This week on Legendary, Mike Schaffnit fills in for Olivia and the guys talk about the lack of new 5-mans for Mists and scenarios in WoW patch 5.2.

Welcome to another action packed episode of Legendary! This has been a week full of interviews for the World of Warcraft team.  First up, the gang discusses Dave Kosak‘s interview with  The big thing that everyone got out of that is that there will be no new 5-mans in Mists of Pandaira.

Let’s be really clear about that. No new 5-mans in MISTS. There will be more in later expacs.  Kosak tweeted GAMEBREAKER specifically about that.

However, players can look forward to more scenarios. Kosak takes time to discuss the single-player scenarios added to WoW patch 5.2. The scenarios were added to help players who are missing out on the island.

Blizzplanet asked Tom Chilton what he thought they’d screwed up the most in Mists of Pandaria.

Yeah. Okay.. Well.. Not really. But they did ask how the expansion was going.

Chilton said that he felt that they’d stuck by what they were trying to accomplish and ended up delivering. He also said that there’s not a whole lot that they’d do differently other than maybe a change to the reward structure in the end-game.

Tier 15 Heroic Progression Starts NOW.

The race to bring bosses down has begun and Method and Blood Legion are currently neck-in-neck. They’re tied for first with 8 out of 13 bosses down.

Blizzard has a hard time keeping secrets?

So, uh.. you know that “mysterious” 13th boss? Ra-den?  Yeah… Blizzard can’t stop leaking info about him. We already know about the limited attempts from PTR testing, and now.. the dev team accidentally posted his dungeon journal to the WoW armory.


They did pull it down quickly but, you know the internet. Nothing that goes up ever completely disappears.

All that and more plus viewer questions.

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And if you missed last week’s episode, be sure to check it out here.

  • Hilo_Gem

    Mike S. is cuter!!! (Olivia is Pulchritudinous-er)

    • Luke Malcolm

      He would look even better in a yellow dress *wink wink *nudge nudge

  • Deadalon

    After reading most of the stuff in the dev interviews – I think many are forgetting (including GBTV) that maybe ppl need to subtract a pinch of PR from their words. The devs are still mainly focusing on selling a product. They have said alot of stuff in the past that sounded great. Example: “We like to release new expansion every year.” So GC saying “hopefully” this is the slowest Blizzard will release content in the future sounds like ALOT of PR. Talk is sometimes very cheap.

    In terms of 5 man dungeons. Im very disappointed. I can understand why they do it. But for me it takes away part of the key word that they said MOP would be about. Giving players options. But then… few expansions back they also said “bring the player – not the class”. Again sounds great but not actually what they are doing.

    New 5 mans would give players real options how they play and how they progress. Specially when it comes to alts. 5 man content is always to core of co-op content in WOW when it comes to basic skills of players. But its pretty obvious that Blizzard is just removing those 10-12 bosses we saw in late WOTLK and Cata dungeons and are putting them into raids instead. Its not extra content. Just moved over to another PVE version. And for me LFR is just not worth doing. Specially considering very long Q times. And Im playing 1 chara. Altholics … can’t imagine the boredom.

    Scenarios are the new content in MOP when it comes to co-op. As such… it has been very poor so far. 5.2 focuses scenarios into single player. But lets not forget the development and competition thinking behind it. Its called GW2. The goal for Blizzard for MOP to counter GW2 was to not focus on holy trinity but create alot of stuff for DPS. But sadly – at the same time they forgot to keep the base of quality when it comes to holy trinity. Result is – more and more feel forced to play dps in MOP.

    Lets hope that other trinity MMOs are taking note now and will be focusing on strong small grouped co-op trinity content in their dungeons. SWTOR and Neverwinter come to mind in the near future before next WOW expansion comes out (propably). There is a good chunk of a market right now out there for that sort of content.

    As far as GC talking about not doing anything different other than lowering focus of dailies if he would go back. I would disagree. He managed to avoid talking about Q times once again. They are for me the biggest issue in the game. Waiting …. is not playing. Scenarios pop up right away – but trinity content is still the core and the game needs to be balanced around offering the very best possible game enjoyment around that. I feel the new loot system in LFR has done alot of bad rather than good when it comes to Q times. It would be my first thing to improve. Sadly … Blizzard has done nothing to improve it in 5.2. And they avoid talking about it as well. Queues are probably one of the words that are not allowed to be mentioned in any interviews.

