This week in The Republic:

  • Patch 1.6 is already up on the PTS!
  • The new warzone Ancient Hypergates and what we think about it
  • The space game is getting some love
  • And the super secret space project no one will tell you about!
  • ryan phillips

    tuh-boo-luh…interesting pronunciation..

  • Chris

    I’ve seen people with the Axe. Sentinel was wearing two of them.

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      I bought a bunch for all my Vibrosword qualified companions. I just couldn’t not buy them (of course it was with the free coins on the PTS, but still – I’m gonna get them on the live servers at some point).

  • Revanhavoc

    I think SWTOR has an upside if a free-roam space expansion ala “Jump to Lightspeed” is in the works(SWG, drink!) along with new playable races like Togruta, Rodian and Kel-Dor, all of which are NPC in game right now.

    New classes seems impossible due to the Voice Acting requirements.

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      I don’t think the VO for new classes will be as much of a problem as some might think. Presuming that the new classes would be similar to current ones, such as the much requested Imperial Trooper and Republic SIS Agent – at lot of the VO can be recycled for the new storyline quests if they were to be implemented. When you think about it, all you would really need is new starter zones.

      The problem that arises is how much of the new content in an expansion would focus on the new classes as opposed to continuing the storyline for the current classes. It seems to me there are more players interested in seeing Chapters 4-6 than starting fresh with all new classes and running through the Prologue and Chapters 1-3 again. At the very least, even with new classes, I would expect they would have to include at least Chapter 4 in the Expansion as well, which means creating a whole new starter world for the new classes as well as 5 Chapters (Prologue + 1 to 4) worth of class storyline to ensure all classes at the end of the expansion are at the same point in time.

      • Dularr

        VO is expensive.  But, I think an expansion would require it, players would expect new races, maybe a new start zone and new story. 

      • Cirdi

        I would love to see what new classes swtor comes up with.  !!  

  • Eric Davenport

    All I’ve paid for is one month of sub. I made the max amount of characters that I could of each class on different servers and then I un-subbed. With the 500 cartel points and the 850 other points from previously subbing I bought the hide head slot feature for my entire account and an extra action bar for my entire account. 

    Otherwise I hope they add the Jump to Lightspeed thing as long as F2P has an option of buying it.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    Id put good money on the space project is 2 player on rails nothing more lol.

    Thats the double edge sword of vo you cant have non humanoid races b/c of it and i doubt you ever will. They put thundercats out and say oh were going to see how cathars do well all cathars is humans with fur like chiss are just blue humans. You can have story as long as your a modable humanoid nothing else sigh

  • Cpt.Badger

    This sounds like a PR stunt on their part.

    Also, WTB AMD Crossfire support. 1.4 broke it, 1.6 on the PTS and still NO fix ?


  • bluntdragon

    rofl these guys are ugly as sin, playing a garbage game by a garbage company.

  • Brian McLean

    I logged back in for 5 minutes, checked out my character, then logged back out. That was about a week ago. I cannot see me returning to SWtoR.

    • Aisar

       lol that is exactly what I did.  No interest at all but I do enjoy this show and finding out what kind of crazy the game is going through.

  • Jimmy Corley

     Its like Gary has never seen second life, if he saw it he would probably jizz himself

  • The Real Pyxx

    Why is this show not going LIVE?