Blizzard Secret Project And Leaks Ohh My!

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This weeks topics include:

  • Blizzards Register “Project Blackstone”…Could This Be Their New MMO?
  • Leaked Images And Info On Bungie’s New IP Destiny…Is This An MMO As Well?
  • Planetside 2 Interview With Matt Higby Reveals Account Wide Unlocks And More!
  • Should Final Fantasy XIV Have Copied World of? Warcraft?
  • Andrew June

    There was no jump in FFXI. It looked like they based FFXIV on FFXI but didn’t include the best things about it. That keeps it going 10+ years with another expac coming out.

    The FF Job system.. WTH is Pugilist doing as a class?


    • Picoman

      Pugilist, a person who flghts with his fists. Its a Class because you obtained SP on your ‘main hand’ before it was changed to just EXP in patch 1.18ish.
      At level 30 you can unlock the Job, Monk which is more than just punching… (Job System added patch 1.21)

  • Richard Grinspan

    Pokket is a negative nancy

  • dickensc

    blackthorne plot

    Blackthorne is set on the planet Tuul, which has existed for centuries without human knowledge. All of this time, Tuul’s people have been ruled over by a single shaman who “was blessed with all knowledge”. Years before the game begins, Thoros, the latest ruler, finds it near impossible to choose between his two sons as the next ruler. Believing it will solve the dilemma, he leads them to the deserts and kills himself. His body becomes two stones, light and dark, and he gives one to each boy to rule their own kingdoms respectively. The people of the lightstone form the kingdom of Androth, and the people of the darkstone form Ka’dra’suul. But while Androth respects their stone, Ka’dra’suul reject theirs, and are eventually transformed into monsters by it. In this time, a ka’dra named Sarlac seizes power. He forms an army and leads them against Androth.

    • Benoit Chalifoux

      look like naturo lol

  • djsjr

    Please no more pockett…I used to watch Twimmo and now I can’t with this girl on all the time. Please just go back to the regular people…….

    • Joey Morrone

      I like Pokket! She used to be on TWIMMO back in the day and she recently came back. 

  • Zumime

    Why is Pokket so negative and jaded…hindsight is always 20/20, right Hilary?

    • Nywora

      She seemed so annoyed and on the defensive. I wasn’t able to watch chat, so who knows if she was getting trolled during the show – but she seemed distracted by chat, too. If hosts are having an ‘off’ night, it would be great to switch someone in. 

  • Joshua Shawyer

    Please stop referring to Roman Numerals as letters and start using them as proper numbers….

  • Fish Bait

    Really really need to see these pictures of Gary with long purple hair hehe

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Did you guys REALLY miss the Blackthorne?

  • xXHeisenbergXx

    Not sure how many people are playing Planet Side 2 right now..but gary could you PLEASE do a real show on it…it would be F-ing amazing… You guys should also make a show called “Tin Foil Hat” and just talk about Titan/Elder Scrolls Online/ and just crazy absurd stuff we don’t know alot about.. Most of your shows are MMO “RPG” based…it’s time to expand the horizons… 

    • Dularr

      Wonder what a weekly Planetside 2 show would look like. 

      • balen arenas

        There isn’t enough there to have a weekly show.

        But perhaps they could have an FPS weekly show that would include games such as Planetside 2 and Firefall

  • Michael Wilson

    Blizzard are known for trolling. They then went on to base a wow expansion on it.

  • Key Foster

    blackthorn was awesome! snes

  • Michael Coulombe

    BlackThorne MMOFPS. PlanetSide 2 hit the industry hard. Companies were waiting to see if SoE would win or tank, they won, more people will start making them. One thing I know for sure, it cannot be Lost Vikings. If it is Lost Vikings? It would have to be on a much, much bigger scale.

  • Michael Coulombe

    Oh my god! Gary!!! Inspiration and Clone are very, VERY different words. A “WoW clone”, to me, is more like RIFT. Where it was WoW, with a different skin, and more nifty features. An improved Clone. They are not making XIV a “WoW Clone” in that sense. What they are doing, is fixing what was old about their game by making it more like WoW. For instance, the UI. The controls, the combat gameplay, gameplay in general. They’re replacing what’s horrible and made 1.0 tank with things the majority of the industry likes.

