Liar, Liar!

Republic 137

This week on the Republic, BioWare gives up some SWTOR player numbers, the gang talks EA’s deal with Disney and SWTOR fans don’t want to be cheated!

So, this may not seem like new news to you guys, but it’s being reported once again that SWTOR‘s player numbers have increased since going F2P and their montly revenue has more than doubled.

Now, the interesting part here is that if you will recall, BioWare was reporting that SWTOR had the second largest subscriber base in the west. Of course, at the time they didn’t drop any actual numbers, so we all just made slightly confused faces and moved on.

Now, BioWare is officially reporting that they have just under a half a million players. So.. Let’s be honest, that’s a really solid number. However, unless they’re just not counting WoW because it’s so severely off the charts, that makes SWTOR at best the third largest game with EVE Online having over 500,000.

All your Star Wars are belong to EA.

Yeah, so, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised by this, because companies tend to like making money and EA’s good at it. But, that doesn’t mean gamers aren’t muttering angrily to themselves about the them getting the deal to make all future Star Wars games. After all, many gamers consider anything and everything bad that has happened with SWTOR to be EA’s fault.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens game-wise though. The last Star Wars game we heard about was 1313 and it had been shelved — to the jubilation of some and the dismay of others. I’ll be interested to see if they pull that off the shelves now and put it out quickly or if it’ll be the one Star Wars game that doesn’t make it out.

All that and more!

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  • Dularr

    In comics, a trade paperback is a collection of stories originally published in comic books, reprinted in book format.

    • David Alcon

      Thanks to Larry for the shoutout. I ordered the Dawn of the Jedi trade paperback last night after looking it up.

  • Tommy Amundsen

    Plis dont talk about recruit gear as it was any good or viable. Against a warhero you would dye in 2-4 seconds in any dual any class period ! BUT yes they could have upted the expertise on the ugly recruit gear.But 1 really bad thing about recruit gear it destroyed gear look progression to the player something that is never good.

    • Laura Williams

      It wasn’t great but it was better than rolling into a wz with 0 expertise and being a complete waste of space to your team

  • Timothy Rutar

    Dawn of the Jedi is on the Kindle. I bought it for $2 on May the 4th.

  • jediunited

    I started as a subscriber then went F2P. Now I am subscribing again. And I am loving it a lot.

  • jediunited

    On the subject of PvP – please do not remove it!! It’s the best PvP experience on the market for MMOs. I enjoy it so much more than WoW.

    • Dularr

      I think Gary was joking about removing any PvP discussion from the show.

  • Kevyne-Shandris

    Here’s the deal:

    Those who play BF3 would never see a DICE employee for months posting on the EA forums. During the recent DDoS attack (still ongoing…why I’m here as playing has become unbearable with 200+ms ping players), they came out posting on the forums, and to calm some fears of taking up designing SWTOR with the Frostbyte engine. This is a major concern because BF3 was released without the Netcode being finished (they were working on it on the night of the release, and had to deliver it piecemeal over the months).

    Now they’re accepting SWTOR, and claiming they have the staff for both.

    If they did BF3 wouldn’t have been released with a Netcode still a problem with players. Even with 28ms latency I get worse gameplay than 77ms from WoW (it’s like playing with CRZ full time). It’s t-h-a-t bad.

    It’s not all DICE’s fault, EA sets a deadline and it has to be met, but I do question their idea they have enough staff for the game. Especially cranking out content MMOs require, on top of producing an AAA FPS game. We’re already getting a rehashed BF3 for BF4, and that’s not making players happy.

  • rippled

    Good to hear the rumours of “tortanics” demise were exaggerated. Solid sub numbers and lucrative f2p suplement. Feels strange, to have good news about this game.

    Perosnally I don’t really see the problem with bolster myself. I got a decked main and I farm comms on my pve geared alt. And the alt feels weay more competitive against pvp decked people than it ever was in the older itterations.

    Handicap of 500ish expertise is still decent enough to be noticeable but not a complete crutch some skill cant overcome. In that sense the bolster succeeded. I dont see why I should be upset that pve gear is viable in pvp and I mostly pvp. At the end of the day “viable smiable”. PvP gear is still BIS and the bigger factor skill is the better. I want to kick the guys teath in cos I’m better not cos he’s gimped wearing his pve belt.

    Also as a side note, the PTS naked bolster issue was identified and fixed, another slightly different issue made it to live. Implying BW ignored pts reports is disingenuous.

  • theunwarshed

    i disagree with Larry, BW didn’t mess up with the bolstering system (as evidenced by the good 11-49 pvp), they messed up on the power curve with their 50+ gear system. max level pvp is all about the gear.

  • Jonnara

    Nice cats Laura

    • Laura Williams

      Thanks :) They are sweet when they aren’t being bad.

  • greaterdivinity

    I think Justin ran out of fucks to give and would end up just putting tape on his head and trying his hardest not to yell at BioWare if he were back on the show : P

  • James K

    are we forgetting guild wars 2, aion and tera? and lets be honest that just under half a million is worldwide, just more smoke and mirrors from these guys when will they stop lying.

