Final Fantasy Shows Off Combat & Questing, Industry Layoffs, And More!

This Week In MMO covers the weeks tops mmo news.  Topics on this weeks show include:

  • Final Fantasy XIV New Combat & Questing Video
  • Could There Be An Assassins Creed or Farcry MMO In The Works?
  • End Of Nations Layoffs
  • Square Enix Layoffs


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  • Kenneth Meagher

    I dont know if ubisoft is making a good decision in going into the mmo industry. I think that they are going to fail hard and be like oh hey were shutting the game down now cause no one is on to play it. However, they havent announced what the game is about or released any kind of footage so i really cant say anything bad about it. The whole thing with final fantasy is kinda why i came here but after watching that video and looking back at previous alpha footage from the others……….i cant say that this version will be any better.

  • Make It So GW2

    Good show from what I could see of it.  FF-14 should be F2P.  I wonder why none of the videos here at GameBreaker are finishing???  They all just stop a few mins in.

  • Miguel Crespo

    I’ve played the FFXIV alpha and the combat is awesome,

  • dragontheory42

    That is how the combat is for most final fantasy games, get over it.  Final fantasy XI was very great and I played that game for years.

  • Kenneth Meagher

    CCP did a survey 1 year after Eve Online Launched . It was to see what type of players were playing. 10 out of 20 people that were playing were mixed between western and eastern players. Most of the The comments on the forums were complaining about the lack of movement in the game just stood still and shot missiles at the npc. Pvp was more of a Range course then anything. But you look at what has been done in todays world of gaming and you just laugh at the original game when u go back and look at it. Western players wont give up what they already know and love about western mmos, however most of the games we know today used to be Indie games before big companies decided to market them.

  • donaldmratomic

    The internet and the nature of competition do not change. The only possible change for the better is with player behavior. Blaming anonymity and competition won’t change anything. Good to see you back Mike, Pocket, I’m glad you are feeling better. Good episode.

  • Gamizero

    umm GG,  an RPG with online component is actually an Online RPG..
    you know.. like Diablo (the first one).  and D2.  they’re online RPGs. 

    as for End of Nations, it’s not really an MMO.. from the Beta, i got the feel that it was more like an MOBARTS. all the battles you joined were just vs matches, and that was about it.

  • saxophone15

    I have seen a fair share of leaked alpha footage of FFXIV and from what I have seen, it looks like you can in fact move while casting. There doesn’t seem to be any walking animation yet while casting however. This official video is definitely the least exciting of the videos I have seen.

    I was also wondering about the UI of the map/minimap. I would prefer they change it to match the rest of the UI (I personally like the futuristic look).

    Overall I’m not to concerned. I like the faster pace of GW2 but I’m not opposed to something a little slower. Maybe it’s because I didn’t play WoW (or other similar MMOs) for years so I’m not burnt out on it like other people.

    • malex

       casting your spell will get interrupted if you move unless u do it a split second before your spell goes off, and you can move during all abilities and weapon skills and jump during all weaponskills

  • Michael Byrne

    That was a lot of FFXIV hate :) One thing to keep in mind is that the UI/Battle system may be the way it is (simplistic/traditional) because it is meant to be used with a controller too for the PS3 release. Just a thought. :)

    • Miguel Crespo

      No its not meant to use with a PS3 controller… PS3 verison has a whole diffrent UI then the PC… 

      • Michael Byrne

        Yeah, you’re right there is a visual difference between the two, but I was referring to still using a traditional “hot bar” type mentality. PC to PS3 is basically the same UI but instead of a straight line on PC they are mapped in diamond formations to the shoulder buttons on the PS3. Still the same core functionality though.

  • Michael Coulombe

    I wish this website was run by people that don’t just play 1 MMO. Or people that have actually played, and seriously looked into the MMOs they talk about.

    Why are we commenting on the “boring kill 10 this and that” quest? Are you all so god damn blind? You all play RIFT… you have NO SAY over how stupidly boring the random quest is. Also, news flash, the game’s progression is not quest based. You have quests here and there to get some loot, but it’s an old-school game where you grind with a group and chain kills to level up fast.

    I’m starting to see how GBTV truly has the worst hosts/invitees. Except Mike B, cause he plays a lot of games, therefore knows how to analyze one properly. Remember guys, there are a lot of braindead viewers here who take your word as gold. Be a little more objective and less ignorant.