    When someone decides to subscribe back to WoW, as opposed to subscribing back to another MMO. Do you think they question “How hard is it going to be to deal with this and that?”? No, they don’t. WoW is almost completely hassle free when it comes to technical stuff. Controls are amazing and responsive, most machines run it above 50 FPS, doesn’t make you feel bad if you run it on low/medium, the interface is 100% moddable but the default UI is fine. Convenience! That’s what Yoshida’s taking from WoW. He’s keeping what makes XIV (and XI) unique, which is the class/job system. He keeps the old school vibe to it of grinding being the main, fastest way to progress, while having other solo/casual friendly features like levequests. Contested dungeons along with instanced dungeons to please both sides. Then he just takes the horrible UI and controls and switches them to the user friendly WoW UI and controls.

  • David DiFilippo

    I bought FFXIV day one as I had played FFXI for over five years. If the developrs would have just copied FFXI EXACTLY with updated graphics and a new world, the game would have been perfect!!

  • Sean Brambora

    No look at the picture shows viking who are humans, shows heroes witch warcraft 3 has,i really think it going to be a warcraft RTS

  • Poordevil

    I’m with Gary. I would like to see a Viking game from Blizzard. Unless it’s RTS then I won’t care about it, lol.  I had a  good old time playing Viking: Battle For Asgard on PS3. A good quality Viking game that included – and this is critical – sailing on Viking ships and pillaging the wimps on the European coast would be welcome by me! I have played Rune and Asgard and neither one had anything like that and I was disappointed :(  I never have played Blizzard’s Viking game, but if anyone has the skill and resources to make a really cool Viking game it would be Blizzard.

  • anthony seitz

    love her hair color and she is so hot bring her to legendary to replace the other chick

    • Andrew Clive Early

      Why cant we have Both? or a Legendary Charity Calender? Mike B for Mr.January, Mike S in a jester outfit as the April fool, Josh as a Pilgrim maid for November, Gary could be Santa

    • Dularr

      While Im a fan of Pokket, she doesn’t play Wow and doesn’t seem to follow Blizzard that closely. 

  • Raven Frosth

    Maybe the Project Blackstone is a Console based Game brought to you by Blizzard instead of Activision.  So basically Blizzard might be going back to Consoles and not just PC’s

  • Composure

    Hillary’s laugh is hilarious and adorable. Glad to have her back on the show, the trolls in comments can suck it.

    • Dularr

      Yeah, but she doesn’t seem to be playing any MMOs at this time.  Sounds like she is just social in SWTOR anymore.  Her attempt at WoW Mists didn’t go anywhere.  She was so burned out on Rift, she didn’t even try the SL beta. 

      From her attitude on the show she just seem a bit burned out on MMOs in general. 

      • Composure

        Perhaps that is the case, I don’t think it’s all that important though. Pokket has been around the MMO scene for long enough to know her stuff, so she can still comment on the goings on of the current landscape whether she is playing the games in depth or not. I know I’m in the same boat as her as to being burned out on a lot of things.

        • Dularr

          Oh I’m a fan of Pokket, she plays the games she talks about.  But, she doesn’t seem to be following MMOs as closely as she uses to, and the name of the show is This Week in MMOs. 

      • Ravenstorm

        Yeah maybe, but she’s actually right in her statements imo. “Leaks” are easy advertisement. Indeed she looks tired of mmo’s and games in general, but tbh so am I. I’m hyped for that Oculus Rift, so that even if the devs use the steady old and faithfull formulas in games at least the experience will be much more awsum.
        It will have to be something special to keep Hillary’s attention which is only normal with her experience in gaming.

        • Dularr

          Yep, but the Blizzard story is based on registration of a URL, which is public information, not a “leak.”  Could Blizzard register a URL as a troll, maybe. Unlikely, but maybe.

