Patch 5.3 is coming and Legendary is joined by Blizzard’s Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street and Brian Holinka for a live video interview!

Gary Gannon and Olivia Grace interview Blizzard’s Lead Systems Designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street as well as Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka on Blizzard’s first ever live video interview! As you’d expect, the conversation focuses around the upcoming patch, and we took full advantage of having the two main influences on WoW PvP to grill about the big upcoming changes. 

  • We started off by chatting to the guys about the recent drop in subscription numbers, asking what they thought it might have been related to, and asking what they felt it meant for the future of WoW. 
  • We then moved on into the more specific patch 5.3 discussion, first asking Brian to explain his mission with regard to patch 5.3, and as far as WoW PvP goes in general.
  • We then talked about the huge gearing changes going into patch 5.3, as well as taking a look back over the previous changes he’d made, while also wondering if everything is changing too much for the less well-informed player. 
  • PvE gear in PvP was next up, with the patch 5.3 change to give everyone 65% base resilience, there are concerns among the player base that PvE gear would be an equally good, even superior choice, and we discussed that with a specific view towards problem areas such as tanks, and world PvP, as well as just in general. 
  • We had to talk about at least some PvE, so that took the form of Heroic Scenarios, and whether they were seen by the devs as a replacement for 5-mans.Greg clarified that no, they weren’t, and reassured us that we could indeed expect to see heroic 5-mans in the future. We also touched on the new Battlefield Barrens quests, 10 and 25-man raiding, and cleared up a response in an earlier interview where Greg implied that there might not be any Valor gear in future patches.
  • Moving back into PvP, we had to take a look at class balance, discussing outliers and potential problems, as well as looking back at balance over the expansion. 
  • Next up was the new Role Check system, where the Blizzard devs were keen to clarify that the way the system worked meant that the queue times would not be lengthened at all, and therefore players were extremely unlikely to risk the ire of their team-mates by queueing as a spec they had no intention of playing. 
  • Lastly we hit up the changes to existing arena and battleground maps, as well as proposed changes to CC, instant cast heals, blanket silences and more. 

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