    • Miguel Crespo

      I 100% agree with you. they dont do any research at all, they just like to talk out their asses.

    • Hillary Nicole

      Actually, I’d argue that SINCE we’ve played WoW, RIFT, Warhammer, Aion, Tera, GW2, SWTOR, do I need to continue? RaiderZ, UO, Wizardry, TSW, PS2, AoC, etc… We have A LOT of say over the questing systems in games and we have a lot of experience. ALL OF US are certainly entitled to our opinions and if we don’t like the “Kill 10 mobs” quests, we don’t have to. And you’re certainly entitled to like them, if you so choose.

      I understand that the game may not be based solely around questing, but that wasn’t the point. They showed us questing, we commented on questing. We aren’t going to talk about every mechanic in the game in a 45 minute show. It just isn’t feasible and is completely unrelated to the actual topic.And play 1 MMO? Perhaps instead of assuming we only play one thing, then saying we need to do some research, you should do some research yourself and realize that MANY of us playing MANY different games. Sure, we don’t know ALL of the ins and outs of every game out there, but we do try and this is a passion for ALL of us, not just some of us. That’s why these hosts are apart of GBTV. We all share one thing in common: A passion for video games.

      • Diequex

        No offense to the guy, but opinions like that are not really worth commenting on Pokket. 

        Someone commented on a game he likes and did not agree with his sentiment on the game… so he decides to insult the hosts for having differing opinions. The video mostly displayed questing, so why the hell would that segment of the show not dissect the questing?

        • Thomas Vu

          i agree to this statement.  The hardcore fans just take a heavy offense to anything that would discredit their game. Don’t let it get to you.  Good job, and keep up the good work.

          • Dal Latee

            Yes.  And a game having fans is great, but often they can do more damage to a product they care about than the worst haters could ever manage.

            All the reasons that sunk the original FFXIV.. they were all complaints and concerns voiced by players through the original beta and subsequent launch, and every single warning was met with blind hostility from fans that were simply too hardcore for their own good.. or for the game’s own good. 

            There is nothing wrong with pointing out the shortcomings of a game in the hopes that it will improve.  Already I hear the all too familiar “it’s just an alpha/beta” retorts coming from players.  Alpha/beta is not a free pass for bad decisions, but it is an opportunity to change things for the better before it’s too late.  However, trying to convince everyone that everything is golden helps nothing.  I had hoped the FFXIV fans had learned that lesson the first time.

      • Michael Coulombe

        You do need to continue, because you apparently haven’t played XIV, which is the topic of the discussion. If you had played XIV (again, not sure if you did since it isn’t in your list of accomplishments), you would see how this video is a pretty big improvement from 1.20+ and an even bigger one from beta/1.0.

        I didn’t mean to insult you, really, I apologize. But listing the “MMOs you’ve played” doesn’t enlighten me on your ability to properly judge a video game. It’s like downloading a demo of Mass Effect and reviewing it, based on the demo. You see what I mean? Don’t bad-talk a game you barely played, is all I’m saying. Specially when the negatives being talked about, are comparable to features of your favorite MMOs.

        If it’s a Trion sponsorship thing, just tell me, I’ll stfu and leave eternally.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

       Please do not be insulting to our hosts or viewers.  You are welcome to disagree with us but any further posts that are insulting to ANYONE on our site will result in a moderation action.

      • xXHeisenbergXx

        I’m going to have to agree with Michael here. I don’t doubt
        the GameBreaker staff is well rounded, because it’s basically their job to not
        only know about these games but they have to play them as well. Where I think
        Michael has a point is that during some of these episodes the hosts don’t
        present themselves as “knowledgeable” experts….Yes I’m mainly, referring to
        Pokket…It’s only common sense that you would twist every raging nerds’ panties
        into an unbearable and painful bunch when you claim to be an expert “Pokket
        even referring to her experience at an actual video game company”, but goes on
        to critique everything with very vague statements and draws almost no comparisons
        at all, which would leave a viewer like Michael to believe that there is a big
        cloud of smoke in the room. And why would you guys try to go all comment police
        on him? This is honestly a Failbreaker moment…You guys really need to get back
        to the drawing board.   

        • QuintLyn Bowers

           One of our site rules is that you treat everyone civilly, that includes not insulting others. We ask this of all our community and will take action when needed. Referring to other members of our community as “braindead” is insulting. The warning has been issued. There is nothing more to address.