  • Picoman

    Gary seems ready and willing to receive information on XIV:ARR but the other hosts just don’t want to play ball with him at all. (It’s like watching the GW2 show when nobody wants to answer his questions)

    I can forgive Gary for not being totally up-to-date and to understand Yoshi-P’s personality like the XIV community does. Yoshida has got on Gary’s radar somehow so they must be doing something right, we have come a long way from box-throwing i feel.

    I think its time to “get a Kenzie” on the show, to properly go through a news story or piece of XIV footage.

    Gary can wear many ‘hats’, the Dev Hat, the Player Hat, the Producer Hat, the Business Hat which helps him see it from many different angles. For example, 2 years ago, while talking to Mike-B on a TWIMMO (well after Mike had posted the ‘copy-pasta’ video), he simply said “2 years” in response to what it will take to fix the game. Look where we are, two years later and were are at the end of Phase 3 of Alpha Testing for ARR. He also appreciated the ‘End of an Era’ cinematic, noting the cost to produce such length and quality.

    Yoshi-P has delivered 39 producer letters and 4 live-on-youtube letters. He frequents the forums to put our minds at ease, leaving a warm, fuzzy feeling about the future of the game in his hands. Sure there is a language barrier for us, but XIV community has ways of dealing with this as many come from XI.

    Lets be clear though, Yoshi-P WAS NOT on the dev team before he became producer/director. He was working on Dragon Quest, he was an outsider looking in and thats where his comments come from. The CEO said XIV damaged FF and SE and they are going to do everything they can to fix that. That includes admitting the past mistakes and people taking blame, so the “unprofessional bad-mouthing” that Pokket was crying about is justified and legit.

    Believe it or not the current Dev team is 9 times larger that the original one. Pretty big effort going on here. It is worth keeping an eye on Gary.

    • Dularr

      It’s really too bad that MikeS is not getting more FF questions on the Tuesday After Dark show.  He seem to really want to talk abut FF, but the questions came in when he was out of town.  

    • saxophone15

      I have been following FFXIV:ARR more and more lately. The more information I find, the more it sounds like things are going to be much better. I’m not in the alpha, but I have heard very positive things from alpha players. I’m pretty excited myself and can’t wait to find out more information.

  • Stradus Woods

    I would just like to say that there are a lot of people that first person causes head headaches for us.  So even tho I love games like halo, elder scrolls and stuff like that wouldn’t play them or buy them cause they cause me pain.

    • Dularr

      Are you talking about the limited field of view (FOV) in FPS that cause motion sickness or headaches?. 

  • Bradley

    Where was the tons of speculation I was promised? All I got for the first 15 minutes was jaded and apathetic Hillary. We get it, you don’t care much for Blizzard and for most mmos these days. 

  • Revanhavoc

    I had a great time watching this show live. Loved all the speculation mixed with nostalgia.

    One thing we all grasp for in the games we want to love is some sort of meta game that is driven by players. In Day Z it’s the bandits, for instance. We want deeper more complex experiences from our games – some sort of unpredictability.  

    Hopefully as the technology improves players will get more of what they want, because I think technological limitations are a huge part of the problem right now.

  • Bluecewe

    Concerning the Planetside 2 fleet carrier, I would expect it to be a temporary spawn like all the other vehicles.

    Although the Planetside world is persistent, it’s not designed to house persistent player property like a fleet carrier or a player city. Instead, all player property is temporary. It’s not really an issue, as the real “currency” or “property” of the game is manpower.

    Because of this, the fleet carrier would only be spawnable by outfit officers. Platoons run by outfits would gain an outfit resource when bases are captured. This outfit resource could then be used by the outfit leader to gain access to spawn the fleet carrier and upgrade it with weapons and utility, defence, performance modules; just like any other vehicle, but paid for with a collaboratively obtained resource.

    The same outfit resource would be required as a payment to spawn the carrier, and the officer would need to be in a platoon consisting of at least 20 outfit members.

    • Dularr

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they are treated like a new type of structure. You could have a limited number of fleet carriers above each continent.  The three factions would fight over control of the carriers and if you gain control of a carrier you can drop tanks on the planet.   