  • Guest

    well i dunno where larry got the info that the kiosk took ingame credits, this patch is just one huge slap in the face to subscribers. its so bad im laughing at how bad its become. The forums are on fire and its actualy people who normaly defend the game to the death who are pissed, including me.

  • ryan phillips

    first reation to EA owning license: battle field-wars 3.

  • Benny Dreadful

    Anyone know the guild and server Larry and Laura play in? I wouldn’t mind giving RP a shot, and they seem like nice folks.

  • Evilevi501

    Game launches as P2P. Game Fails as P2P. Game Launches as F2P trying to get you to P2P.

    Logic Fail.

    • Dularr

      But it seems to work as a business model. You fund the development through a year of P2P and then go F2P to keep the game going and bring back subs.

  • Talis Redstar

    Swtor I think will be fine. Is it going to ever have 8.3 mil subs? highly unlikely. However not because it doesn’t have the capacity, but because the MMO scene as it is just can’t sustain that. I mean like it was talked about on Legendary. Blizzard seems to kind of stopped their full court press to get new players, and might be focusing on getting old players back. Lore said it best. There are 2 types of MMO players. Those that play WoW, and those that have Quit playing WoW.

    Swtor needs a full blown expansion. I think if EA puts the money down, and /hope that the “super secret space project” is something very comparable to SWG’s Jump to Lightspeed, and/or better than JTL was. That kind of space game, ontop of continuations of class quests, companion character stories, More raids that come with Xpacs, and a new Warzone or two from the xpac as well. I think Swtor could go from a F2P game hoping to get a secure foothold in the MMO scene. To an established game that has stepped out of its own bad shadows into the light.

    • Oldschoolremag

      After all these years they should be able to put out something better than JTL and for that, I’d resub instantly. A solid space game is what would set Swtor apart from all the other mmo’s and if done well, it could add to every other part of the game and even give a partial solution to the housing fans.
      And if they could do manage that, I’m sure they could manage to give Larry some chat bubbles. They might only work right if you strip naked in pvp, but it would be a start. :)

  • Dularr

    I did find Gary’s comment about the reaction people have to the GB titles to be ironic, considering many of then are designed to get a negative response.

    For example the title of this episode is titled “Liar, liar!” and then the first line of the article is “This week on the Republic, BioWare gives up some SWTOR player numbers”

  • Drevan

    I think they said they had 500.000 subs and not players but I might be wrong, and about the 2nd most played mmo, remember they were talking Western Market….Gamebreaker contributors arent always that trustworthy so I might be right also, but Quintlyn who wrote the article never failed me so I trust her.

    About some people claiming many other games have much bigger populations than swtor:

    About Aion, more players than SWTOR overall? Hell yeah, western players hell no.

    Tera was even more of a miss than SWTOR but since it isnt EA/Bioware, Star Wars Theme and all people dont realize it…when the game released on Korea, they were already being blamed as a flop and they hoped the western market balanced things abit….it didnt went that bad but it didnt went that awesome either.

    Guild Wars 2 is hard to measure….I have 9 friends that bought the game, with me 10…only 1 plays it…we all count as players? Apparently not! But GW2 dont have a sub option, so aside some cash shop revenues their money always came from the retail game and expansions. So its hard to say if have more players than SWTOR, most likely yes but in my opinion most of them spend much less in time in the game.

    Rift, I play rift sometimes…im one of those idiots that sometimes are subbed on 3 mmos and when that happens Im not into any of them so its 3 subs wasted but for what I can see on the server pops they are solid but they dont seem as high as SWTOR. I might be completely wrong but thats what it seems for me.

    About SWTOR numbers I cant say but about its population its almost “Very High” in all servers during prime hours. There is also a European server that has 3-5 minutes queue during the weekends. So 2nd , 3rd or 4th the game as a lot of players or atleast their servers are high.

    My only concern with the game is the patch 2.2…..this patch 2.1 was a milking money patch! I am not against it, its not pay to win, it all cosmetic stuff, and you are not forced to buy shit, so for those on reddit crying that love and play the game since release and now spent 200bucks to get this or that and got nothing, THAT WAS YOUR CHOICE! We are all adults here.

    But making a a major patch being all cosmetic and give us money please….they have now a big pressure to something really good and substantial happen in 2.0.

    After playing with dolls and dyes in this patch people will be expecting something huge on the next patch….and in my opinion it will define what we can expect from SWTOR from now on. Or they release something “meh” pvp or pve, with some cartel stuff in the mixture and they admit once and for all that SWTOR is now one of those f2p games that have a good update once year and is more concerned about making shinning toys to sell….or they came up with some really neat stuff, like a really innovating warzone, or a new Raid, brand new dungeons, an epic event ( like the rakghoul one), etc, etc and make a stand and say: we are still a top notch MMO, the cartel market money we are making will be invested in good stuff!

