World of Warcraft is dead, extinct, shuffled off the mortal coil, kicked the bucket, pushing up the daisies. World of Warcraft is an EX-MMORPG! Points awarded for getting the reference. Despite WoW’s untimely demise, Gary Gannon, Josh Allen and Olivia Grace bravely sallied forth. Once more into the breach, my friends! This is Legendary.

This week we talked about:

  • World of Warcraft’s subscriber base drops from “over 10 million” to 9.6 million. Reports of WoW’s demise are largely exaggerated, regardless of their source, and fluctuations are normal. Whether WoW will ever re-attain its Wrath of the Lich King peak subscription numbers remains to be seen, but it is well ahead of every other MMORPG out there. Nonetheless, as mentioned, Warcraft is dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatsoever about that.
  • Blizzard’s 2013 outlook includes the release of the Starcraft II expansion pack, Heart of the Swarm, and one additional title? Could this be Titan? We don’t think so, but Blizzard All-stars seems like a likely candidate, given that it has been transformed to leap aboard the MOBA bandwagon. Probably a wise move, with WoW dead as a dodo.
  • We have an update on last week’s PvP drama! In a surprising step, Bashiok posted that Blizzard had discovered they had accidentally doled out punishment to undeserving PvPers. Blizzard did the right thing and rescinded their bans, limiting their sanctions to the most egregious offenders. What message does this send to PvPers? Probably just that Warcraft is dead.
  • Josh Allen reports back on the Warlock Green Fire quest from the patch 5.2 PTR. The final boss is famously difficult, does this quest need a nerf? Or does the fact that it only offers a cosmetic reward remove the requirement for it to be accessible to all? And is the reward sufficient for the effort required to receive it?
  • Tier 14 raids are to be nerfed by 10%, but the big news is that nobody cares. Is it really that big a deal? Why is nobody freaking out about this? The absence of nerd rage is, in itself, terrifying. And what will happen with future tiers? Will there even be future tiers, seeing as Warcraft is dead, and all?

And, of course, we answer your viewer questions! Send your questions in to, we particularly love your video questions, and keep an eye on our facebook to submit them there! Warcraft was dead, but It got better…



  • Peregrine451

    Geez. Didn’t we JUST go through this with the other article?

    No I don’t play WoW. I just find misleading titles stupid rather than funny.

    • Steven Diaz

      I find them funny.

    • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

      I like them.

    • arenasb

      meh, I enjoy them, lighten up

    • Jake Lysiak

      It’s a show by gamers…on the internet…about a video game… lighten up man have some FUN. You know, that thing that games are meant for.

    • Revanhavoc

      I might say the same about certain…ahem…”comments”…

      Which could easily could be misconstrued as a brain-fart…

      On your part.

  • Dularr

    Now see that is sarcasm.  Not the stupid title WoW is dead and the article barely has any connection to the graphics.

    Now that GamebreakerTV is shutting down.

    Gary, I hear Al Jazeera purchased Al Gore’s network, so some editing jobs should be opening up.

    Olivia, the Florida real estate market is still hot, so there are timeshares waiting to be sold. 

    Josh, I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics.

    • Luke Malcolm

      Oh no you didn’t

    • Revanhavoc

      I almost want to give you a *high five* for the awesome Graduate reference, but that you did not understand the deliberate satirical commentary being made directly toward what turned out to be your reaction to the article, is just so worthless that I’ll have to leave you hanging on that *high five*.

      For now…

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    Listening to legendary, playing GW2 :D

    • Unknownman14

       Listen to legendary, playing tera :P

  • Mike Boiwka

    I’m here to collect my points for the Python reference, Olivia.  What are these redeemable for again?

    • Olivia Grace

      erm… ummm…. COOKIES.

      • Mike Boiwka

        Aw yeah.  You have yourself a deal!

  • Charles Easterwood

    Going by what they’ve said about it, Im thinking they’re going to end up nerfing it over time.

  • Romen Drost

    I loved the show man :) Laughted my ass off. 

  • Unknownman14


    I love the song of choice for the intro this episode :P

    Your trolling are as “Legendary” as ever Gary, having multiple wow fanboys wants your head on a platter (or praised by gw2 fanboys and wow haters).


  • Dan Titley

    Where were the Astros? was weird seeing Gary without them on… and The language has taken and adult turn as of late… I like it :)

  • Pitágoras Rooglas

    Orc, Troll, Belf, lol.

