This week on TWIMMO we discuss The Elder Scrolls Online beta signups.  Who got an “Excellent” rating?

So, who got their applications filled out for the Elder Scrolls Online beta?  Our hosts have and it seems some of them even managed to get an “Excellent” rating. The more we hear about the game, the more excited we are.  In fact, we’re so excited that we’ve even set up a special page on the site just for TESO.

Now the question is.. How long will we have to wait to actually get in to the Elder Scrolls Online Beta?

EverQuest Next when?!

According to SOE President John Smedley:

[quote]Players will get their hands on an actual release version of what we were doing late [this] year — and I don’t mean a beta.[/quote]

So what does Smedly mean?  Is he alluding to a hands-on with the MMORPG at conventions?  And what does this mean for the release timeline of the game?

Good news and bad news at Trion.

Earlier this week we announced that Scott Hartsman is leaving the Trion family.  It’s sad news for Trion and RIFT fans for certain, but we know wherever Scott goes, he’ll be doing something good.

In better news, Trion will be publishing Archeage for the western market.  A lot of people have been looking forward to get their hands on this game, so it’s great to hear Trion will be handling it for us.

F2P For everyone!

It’s official, TERA is free-to-play for western customers too.  Details of the F2P system are already up on TERA’s site.  Is it a good one?

We do know of one good free-to-play-ish MMO system, and it’s working out well for the game.  That’s right. The Secret World has seen a marked increase in activity since the game went buy-to-play.  Good news for Funcom!

And a whole lot more…

We also have some news about Wildstar‘s recent Q&A as well as interesting information on the state of online gaming in China.

And of course, if you managed to miss the last episode of TWIMMO, you can check it out here.

  • InWaves257

    it just goes to show you only talk/ want to talk about the most popular thing and are only interested in getting as much income/publicity as you can, heck i have watched Twimmo since day one, when you was suck in a room with mike b on Skype  i have bought countless items but not anymore, its not the week before/ last week / this week in mmo ….. its what can make us the most money in mmo P.S, 99% of MMO’s in Korea you need a KSSN, its like our “national Security number” but they need it to play any game “Aion, B&S, Archage, DBZ, Queens blade, Digimon online” all need a KSSN in Korea 

    • Rich E.

      GamebreakerTV is a business you simpleton. And they only have a freaking hour to cover alot of news… of course theyre going to cover the most popular news because they try to go into these topics with a little depth and discussion. If you want them to talk about the 10920192091902 Asian MMOs youll need 20 hours of video.

      Have you been eating paint chips lately?

      • InvaderMig

        Don’t bother man.  If this guy doesn’t understand the concept of speaking about things people want to hear about then he doesn’t even warrant a reply. The guy is obviously some nerd raging derp stick who is personally hurt that the mmo’s he thinks are important aren’t the focus of conversation. 

  • Liam Richardson

    Planetside 1 had smaller maps in caves where factions had to capture the location and it became locked for a while, so maybe similar to that?

  • Rich E.

    About Wildstar’s telegraphing system (hold-your-hand-faceroll-facepalm-wipe-my-ass-and-blow my-nose) system.. I see nothing but gimmick and boredom in this. This is more catering to the 13yr old crowd. Seriously. This is a shortcut to thinking or learning. Obvioualy the Dev. Team is telling us: WE DONT WANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE THE BOSS EVENT INTERESTING SO WE WILL JUST USE THIS SILLY MINIGAME TO DISTRACT YOU FROM REALIZING YOURE PLAYING A GAME WITH NO INTERESTING COMBAT MECHANICS. This just turns Wildstar into Dance Dance Revolution (which is a fun game but not a system i want in an MMO).

    10000% agree. I loooove getting my ass kicked in a game.. and then the insuing process of learning the behaviors and spells and skills that defeated me and how to counter them with my own skills/spells. Defeat breeds strategy; necessity is the mother of invention. that makes a game interesting to me. that tells me the game has a certain depth.

    to: Pokket’s quote:
    “thats how all MMO’s do it. we get used to them and memorize what they do and when they do it.”
    ya but in other MMO’s we arent memorizing RED ARROWS on the ground… we are memorizing monster animations, monster sound effects, environmental queues, listening to voice chat of teammates… BIG BIG difference… in Wildstar youll have to memorize a dance dance revolution sequence… mmmmkkkk

    Dont let Wildstar make you think they are revolutionary about forcing you to move during fights.. wtf hahahahhaa Even WoW forces you to be active – hence the WoW expression “dont stand in the fire”. Nonono… now we have games like GW2 and Wildstar that give us these ridiculous red circles and Wildstar’s FUCKIN NEON RED ARROWS… bahahahaha will players actually “GG” each other after defeating Wildstar bosses? bahahaha “good game man… great arrow jumping”. “oh ya awesome bro you werent drooling on the keyboard and you moved away from the red arrows, ftw dude”.


  • Chad M Klusman


  • scottsummer

    Pff…John Smedley, take everything he said with a grain of salt. If SOE dare to rushes EQ Next and end up another incomplete EQ2 disaster, they are done with MMORPG. DONE.
    No EQ or RPG fans will ever play their game.
    And EQ is never a sandbox to begins with, so i personally unsure if a full blown sandbox is the ideal choice for EQ Next. Not putting questing in EQ is a good way to piss off every single EQ fans.

    • HartsHope

      despite its name, Everquest had very few “quests” compared to modern MMOs. Far less – atleast when i played (1999-2004). Which is a good thing i think.. players were less focused on micromanaging how many rat pelts they had and more on interacting with each other, looking for groups, talking strategy, dreaming about their epics, exploring etc.