          • Michael Coulombe

            I won’t try to be a smartie here, but I don’t remember your website ever having me confirm anything. I sign-in using Twitter or Facebook. Maybe I’m missing something, maybe I just don’t remember.

            I’m sorry for insulting the entire community, Q, and I will try to re-iterate the point that I was trying to make in more G rated words:

            Some people are followers, some are leaders. Some people take the words of other people very seriously and base their actions and decisions around these words. It would be nice if the people responsible for the content shown on GBTV would show a little professionalism, knowledge, and objectivity. Because the followers WILL believe them without question and embark on the trollfest like it’s the cool thing.

            Every single comment, can easily be compared to the game they all currently play which shares the same crappy stuff. “Boring kill x quest”… come on, you can’t say Carnage quests are any better. Winters yawning at the GCD. He probably plays a Rogue in RIFT, which I would then understand where his comment comes from. But 75% of RIFT’s classes have an unusually long, boring GCD too considering the expected pace of the game.

            I’ll stop here, because I’m sure no one from GBTV will read this. But I, lastly, would like to remind you that when you start integrating segments where you beg your users to click on the sponsor or subscribe to the premium feature, you better professionalize up.

    • Aisar

      While slightly aggressive, I read your posts, appreciate your boldness and agree with most of your points.  Thanks for the posts.

      • Michael Coulombe

        Thank you for reading what’s important. Yes, I agree, I get carried away sometimes and start typing “street talk” to random strangers. I can’t express how apologetic I am for that… Sorry! Also, English isn’t my primary language. So, sometimes, things sound worst in English than they do in French in my head.

  • Alpha Reborn

    ok after and still playing, the alpha (Alpha_reborn for Reddit here) i can say the combat is fun and fast paced, quests are easy simple task’s, not kill 50 mobs or w.e progression is fast paced, and i have yet to watch this video but i can tell from the comments yet again even though i made a massive post on the GB.TV forums about FFXIV, none of you have done your research, to be fair in the past few months this site has gone down the drain, i don’t see your problem with the UI?, its simple easy and Slick, 6 months after release they are allowing Addon’s, through flash, (same as S.W), to be fair this is one of the best UI’s i have seen, it has a Mob party list a hate meter all built in, the reason it looks so big is because they are playing it at 720p, not 1080 for better quality video, …. like you could not work that one out, sometimes i really think you guys need to use your head a bit more

  • Cirdi

    Jason Winter: “Ok I’m awake now after that 4 second global cooldown…”  OMG I love him and his dry witty humor! :)

    • Revanhavoc

      Winter’s Wit – it’s a must see.

      • Alexander Larsen

        Every time Jason Winter opens his mouth to make noise, I fall asleep. His Wit is not fun and wish he was replaced in TWIMMO and bring in another host who actually follows and reads up on FFXIVs updates. Watching people talk with little idea of what they are talking about is just sad and misinformative.

        Would love to see them do a Legendary show without staying ahead of the changes coming to WOW and see how that show would turn out XD

    • Ed LeCore

      That GCD is very controversial, I wouldn’t be
      surprised if it changes.

  • David Knapp

    FFXI was all about standing around and stacking finishing moves… only one with positioning factor was the thief job.

  • Dal Latee

    I have to agree with Gary’s sentiment on the FFXIV footage.  I had seen the demo before watching TWIMMO and had all the same concerns and disappointments as him, from the apparent lack of interest in their own quest dialogue to the points brought up about the unappealing combat (and, no, special effects flashing all over the screen does not equate to exciting combat, if anything it comes across as an intentional distraction to move focus away from the fact that your character is just standing around playing the occassional swing/cast animation). 

    If Square plans on just playing it safe and creating FFXIV-WoW-Clone edition, they’re in for a very disappointing re-launch that is really only going to appeal to the hardest-core Final Fantasy fans.  I loved FFXI and I really tried to like the original FFXIV (but couldn’t), and this newest incarnation isn’t grabbing me at all.

    As for End of Nations, the news was surprising but so was the lack of apparent progress being made as the months rolled by.  I have a feeling this has more to do with the team that was developing it and less to do with the game, although I have to agree that EoN’s tutorial was horribly unhelpful.  The game itself did need a good bit of help if it wanted to be considered an MMO.

