The Crowd Chose You? Not any more, and there’s intel from the Devs on who’s more hardcore, US or EU!

This week there was an interview with three of Blizzard’s biggest names, Production Director J. Allen Brack, Game Director Tom Chilton and Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas. There was a ton of interesting stuff in the interview. first up, the guys chatted a lot about some new systems coming for refer a friend. Basically, it’s now completely in-game instead of needing your browser, and it will reward a token which you can redeem for a new mount, or pet, or any of the old mounts. The team discuss the new plans, and wonder what else you might be able to get. 


Next up, the devs also talk about bag space, they’re finally admitting that we still need more of it, but instead of expanding our bags, they’re looking to take stuff out of them like toys and tabards. Bashiok posted about this and the devs also mentioned it in their interview, talking about a system similar to what we have for mounts and pets. This would also potentially work for Heirloom weapons, making all these items truly account-bound. The team love the idea of real BoAs, but were less interested in the removal of the other items. It seems the Legendary crew don’t hoard! 

Last up from this interview, they mentioned this when talking about the legendary cloak, but apparently they think that the EU raiders are more hardcore than the US?! The devs were talking about the Celestial bosses that you have to complete to get the cloak, and said they had to temporarily nerf the celestial bosses on the Timeless Isle. Boss health was nerfed by up to 80%, and some abilities were removed entirely to allow players to kill them before servers started to struggle – just like the Oondasta issues on the Isle of Thunder. Legendary wonders if this is true, and warns ragers to take the timezone issues into account. 


And get the Holinka files reopened… We have spoken so, so much about The Crowd Chose You, the match-ending system that gives you a buff allowing you to one-shot the opposition. Way back when it was first announced, we all agreed there was potential there for it to be gamed, and guess what… we were right. It’s been causing massive problems, and is being removed in favor of a healing debuff called Dampening. The team pick through the pros and cons of the new system, and how it can be gamed, as well as suggesting their own ideas. Ignore Pat’s!