      I really think EQNext would do well to allow players to find their own way in a vast world, rather than lure them along the map from quest hub to hub. If there are quests, make them few and epic and huge.. like the Coldain Ring War, the Epic Weapons, Opening Sleepers Tomb, Keys to access interesting and special zones.

      Also.. public dungeons. MUST HAVE PUBLIC DUNGEONS. fuck instances… zones are ok … but bring players together. nothing kills the “massive” in MMOs than instances.

      • Dularr

        I remember the public dungeons.  Lol, players would camp the entrances and kill anyone that came in.   

        • Rich E.

          in what game? not in EQ1

          • Dularr

            Ah PvP vs PvE, lets change it then spawn camping.  Both are valid game design, I’m actually looking forward to public dungeons in EQ Next and TESO.

    • Learning-to-Fly

       I agree. I

  • Stone LX9

    Good show.

  • Dularr

    Hmm listening to Gary talk about his friends always switching MMO made me think they need “MMO of the Month Club*.”  Each month a new MMO comes out it’s loaded on  their game rig and they get to play it for a month.  If  there is not a new MMO that month, the group votes on which MMO to continue playing for the month.  

    *trademark pending

    • arenasb

       Massively does something similar to this. It’s a weekly column that they readers get to choose which mmo the columnist (the columnist changes each time the game changes) gets to play and report on.

      It might be pretty cool for a monthly show here actually.

  • Jerry Wheatfield

    The “credits” system of mobile phone plans outside of the U.S. doesn’t exactly encourage mobile gaming. Just imagine having to pay $x per megabyte of data (as opposed to the flat monthly rate of most American gamers’ “unlimited” plans)… then having to pay those again for a new phone.

  • Aisar

    Good show, I love listening to you guys while I play.

  • Oblivious Prime

    To Gary and others –
    Concerning the Wildstar Tester Q&A The people you are mentioning were not the tester they were the guys who asked the questions, the tester’s name was never revealed.
    As Carbine put it “Huge thanks to [REDACTED] for his help in answering your questions!”

    • Justin Kennedy

      Thank you Oblivious Prime.  Will take this into note next time.

  • Learning-to-Fly

    I hope Everquest Next has almost no quests. That would be a breath of fresh air. I Loved EQ1 because it encouraged exploring and grouping, rather than searching the map for NPCs with a gold ! on their heads. I think the first EQ quest  I did was at level 45ish when I got my Jboots.

    If SOE lets the players be the emergent driving force for the game then the entire game will feel like a huge quest.. the quest for glory and adventure. I yearn for the day when Dragons felt like DRAGONS. Especially after fighting the pathetic lame salamanders that Gw2 calls dragons.

    SOE needs to make a huge open world, imbue it with lore and varied and challenging monsters. And then just get out of the way. Let the players do the rest.

  • Bear Powell

    The majority of Korean games for many years have required a KSSN in order to beta or play them.

  • Brian Orr

    Jason’s mic is giving me headaches. His S’s are so harsh and loud and rest of his voice sounds muddled. Of all the hosts its hardest to understand what he is saying, which is sad cause he usually has good things to say. Gary should buy the man a better headset if he can’t get one himself, cause as it is now I am tempted to just mute the sound every time he opens his mouth.

  • mcfoyle

    ‘rock dicks everywhere’

    mikeB knows gamers

    • DoctorOverlord

      I learned the game developer term ‘Time to Penis’ from Gamebreaker TV :) 

  • Thurston Falco

    Gary mentioned wanting to play single player games over mmos because of how they can better implement story and pull the user in. Aside from them I am really feeling it is more true for gameplay.  MMOs really have evolved at a much slower rate than single player games. After spending most of my time in MMOs ive just been very impressed with the single player games I have been playing lately, even some of the older titles I missed. MMOs havent impressed me in such a way in awhile now.

  • Revanhavoc

    I love this crew for Twimmo – it’s the ultimate team. Love seeing Mike B. and Pokket, me and Jason have been bros for at least two centuries, and the Gannonator is my fearless leader.

    Cream of the crop, Gamebreaker.

  • Michael B

    Just once I’d like to hear Jason say “HI HO KERMIT THEE FROG HEEER”

  • Daniel Snørtland

    Im still saying, the audio is still not balanced. Its balanced to the right side, which is kinda annoying and has been like that for quite a while now.

  • Veli-Petteri Tervonen

    Jason, replace your Walmart microphone. You sound terrible, especially when you’re speaking too fast.

    • DoctorOverlord

      I have to agree.   Jason was dropping out quite a bit during this episode. 

  • Jesse O’Gara

    It’s so annoying that no one at gamebreaker ever played FFXI.  These discussions would be so much better.  

  • Dekin


  • DoctorOverlord

    Klaus and Squirrel play Tera.  Make this happen.  Great idea Jason. 

  • Luxin

    Ach… why cant i comment latest episode, only the 2. newest

  • Michael Z Lively

    You don’t need to ask your mother-in-law for her KSSN anymore. “After continued hacking cases, the Korean government has also declared it will be illegal for game companies to obtain gamers’ Social Security Number (KSSN) as part of the signup process starting from 18th August 2012. Other methods are to be used, including mobile identification.
    Current personal information of users, such as KSSN, is to be wiped by 17th August 2014 as part of the new law. As a gesture of goodwill, the government is giving companies an extended period of 6 month (till February 2013) to implement the new systems.
    A new law will also come into effect next month, making “companies” which earn revenue through selling game gold and items illegal. The exact details are still unknown, but the action of “trading more than 10 times in a period of 6 months, including earning over 12 million KRW” is the new guideline for authorities to take action on.”