  • Michael Williams

    Hey I want Netflix… but it’s not letting me because I’m Australian :( 

  • Deadalon

    There is one thing that I dont think ppl quite realise.  The competition for WOW when it comes to MMORPGs is free.  As long as its free – those games can get away with grindy content.  A sub based game can’t anymore.  Only real content will do.

    Secondly – I hope BLizzard is taking this 400.000 – 500.000 sub loss more seriously than GB is doing.  I was fairly certain we would see increase this time around cause of MOP launch in China and the huge 50% MOP sale that went on just before Xmas.  Apparently that wasn’t enough.  Instead we saw the biggest loss of subs in any WOW expansion at the 4 month mark.  

    Maybe Blizzard should be listening to ppl why they are leaving?  I’ve kept it pretty clear why I left.   Its called LFR and daily quests + extra focus on DPS over other roles + very bad treatment of multirole characters with the ilvl upgrade system.  

    But what really hurts the game for me now is the real lack of a journey in WOW.   BLizzard is trying to make one… but at the same time giving every moron that can click a button a free pass into the raid content.   And the dailies and the legendary stuff is not a journey.  It’s just like the rest of the MOP RPGs system – limits players to play the game in a way they were able to do before.  Like multiroles were able to.

    • Chris P

       I can’t watch Legendary anymore. I used to watch this and GuildCast. But the fact is that the fanboy/girl attitude from a contributor is getting out of hand. Before we were taking a loss in subs seriously. Now we are not? We are fine claiming GW2 is dying even though it is gaining players, but we need 3 tweets joking about WoW losing subs? We need exaggerated speak in this article? This is not news and journalism, this is gaming a fanboy/girl coming together with no restraints agreeing with each other over how great WoW is with no counter points.

      • mcfoyle

        because as josh says at 9:30, WoW seems to have these flucuations every few months, people say its dying, etc.

        why bother discussing it seriously anymore? when it loses half its subs it’ll be noteworthy, 4% not so much.

        • Deadalon

          Cause its not 4%.  Its 18% over a 2 year period.

      • dysfxal

         You are a wise man Chris, don’t let these Pokemon pet battlers tell you different.

      • Chris Martin

        Agreed. As an ex WoW player, the juvenile snickering from certain hosts about how they think WoW is the pinnacle of MMO gaming – really starts to grind my tits. As gamers, do we actually give a toss about sub numbers each day when we log in, or do we like to hear about fun and interesting content in our games? GB really needs to up their output to cater more for post teenage mentality. Playground debates about which MMO has more subs, lost subs or whatever just bores the piss out of me. It also hands the discussion threads over to the sycophantic one-line GB
        attention whores as you can see by some posts here. “Oh please gb, please give me a cookie!” Pathetic!
        I’m tired of hearing the same old fan boys mumble on about his/her games to the bleating obedient herd. 

      • Revanhavoc

        *rolls eyes*

        Don’t be so serious.

        And lame.

  • Bush Swanson, The American Dre

    Last week when I was taking a bath my uncle came in and saw me naked. It was really awkward and we haven’t talked about it since. I was watching this episode with him and when you said pvpenis it made it awkward again. :/

  • Chris Martin

    Don’t worry WoWers. I’m sure WoW will recover as soon as TESO is out. It will have another title to “innovate” from. XD

  • Miljan Stanojevic

    Gary King, hahahahaahaaa!

  • Mark Hillman

    Remarkable game, the Blizzard Blue. Beautiful plumage!

  • JJversion1

    Ah… making fun of the “Chicken Little” Syndrome as I like to call it, nice one. But seriously, the ones’ chanting “WoW is dead! WoW is dead!,” every time WoW loses some subs, asked for this. Maybe if they waited until some actual proof of their claims surface before making such claims, then they wouldn’t be made fun of. I’m sorry to be so harsh about it, but it’s a fact. I don’t play WoW much anymore and with more and more competition coming out, it’s true that WoW’s subs are going to take a hit. This, however, does not mean that the sky is falling and WoW is coming to an end like so many claim. This is what happens when one makes such bold claims without any real proof to back it up, and no I don’t mean the 1 to 2 million subs during Cata; nor the 400k to 500k subs now, I mean when subs begin to bleed off in droves to the point where Blizz has no choice but to merge servers. Then WoW will come close to “dying,” for it will only be when they shut down the servers that WoW will truly be “dead,” for there will be ppl whom will still play the game until the servers shut down. So let this be a lesson, don’t cry wolf when there are no wolves around and you won’t be made fun of.

