The Crowd Chose You? Not any more, and there’s intel from the Devs on who’s more hardcore, US or EU!

This week there was an interview with three of Blizzard’s biggest names, Production Director J. Allen Brack, Game Director Tom Chilton and Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas. There was a ton of interesting stuff in the interview. first up, the guys chatted a lot about some new systems coming for refer a friend. Basically, it’s now completely in-game instead of needing your browser, and it will reward a token which you can redeem for a new mount, or pet, or any of the old mounts. The team discuss the new plans, and wonder what else you might be able to get. 

video game shows legendary world of warcraft show     Legendary Ep147 | EU Raiders Are More Hardcore?!

Next up, the devs also talk about bag space, they’re finally admitting that we still need more of it, but instead of expanding our bags, they’re looking to take stuff out of them like toys and tabards. Bashiok posted about this and the devs also mentioned it in their interview, talking about a system similar to what we have for mounts and pets. This would also potentially work for Heirloom weapons, making all these items truly account-bound. The team love the idea of real BoAs, but were less interested in the removal of the other items. It seems the Legendary crew don’t hoard! 

Last up from this interview, they mentioned this when talking about the legendary cloak, but apparently they think that the EU raiders are more hardcore than the US?! The devs were talking about the Celestial bosses that you have to complete to get the cloak, and said they had to temporarily nerf the celestial bosses on the Timeless Isle. Boss health was nerfed by up to 80%, and some abilities were removed entirely to allow players to kill them before servers started to struggle – just like the Oondasta issues on the Isle of Thunder. Legendary wonders if this is true, and warns ragers to take the timezone issues into account. 

video game shows legendary world of warcraft show     Legendary Ep147 | EU Raiders Are More Hardcore?!

And get the Holinka files reopened… We have spoken so, so much about The Crowd Chose You, the match-ending system that gives you a buff allowing you to one-shot the opposition. Way back when it was first announced, we all agreed there was potential there for it to be gamed, and guess what… we were right. It’s been causing massive problems, and is being removed in favor of a healing debuff called Dampening. The team pick through the pros and cons of the new system, and how it can be gamed, as well as suggesting their own ideas. Ignore Pat’s!

  • GamerLCD

    Stopped watching this show a while ago. Lore and Mike B were Legendary.

    • Kjell Jonas Jemt


      • INKS

        more so because I don’t play wow. But the above is also true.

    • Nemy

      while lore and mike were great hosts, Olivia and Pat are both great presenters. it’s a different show surely, but still a good one.

      • CM Punk

        To me the show is like WoW itself. I don’t really like it as much any more but I still keep playing!

    • Dularr

      You do know by posting a comment, you loaded the video. I’m sure Gamebreaker thanks you for your support.

    • Ravenstorm

      But there’s Olivia !!!

  • Anthony Bryan Newberry

    Am i the only one noticing a lot of audio issues with this episode?

    • Dularr

      I suspect the switching back between two board operators, Gary and Mike, seem to lead to a lot of problems.

  • Krymm

    good show – excellent points on the arena buffs. I dont think they can do another class because they dont want to put a class out there just for the sake of putting a class out there (they’ve said it needs an interesting and DIFFERENT resource system) and as far as a race goes, it is getting harder and harder for them to make animations for all gear for all current races (there’s too many and its taking forever -> have u considered that a new race would require animations for ALL gear in the game incl old vanilla gear?) that could be why they went a multi faction single race (panda). i actually don think there NEEDS to be a new race OR class. If they can work with what they currently have in game, that MIGHT be something as long as there is SOME innovation of some kind. I dont believe another race or class will bring as many ppl back as old expansions with Deathknights and (possibly) monks have in the past. Ppl come back to play their mains more than trying out new classes

    • Dularr

      Blizzard could go with a new/reformed dragonflight, initiated by Wration. That way Blizzard could reuse the existing or new human models, but with a racial that allows them to switch to a dragonling form.

  • CM Punk

    Well I am not happy that people will be able to get the Zhevra. That was becoming a rare mount as I never see anyone other than myself on one.

