Patch 5.3 is coming and Legendary is joined by Blizzard’s Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street and Brian Holinka for a live video interview!

Gary Gannon and Olivia Grace interview Blizzard’s Lead Systems Designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street as well as Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka on Blizzard’s first ever live video interview! As you’d expect, the conversation focuses around the upcoming patch, and we took full advantage of having the two main influences on WoW PvP to grill about the big upcoming changes. 

  • We started off by chatting to the guys about the recent drop in subscription numbers, asking what they thought it might have been related to, and asking what they felt it meant for the future of WoW. 
  • We then moved on into the more specific patch 5.3 discussion, first asking Brian to explain his mission with regard to patch 5.3, and as far as WoW PvP goes in general.
  • We then talked about the huge gearing changes going into patch 5.3, as well as taking a look back over the previous changes he’d made, while also wondering if everything is changing too much for the less well-informed player. 
  • PvE gear in PvP was next up, with the patch 5.3 change to give everyone 65% base resilience, there are concerns among the player base that PvE gear would be an equally good, even superior choice, and we discussed that with a specific view towards problem areas such as tanks, and world PvP, as well as just in general. 
  • We had to talk about at least some PvE, so that took the form of Heroic Scenarios, and whether they were seen by the devs as a replacement for 5-mans.Greg clarified that no, they weren’t, and reassured us that we could indeed expect to see heroic 5-mans in the future. We also touched on the new Battlefield Barrens quests, 10 and 25-man raiding, and cleared up a response in an earlier interview where Greg implied that there might not be any Valor gear in future patches.
  • Moving back into PvP, we had to take a look at class balance, discussing outliers and potential problems, as well as looking back at balance over the expansion. 
  • Next up was the new Role Check system, where the Blizzard devs were keen to clarify that the way the system worked meant that the queue times would not be lengthened at all, and therefore players were extremely unlikely to risk the ire of their team-mates by queueing as a spec they had no intention of playing. 
  • Lastly we hit up the changes to existing arena and battleground maps, as well as proposed changes to CC, instant cast heals, blanket silences and more. 

You can tune in to Legendary for more World of Warcraft discussion every Thursday night at 8pm Pacific! 


  • Deadalon

    Total disgrace of an interview. When did Gamebreaker send in those questions to BLizzard to accept or did BLizzard send them directy? This was as rehearsed as I have ever seen. And the big real questions were yet again not asked and just avoided. EVEN when there was talk about Q times that might affect battlegrounds… they stayed away from asking if any fixes were in the pipeline to fix LFR ones ? No… to negative and they dont have solution so dont ask.

    All questions were obviously planned and with answers in mind. PR PR PR PR instead of real hard questions that would lead to those devs having to think instead of thinking they are gods and can not do anything wrong.

    Gotta love how pissed off GC got when Brian was introduced before him :D

    Also they sorta came out bad when they were asked about other games and how the MMO enviroment is changing. Fact is .. .they no longer can answer that question without direcly saying… We can not offer the same quality starter content as other games do now.

  • Talis Redstar

    Greg Street looked like he ate a black bean burrito, and forgot to take his beeno.

    They talked about liking teams being tactical with CC’s, but they needed to address DRs and the like.

    Why not change CCs and DRs to where they work/react with something like Resolve in SWTOR? I mean its something that one you can see so you know that hey if I cc him now, he can break it, and then be unCCable for the next 6 seconds, I know in say huttball, if you fill up say an assassin’s/Shadow’s resolve bar when they are near the fires and they have the ball, well guess what unless you time a pull before he pops his immunity, then he’s pretty much guaranteed a score between full resolve and force speed.

    something like resolve also slightly solves the problem where people spend too much time out of control of their characters. I mean a Sap-kidneyshot-blind-cyclone-gouge and so on and so forth, even with popping your trinket in there is still alot of time out of the fight, and bout really only paladins can stop that with bubble, then once pally has popped that to stop all of that, he gets focused and burned to a crisp, as he no longer has bubble to reset the fight.

    Before ally Johnny storms flame on. I’m not saying something like Resolve is an end all magic bullet that will fix everything. But IMO, it sure made pvp so much more fun for me in SWTOR than what it is in WoW.. Plus the fact that in Swtor everyone had class innate “trinket.”

    I know i’d like to hear other’s rebuttal on this, minus any OMG YOU n00b.

    • Dularr

      Hmm, are you playing WoW now? The UI has a countdown timer telling you how much time left on CC or spell lockouts.

      While the SWTOR resolve bar is fine, I do find the WoW UI to be much more helpful in deciding to use a CC break.

      • Talis Redstar

        I am, and while that is great. I agree alot of the UI and addons you can use are great. But second thing I like of Resolve besides the bar, is the immunity you get after its filled up. A third thing I like Resolve works faster than the DR’s of wow. Because different CC’s cost different amounts of resolve. Like stuns are your large resolve builders.

        In SWTOR a cheap shot, and kidney shot alone would be more than enough to fill a resolve bar at which time, a person could pop their cc break and for the next 5 seconds react to rogue without worrying that they are going to loose control of their character right then and there.

        Now yes after that immunity is gone, the rogue could yet again vanish cheap shot, and repeat, but least during the first time defending player has a chance.

  • Deadalon

    Gamebreaker deleting comments… nice ….

    • Dularr

      Aw, did you include too much of a personal attack on the hosts and guests.

