Back From E3!


This week on TWIMMO: Scott and Gary discuss their video game convention adventures in a special weekend E3 wrap up episode.

Gary and Scott are back from their busy week in LA and they have quite a bit to talk about. So rather than doing TWIMMO in our normal format we decided to do a special E3 wrap up instead. 

A lot of news came out over the last week and we covered it here on GAMEBREAKER, and since the guys have a lot to say about them we will include a roundup of that news here for your convenience as well.

Elder Scrolls Online


Elder Scrolls Online Coming To Next Gen Consoles (Gameplay Trailer)


Sony reveals that Elder Scrolls Online will be released on the PS4.


E3 2013 – Elder Scrolls Online: Will Consoles Ruin ESO?


Following the news that ESO will be available on consoles, Justin Kenned has one question. Will consoles ruin MMOs?


Elder Scrolls Online Console Players Separated From PC Players


Another TESO announcement makes its way out of E3. This time we find out that Elder Scrolls Online players will be separated from each other based on platform.



Exclusive HD WildStar Gameplay E3 2013 – Part 1 (Video)


Gary and Schaffnit got some hands on time with WildStar and brought back two HD videos of the game for all of you to check out.


Exclusive HD WildStar Gameplay E3 2013 – Part 2 (Video)


You didn’t think I’d just link the one, did you?



First Destiny Gameplay Footage (Video)


You all wanted it, now here it is… Official Destiny gameplay footage from the first day at E3.


Peter Dinklage Is In Destiny!


Game of Thrones fans rejoice. Because it is true.  That voice in Destiny you thought you recognized? It is Peter Dinklage.

The Division


Tom Clancy’s The Division Revealed At E3 (Gameplay Trailer)


This is one of those things we weren’t really expecting to see at E3. A Tom Clancy MMO? Who would have thought?



E3: Exclusive DayZ Interview & Demo With Dean “Rocket” Hall


Gary got to spend some time talking to DayZ’s Dean Hall about the standalone. And, he even snagged some footage of the game for us. Keep in mind it is early alpha footage.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn


Closed Doors Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Presentation Live From E3 (Video)


Gary and Schaffnit take time out of their E3 schedules for a peek at the ARR closed doors presentation.


FFXIV PS3 UI Gets Some E3 Love


E3 sees the drop of a full PS3 UI Dev Tour.

The Crew


The Crew: MMO Racing Game (Video)


The racing genre comes to MMO’s with the Crew.



ArcheAge E3 Presentation Video – Uncut & Unedited


Gary returns from E3 with a video presentation and walkthrough of ArcheAge. Learn how to gather, build and protect your hard work from pirates. Or become a pirate… Your choice.


ArcheAge Beta Signups Started (Video)


Once you’re done watching the E3 Archeage presentation, you may want to sign up for the beta.. So I figured I’d just leave this here for you as well.

And more…

Of course, you’ll get to hear all kinds of details about how E3 works and what goes on there, so be sure to tune in.

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As always, if you missed last week’s episode you can check it out here.

GBTV General Manager
  • the founderx

    This next crop of MMOs are all near-misses for me…

    ESO – not a MMO, and what is MMO, will be half baked and half hearted. Like most, I love MMOs for the social and teamwork aspect. I wont pay monthly for a “solo the entire game” experience. fuck that.

    Wildstar – telegraphing system. ugh. ya “add complexity at higher levels” = the ground lighting up like a high school rave on lsd… fuck that. i’d much MUCH rather immersive myself in this combat by watching and listening to the targets. thats a big part of the fun for me. Wildstar has a lot of vibe and atmosphere and telegraphing sours alot of that.

    so basically its EQnext, Final Fantasy AAR, or Archeage for me. and knowing how horribly SOE fucked up EQ2 and shit all over EQ? and people are saying Final Fantasy is super faceroll easy? meh, think ill take a break from MMOs for a while.

    • Jeremy Pfeifer

      I agree with most of what you are saying. As far as your conclusion those are the 3 MMO’s that I am most interested in.