  • Hector Rivera

    I’ll be all for joining a bycotting group to convert WoW to F2P. Sub is a thing of the past, the casual player wants it free. Eventually the conversion will happen perhaps it is the feature that MoP will introduce. *Queue evil laugh*

  • EndrzGame

    Love you GBTV. Don’t ever change.

  • dysfxal

    WoW still having as many subs as they do goes to show how hard old habits are to break (especially bad ones).  Swtor despite it’s faults is still a better game, sorry.   

    • Michael B

      That fanboi comment is even more over-the-top than anything Larry Everret ever even proclaimed,you are one troubled tool Dys.

      • dysfxal

         Keep hitting those pet battles baby

        • Eric Davenport

          keep trollin trollin trollin

      • dysfxal

         Btw, it’s been 6 months and the old republic is still the most watched show on GB.  Nice prediction pet battler.  Keep subbing to games that have high sub numbers, I’m sure Beyonce has a bunch of album sales too…you picked up your copy yet?

    • Joseph Spears


      • dysfxal

         Keep hitting those pet battles baby

        • Layithen

          As Gary said, WoW just lost subscribers in number of the ENTIRETY OF SWTOR and are laughing. It’s a better game man, I know its hard for you to realize in your Millienium Falcon basement but just relax, put in A New Hope and go back to the good ol’ days.

          • dysfxal

            I heard what Gary said and it’s probably accurate.  I played WoW for 3 years, and it became boring as poop.  I played GW2, and while admittedly pretty, it’s as thin as a piece of paper.  Gary’s perspective, (his opinions, not the numbers comment) is of no value given that he’s a secret world and rift proponent (two terrible mmos for differing reasons).  He puts a capital c in casual (I’d as soon ask my 11 year old nephew for his advice on with games I should play).  That being said, he’s a necessary part of GBs casts, playing the boyish jockey who casually directs the banter while stirring the pot occasionally….btw is Layithen the name of your night elf mohawk?    

          • HartsHope

             Life and logic have butthurt you seriously. just dont take anyone with you when you check out.

          • dysfxal

            cool comment bro!

          • shape.of.the.sword

            Theres a special kind of internet troll that spends his life making vapid, unfounded claims while simultaneously implying that his own tastes rule above all. We call them fuktards.

            Wonder what the  ~ million players that play and enjoy the Secret World and Rift would say to you. And who the fuk are you to claim that because someone is casual they dont have an informed and insightful opinion on the videogame industry. Guarantee you that Gary Gannon knows more about the industry and quality of games than your sorry anal douchebaggery does. And Gary sure dont need anyone defending him, but im enjoying doing it right now. I’d go on but im suddenly stricken with pathos for the sad state your life must be in so im gonna stop and wish you a happy day.

          • dysfxal

            I’m confident that Gary knows more about the industry than I do too.  However I’m not with you in wondering what the ~ million players that play and enjoy the Secret World and Rift would say to me.  I’m also not interested it in what the comedian “Sinbad” would say about my fashion sense.

          • Revanhavoc

            He was starting the bash the Gannonator and I’m like:

            Whoa, whoa, WHOA THERE!!!

            No one talks about the Gannonator like that…

            But you did a good job, cleaned up nicely.

            You make the Gannonites proud.

    • Matt Cipriano

      Oh man you have got to be kidding. And saying that the 9.5 million people who play wow ALL just can’t break habit is a hell of a stretch. 9.5 million…being generous and giving Swtor 500k, that means WoW has 18x the subscriber base…and if swtor was going to take any of those players away it would have already..but the game is under a horrible development team who can’t even make gear look good, much less design intriguing content.

      • dysfxal

        WoW was really the first mmo on the scene that gathered a ridiculous number of subs in it’s first few years.  It was revolutionary in many ways.  With WoTLK it started getting lamer, but at this point social associations had been established between the community and a neat achievement system dropped so they continued about their questing.  Years after they handled the many whelps, the good people were getting ready to finally rage quit from the monotony of hanging out in Orgrimmar between arena matches.  Then real id hit and they were sucked back in.  WoW is a superior social network to Facebook in many ways, and proves that if people “do stuff” together it creates a much more meaningful social experience.  They’ll even put up with a nine year old game to do so.  