      • Bluecewe

        You’re presuming then that they would be faction-controlled, rather than outfit-controlled? When dropping off tanks the carrier would need to land somewhere; how would you determine who has the power to drive the vehicle?

        • Dularr

          So, I’m thinking is once your faction takes the fleet carrier.  You can spawn tanks or/or tank transports on the fleet carrier.  You can use the infantry drop mechanic to drop the tank on the planet or the tank transport can fly the tank down.

          For the tank on the carrier, the tank commander can drive the tank. If you drop the tank, the commander selects the drop point.  If you use a tank transport vehicle, either the tank commander can pilot the transport or a separate pilot. After dropping off the tank, not sure if the tank transport can pick up another tanks or just simply auto-pilots back to the fleet carrier.  

  • Evilevi501

    Dear Pocket,

    Haters gonna hate.



    • Hillary Nicole

      I played WoW for 5 years (on and off), have dabbled in Starcraft, and own Diablo III. If anything, I am more of a fan of Blizzard than a “hater.” I am allowed to dislike something I did not enjoy playing. I am also allowed to be blunt and honest about it, rather than sugar coating it for the masses that can’t handle an up-front and honest opinion.

      • Evilevi501

        You could have been in alpha for WoW, it doesn’t change the vitriol you spit whenever the chance presents itself. In this medium, what you’ve said last matters most.

        Read your last sentence and imagine I’m saying it. Not about a game, rather a host.

        • Hillary Nicole

          “Haters gonna hate.”   :)

    • Revanhavoc

      That’s just offensive man you need to grow up.

      Quantifiable applied deductive logic? Give me a break you pretentious joke…

      And that insult about gender has been directed towards women in entertainment for a very long time - completely transparant and patheticly sexist.

      Defend your opinons and beliefs without being so condescending and insulting so I’ll be able to ignore them more easily in the future.

      It’s more effective to give constructive criticism without being a rude bully, remember that.

  • tarsal

    Thats the last time i watch this show first thing in the morning. Hillary “pokket”‘s childish neghead complaining is unprofessional (irony much?) and makes me not want to watch. I get it, you need hot chicks to bring in the beardos but her attitude is at best unpleasant and at worst offensive.

    Lol shes even taking passive aggressive shots at the other hosts. Its uncomfortable to watch. And even worse, her “points” have no logic or thought to them, as if shes just blurting out whatever comes to mind. Its sad yet unsurprising that no one seems to care that she is plain awful at this, because theyre too busy mooning over her physical appearance.

    Otherwise, great show!

    • Ravenstorm

      I hope she just really had a bad day. Tbh I felt uncomfortable too and had pitty for poor Jason who got smacked in the head psychologically for speaking up for her a bit.
      That didn’t look cool. Not sure what’s going on. Maybe she needs a vacation, as Schwarzenegger said in Terminator 2.
      Maybe she felt sick or something, it’s winter weather, makes ppl sad. Hmmm, winter… Jason… Subliminal anger…

      • Dularr

        This episode was clearly missing MikeB.  One of MikeB many skills is challenging another host without coming across as an ass.  He would have challenged Pokkets numerous mis-statements and put the show back on track. 

        • Ryan King

          I feel like MikeB would have been awesome in this episode.  He tends to not be biased and tell things how they are.  Also if he doesn’t know about something he doesn’t shoot off his mouth like Pokket did here.  I don’t know what was going on, but poor poor showing from her.

        • Rae

          + 100 to this.

    • Michael Byrne

      Sadly I have to agree. I am generally a Pokket fan. This episode, however, seemed like she looked at her calendar and was like, “Crap…I have to do TWIMMO tonight.” lol

      • InvaderMig

        Quite frankly I wasn’t a fan of hers back when she was on gbtv the the first time. This site doesn’t live and die by what I think so it’s of little consequence. I’ve never found her insights to be all that insightful. I rarely find that what she says is well researched. I wasn’t all that thrilled to find she had returned, but I think her stream does well so gbtv asked her to come back. Overall it’s not a big deal, but for God sakes can you please take her face off the ad for every show. I thought that little fury thing was the mascot not her.