      I will have to experience more from EQnext, once that becomes available. SOE does have a lot of work to do moving from EQ2.

      I have only played the starter zones in FF:AAR so the combat is very basic. I have heard that the combat gets more fluid with more abilities and that it gets more complicated the further in you get. I hope that is the case. If you are in combat about 75% of your MMO time, then I hope that is true. Having been in 1.0 the game is completely different. I’m optimistic but I need to play in more weekends.

  • Kappo

    I played FFXI for 6 1/2 years. I stopped playing FFXI at the launch of XIV, and like most people became very heartbroken and disappointed. I have not played XIV since early 2011. After my first round of beta testing, and am very satisfied with all the changes. I feel the same way, it is a whole new game. And I love it so far. I have played with both keyboard/mouse and controller. Although I do prefer keyboard and mouse, the controller scheme was very easy for me to jump into. I would not recommend jumping straight into an Ifrit fight with a controller, but given a couple of hours, I think most most people would get the hang of it.

  • Rock Mu

    Played XI from NA launch up to about 2 years ago, I played quite a bit of FFXIV 1.0 as well. I am digging A Realm Reborn so far, especially this latest beta phase version.

    What I really liked was the fact that lower level story quest solo instances actually require some strategy from about level 15 on. A lot of people I noticed were having problems with it. I didn’t find either of the ones I did (the main story instance and the lvl 15 Pugilist solo instance), to be overly hard per-se, but I definitely had to pay attention and employ some strategy to win. IMO that’s great sign, as I can’t think of many other MMO’s that start to get challenging that early in the leveling process.

  • Vrumpt

    I’m an XI veteran of about 4 1/2 years (’04-’08), which was my first MMO, and I’m loving ARR so far. I did not play XIV for a couple different reasons, and I am a series fan of Final Fantasy XIV has got a very similar atmosphere as XI and the feel of the story structure and the manner in which the cutscenes are handled have been carried over flawlessly. In this sense, it feels like a true sequel to FFXI and triggers a lot of the nostalgia that I got out of that game, not counting things like monster models or named creatures that made their way into ARR (hi Bubbly Bernie!). The story is also very FF and from the content I’ve had a chance to play through so far (up to 15) I was very happy with what was there, especially with the presentation. Compared to say SWTOR where the majority of cutscenes are people standing around talking to each other, I enjoy XIV’s cutscenes way more. This is also something that was carried over well from FFXI; XI’s story content was the best i’ve ever played in an MMO, SWTOR included. I can’t wait to wrap up the remaining story content that’s included in this beta.

    Mechanically the game is great. There are a few minor things that are in other games that ARR doesn’t have yet, but its not enough to take away from the experience imo. The FATE system is by far my favorite feature i’ve come across so far, although I really want to get into dungeons because I’ve heard good things from the new ones that they’ve added in this phase. I tried out the new guildhests, and I am pleased to see that Square Enix’s ability to create new and innovative types of content has not been lost.

    Between guildleves, dungeons (I played in previous beta phases), guildhests, and FATE, all of the content that’s in ARR feels different. Yes, some of that can be found in other games, but guildleves and the new guildhests is the exception. In a genre where finding innovation is incredibly rare, Square Enix has the ability to provide new types of PVE content that feel different and aren’t just more dungeons and more raids with the same recycled mechanics over and over again. That was what made XI so great, and it looks like ARR is on track to deliver in that field once again.

    Overall, I am very excited for the launch of ARR.

  • Sally Bowls

    Thanks for the show and enduring E3 for us.

    Who knows what production games will be like. I was so excited for Wildstar, but the more I find out, the less excited I am. Alas, it sounds like a game by and for console gamers not MMO players. OTOH, while initially very indifferent to TESO, the more I find out, the more interested I become.

    Is the number of players who make something like Archeage but don’t play EVE large enough to make a AAA or even AA game?

    • Ian Smith

      Did you switch Wildstar and TESO? TESO is the one that will be on console. Wildstar, as has been announced so far, will only be on PC.

