact that gw2 pve will not keep pver’s entertained. Okay so when you reach lvl 80, what will you do? dungeons in ANY mmo cannot be relied on to keep people comming back. You do a dungeon and complete it in an hour average, thats it you’ve seen all of the dungeon. You will come back to grind gear but that’s it, what else will you do? dynamic events will pop up eventually (ones you’ve completed already as you were leveling) There is no raids that you progress through for months and months.

          • Jant0n

            >”okay so you’re denying the fact that gw2 pve will not keep pver’s entertained.”
                No, I’m stating it is not a fact. You can not claim it to be fact. In your opinion it will not keep people entertained and you have every right to such an opinion, as I have right to mine. 

            >”There is no raids that you progress through for months and months.”
                 You may personally like raids, but not everyone does. I had fun raiding in WoW, mostly because of the people I raided with, but hated being tied down and having to log on for scheduled raids. The way PVE is structured in this game allows me to log in and have fun when I want.

            >” Okay so when you reach lvl 80, what will you do?”
            I enjoy DE’s, minigames, jumping puzzles, exploration, collecting armor sets, crafting, and achievements (I have not tried the dungeons yet so I cannot comment on them). This will keep me entertained for a while.

          • MiZTiiX

            yh those are the type of things you enjoy with EVERY new mmo. Once you explore the world and now it isnside out there, exploration wares off. jumping puzzles aswell, once you do them that’s it. If you dedicate your time to doin jumping puzzles you can complete most of them in a couple of days. DE’s as i said, you will see all of the DE’s as you level then they will repeat and you’ve already have done them. Crafting, once you get to max level that’s it. And achievements and mini games are very minor, they aren’t something you dedicate extremes amount of times to. What i’m saying is there isn’t anything in PVE in this game that lasts you along time. You can complete it and that’s it.

          • Jant0n

            I don’treally fathom how you can say what people will or will not enjoy in a game;these are very subjective things that cannot be stated as fact without empirical data (which neither you or I has). Once again you state your OPINION as if it were fact. You don’t like PVE in this game, that doesn’t mean it isfact or we all have to agree with you.

            >” Once you explore the world and now it isnside out there, exploration wares off.”
                Rather true. Although, I still find it fun to go roam around Elwynn Forest for the thousandth time. I think it has more to do with the person and the atmosphere of whatever zone they are exploring.

             >”jumping puzzles aswell, once you do them that’s it.”
                 I’ve already done some of them more than once; they even reward you with a chest once a day if you do them (not that intend to do every one of them every day). Once again it is something subjective and up to the individual.

            > “DE’s as i said, you will see all of the DE’s as you level then they will repeat and you’ve already have done them.”
             I highly doubt that you will see every single DE while leveling; hell, I’d be surprised if you could do every zone without reaching 80. The devs have also stated that they intend to add more DE’s to the game as time goes by.

            >”. Crafting, once you get to max
            level that’s it.”
                For YOU, yes. Some people like to do there crafting and try to play the in game economy to turn a profit. I know that once the Trading Post is up I will definitely have some fun seeing if I can make a decent profit.

            >” And achievements and mini games are very minor, they aren’t something you dedicate extremes amount of times to.”
                They are minor to YOU. There are some cool titles I want to get and I most certainly will try to get as many of the achievements as I can.  Mini games are definitely interesting to me as well and I will have some fun playing those.

            >” What i’m saying is there isn’t anything in PVE in this game that lasts you along time. You can complete it and that’s it”   
            Horsesh**. You are stating YOUR OPINION as fact, again. There are people in this world with different opinions and tastes who do not like the same things as you; this does NOT make them wrong. It’s fine that you don’t like PVE in this game and it’s fine you think it won’t last a while, but it does not mean I have to agree with you.

          • MiZTiiX

            okay so what you’re saying is PVE in this game is grinding because once you do it all, which doesn’t take much time, you keep doing it over and over again?

          • Jant0n

            Let’s not put words in my mouth. What I am saying is that fun is subjective and noone is right or wrong. PVE in pretty much every MMO is technically grinding imo (the definition I am using here is doing the same thing over and over). They can’t magically create a never ending stream of content. The real question is wether you personally find it tedious or entertaing. I find the world that they have made entertaining with enough options for it to be fun for me. I found raiding entertaining and yet all that was was going through the same content for months.  

          • MiZTiiX

            how am i putting words into your mouth? you just said the replay value is to repeat the stuff you have done already..which is repetitive

          • Jant0n

            >”okay so what you’re saying is”
               Asking rhetorical questions that start with the assumption you know what I am saying is putting words in my mouth.

            >” you just said the replay value is to repeat the stuff you have done already..which is repetitive”
               You are starting to get very circular with your argument here.  Also, I said “What I am saying is that fun is subjective and noone is right or wrong.” Yes, parts of the game will be repetitive the developers cannot make content as fast as players go through it; this is true of any game. For me the content has enough options and different leveling paths for the PVE to continue being fun. I liked raiding (so do plenty of others) and all that is, is doing the same fights over and over till the next raid comes out.    

          • MiZTiiX

            yh but with raids you progress until you kill the boss. After you kill the boss you move on. You don’t always grind the same boss because you progress to the next one

          • Jant0n

            You progress until there are no more bosses left to progress on; there are no raids with an infinite number of bosses. Also it can take a long time until you see the next tier of raiding, I’m looking at you dragon soul; the only game I have seen implement new raids efficiently on a regular schedule is Rift.

  • Aksel Petrova

    Jant0n +1

  • Nick Cattane

    Sheesh, I posted here around the 100 comments mark, now it’s almost 200 – Guess I got distracted playing/enjoying the game and forgot to spam troll GBTV for their clearly biased (and in my opinion, right) opinions!  Go play the game and stop QQ’ing, it’s fantastic.

  • http://twitter.com/Bawheidbob Robbie Paul

    Personally running way over the leveling curve hoping things ramp up in terms of difficulty in the PvE stakes all been pretty /facepalm so far – Having great fun though.

    Best show on the internet – QFT

  • DoctorOverlord

    Great show everyone!  

    I’m really glad to hear I wasn’t the only one confused about registering our box codes.    I was investigating that as well and not finding anything until I got an reply from customer support that explained it.  

    One of ArenaNet’s major flaws has their repeated habit of assuming that what they think it intuitive is understandable to everyone else outside the company.  That and their lack of communicating that critical information to the community.  
    They’re getting better at it, but I still see problems.    Such as this habit of not disseminating the information and recently this over reliance solely on social media like Facebook or Twitter.  They need to remember to use the official site and launcher news section as well.     Still, they are improving (esp compared to GW1!) which is more than you can say about many companies.  On a unrelated note I am incredibly glad they’re not using the NCSoft Master Account.  That’s just awful. 

    Very good points about the hearts and personal story seeming like core that players are meant to follow and those are just another example of ArenaNet assuming that new players will understand what they want. I haven’t had any problem with the leveling curve but I’ve been following the game and
    have an idea what ArenaNet intends for player experience.   

    I think one secret to enjoying GW2 is to try to get into ArenaNet’s head.   Ask how do they want me to play this profession?   How do they want me to
    level my character?    Players need to do this because, unfortunately, ArenaNet isn’t that great at explaining themselves.

    It’s still an enormously fun game, make no mistake, but I think one’s enjoyment is really dependent on how you’re playing it.   You wouldn’t play Portal and complain about the lack of combat or Batman and complain about the lack of car racing.   Of course, both those games explain themselves pretty well.   GW2 is complicated so figuring out how you are meant to play is much harder.