        • Diequex

          only thing that concerned me tbh. Have her on as a host, I don’t care. But her face being in so so many ads for the show has definitely been off-putting for me. 

          • Hillary Nicole

            I don’t control the ads, sorry.

          • Diequex

            No reason to apologize. It’s more that it comes off as pandering to male gamers, and it is by no means your fault. 

          • InvaderMig

            Me not being a fan of hers doesn’t mean I have anything towards her personally.  I know that’s not what you implied, but I just felt I’d say it.  I’m sure she has tons of fans, and as I said, overall me not being her biggest fan isn’t a big deal at all, like you her face on every ad is what I don’t like.  If they are going to put faces in the ad, then put everyone who was on the show.  Not just the pretty girl us basement dwelling gamers wanna drool over.  I also know it’s not her decision.  That has Gary written all over it.

          • Diequex

            you’re right, that was not my implication at all. Just wanted to make that little note since the comments section is filled with a lot of unnecessary disdain for her.

            That is moreover my reason for not liking her face on so many TWIMMO ads and what I was referencing when I felt it was “pandering to male gamers.” How obvious her being used as a “pretty girl = more hits” component of the show is off-putting. Like you said, whoever is making the ads should display everyone in the show and not solely Hillary.

    • Rae

      made me feel uncomfortable as well.

  • Zedris

    i dont know what was up this week but im guessing it was that time of the month but wow what a b….y attitude today. and this thing where we are getting sold rift at every channel or show is kinda sad aren’t u supposed to kinda be impartial i get u like games you give ur oppinion and u work on donations and sponsorship but be impartial even the way ur advertising rift is sad and just annoying.

    • Evilevi501

      Understandably GBTV needs and takes most sponsors but in reference to spamming advertising of one particular game constantly, it seems to get into a grey area. I’d rather not be spammed about a game I have no interest in.

      Products such as Netflix and recently Audible is fine but favoring a game and devoting add space and plugs, in the middle of other games shows no less, just seems wrong.

      Seems like a conflict of interest even if they aren’t receiving compensation from the other games they are covering. Presumably purely business however it is defiantly off putting.

  • Andrew

    Talking about “That’s not professional” and “doing some research”, Hillary should practice what she preaches and not try to comment on things she is not following.

    Call me a fanboy or anything you fancy but the below is a summary of what I have seen over the past 2 years of FFXIV development.

    Those who remotely frequents the ffxiv lodestone forums, even once in a blue moon knows that Yoshida is trying to make things better and taking ownership of the mistakes. When he took over, he took over the “mistakes” of the previous team and apologised for letting the fans down as a company.

    It is not until ARR is almost ready recently did he begun to look back and shared his thoughts on what could have been done better at the beginning. Because, he knew precisely that complaining or “bad-mouthing” will not help the situation he took over.

    Instead of just giving up and going F2P, Yoshida took over, systematically went through the options and upon researching and consulting the relevant experts, believes that it is still possible to save FFXIV yet by remaking FFXIV from scratch with new graphics, servers, coding, etc. I do not claim to remotely understand what they are doing or the difficulties they faced.

    While remaking FFXIV from scratch, FFXIV 2.0 team still managed to release new contents and improving FFXIV 1.0.

    He convinced his staff and upper management that giving up on a numbered Final Fantasy is not an option and what we have now is the culmination of Yoshi and crews’ effort. A new FFXIV, built from scratch in a span of 2 years, while concurrently managing FFXIV 1.0.

    Watch the FFXIV producer live videos on youtube with English subtitles and you can see what I am talking about. If it is still not your cup of tea, so be it, to each his/her own. But please practice what you preach. Do some research then comment.

    I used to look forward very much to watching GB TV but recently the negativity is getting a bit too much for me.

    I still have the hope, however small, that Gary will be satisfied enough with FFXIV ARR to bring back the Bing Bong Brigade.


  • Kyle Schmelzer

    I cant stand that chick, couldnt finish the episode. She drives me nuts. Gimmie some MikeB.

    • Nathan Pyle

      Totally agree.

  • Josh

    @kyle count your blessings, shes 1000x better than jasmine.

