This week on TWIMMO we discuss The Elder Scrolls Online beta signups.  Who got an “Excellent” rating?

So, who got their applications filled out for the Elder Scrolls Online beta?  Our hosts have and it seems some of them even managed to get an “Excellent” rating. The more we hear about the game, the more excited we are.  In fact, we’re so excited that we’ve even set up a special page on the site just for TESO.

Now the question is.. How long will we have to wait to actually get in to the Elder Scrolls Online Beta?

EverQuest Next when?!

According to SOE President John Smedley:

[quote]Players will get their hands on an actual release version of what we were doing late [this] year — and I don’t mean a beta.[/quote]

So what does Smedly mean?  Is he alluding to a hands-on with the MMORPG at conventions?  And what does this mean for the release timeline of the game?

Good news and bad news at Trion.

Earlier this week we announced that Scott Hartsman is leaving the Trion family.  It’s sad news for Trion and RIFT fans for certain, but we know wherever Scott goes, he’ll be doing something good.

In better news, Trion will be publishing Archeage for the western market.  A lot of people have been looking forward to get their hands on this game, so it’s great to hear Trion will be handling it for us.

F2P For everyone!

It’s official, TERA is free-to-play for western customers too.  Details of the F2P system are already up on TERA’s site.  Is it a good one?

We do know of one good free-to-play-ish MMO system, and it’s working out well for the game.  That’s right. The Secret World has seen a marked increase in activity since the game went buy-to-play.  Good news for Funcom!

And a whole lot more…

We also have some news about Wildstar‘s recent Q&A as well as interesting information on the state of online gaming in China.

And of course, if you managed to miss the last episode of TWIMMO, you can check it out here.