    Great show, gang.  Thanks! :)

  • Dularr

    Good show.  Pleased to see MikeB back on the show, it was funny seeing his reaction to how negative the show can turn.  Glad to see Pokket feeling better, hope she can get the Rift coin-lock lifted.  I had the same problem, had to clear my coin-lock before I could try out the beta. 

    It’s so hard to tell with alpha footage, the game is not optimized, has de-bugger code installed and wouldn’t be surprised a long GCD so they can review the data output from the gamplay.   It does look like they need a western ringer player to come in and play the game both eastern mouse clicker style and western keyboard strafer.  
    The hosts should try playing some different MMOs out there.  They seem stuck in a rut with the MMOs they are playing. 

    Try the ones where you can fly through low hanging clouds with winds and rain that can buffer your flying mount around.  Or clouds you can fly through or above, or ground hugging mists. Or flying or walking through blowing snow as the footfalls leave footsteps with tuffs of snow. Then watch for the shadows of the opposing factions flying mounts while you are questing (yes Pokket, out in the world questing), so you don’t get ganked in World PvP.

    But, I know. Most players just love to hang out in the cities, troll in trade chat, try to get into raid runs, queue for arenas/battlegrounds/dungeons or complaining about dailies and pvp balance.

    • Revanhavoc

      I don’t think negative is the right word to use about the Final Fantasy tone.

      That video, or trailer or whatever you want to call it, was crap.

      Not even getting into the game content itself, there was no explaination or purpose to it, and we can both agree the person playing was only using the mouse, which makes for crap videos.

      Gary is big on video editing – you and I both also know his standards when it comes to trailers – he has high standards. What I wanted was a critique, an analysis, not rose coloured glasses giving every benefit of the doubt. In some way I get the feeling you give them the benefit of the doubt on the video.

      I don’t give them the benefit of the doubt, and I think most gamers who see that video would agree. It was pretty-looking crap. But crap.

      We’ve all gotten a bit cynical about trying something new, mainly because new is old! There seems to be re-hash after re-hash of old mechanics. And when something new does get implemented, it’s never in the package we want it to be.

      Good chat, bro.

      • Dularr

        The Final Fantasy video clearly deserved the critical eye review.  It was just funny at 8:31 in the video MikeB identified himself as the good guy.

        That’s what the show was missing.  A little more interaction between the hosts.

  • Revanhavoc

    Damn! I’m so mad I missed this live show with a chin -er should I say ‘beard’ sighting, but you know exams do take up quite a bit of my time…I would have loved to defend the hosts from the Final Fantasy Fanboys.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong we’re all fanboys/girls of something!

    I love you guys.

  • Ed LeCore

    The GBTV people are quite right about the FFXIV footage, but should be
    more understanding. As usual SE are producing some badly shot and edited
    material, however they have been working with a massive handicap for years,
    ignorance and arrogance ruined XIV under Tanaka, and it is asking too much I
    think at this stage for them to make ARR play like GW2, a cutting edge mmo.
    After all ARR didn’t even exist 2 yrs ago, they have had to build a new engine,
    servers, combat, questing etc from scratch, and learn about the
    latest mmo features everyone expects, and so here they are showing very very basic things, but even that is a quantum leap from where they started.


    It is important that they have familiar combat and questing so that
    the more unique features of the game such as he crafting can be appreciated,
    which couldn’t be done with XIV 1.0 as all the basics where too unpleasant. Also the hosts didn’t seem to understand the purpose of some of the footage, the “clicking” was done to show the use of the mouse curser
    which was such as issue in 1.0, and the fast clicking through quest text was for demo
    purposes, this wasn’t actual player footage after all.

    • rustyhagun

      No they are wrong. As they took the video out of context.

  • BlessYouu

    Great Show guys and gal like always , it was good to see Mike B on as well, keep up the good work!

    • rustyhagun

       First part was ill informed and poor on their part. Rest of the show was fine though.

  • Andrew

    I am disappointed that GB TV did not bring in a real expert on the FFXIV subject to talk about it. I am not talking about someone who has played lots of different MMOs is an expert as most of us would be qualified, I am talking about someone who actually follows the development in FFXIV to give a balance in the discussion.

    I do not expect every host to follow FFXIV but at least one of you have to be actively following it to discuss this in perspective. I only started following FFXIV again in Oct this year, in 3 months and I can see the gap between the words spoken on this show and the actual things happening as communicated by the producer and forums.

