This episode of This Week In MMO is filled with MMORPG related rumors (particularly Blizzard‘s Titan project), news of the first Defiance Beta Event and more trouble for Hammerpoint and The War Z.

Mike B and Jason Winter join Gary Gannon to discuss the Titan predictions made by “Alphanoid”.  He has been right before.  Was it a fluke? Does he know someone at Blizzard Entertainment who likes to share? Will he be right about Titan being an XBox title?

Also in the rumor mill: What’s all this noise about a Guild Wars 2 expansion?  It seems that Korean Securities firm KDB Daewoo expect one later this year.

For those of you who have been wanting to get your hands on the game portion of Trion and SyFy‘s collaboration, Defiance. You may not have to wait long.  The first beta event for Defiance is on it’s way.

And finally, The War Zs servers have been under attack recently.  The servers have been subjected to rounds of DDoS attacks and other “hacks” that kept players from being able to log on.

All that, plus viewer questions in this week’s episode of TWIMMO.
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  • Dividing Sky

    (intro) it’s 2013 and right channel audio is hot.

  • Elias Rowan

    Project Titan = Titan A.E. Not a new IP. Sci-fi. Pew pew.

  • iamthemikeb

    Looks like people on twitter and in chat weren’t listening during the Titan/Saturn Six thing. The faux-news article was posted April 2010 and talked about an upcoming Blizzard game titled Saturn Six. The timeline doc, which is the first anyone has heard of “Project Titan” was leaked on December of that year. In case you were wondering, April came before December during that year, and does most every year. 

  • Matic Kačič

    Titan is the Sturn’s 6th moon hence it’s also called Saturn VI (six). I’m pretty sure the project Titan was known before (I remember finding leads and leaks before december 2010 – I remember that timeline being a confirmation from a legit looking document).
    Warhammer (Fantasy Battles) and Warhammer 40k are not the same IP, becouse they aren’t happening in the same universe (despite having lot of simmilar of identical elements).
    Campaigns in Guild Wars1, were expansion sized. They were not equivalent of major content updates in WoW.

  • Dularr

    Good show, really enjoy the interactions between Jason and MikeB, especially the references to TV shows.  Firefly, Revolution and my favorite reference Space: 1999. The science in Space: 1999 was so bad, makes Revolution look like science fact.    Space: 1999 was made by the late Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds.  You can check out Space: 1999 on Netfix.

    • Jado Cast

      I liked the Voltron Reference   That was one of my all time favorite toons from the 80’s when I was a kid.

  • Kyle Schmelzer

    I would have to disagree on the IP argument. I believe the base game, (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo) is the IP, not the story within the IP. If Titan is Starcraft, 500 years before any of the RTS games, with completely new chars, in a different part of the universe… its still Starcraft, with the same base’s on what the game is. It a different storyline, but the same IP.

  • Kortechs

    My gut says Titan will be some kind of wow-starcraft mashup. Whether this means a “wow 40k” or some kind of more literal combination of blizzard’s 2 biggest IPs, i think its going to be shooting for a “maximum demographic” marketing strategy. It makes sense if they really want this IP to be as or more successful as/than wow. It also makes sense considering the spread into console market.

    Remember there was mention of “steampunk”. Maybe that was just shorthand for “fantasy+scifi” ? Anyway i believe blizz is quite simply trying to capture the largest market possible.

    Regardless of the IP, it seems like everyone agrees that Titan will be a different game type than wow or starcraft.

  • Kortechs

    Also btw jason; your pvp raid boss vs your friends idea? FFXI of all games, is planning a feature like this this year. Expect it to be poorly implemented!

    • Dularr

      There is a Steve Jackson game called Ogre based on that idea. Played with miniatures, It’s futuristic armored warfare with hovercraft, tanks and infantry vs. a single giant cybernetic tank called Ogre.

  • Joseph Spears

    This alpha noid is wrong this time. He hasnt yet released info that has been this secret. I believe its a 100% new IP and it will be PC only. No way Blizz would go XBOX 720, the system will cost 800+ and no one will pay live+sub! 

  • Joseph Spears

    love this site but there is a huge!!!!!!! bias to GW2, not good

    • INKS

      a lot of them enjoy the game or have enjoyed it, I am not sure it’s a bias. If you watch the GW2 show they give Anet plenty of guff.

  • Stone LX9

    I think, if it’s set in the same world, it’s the same IP.

  • Stone LX9

    It’s going to be a FPS shooter heavily influenced by Halo.   Book it.

  • Stone LX9

    In regarding alphaNoid’s comment about the Xbox;

    If Blizzard and Bungie had any sense they’d be working with Valve and the Steam Box – 
    MS has proven their closed Xbox live service isn’t a friendly place for MMORPGs. So that info is just wrong. Unless ol’ Bobby Kotick has been wheelin’ and dealin’ with MS.

  • WolvenSpectre

    Thanks For telling us Non Americans that we can’t enter the giveaway¡

    Oh well I guess you will get more youtube subs from international viewers for free.  C’mon you guys are above these underhanded tricks taking advantage of people who don’t read terms and eligibility legalese.

  • Jado Cast

    If they came out with a StarCraft MOBA, or MMORPG, I would be very interested.  If they make it an FPS or MMOFPS, I’ll pass.

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Actually, Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000 happen at the same time, but they are two different IP’s (They’ve been split apart completely in last decade, but before that, Warhammer world, was a world in the 40K Universe, that was cut off by warp-storms.)