  • Yadiel Báez

    These two are such Blizzard haters, they were like total bitches in this entire video. Hey! It’s cool you no longer play any Blizzard games or you just don’t like WoW, but is not necessary to be total high school bitchy all over it.

    This episode just felt like “we don’t care about Blizzard Gary, lets talk something else but first let me bitch about it for half of this show”.

    • Dularr

      Gary did try.  When Pokket called Blizzard All Stars “awful”, her word.  That’s a really strong word for a game journalist.  When Gary pushed, she complained that her and another player carried the team and rolled the opponents.  Sounds like every other MOBA at a video game convention.    

      • Hillary Nicole

        I believe that all game journalists and game enthusiasts are entitled to their opinions on games. They don’t have to like or love a game, just like others don’t have to dislike or hate it. While “awful” may have been an extreme word to use, and I should choose my words more wisely, the fact still remains that it is my opinion on the game.

        I think everyone has “off-days” sometimes and, as mentioned above, I felt ill and that (obviously) affected my scrooge-like attitude ~.^

  • Yadiel Báez

    Worst TWIMMO I’ve seen so far. WTB Schaffnit or MikeB in replacement of Hillary when she’s on her days.

  • Dal Latee

    I have to agree with what many are saying here. Hillary’s attitude during the show was really off putting.  I felt like I was watching an hour of someone annoyed, preoccupied, and not really interested in MMOs at all.

    It might seem like a silly thing to comment about, but the truth is the great personalities on these shows are a HUGE reason why I watch them.  I don’t need to watch Guildcast for my Guild Wars 2 news, I can and do keep up with it just fine on my own.  But I watch anyway, religiously, because the crew hosting that show makes me smile and manages to keep me interested in their opinions.  Likewise, I haven’t played WoW in years, could care less about what’s going on in that game, but have caught myself watching Legendary a few times recently because Olivia’s personality is ridiculously charming and Gary and Josh have no problems bringing home the entertainment. 

    Point is, the hosts are a big part of these shows, perhaps even bigger than the content.  Maybe Hillary was having a bad day, but we all have those.. sometimes you just have to put your game face on because the “show” (whatever it is) must go on.  Frankly, there are plenty of worse things to be stuck doing than reporting MMO news.

    • Alex Peters

      Massive thumbs up to this. I don’t even play MMOs myself but I love watching TWIMMO and GuildCast cause the hosts are usually really entertaining (the jokes concerning Sylvari as christmas trees were hysterical last episode). 
      I don’t want to be the type to ‘boo her off stage’ immediately, but the show would be better if this wasn’t a reoccurring thing.

    • Hillary Nicole

      I was actually feeling really ill on Friday. I apologize for seeming like I was angry during the show. I wasn’t angry, just feverish =)

      Next time I will remain more aware of how I am coming off to people ~.^

      • Dal Latee

        Thanks for the explanation!

        I can’t speak for everyone else, but one of the things I like about Gamebreaker is the lack of dry formality you’d find in (example) a television newscast.  I appreciate that the hosts (intentionally or not) make everything feel much more warm and friendly.

        With that in mind (and feel free to run with this advice or completely ignore it), I wouldn’t find it at all odd or unprofessional if a host started the show with a comment along the lines of “Just a heads up.. I’m feeling ill today and may not be at my most entertaining, but I really wanted to help get this show out so here I am!”.

        Then, instead of people saying “Pokket seems grumpy..” they’ll probably be saying “That Pokket is a trooper/superhero!”.  :)

        Hope you feel better!

    • Jonathan Fortin

      Of everyone I know, she’s the most interested in MMOs, she plays them all, stays on top of the news, and played end game in the most popular ones.
      You have a right to dislike her, that’s your opinion. For the same reason you watch Guildcast and Legendary, there are many people who watch TWIMMO because Hillary is on it.

  • Hillary Nicole

    Almost all games I’ve played for the past 5 years (including present) are MMOs. Don’t care? I think the opposite. Perhaps a little jaded, but I think it’s safe to say  that I am not the only jaded MMORPG gamer out there.