        • Matt Cipriano

 are grasping for straws. It isn’t real ID, and it sure isn’t ‘putting up with a 9 year old game’…it’s that there ISN’T ANYTHING BETTER. If there was an mmo better than wow….wow wouldn’t be as popular as it is. Too many times I see people just chalk blizzard’s success up on ‘the right timing’. Let’s face it…that’s just an excuse, and that’s what you are doing here, trying to come up with excuses as to why WoW continues to kill Swtor. In reality, Swtor killed itself because it had a million people invested and lost them because they suck at designing an mmo. If they can’t even take care of 1 million people, how the hell would they ever handle 9.5? They couldn’t..they wouldn’t be fit to. And Blizz deserves a little credit for being able to.

          • dysfxal

            In the endgame department blizzard wins atm which might be expected in a 9 year old game.  But getting to that endgame, is, well, pure punishment.  Fortunately for me, there is a better mmo on the market and that game is swtor.  Believe me if I honestly enjoyed Azeroth I would be there.  I have a 85 and a number of peeps I’d like to chat/vent with again.  Yet……I simply can’t bring myself to play it again…just. plain. stale.

            To call me a WoW hater is ridiculous (I played the game for 3 years) I know what I’m talking about when I reference it.  I’ve played swtor since launch and am enjoying it more than ever.  gw2 is a total joke, albeit a beautiful one that has zero meaningful endgame.  I played gw2 for a couple of weeks, was impressed, yet never played it again. 

            I’m on the record as having said that WoW will only die when it decides to shut down, and it deserves (to some degree) the lazy brand of loyalty it receives from many.  

  • @Mrcrewless

    I love WoW and will continue to play until the servers shut down but i wish they would stop with the plushy panda stuff and give us something a little Darker.

    • MiZTiiX


  • Bear Powell

    Olivia and Josh really need to watch Craig Ferguson.

  • dysfxal

    Leveling a toon is WoW is a sad, sad, time.  Mind-numbing beyond any watching-paint-dry session imaginable.

    • dysfxal

       If you don’t believe me, do it.  I dare you.

      • Dularr

        I’m leveling a Pandarian Warrior and having a good time. 

        • Matt Cipriano

          Pandaran shaman here..second shaman. These guys don’t get has good quest lines to follow and the best part is I can jump from continent to continent to get something new done. I’m not stuck at the same starter zone for every character.

    • Kelly Jolliffe

       The only thing sad here is your inane and troll-like comments.

  • Chris Linville

    I love olivia. 

    time to start stalking

  • Rich E.

    Gary, I completely agree about current MMOs not giving us “HELLL YES *dance around the room*” moments.. I love that your an old schooler and seeks a deeper experience from MMOs. Heck my son is a “new schooler” to MMOs and he finds them “shallow and meh”.

    today’s MMOs offer you a steady IV drip of blah and bland. As good as GW2 looks and sounds.. all I get from it are “phew, glad thats over with” moments, “cross that off the checklist’ moments. Warcraft is all that offers WOOT now… and yes, I ragequitted from WoW 2 years ago when it was becoming a mind numbing solo play, daily grind, queue-craft, but i’ll admit that what Josh described is only possible in WoW and a few other lesser games. But I’ll never go back to WoW because those moments are few and far between and mired in a morass of massive suck.

    great show, always funny and poignant. glad you guys are around.

  • Jason D Williams


    you were so young in human years(but geriatric in game years)

  • Rich Reskovac

    The Walock with green fire is cosmetic, but it shows tha you ARE EPIC AT YOUR CLASS.  I would love for there to be cosmetic graphics that tell you exactly how good that player is at his class.  A warlock killing rabbits with green fire is not to be ganked with………   A Priest that leaves symbol of light footprints……..   A warrior that has a heron mark glowing on his armor-whtever set he is wearing…….    Something that is purely cosmetic, but stills tells you this is a PLAYER………

  • Rich Reskovac

    Orc (Brute evil), Belfs (Elegant evil), Forsaken (Slimy), Tauren(Troll swap out), Goblin (Gremlin).   All are bically evil  scew t eyboard is schizo with your software.