  • Phasra

    Regarding Defiance. Is it a US only thing? Because I’m pretty sure there is no “sci-fi” (or whatever it’s called) channel where I live.

    And I guess – that is my main concern. If they make show affect the game universe in some way, where each time the new episode is shown on TV (in US) – there are changes to the world in game – it will be very weird experience for me. Will I have to pirate the tv show episodes just to understand what is going on? And no – netflix is not available in my country either.

    So, on top of mikeb point of “who is targeted at – gamers or tv watchers?” I would add – “is it targeted at US (and a few other countries that have netflix/sci-fi channe;l) only? what about the rest of the world?”

  • Lynx Raven Raide

    lol Mike B, the GW1 campaigns were essentially expansions, Eye of the North was actually a tag-on after they scrapped Utopia

  • theunwarshed

    if Trion makes their Wookies and Cathar playable species in their game they can snag all of the disgruntled ex SWTOR subs! :P

  • bambocheur

    Jumping into the current LOTRO pvp is like going back in time 10yrs.  It would be a boost if Turbine did something to get past the 2014 hump but looking at their track record, I doubt they can piggy back any Hobbit success to keep them going.

  • tawnos42

    I get what MikeB was saying about Defiance.  Of the much wider potential audience for a scifi show, there is only a minority who are going to be willing to play a game in which people are spamming racist comments and trolling xbox jokes for attention.  Had they gone with a more traditional MMO I think it would have had somewhat more of a crossover, but with a shooter its going to rapidly turn people off who come into the game just to check it out.  From SyFy’s perspective though I think at worst the show/game idea is the TV equivalent of when the major automobile manafacturers build concept cars – its not something they intend to actually sell but it can provide ideas of what people react well to for the future and provides a sense of cachet that SyFy may feel like they are losing with their recent programming (i.e. the fact they don’t have any of the classical spaceships and warp drive shows).

    As for the ‘hardcore vs casual’ idea, I think you got the more typical movement wrong.  It would be ‘hardcore guy just got a real job or had a kid, guess he’s moving over to the casual side’.

  • Rae

    -From Wikipedia
    “Titan (or Saturn VI) is the largest moon of Saturn. It is the only natural satellite known to have a dense atmosphere,[8] and the only object other than Earth for which clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid has been found.[9]
    Titan is the sixth ellipsoidal moon from Saturn. Frequently described as a planet-like moon, Titan has a diameter roughly 50% larger than Earth’s moon and is 80% more massive.”

    “The climate—including wind and rain—creates surface features similar to those of Earth, such as dunes, rivers, lakes and seas (probably of liquid methane and ethane), and deltas, and is dominated by seasonal weather patterns as on Earth. With its liquids (both surface and subsurface) and robust nitrogen atmosphere, Titan’s methane cycle is viewed as an analog to Earth’s water cycle, although at a much lower temperature.”

    Sounds like a perfect place for an MMO to take Place, IMHO.

  • Rae

    Gary, is the site You were refering to, is for sale, though.  :P

  • Bear Powell

    Speaking on behalf of the Blizzard Community we are tired of High Fantasy. Give us anything else.

    • TJ

      You should probably speak for yourself… somehow i highly doubt u speek for the entire community…

  • Yosprey

    Titan conspiracy theories (not enough “tin” foil hats in the world for this):

    – They are building it based on the most popular rumors.
    – Project Titan is complete. The game has a distinct social aspect revolving around spreading rumors about Project Titan and this is the game.
    – They decided that WoW has too many classes so it’s a Lost Vikings MMO with the original holy trinity.

  • Clint Casey

    I’ve got it!

    Titan is not Starcraft

    Titan is, “Diablo 40k”

    In the future people in Diablo make spaceships and colonize, and then the demons came back and everyone got slaughtered.

    The series takes place on the Moon “Titan”, the last human colony in the. Titan also happens to be the 6th moon discovered orbiting the planet Saturn, hence the other name the project is known by, “Saturn VI”, or “Saturn 6″.

  • 7BitBrian

    Titan is Vaporware.

    GW2 won’t release an expansion this year, though it will release some good content.

    Defiance looks interesting, watching this one…..

    WarZ…….. I don’t even……

  • Quiet

    I agree with this in the sense that “Diablo 40k” is viable. 

    Because it has been done before.

    They called it Hellgate: London, and concept wise it was awesome.
    Hellgate: London MMO would be insane. Fighting dragons and demons with swords and lasers. On top of that, it would be a huge middle finger to the geniuses behind the 2 Diablo’s that *didnt* suck (who worked on hellgate).

    Or at least, as insane as a gear-based treadmill with bad PvP like WoW could ever possibly be. Maybe throw in a real money AH to make the community really hate it. 

  • Petru Vesa

    Hmm im going with the Starcraft universe on this…Three factions (terran, zerg, protoss) enough said :D

  • Dekin

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Mike B shaved…..Mike B you must ware your facial hair with pride for those of us who can not….  T.T 

  • DoctorOverlord

    Good show.   Really fun watching Mike B putting together the tin-foil hat clues regarding Titan.   He should write scenarios for Secret World.  

    Really interesting discussion on Defiance.   It is a very ambitious project and they do deserve a /clap for that.   I wouldn’t lay any money on both the game and the show being worthwhile but this is an instance when it would be nice to be wrong.

  • InvaderMig

    Was there no Twimmo last week, it still isn’t up on the site?

    • Joseph Gabrielli

      They haven’t done any in a long time, its really pathetic on gamebreakers end…