  • PortaPunch

    FFXIV is an alt-a-holic’s dream come true. Coming from FFXI, I really like the Armor Chest to carry all your different sets of gear that is separate from your regular inventory. Plus crafting shards are in a separate tab as well from the get go. I love not having build a lot of chest and storage areas in your house to try or level other jobs/classes. I had an enjoyable time with the last beta enough to pre-order the game, which I thought I would never do.

  • jozzan

    I’ve played XI off and on since the NA launch. I picked it back up once I was on the disappointment train of SWTOR (the story line was fun, but with the disaster that endgame is, it really would have been better as just KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.). XI can be fun with the story line and atmosphere, but it is 11 years old, after all. The UI can be kind of a nightmare, especially with keyboard and mouse.

    But yes, ARR is COMPLETELY different from XIV 1.0 and very much for the better. Where 1.0 was, let’s face it, dull with a lot of issues, ARR does pick up the pace pretty quickly and there is TONS to do in game.

    and yes….you can jump :)

    The ramp-up is a staple of FF games, but not as bad as some of the other entries. XIII took WAAAY too long to ramp up, then suddenly you got hammered into a huge grind…in chapter 11, ugh.

    The controller does take a little getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, it was really fun. I actually find I can do things faster with the controller. Which is a bit unsettling if you’ve played multiple MMOs before. It’s probably just going to come down to individual taste and I like the fact that you do have a choice in the matter. Plus it does not feel quite as one sided as other MMOs that offer both control schemes (coughTeracough)

    The PS3 version still looks good, although the PC version naturally blows it out of the water, graphically. Overall, actions are still pretty fluid. My main concern was frame rate, which it looks like PS3 is handling well enough not to be annoying. But, anyone with a modern PC might have a hard time playing on PS3 once they get a taste of the PC version. It just looks a lot better.

    So, yes, thus far things look really good. We will see where it goes as more weekends happen.

  • FFXIVgamer

    From what I have heard, Yoshida took the old graphics engine and scrapped that too due to it wasnt versatile enough for XIV. So they use a new one now ;)

    Cannot wait to try more Beta with next weekend allowing me to bring back my 1.0 character :D

    • Picoman

      Yeah they made a custom engine for ARR using parts of the Luminous Engine.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Sounds like Wildstar got both Gary and Scott somewhat excited. That’s very encouraging to hear.

    I checked out the Division. Holy Cow, I may be buying one of the new consoles afterall.

  • Revanhavoc

    Despite what I feel to be Zeinimax demonstrating some kind of fear about showing a good chunk of Elder Scrolls Online gameplay…

    (Every damn gameplay demo was not even a demo it was a trailer?!?)

    …I know right? Anyway despite that, what I personally saw of first person dual-wielding combat look almost exactly like Skyrim…It looked fun, as Scott has been saying all along, but I’m still glad to hear the honesty about the look and feel being a bit disconnected, a bit floaty. I’ve had that feeling for a while.

    It all kinda makes sense now. They just don’t think the combat is dialed in enough to show, otherwise we would have gotten a true gameplay walkthrough, like during the E3 Skyrim was shown, and what a memorable walkthrough that was.

    I am having sudden and frightening deja-vu about Gary saying the exact same thing he did regarding the floaty combat…of the Secret World.


  • Ordegar

    Great show as usual; just one thing I want to mention. Scott has a tendency to lower his voice down to a mutter at times. It would be great if there were some way to equalize his audio.

  • saxophone15

    I’ve been using a controller for FFXIV on PC and I really like it. The control scheme works fine for me…but keep in mind I’m very used to the dualshock controller.

    Scott, for your problem with turning the camera, it sounds like you need to zoom out a bit more (so it wouldn’t be necessary to turn the camera to see what’s going on). I apologize in advance if you already had the camera zoomed out and still couldn’t see what was going on…I haven’t done that particular battle yet.

