This week, you’re in for a treat as we are joined by Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street and Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas for a special interview.

Welcome to a special Blizzard interview edition of Legendary where we are joined by lead systems designer Greg Street and lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas! As we already know.. the internet is abuzz with rumors and speculation about everything WoW related — and is likely to be for the next few months until we hit Blizzcon. Patch 5.4 is dropping soon, trademarks may or may not have been filed and everyone wants to know when their class will be buffed and everyone else’s will be nerfed!

Dungeons and scenarios!

Okay.. So who isn’t going to ask the lead systems designer and lead encounter designer about the future of these? Some people love dungeons… Some people love scenarios.. Other people might enjoy both, but at this point we just want to know how everything is going to work together.

The Seige of Orgrimmar

So with 5.4 hitting in a few weeks and the next expansion assumed to be around the corner, the crew wants to know what the team has in plans to keep things from getting dull before the supposed expansion hits.

That and more!

Okay.. So a LOT more, and it’s all right here for you guys to watch. So join Liv, Pat and Schaffnit as they talk with Greg and Ion about all things World of Warcraft.

And don’t forget!

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