Legendary 118

This week on Legendary, Mike Schaffnit fills in for Olivia and the guys talk about the lack of new 5-mans for Mists and scenarios in WoW patch 5.2.

Welcome to another action packed episode of Legendary! This has been a week full of interviews for the World of Warcraft team.  First up, the gang discusses Dave Kosak‘s interview with  The big thing that everyone got out of that is that there will be no new 5-mans in Mists of Pandaira.

Let’s be really clear about that. No new 5-mans in MISTS. There will be more in later expacs.  Kosak tweeted GAMEBREAKER specifically about that.

However, players can look forward to more scenarios. Kosak takes time to discuss the single-player scenarios added to WoW patch 5.2. The scenarios were added to help players who are missing out on the island.

Blizzplanet asked Tom Chilton what he thought they’d screwed up the most in Mists of Pandaria.

Yeah. Okay.. Well.. Not really. But they did ask how the expansion was going.

Chilton said that he felt that they’d stuck by what they were trying to accomplish and ended up delivering. He also said that there’s not a whole lot that they’d do differently other than maybe a change to the reward structure in the end-game.

Tier 15 Heroic Progression Starts NOW.

The race to bring bosses down has begun and Method and Blood Legion are currently neck-in-neck. They’re tied for first with 8 out of 13 bosses down.

Blizzard has a hard time keeping secrets?

So, uh.. you know that “mysterious” 13th boss? Ra-den?  Yeah… Blizzard can’t stop leaking info about him. We already know about the limited attempts from PTR testing, and now.. the dev team accidentally posted his dungeon journal to the WoW armory.


They did pull it down quickly but, you know the internet. Nothing that goes up ever completely disappears.

All that and more plus viewer questions.

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