    As far as the unnannounced feature. Obviously LFR for older raid content. Scaled? Doubt it. Will probably just start every 10 mins even as long as there are 1 healer and 1 tank.

    As far as Im conserned. Nothing in 5.2 or even later patches is getting me back to this MOP expansion. For the first time in past 8 years Im not giving any money to Blizzard (including SC expansion). And its 3 months and counting. Blizzard needs to work for my trust after past few years and no PR will change my mind on that. And with the shift and changes that have been implemented in MOP… I simply do not see me paying for any Blizzard product this year. And thats not coming from a hater. Just a person that loves old style RPGs with good strong progression. There is alot better value out there now than 15$ a month when it comes to that.

    • Dularr

      While I dont think they said they would release an expansion every year. It will be interesting to see if they can get the next expansion in a timely manner.

      With patch 5.3 (non-raid) out in a few months and 5.4 (raid) a few months after. With a 5.5 patch maybe. I’m not sure how they can release a big expansion without a huge gap between 5.4/5.5 and the expansion.

      Personally, I think a big game changer would be getting rid of big expansions and continue with the alternating small group and raid content.

      Players are not looking for an expansion that requires them to level, they want group content.

  • Quiet

    This is worth it for Gary’s valiant attempt at reading (minute 13).

    On topic, 5m, 10m, 25m, these formats are the social soul of the game. 25m has already been brutally murdered in favor of 10 mans. That loss of a large social group working towards a common goal was the main factor in most of my guild leaving before MOP (the other factor being the repetitiveness created by LFR/Normal/HM cycles). If they kill 5m in favor of LFR and dailies, how many more people will it cost them? All thats left will be some sick cancer of daily farming 10man raiders.

    • Dularr

      I think 25 man normal’s are ready for a comeback for Throne of Thunder.

  • Scarygary

    I can’t help reacting to Josh’s comment about scenarios and them being a waste of time part from the bonus rewards. Not everything has to be all about effort vs reward. Games should be about having a fun experiences imo and that doesn’t necessarily need to come with great loot or rewards. I personally love the scenarios and I will do them over dungeons every day of the week. That is how I find the entire expansion is all about, it broaden the options to suit needs of a broader audience like myself.

    Also, the scenarios makes perfectly sense to be implemented in times when other games going for non-trinity compositions for group content and story telling.

  • Harikari

    Like watching an hour long commercial.
    I’m not sold.

  • mcfoyle

    im with schaff about those difficult ‘olde english’ names in GoT…jon, robb, ned, very tough to follow

  • Shaun

    This is why healers are playing less and less. There is constantly new content for DPSers… Scenarios, Dalies etc but nothing for Healers…5 Mans.

    • Dularr

      I do agree. This expansion has not been the most healer friendly.

      If you have a good self-healing tank or hunter/locks with a good pet, you don’t need a healer for the world group content (except World Bosses).

  • Mike Coulombe

    Shafnit #protip: Get to 90, buy a stack of Golden Carp on the AH, insta 525 cooking. Using pandaren cooks, the only mat you can’t buy from the vendors is Golden Carp, I think. It’s an open water fish too so no pools. But yeah… And players know about it too. The AH should have Golden Carp.

    It’s actually less work than thanksgiving and, well, it’s done anytime.

  • nachos

    will mike b be returning at some point?

  • mistakes were made

    Gary, I too am old. I know and remember The Replacements. And yes, every time someone says “Tom Chilton” I think of The Replacements and “Alex Chilton”.

    Yes, I know who Big Star are too.

    Born, 1975.

  • Rob Dexter

    Glad to have Mike back to Legendary. Make the substitution permanent, please?! Cuteness is irrelevant. Knowledge is all.

  • Rob Dexter

    No place for 5-man dungeons? o.O In Cata we were using them to gear up for LFR. I also prefer them to raids most of the time as they’re shorter and you can do them a lot easier than raids. Pfft. Man, this expansion is killing WoW for me.