Guild Wars 2 The Origin Of Madness Update Release| Guildcast EP98

This week on GuildCast: The Origin of Madness preview, plans for future patches regarding living story and more!

It’s a new year for Guild Wars 2 as we ease our way into 2014. With all the new MMO games and expansions coming out this year, ArenaNet will have to up their game even more. It looks like they’re off to a strong start with next week’s patch!

The End Is Near

I know some of you are thinking “sigh, Scarlet again”. However ArenaNet said that these last four living story patches, starting with this one, will change Tyria forever. I have to say, the trailer for this patch really does sound ominously good. This time Scarlet is bringing out the bigger Sex Bo- I mean Watchwork Knights out in Lorner’s Pass along with the other clockwork horrors, Aetherblade pirates and the Molten Alliance. Along with the the new living story content is a new permanent three-headed Jungle Worm boss. It appears that this boss is located on Southsun Cove.

How Future Living Story Will Work

It looks like ArenaNet has learned from their living story patches. After the Scarlet Arc is done, ArenaNet plan to make big multi-month story arcs but make sure every month there’s a smaller complete story. To put it in perspective, it would be kind of like the Flame and Frost story line. Also, as a sidenote, when the season one for living story is done, there will be a huge feature build. This build includes quality of life changes and gameplay-changing elements.

All that and more…

To see everything the hosts have to say about all of this and more watch the show!

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  • Andrew

    Sad to see Guildcast go. ;_;

    • INKS

      very very sad.

      • Solothief

        Terrible….Needs to come back..

  • Dragzai


  • Jasker80

    awww this sucks…I love Guildcast.

  • AuroraPeachy

    Maybe you just need another female host to bring a different perspective to the show. *winkwinkcouhgcoughwinkwink*

    • INKS

      If serious you should submit a video to gamebreaker.

      • DoctorOverlord

        You’d have a good chance of getting hired by ArenaNet based on history lol (Rubi and Elizabeth)

  • Bob Dobalina

    Didn’t even make it to 100 episodes. Too bad. It was an ok show.

  • TheRaaar

    Meh, i understand why the show is closing. Guild Wars 2 just has no soul and no staying power; most gamers play because it’s “free”. Well, Free is cheap – and cheap and shallow is how i felt about GW2. dat “feel good slot machine” just didnt do it for me or my guild.

    I dont even play anymore but I watched the show to see the hosts so thanks for the laughs guys. I’ll still follow RIchie’s youtube channel i guess.

  • LastChanceFood

    GG should snag Richie P for some other shows.

    • HartsHope

      he does a Nexus Talk on his channel so a 4 man UDSP!! hmmmmmm?

  • DoctorOverlord

    To put it simply – it sucks the show is closing :(

    Shouldn’t there be an announcement in the text? I only knew because of the comments since I haven’t had a chance to watch it.

  • cal

    Bring back Elixabeth and the Brit! Viewership will go up! I loved watching this show.

  • thavleifrim

    well on one hand sad to see guildcast go, on the other hand glad to not have a reason to come back to this site, it’s been going down hill at a rate of knots for months. to much clickbate and reposts from other sources.

  • LiveSpartan235

    Gonna miss Guildcast :( it was a good run

  • robotadventures

    post season 1 living world, if they do release a new campaign then I think they would have to bring the show back. too much content to talk about just on twimmo. Its too bad the GBN guild never got the guild cast bump.

  • Solarmancis

    Was a good run, but I understand why the show is ending. Arena Net just gives no reason for us to keep playing. Tales of Tyria, Tyria After Dark, and now Guildcast, that’s all the big podcasts covering this game gone.

    Here’s to ESO/Wildstar and the coming great exodus off of GW2

  • Jeffrey Tessar

    I want to thank Gary, Richie, Matt, Scott, and Elizabeth for a great run. I am sad to see the show go, was what kept me coming to this sight. Been watching since beta. GW2 may seam to be running out of steam but this is normal for most MMO’s. The community is still very strong on many servers, and WVW is a very fun endgame for me. I enjoy the PVP and I think its awesome that we get updates every 2 weeks, it keeps the game fresh. Still, I understand why interest has waned in general. I hope an expansion or something can liven things up so we can see a return of GC. Good luck to everyone, thanks for the good memories.