  • Luto Locke

    Final Fantasy XI was the 2nd MMO that I had ever played and I stuck with that one for 4 years. I played it once it was release here in the U.S and I loved it. I really liked how challenging it was to accomplish any thing in that game. How it was so hard just to get to max level made it more rewarding. Getting some of the gear was so insane that it took months to get just one piece of armor. I loved it! The gear grind was for a single piece of gear that would last you forever. I feel that the first release of FFXIV was a bit lacking and I had only tried it for a couple months before I gave up. It did not have the same feel as FFXI and it deffinately did not feel like a typical Final Fantasy title. I was really dissapointed and gave it a fair chance before quiting it to play SWTOR, and then eventually GW2. Now with the re-release of FFXIV I was a bit apprehensive to play it and give it another go… but man have they changed it! It doesn’t even feel like the same game as the first release! The combat while a bit slower than most MMO’s is still a quite a bit faster and less clunky than the original release. Also there are quests everywhere! I only played to level 12 and it seamed that once I was running out of quests there were more introduced to me. The graphics of the game are more pleasing to the eye, and capture that Final Fantasy feel. Zoning is a bit like final fantasy XII and I love how that feels. The initial cut scene is a bit long and I would love to see them add a few voice overs for some of the text!.

    • Picoman

      All the VO is being saved for launch apparently. (Except the opening cinematic has some.)

  • mPascoal

    You really need to make a show about ArcheAge, that game will be so good

  • Picoman

    @Hawk: Yeah, as a time-straved, game journalist who doesn’t have time to sit through backstory i’m sure you can appreciate that FF fans enjoy this. Plus its a one time thing, was it really worth being that disgusted by it? Regarding PS3 controls. I have heard people who have spent time with it say that it might be equally as fast if not faster during combat than keyboard and mouse. Camera and positioning will be something that is learned over time.

    @Gary & ‘the new’ Mike B: Looking forward to the new XIV show guys. ^^

  • Picoman

    On the next show or on the new XIV show can you address why almost everyone who plays an action MMO assume that all MMO with a different combat style from action is slow and boring? I personally felt it was a good pace for a beginner coming in for the first time. As a 1.0 player, i know well that once you level a couple of classes you have a plethora of cross-class actions and abilities to choose from.

    My advise for anyone in Beta is to get their first class to 15, hop on the airship and collect the other class quests. Levelling CNJ to level two for Cure will be beneficial.

  • Eugene Valentino

    I gotta admit after a 20 mins messing with the controller ffxiv played really smooth. In any case I’m hoping gamebreaker goes through with the show!

    • FFXIVgamer

      I also started out playing ARR beta using the Snakebyte XIV controller on my PC, and I prefer much more to sit in my comfy recliner and play to full capacity instead of hunkering over my keyboard and mouse all the time ;)

  • Kevin Cox


    i think that deep down everyone appreciates the attempt ZOS is making at bringing the world of ES to the MMO table. No doubt people (I say people, not everyone) have wanted this for years.


    What I think everyone DOES want is for Bethesda to incorporate multiplayer into ES VI.
    I think a system akin to Fable 2′s drop in drop out mechanic would benefit ES greatly. I honestly don’t see four player co-op being a thing, as designing content that dynamically adjusts it’s difficulty to accommodate four players might be more work than necessary.

    Just a simple 2 player co-op drop in drop out feature. That’s all anybody really wants, i think and it’s something that should be considered.

  • Kevin Henderson

    Scott needs to quit talking over people. He also has a tendency to ramble, repeat himself and mumble. He’s on every show, and he’s not all that charismatic. Sorry to say, but it needs to be said. I don’t dislike the guy, but you should seek more hosts and maybe have Scott on less shows or less often. At the least, he has to let others finish their point.

    • Kichwas

      Personally Scott’s one of my favorites of the hosts at gamebreaker.

  • Cpt.Badger

    Defiance has weak guns ? Really Scott ? Out of all problems the game has, the guns are certainly NOT one of them. Pretty much all of them feel and shoot great.