    • Sidenorna

      You think blood elves are evil? If you do then you think humans are evil as well. Orcs may not be tactful but that does not make them brutes or evil. The Forsaken could be called evil, but they could also be thought of as desperate Tauren are proud noble warriors who seek out peace. The darkspear  are seeking peace with their loa and striving to set up a place they can call home.

  • Revanhavoc

    Just so you guys know, there are way more people who appreciate and adore the content Gamebreaker produces, than there are people who participate in discussions on this site by contributing nearly unlimited amounts of dumb comments.

    • Sidenorna

      Garry has a habit of killing jokes.

      • Andy Mayfield


  • Morturion

    That intro … can’t … breathe ! …. x’D

  • Lorne Tapp-Cowan

    Dat intro…

  • Phasra

    Intro… 3+ minutes? really? It was funny the first 20 seconds, than it was boring, for about 40 seconds and then it really became annoying…

    Seriously Gary, jokes are cool, but overextending them is not funny…

  • Hunter Ryan Highsmith


  • Carlos Navarretti

    Monty Python parrot scene with John Cleese :) Where be my points? :D

  • Morten Iversen

    How come this episode isn’t up on the Gamebreaker Nation youtube channel? Latest Legendary episode there is ep 112. I can’t watch it here on gbtv, so need my legendary fix on youtube please! :)

  • Key Foster

    Good show, good info, good video question. Orcs are humanized in The Elder Scrolls. Blizzard can do it. :)

  • Tor-Sigurd

    diablo or wow explansion

  • Tor-Sigurd

    hey olivia, try drinking ginger tea – boil fresh peeled ginger and drink it. :)

  • Carlo Berti

    ‘re the only dead here

  • Kjell Jonas Jemt

    its prolly gonna be lower the next quarters call ^^

  • Sean Prenter

    WoW is on its knees – this is coming from someone who has played since day one. It is extremely stagnant at the moment, on Kazzak EU (originally) one of the more popular servers, many people in my guild are wondering why they are still playing because they are logging on and spending most of their time doing nothing and this is a microcosm for the rest of the server, which could serve as a microcosm for the entire game!

    Socially the game is dead, very few people (practically no one) speak in dungeon groups, or raids, or PUG PvP, on top of this guilds are also suffering socially (this isn’t a game problem, its a sign of the times).
    Over time the game needed some big changes to be implemented but, although changes were made, they weren’t the changes which addressed the main problems. For example, in terms of class structure, Blizzard rely too heavily on class changes at maintaining player interest and this is hugely short-term orientated. Player activity on patch day is massive then a week later the servers are dead again. With the introduction of every patch Blizzard’s constant class tinkering just reinforces the flavour of the month issue (i.e. patch changes made to classes in which one class emerges as imbalanced/overpowered and thus an overwhelming majority of players end up rerolling that class, or just logging onto an already pre-made alt created for the changes, essentially flooding the game with too much of one class). These changes, although create short-term interest, only serve to contribute to overarching long-term problems the game is suffering. Problems of gameplay stagnation, class flooding, lack of interaction – it is surprising just how little there is for people to do once they are at the max level and have obtained equipment, little reason to travel anywhere outside a city, in effect an entire world unused. Ironically, there is no War – and people aren’t stupid.
    That WoW has become a way of life can only so long be abused by Blizzard, and people are beginning to vote with their feet. I haven’t even got to the micro-problems, problems known but ignored by Blizzard for one reason or another.
    A little taster of those problems:
    PUG (random) PvP is currently full of bots, high end RBGs is full of wintraders and PvE revolves around farming dailies. This stuff does grind people down. It’s ok for people to log onto forums and websites to be told that the game is not dying, but then the same people log into the game and endure some what I have just mentioned they quickly know the reality. I know major PVE guilds are also suffering, so yes when I know my server, once extremely busy with massive queues, contains far fewer PVE guilds, PVP guilds that pop up one min only to die the next – yes the truth from my experience is that, in Europe anyway, the game is in serious decline and that a mass Exodus is on the cards, and if I’m honest I would say that Blizzard already know this and If Im cynical I would also say that they know and aren’t too bothered, particuarly given their response to botting (reducing the perma ban to 3 day ban for first time offenders) and that the Asian market is growing. 3/4 of my guild have cancelled subs, along with practically all of the people in my friend’s list, after realizing that I spent 99% of my time flying around Orgimmar whilst chatting to friends on TeamSpeak I decided to vote with my feet and cancelled my sub also.