  • Unoobis

    Gonna miss the show. Guild Cast is what brought me to this channel before GW2 even came out.

    As far as GW2….God I hope some of the stuff picks-up. Getting really tired of all the grinding type quests that keep coming up for every living story thing that keeps coming. (Ex: Run around the world and smash all these pinatas.) It just gets REALLY old doing the same thing over and over again (grinding) for a quest. Also, it’s gone over a year now and the holiday type events were the same, but LESS. I understand them doing the same events because it’s holiday stuff, BUT they actually got rid of some events in the Halloween and Christmas stuff. They keep saying that people didn’t like certain events (the pvp battleground) so they got rid of them, but they didn’t replace them with anything. They just did less events. Also, on a side note with changing things, quite a while back they got rid of the rezing back at a WP in the dungeons while fighting was going on and some people said that this was a good thing. The thing is that….NO ONE MADE YOU REZ WHEN YOU DIED IF YOU DIDN’T WANT TO. You could have just used some self control and your group decided that you would stay dead and not rez back up at the WP instead of crying and getting the devs to change the game.

  • dope_danny

    Honestly amazed this is going and the swtor show is still here.

  • Gunner Peterson

    I remember drinking a cup of tea and watching GuildCast before Gw2 launched, sad to see it go.

  • Wojciech Ziomek

    Richie join UDSP. NOW!:)

  • BJWyler

    It’s too bad the show has to go, because I think Anet should be recognized for bucking the MMO trend with their business model and ideas (though the implementation of GW2 has no appeal for me), but it’s not really any surprise. As others have mentioned, there’s just not much there to keep interest in the show going. The difference here and, say, with The Republic is that there just is not enough controversy. SWTOR has a polarized community and the constant headbutting between the two sides help keep things interesting.

    If Guildcast wants to keep going, they need to seriously consider bringing more controversy to the show. Go to the GW2 forums and pick out those hot controversial topics that keep popping up – like the original manifesto and the design decisions made. A lot of that stuff was glossed over during the early episodes of Guildcast, but it is evident that it is one of the things that has polarized the GW community, both fans of the old game and players of the new.

    Plus Gary needs to /ragequit a couple of shows. That ought to do the trick.

  • Jado Cast

    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, but its sad for me. I’ve been listening to Guild Cast with Rubi and Shawn (aka Epyk Beard) long before it came to Game Breaker. In fact, I learned about GB through Shawn talking about it on his podcast. Truly, Anet needs to get it together, or I foresee a huge drop in players soon. they did so much that was great and will impact MMO’s to come, but they made some serious mistakes with WvW, sPvP, the way they tell the story through personal story, and living world, etc. etc. They could salvage it and do something great, but it better come before all these new MMO’s launch or many people are going to leave the game and not come back.

    As for Guild Cast, what’s there really to talk about each week except for a few patch changes, and the living world every two weeks, which isn’t holding people’s attention. It’s sad to say, but I’ve been telling others this was coming for a while now. Maybe one day it will come back when the show can be relevant again. I’m down to only one GW2 Podcast left on itunes, plus there’s always Wooden Potatoes.

  • solo reaper

    i would watch more often if you guys can keep on track with dates and times that its on.The drop in numbers may be do to that the show repeatedly was skipped or missed altogether.This show was only reason for watching this site for me.

  • LegionsUnleashed

    Sad to see GuildCast go although it wasnt the same without Elisabeth. Looking forward to also see Richie in another show, maybe?

    • Dean Sharaz

      Hes dead along with Guildcast and Gw2.

  • Brian Day

    You need to keep the good shows like this and legendary and get shot of the people you pay to right shit storys ..this show is good when its on you keep droping it changing the days its on