    For me 2.0 will dictate the future of SWTOR and also my future on it, if it fails my expectations it will become what WoW is for me now, played it for 6 years straight no breaks, every day and after all that time I got almost completely burned out of it, but it still has some interest to me so when something that I might like is released I go there for a month, savor the content and say goodbye. On a second thought I play WoW for 8 years now and SWTOR only for 1, so this 2.2 patch might be good or I dunno xD

    Yes I talk alot, but I would love some feedback from the ones that read the all thing :P

  • Zhanny

    Love your pussy Laura!

    • Zhanny

      Ow jeez, just noticed so sorry didnt wanna be rude, i ment your cat in the background O.o

  • Danny Lambert

    Sorry but your comments about Bioware and Ea not being so bad make me want to throw up. Have you played ME3 multiplayer. I now hate the words searching, loading, and communicating. If I play one more match and crash on wave 11 getting nothing or select a random bronze match only to be placed in a platinum on my level 7 toon, or any other moronic programming shenanigans with that game I am going to lose my sanity. That is all Bioware.
    The only good thing I got from finally breaking down and buying ME3 on sale after enduring the asshattery of SWToR was learning how truly awful Bioware can be. Yes, they have produced some good games, and yes there are even things about SWToR and ME3 I truly love. But, overall, if Bioware employees want to help improve their industry, they need to find new careers.
    As for EA, one word… Origin. Not to mention killing numerous games such as DAoC or uterlly gutting really talented smaller companies. I am starting to hate EA almost as much as I hate lawyers and advertising agencies. Which reminds me, you need a few more commercials and advertisements on your site. I am not quite as nauseated as I am when I watch TV.

  • Robert Caliolo

    Anyone notice the cat changes colors?

    I am still wondering why there are no speeder racing in this game.

  • Len Hobbel

    Just REMEMBER EA is KNOWN very well KNOWN for fudging the numbers Game after game they always hyper inflate numbers

    MCO E&B 1 month were doing great next month announce shut down each a year apart but each followed a pattern When EA bought Gamestorm they said its doing good no worries then BAM shut it all down…. Gamestorm games were always packed and it was a monthly FEE….

    So anything EA SAYS needs to be backed by outside sources not their own.

  • Len Hobbel

    After several months of saying how many are actually playing and everyone saying how WRONG was and how stupid I was ( which boils down to cyber bullying which is fine but you do get added to my lists to JUDGE ), I was right all a long… EA says around a half million so knowing EA just saying that I am going to say less and full servers only mean around 6,000 on each

    WE dont play on MEGA OMG servers really doubt they go passed 6,000 and I have seen up to 200,000 NOT in their life time…ONLY one gaming server does those numbers EVE its extremely expensive to have a player server going passed 10,000

  • Mal-Loci

    Ive been extremely critical of bioware about swtor which I think was well deserved and while they have barely scratched the surface and in some cases haven’t even started to address some big problems they are improving and are going in the right direction. And the game definitely seems to be growing.

  • Psychlon

    I don’t agree with the thing about “bolstering”… almost entirely.

    The system does work, the only problem with the system is that it’s not entirely clear how bolster does affect each single item (without expertise) and leads up to confusion by, for example, having a complete campaign set with augments leading up to less health/ expertise than with my lvl 40 shadow with “just” up to level blue mods.
    They also need to rip all expertise from any other gear than the current pvp gear which is selling (meaning… battlemaster still has expertise on it which doesn’t make any sense).

    I think the bolster system is great, especially for people which don’t have the time to do the pvp gear grind on 10+ chars. Now I can just join a warzone, get buffed up and can earn my full perfect conquerer gear which will be better than the best PVE gear I could take to a warzone. This is a transition period and all my work I put into getting my prior war-hero gear is nullified… ok but if it brings more people to do pvp (which it does) then why should anyone interested in doing pvp complain? The people complaining hardest about is those which are your typical pvp baddies which you usually roflstomp but because they spent more “time” prior to you they do double the damage etc. . That’s not what pvp is about and those crying over it don’t want to pvp. They want to invest once a tons of time to get the best gear possible and roflstomp everyone else until everyone is on par with them.

    The other flaw in the logic is, it was never “fair” for anyone pvp’ing prior to max level not to be able to buy your pvp gear or “save” it up because you aren’t doing anything “less” than what you do at lvl 55. It’s unfair and (in my opinion) not crying if you don’t want to be thrown together with people which never played a single warzone prior to max level while you played 200+ but you had to through a majority of your warzone comms over the hill because you couldn’t exchange them prior to lvl 40 pvp rank/ character lvl and even then…you have a stupid cap for no whatsoever reason. PvP prior to max level is not requiring anything less, it’s like saying only driver in formula 1 can be called driver while everyone else is just… a try out.

  • Psychlon

    Oh I’m looking so forward to the next episode how the “roleplayer” like the new cartel coin customization