  • Tommy

    Funny to listen to the yanks who still plays this crap, and 1 English girl….Anyways blizz you lose subs because its a 9 year old game and no patch will get you your subs back, give us Titan plis and make us happy. We belive in you blizz.

    • krymm

      funny how this 9 yr old game that only yanks and an english girl play is king of the hill and is millions of players ahead of even the closest competition…..after losing subs…..which was also expected given the life cycle of the patch. Have fun waiting for titan. From a business standpoint, makes no sense to release a game that kills another of ur successful games, me thinks titan wont come out till wow is dead…..could be blizzard soon (aka 5 years more?)

      • Tommy

        How many more subs will be lost in 1 year from now do you thing with games like wildstar and teso out … brains…….also most people playing this game lives in china and even they now are starting to get sick of this game.

        • Amphy

          leeme guess, 2 “wow killers”…..yawn

        • Dularr

          That was an incredibly weak response. Of all the possible responses, you went with the “wow killer.” Was that really your first choice as a response. Really disappointing.

          Here, let’s bail you out again.

          Blizzard already stated they may lose more subs by the end of the year. But, let’s go with some possible causes for additional sub losses.

          PvP: Capping ilevel is risky. PvP players may lose interest if they can no longer improve their characters. Many players will quickly hit the ilevel cap and Blizzard may fail to keep their interest in playing, if they can’t improve their characters.

          Alliance: With patch 5.3 the Alliance is again filling the support roll in the storyline. Limited to taking orders from a Pandarian and assisting the Horde with a revolution.

          Siege of Org: Risky. Blizzard really needs a successful final chapter to Mists of Pandaria. Can Blizzard really create a final encounter that will be impactful to the Alliance playerbase, without completely demoralizing the Horde players.

          Then you went with China, you do know China pays next to nothing for WoW. Clearly Blizzard is not hurting for money, so try again.

          • Kevyne-Shandris

            Nice recap.

            Anything to do with sub numbers is a reflection of the content and activity/inactivity, and the players’ perception of value.

            If PvPers feel their game style isn’t supported, they’ll unsub and play what they prefer to play. And these other MMOs just need to take 10k here and there to carve millions out of WoW’s subs.

            And driveby comments below, is how many a game did fold, as giants are never expected to fail — yet many have over the years (and this new generation of gamers don’t have the Warcraft tie to Blizzard, no brand loyalty).

          • Tim Walker

            Very well said.

    • ryan phillips

      uhhh, so you call Warcraft crap…then ask for Blizzard’s next game…
      somehow i don’t think anyone is gonna take you serious, Dean Ambrose.

  • ryan phillips

    greg street looks like he hasn’t slept…ever.

  • Stone LX9

    It’s pretty cool they did this,. seeing that they’re taking Josh from us.

    • Talis Redstar

      I agree, though they should of been doing this along time ago.

  • Ryan Hackney

    Great video! I think Blizz is doing a great job! Glad to see you are addressing the majority of our concerns! Keep up the good work!

  • Raymond Carter

    Lol, love the faces Ghostcrawlers makes while he’s not talkingXD

  • madd

    so pve gear is used in pvp but not the other way around….i have a hunter and have gotten capped every week and now i can be killed by pve geared people who have got capped never….yeah this seems fair…..oh wait no it doesnt!!!!! it sounds like i wasted my time the past 10 weeks cause i cant be top in pvp without pve gear and i cant be top in pve without pve gear so i guess i will cancel my account….. good job blizz of ruining pvp for all true pvpers….add me to the long list of people that canceled their account the past year cause mines is done…. i have played for 4 years but i will not play when you do something like this

    • Tim Walker

      Agreed, I play a hunter as well and I have seen this first hand and it’s not fun nor is it fair. I didn’t put the work in to raiding or getting raid gear therefore, I will not take my pvp gear into a raid. However pve kids who have never stepped in to an arena or rbg can own us “real pvpers” I guess as you said if I wish to continue playing I have to gear in raid gear to do anything. To sum it up…. I hate it.

    • jgelling

      It’s kind of ridiculous.

      If they wanted to entice more PvE players into PvP, the obvious answer was to somehow make it much cheaper for them to get basic PvP gear.

      Instead they created a situation where PvP gear is – best case scenario – marginally better in instanced PvP for some specs – and otherwise totally useless.

      So PvE is “one size fits all” – even the PvE trinkets and gems are better – and PvP gear is maybe equal / guaranteed third-rate for PvE. That’s a real surefire way to drive away the PvP crowd in a gear progression game like WoW.

      Sometimes you wonder if they’re trying to kill the game faster, these clowns.

  • Harikari

    Damage control episode

  • Brian van den Berg

    Lol looks like Greg hasn’t slept in a while

  • Robert Miskell

    no Legendary on Thursday? :(

  • mike

    GARY coming out w/ the hardball questions straight out… nice work gary, 1st question was a doozy

  • jgelling

    I know you don’t want to ambush these two, but really, 5.3 by all accounts looks like a total train wreck for WoW PvP, which has already been upended and battered every single patch.

    I wish someone would call them out and point blank ask them: isn’t PvP in WoW – admittedly never amazingly strong or balanced – now in total death throes?

    I actually do admire that Gary’s willing to ask some hard questions, though. But the nice British lady is well, both too nice and too British. Heck, you had GC squirming even before the questions started – turn those screws and make some news :)