This week, you’re in for a treat as we are joined by Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street and Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas for a special interview.

Welcome to a special Blizzard interview edition of Legendary where we are joined by lead systems designer Greg Street and lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas! As we already know.. the internet is abuzz with rumors and speculation about everything WoW related — and is likely to be for the next few months until we hit Blizzcon. Patch 5.4 is dropping soon, trademarks may or may not have been filed and everyone wants to know when their class will be buffed and everyone else’s will be nerfed!

Dungeons and scenarios!

Okay.. So who isn’t going to ask the lead systems designer and lead encounter designer about the future of these? Some people love dungeons… Some people love scenarios.. Other people might enjoy both, but at this point we just want to know how everything is going to work together.

The Seige of Orgrimmar

So with 5.4 hitting in a few weeks and the next expansion assumed to be around the corner, the crew wants to know what the team has in plans to keep things from getting dull before the supposed expansion hits.

That and more!

Okay.. So a LOT more, and it’s all right here for you guys to watch. So join Liv, Pat and Schaffnit as they talk with Greg and Ion about all things World of Warcraft.

And don’t forget!

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  • Bulliwyf

    Can anyone tell me why the video is so choppy and laggy – its easily a full 3 second difference between the audio and the video. :(

    • Bear

      Make sure your Flash player is update to help with future problems

    • Dularr

      I also find it takes time for the video to propagate throughout the servers.

  • Krymm

    what WOULD be the incentive to revisit molten core scaled up/down? certainly not gear, and def not xmog since soloing it means u get all the gear…….i think its a cool idea in concept to allow scale retro raiding…..but with no tangible reward….i dont think i would sit through the wipes and i know many raiders that wouldn’t either (there has to be gear incentive, nostalgia only goes so far!) I think id run it ONCE and thereafter solo it for the xmog. Ion makes an excellent point there.

    Rerto raiding doesn’t seem like its worth the work/money/trble. I dont think ill EVER want to run ICC again after as many headaches it gave at current level

    • Luke Malcolm

      What if they had in a leaderboard based on Skill, Boss Kill Times & Overall Performance.

      Have it as something you can do after Progression, it allows you to bring in new players & teach them the basics the reward could helping new players get into raiding & allow them to get a feel for it that when decide to do LFR they understand what to do & it isn’t the mess like it is today.

      • Dularr

        All of the information is already available. There are plenty of web sites that offer leaderboard information and other metrics.

        I find for the returning players, the first tier of Mists makes a great opportunity to brush up on tanking, healing and dps skills.

        With heroic scenarios providing a nice opportunity to develop raid awareness and how to avoid damage.

        Will have to see if patch 5.4 proving grounds provides a needed training opportunity.

  • Alec Baldwin

    Good thing we got around to asking the Systems and Encounter developers about Alliance lore. Such a pressing matter. Good job, Schaf.

    • Mike Schaffnit

      Your welcome mr baldwin. Btw i LOVE your work!

      • Dularr

        I’ve heard the voice mails he leaves his children, he seemed really nice to you.

      • beefy48

        You’ll love his work until he leaves you a voice mail like he did his daughter :)

  • Frank

    So was there actually a legendary or just this?

  • YOJO

    I find all the shows a little bit boring since you stoped playing video clips. I know youtube dosent let you but still i find it boring. Esp when you start talking about something that happened in some video.

  • Quest_Over

    so is HS now coming to the EU ?

    • Dularr

      Doen’t even seem to be fully out in the US. Keep seeing the press and wow insiders complain that they only see the same folks in the arena over and over. Not sure how many opt in invites actually went out.

  • Dularr

    Good job. Any word on who will be the next Warchief?

    • lilmissy4205

      In the interview between TradeChat and Kosak, he wasn’t even going to give that spoiler away. You’ll just have to defeat Garrosh to find out.

      • Dularr

        Ah, yes. The new Warchief should be an interesting timeline, at the end of SoO, content between patches, pre-patch content or wait until the next expansion.

  • Sidenorna

    As an Enh shaman I simply got more cool down..IE a lot more buttons to press in “fringe” times.

  • Diceman

    nothing against Mike Schaffnit, but why is it he seems to be taking over hosting all the shows lately especially Legendary? It just isn’t the same show without Gary hosting, especially when you have two lead designers for Wow on that show.

    • beefy48

      I like Mike just fine, in fact I kinda like him better than Gary on the Wow show since he still plays. I just with he wouldn’t scream as much. I’ve seen him do this in some of the other shows he does, but over all I think he does a fine job.

      • Diceman

        I’m not saying that Mike does a bad job. I just happen to prefer Gary as a host, and was just wondering why it seems like Gary is transitioning out of hosting and passing the hosting duties to Mike.

        • LUKEPERSON

          the heck with that. need a throwback and get gary, mike b, and lore. the OG LEGENDARY CREW. Lore would have to be quite quiet though.


    uh what do i do here… i cant watch it. the edge of the two right boxes so like 3/5 of the hosts, are cut out by the column down the side. i cant click fullscreen to view it… i cant watch the video like this it’ll bug the crap outta me… any chance on resizing the video box so it fits… or… just making a link for a fullscreen?

  • Athadren

    I hate to continue saying this AGAIN, but there really is something funky with your audio, Gary. It used to be panned to the left, this episode is RIDICULOUSLY panned to the right. I can easily tell sine my hearing is worse on my right ear and its totally panned to that side. Its been like this for a looooooong time now. It is really annoying if you play at the same time etc, as it sounds *really* off.

  • moof

    ffs why is there a woman here? I spend my time on a PC to get away from them : Are they gonna take over this domain too? All I will have then is my Motorcycle, which thankfully no woman I’ve met likes as the helmet ruins their hair,

    • Kenneth McKenzie

      maybe you should move to San Francisco or SoHo in New York and show of your motorcycle. I’m sure they would be happy to compliment it and do manly things…

    • Kenneth McKenzie

      Show some respect. Who do you think invented all the food that keeps you alive and enjoy.? Or the clothes you like to wear ?..and who has to bleed every month to keep humanity alive.? You have to deliver a little puddle of snot..they do the rest. Show some damn respect

  • moof

    Why would these developers be on? WoW has sucked balls since TBC, fucking bring back world PVP Blizzard…….. oh wait you’re too busying dumbing down the game some more?

    I don’t like you either Mike, you fucking suck.

    Also I smell like cum…..

    • Nick Oz

      dude u need more meds you’re drooling all over your self i pity your illness

  • Nick Oz

    all i can say oqeue has brought back the magic in wow for me pity it comes from a 3rd party maker blizz should have a in game oqeue like interface UI