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Topics on this weeks episode include:

  • Bioware co-founders announce retirement
  • SWTOR start monthly Q&A Livestream
  • Possible PvP Deserter Debuff Incoming
  • Quality Of Life Gets Better And Better in 1.4
  • SWTOR Gets Better Shadows
  • And What You Think Of The Space Game
  • Jim Bergevin Jr

    The Boss Kill restriction for the Group Finder is most likely because of some of the complaints from players during the 1.3 testing when people would simply use the Group Finder as a free trip back to the Fleet and leave the group, forcing the remaining players to wait and fill the spot.

  • Stradus Woods

    Having it take me to the fleet always made me a little mad.

  • Jin

    Hey Gary, an old MMOG listener here (get Ryan on a show!), just wanted to show loving the new site and the shows

  • Jimmy Thomson

    i hate to say.. in metaphor..(the docs are not rats)  rats leaving a sinkin ship

  • Jimmy Thomson

    Doesn’t Lucas Arts have anything to say? From what i understand.. Lucas Arts has final say on story line and content? am i wrong? for SWtoR

  • Jimmy Thomson

    Another thought.. maybe EA. gave the docs.. on offer they could not refuse..

  • Jimmy Thomson

    would be nice if an MMO developer would just be honest.. i understand is money.. but come on..deliver on what you say…don’t bullshit the player..

  • Jimmy Thomson

    PTS.. come on.. BIO.. take a page out of Blizz.. they have stole from you.. now is the time to steal from them..derp

  • Jimmy Thomson

    i really wish i could take ed parks place.. am an old school player ..know your class, know your objective.. know your toon..if you have that.. you can do anything in the game..(gear apropriate) ..

    • Alex Wallace

      duuuuuuuude stfu stop mass posting you friggin loser

  • Shawn Hargrave

    its like watching a coh show lol. Like how justin says “its debatable” the success or failure of swtor LOL. Thats like saying its debatable if the titanic hit the iceberg lmao. The game is going f2p before a year server merges 2 times over now. If it werent for these dam carebears staying and playing a kotor 3 with a sub wed have the game we want not this god aweful pos that these carebears cant get enough of.

    I still dont get how gabe has a job still lol. I saw him the other day commenting on sgr crap that guy and james ohlen have done more harm to that game then wow or any competitor could have ever done. 

    I would have a good laugh if chat bubbles were in the store hahah

  • Michael Hogg

    Starting at minute 51, Larry tries to give an example, and it’s nothing but St-St-St-St-Stuttering for  over a minute.  Good lord guys, has no one brought this up to him?  Not trying to be a dick, but man, need to work that out.  

    • Steven Whiting

       Never seen him stutter but he never sticks to what he’s saying.  He’ll say one thing, but then change the way he’s said it about 3 times, before finally saying it.  When it would of been perfectly fine saying it the first way. 

      But he constantly seems to think everyone is going to jump him for saying the wrong thing.  Does my head in, just stick to saying it ONE way and say it, instead of going back and correcting yourself all the time.

    • Steven Whiting

      “Lets give you an instance, actually I’ll give you an instance from last night”  That whole sentence at 51mins is what I’m talking about.  Drives you mad!  Pick a clear way of explaining something and stick to it, stop going back on yourself and changing what saying just to make it slightly different.

      Could of just been “Lets give you an instance from last night”.  But no, he has to correct himself over and over and over and over.

    • Steven Whiting

       15:30 shows it perfectly.  Someone slap him and tell him “SPIT IT OUT FFS”