    I am sure most will go to those that don’t invite the friend but buy a second account – as I did for the other RAF mounts (My Zhevra was a genuine friend who still plays).

    Yeah I normally complain about people with snowflake attitudes but hey if people can have the Zhevra then let me get the heirloom from Garrosh on RF.

    Better still allow me to buy the heirloom with real money. They are allowing people to effectively buy the Zhevra with real money.

  • kamuimac

    the fact that flex is such a huge hit clearly shows how wrong was blizzard about the shared locks for raiding and how badly/overtuned normals were towards the intended audience of it/pugs in cata and mop. i know ill probably be flamed for it but if it wasnt, soooo many people wouldnt be runing them 24/7 like they do now.
    people dont really wanted shared lockouts and if blizzard went furhter and put additional separate lockout between 10 and 25 format on normal/hc (but mayeb keeping same lock for normal and hc in 1 week) we would see even more renesans of servers comunity ><

    • Dularr

      If I remember, Blizzard has admitted that putting 10 and 25 on a shared lock out with the same gear was a mistake.

      The current mix is not bad:
      LFR for casual/alts/off piece gear players
      Flex for players that can meet minimum requirements, allowing for a regular schedule and PUGs. (My current Flex team runs between 14 to 17 raiders)
      Normal 10 (Not aware of any true regular normal 25 man teams)
      Heroic 10/25 Raiding. (With a fall back to 25 normal gear)

    • short bus wow

      none of that is true and all hype. People on my server are not doing heroic senarios. If they compared against heroic 5 mans that would have told more of a story. There are almost no flex raids on my server. Its the same people that are doing reg getting gear for reg.It is a great marketing idea to say how well its working.Mostly comparing to something people are not really doing, does not tell a true story

  • Maccann


  • Maccann

    and btw if a new class would come out, please give me a energy based healer (i know monks are kind-off energy based since they do not worry about mana, but still a 100% energy based healer would be AWESOME)

    • Clever Pun

      As a druid, I enjoy the energy resource. Sometimes mana is good too. I am contributing to a discussion. My opinion is memorable and necessary. As a druid.

  • Voriah

    Awww they were talking about eu being more hardcore with the legendary cape, and i just finished getting all 11 classes the legendary cape. gogo us

  • Cullenprime

    Darn it I thought Gary was back!!

    • Clever Pun

      As a druid, I considered your comment. As a druid.

  • Clever Pun

    As a druid, I posted this comment.

  • Oldschoolremag

    You have to understand Olivia, if you live in Southern California, people think the Apocalypse is nigh should it start to lightly sprinkle or the temperature falls below 70 degrees. I’m guessing you probably see more precipitation back home when a car hits a puddle than we do our entire rainy season.

  • Joshua Menge

    Guys, something is up with the audio encoding causing those terribly irritating squeal pop noises. Can you try to get that sorted please?

    • Callinon

      Bad volume disparity between Schaffnit and not-Schaffnit too. Turning the volume up high enough to hear Olivia and Pat makes Mike SUPER LOUD #1.

  • Tommy O’Callaghan

    The baddies in lfr is killing lfr

    • Dularr

      Players calling other players baddies, isn’t helping.

      • Tommy O’Callaghan

        Listen idiot does it look like im trying to help? im calling it like it is

        • Dularr

          Now that’s a much better post, I can get behind. How about some type of game mechanic that allows for that. Maybe a ladder system that puts you in bronze, silver and gold LFR. Someone starts acting a fool or stops trying and the match making system knocks them down a peg in LFR.

  • Deadnstien

    I think Blizz needs to pull the trigger and get rid of the battle chest and all the old x-pacs and just include the whole game with all new x-pacs.

  • short bus wow

    On the LFR issue.I have played this game many years. 6 hours to clear a wing is nothing, when you dont have to make a group or anything else. I also want to point out that LFR did it job and what it was intended to do, if someone can hit a button, and see the fight, even if it took 24 hours, LFR did its job. I dont rememeber blizzard saying LFR was free loot just for Qing

  • Robert Miskell

    Open Raid is way better for FLEX than Oqueue