    Apathetic? That’s was the fever kicking my butt, apologies. I will watch myself better next time. At least be better at acting ~.^

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      Don’t sweat it Hillary. I don’t know where some of the comments below were coming from, and some of them seem unwarranted to me. I quite enjoyed the show, and found I could disagree with very little of what was said . Hope you feel better!

  • Hillary Nicole

    I’m playing The War Z, SWTOR, Wartune, and GW2. Not playing MMOs? So many people in this thread assume so much of me and accuse me of “not doing homework.” Perhaps I failed on a couple notes today and I apologize, but y’all have some homework to do of your own. I am excited for FFXIV (and have covered it multiple times in GAME FACE on my youtube channel.

    • Veldara

      I just feel like I have to chime in because it’s getting a little out of hand and say that as females we seem to have to work harder to prove our “gaming cred” especially those who choose to be a public voice for us.  

      • Dularr

        Nothing to do with her gender. I’m a fan of Pokket. While I don’t always agree with her opinions, I appreciate and enjoy the perspective she brings to the games she is playing.   But this episode of TWIMMO went off track and ended up in the ditch.

        • Veldara

          I have to respectfully disagree, I didn’t notice anything significantly negative about the entire show.  I actually rather enjoyed it like I always do, perhaps it’s just my unique perspective simply because I don’t actually watch the show but rather listen to it while I play games or jog on the treadmill   
          And I have to say I do echo her sentiments about the “Titan Leaks” and mild frustrations with Blizzard in general.

    • Hillary Nicole

      Ack… this was meant to be a reply to someone and it posted as a completely new post. I am a newb at posting on the new(ish) design XD Sorry…

  • StepnSteph

    Regarding it being his fault, I would actually (possibly) agree. While he wasn’t in charge at the time, I have to wonder if anyone working on XIV was inclined to take any initiative. In other words, I wonder if any of them signed into an MMO out of personal curiosity and interests.

    Square (and Sony, for that matter) both seem to be suffering from a kind of bubble-effect, where they don’t seem to be aware of the world that exists outside of their own company culture.  Perhaps it would have done no good to take the initiative because the bosses simply wouldn’t accept their ideas, but I really have to wonder..

    For him to say that their leaders never said to check those games, that’s really depressing.  Are they not gamers themselves?  Are they wholly ignorant of the genre for which they’re developing?  We may not have the answers to those questions, but I would be quite concerned if I were still a Final Fantasy fan.

    Of course I’m curious to see what comes of the remake.  If there’s one thing that Square still does well, very well indeed, it’s art and animation.  That trailer of theirs was stunning.

    • Picoman

      Like i said in my post below, Yoshi-P was not on the original dev team. He was working on Dragon Quest and other titles. He was an outsider looking in and just like us, he came to similar conclusions that we did.

      • StepnSteph

        You don’t seem to have read or understand my comment beyond the first sentence.

        • Picoman

          Meh, i wanted to re-iterrate my point. You were at the top.

  • Bill Williams

    If Titan is an MMOFPS I won’t be playing it. Those games are boring to me.

  • Jason C Matzke

    After release of  Planetside 2 personally I think it just destroys CoD and Halo put together!  Now if Blizzard is working on this so called “Titan” with Bungie and it’s the same game. It would be a perfect storm of a game.  Take Blizzard adaption if its good they’ll add it and how to make engaging. Bungie knowing how to make FPS, This would insane so insane that it wouldn’t happen! Why? 2 words “CoD DEAD!” Yes it’s a MMO that would come out for the console and PC. That would compete with CoD fans too. Mike B is right all games compete for times. But FPS usually plays the new hotness. Now it’s a MMO you add that commitment part of a sub or daily reason to log in hook line and sinker other FPS just dies or goes away.  Call of Duty no more a cash cow for Activision / Blizzard.

  • Michael Boyd

    Was anyone else distracted by the mouse pointer on the bottom right screen behind Gary?  I couldn’t stop staring at it!

  • Kamil

    The first Lost Vikings were awesome, the 2nd one not so much. Don’t see how it would make sense to bring that franchise back.

    Blackthorne on the other hand. My god :D