Sha on Sha Action!

Join Gary Gannon, Josh Allen and Olivia Grace for another episode of Legendary, the World of Warcraft show! We broadcast live every week at 2100 PDT.

This week:

  • Exploiters receiving bans and other punishment don’t like it
  • Rating inflation delayed: no longer coming for patch 5.1
  • Spectator Mode is in, but you can’t have it
  • DoTA-style battleground is still in the works
  • Method and Blood Legion neck and neck on WoW Progress
  • World of Warcraft turns 8 years old! But its birthday mail is disappointing
  • And we answer your viewer questions – send your questions to or keep an eye on our facebook before the show!
  • Chris Huber

    Needs more Baka

    • Dularr

      Watched the first few episode of Legendary, MikeB was such a happy camper back then.  

    • Tomasz Guzik

       I’m assuming MikeB doesn’t play much WoW anymore so he wouldn’t be inputing much relevant info, he would at most be kinda trolling the other hosts which could work but I understand why they would switch him out.

      • Dularr

        I think it was MikeB that recruited Olivia for the show.  Without a RGBs it was going to be hard for MikeB to farm gear for his warrior. (too bad Temple of Kotmogu was perfect for MikeB’s warrior.)

        Got to give him props, seen some postcasts where the hosts have stopped playing WoW and try and fake it by reading the forums.

      • Luke Malcolm

        Well think about it, he has a kid & hardly has time for video games, After Dark & TWIMMO only need opinions & research. 

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    blizz don’t give a shit about pvp.
    ArenaNet made DOTA style pvp on halloween event.

    • Dularr

      Lol, can’t wait until that Arenanet worldwide invitational for halloween dota, Mad King Simon Sez and player-paid sPvP.  

  • Rich E.

    ahhh the Warcraft release… nostalgia. and i was in the same situation Gary was in; i had played EQ1 for years, was excited for EQ2 but ignored all the warning signs we were hearing. the smarter players in my guild were moving to Warcraft but i was a diehard stubborn idiot! lol and ya i made the wrong choice lol. EQ2 is just a fundamentally bad game lol. albeit set in a Lore i loved. but ya WoW is the top played MMO for very good reasons. and EQ2 is dead for very good reasons.

  • Dularr

    Too bad Blizzard can’t post the proof for the win trading/mmr exploiting cheaters. But, it would provide a roadmap on how to cheat. 

  • Kevin Winger

    Anyone else in North America getting British and French commercials on the streams lately? The New Vauxhall Corsa looks cool and all but GM doesn’t sell them here in Canada…

    • Glenmill

      Do they sell Opel Corsa?

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Just like Josh Allen! I bought a Fileplanet Sub as well for Open Beta :D

  • Sharmake Mohamed

    This episode was funny regardless of mikeb being there or not. but i do agree that a troll is needed. and gary is thinking to much about what to talk about next and try and give the hosts something to run on than make jokes/troll. GARY THE TRAIN RUNNA.

  • Christodark

    great show!

  • Jonathan Allen

    Is it bad it took me 20min to notice the giant kitten face behind josh?

  • Boe Smith

    Kurt Russle’s brother?

  • Bush Swanson, The American Dre

    I’ll always remember the day wow came out because that was the day my uncle went to jail for tax fraud. lol  hes out now but he hates wow cuz of it lol.

    • Dularr

      I’ve heard many different reasons way people hate WoW, but that is a new one. 

  • Lewlipopz

    damn Olivia is cute as hell

    • Stephen Hart

      Cute, adorable, hot, beautiful, stunning, sweet……have i missed anything =)

      • Shagral

        you did – plays WoW, does PvP, is knowledgeable on said subjects, has adorable accent, great smile, probably more stuff we’ll never know about – I call that practically marriage, dude

        • Andrew Rowe

          The exact opposit of Pokket then

          • Rob Dexter

            How you feel about Olivia is how I feel about Pokket! Funny ol’ world, aint it? (;

        • Rob Dexter

          Each to their own, of course. Her accent bugs the crap out of me and I’m English! Sadly, this means that I can’t listen to her which kind of spoils everything. >.<

  • Zula Tomten

    Is MikeB coming back anytime

  • Marcus Badgerattack Åberg

    why des olivia have a bicycle wheel behind her?