This episode of This Week In MMO is filled with MMORPG related rumors (particularly Blizzard‘s Titan project), news of the first Defiance Beta Event and more trouble for Hammerpoint and The War Z.

Mike B and Jason Winter join Gary Gannon to discuss the Titan predictions made by “Alphanoid”.  He has been right before.  Was it a fluke? Does he know someone at Blizzard Entertainment who likes to share? Will he be right about Titan being an XBox title?

Also in the rumor mill: What’s all this noise about a Guild Wars 2 expansion?  It seems that Korean Securities firm KDB Daewoo expect one later this year.

For those of you who have been wanting to get your hands on the game portion of Trion and SyFy‘s collaboration, Defiance. You may not have to wait long.  The first beta event for Defiance is on it’s way.

And finally, The War Zs servers have been under attack recently.  The servers have been subjected to rounds of DDoS attacks and other “hacks” that kept players from being able to log on.

All that, plus viewer questions in this week’s episode of TWIMMO.
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