    It is easy to give vague statements that is not remotely accurate and later claim to be sick or to have drop a few notes but is that what supposed experts should do? If my clients depend on my professional advice, I do not give a vague answer and later not take responsibility for my statements. I do my homework to make sure I know as much as I can, and for things I do not know, I check then comment.

    When I first started watching GB TV way back, one of most appealing aspect was how professional the hosts were. Gary, Mike, Lore, forming their opinions based on actual research and presented factually. Sure when the game sucks it needs to be slammed, I was nodding my head when I watched MikeB slammed FFXIV 1.0 copypasta but recently, things seem to have changed.

    I love GBTV and for the sake of the show, I implore you not to be complacent, just because one has played a lot of MMOs in the past does not an expert make. You may have information on MMOs of the past but do you have the current information which people like me are looking for. When your viewer pointed out that you have incorrect information, we are told to do research. Ironic, because it is exactly because that we bother to read up that lets us see the discrepancies on the actual situation and the picture painted by some of the experts.

    Seeing how the one subject I actually follow and have information on is presented so inaccurately by the expert on this show, I have to wonder about other information as well.

    I am but one viewer and your show will not miss me when I watch less of it. Thank you for the entertainment and sharing your passions with us.

    • Miguel Crespo

      I think the only way GBTV will ever do research of a MMO if the company is paying them.. like what Trion did with Rift

    • Revanhavoc

      It’s obvious the only reason you are calling into question objectivity and professionalism is because you personally do not agree with the expressed opinions on the show.

      I’m sorry, but if you are defending that absolute crap video, then I fear this new version of the game is going to end up just like FFXIV – a huge failure.

      We can agree or disagree on whether or not the MMO market will accept a video like that, and whether they will accept the excuse you present of “lack of information” as to why that video was so lackluster, but to call into question the professionalism of the entire Gamebreaker website, just because you don’t feel they have positively represented a game you like, is pathetically transparent.

  • TheGacko

    9:10 Garry basically does the fingers to us.. well this is the UK two finger salute, Originating from the English bow men showing the french they still had there fingers so F U.

  • rustyhagun

    Haters gonna hate… These guys don’t even know the premise of the video.. as it wasn’t about advance combat or questing but just the basics of the starting questing and battle system.

    Leve Questing is also still in the game. They haven’t gotten rid of it. And this crew needs to play Ifrit or Garuda when 1.0 was around and tell us.. “the battle system you stand still.”

    And its flipping  alpha. Go to the forums Gary and read whats going on. Cause you are nitpicking at the most ignorant things.

    Combos, Limit breaks and battle mechanics are not even in yet… reading the forums you would have known this. Unless this shows is all about trolling the FFXIV players watching it. Your doing a great job.

    Trust, this game will be the mmo for 2013.

    ps….Gary, please youtube videos or play Vagrant Story, FF12, FF:tactics, and you will see why the paper parchment dialog box is like that. Fans love it.. and its not going anywhere.

    • Diequex

      …It doesn’t matter what the premise of the video was.

      The content that was showed was boring; i.e, the questing and battle system was boring. If the core mechanics (combos, limit breaks, ect) that make the system more interesting and dynamic are not even in the game yet THEY SHOULD NOT show the gameplay. I played the previous version (many have), and it got a very bad reputation. Any gameplay shown has to capture people if they the revamp to be a success, because of former product’s bad rep.

      Showing boring gameplay is not really a good start. 

      • rustyhagun

         Of course they are still gonna show it.. because the people on the forums are expecting it. Dev team are showing videos to the player base to show progression and to give us crumbs while we wait for either invites or for the game to come out. Its not for this show to troll over and poke fun at.

        Not very professional… but its obvious you are not on the forums. the videos will get better as the go on. I didn’t see this show post the other 3 videos as they came out. its as if they are just choosing poor represented videos of this game so they can troll.

        SE will continue to show game progress through videos every Weds. so you tell me they shouldn’t show vids is ignorant on your part, because you  obviously don’t know the reason behind them showing the vids.

        SE Devs know the vids aren’t 5 star. And that’s the point. stop trolling on an Alpha game. its almost laughable.

    • Revanhavoc

      Yeah, people loved FFXIV.

      It was huge right? Did so well, didn’t it? And of course the designers should get every benefit of the doubt and have our full faith since the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole has been putting out so many great, top notch games in the last few years.

      Can you sense my sarcasm?

      You are obviously a huge fan. That brings into question your objectivity, not the hosts objectivity.

      For me as a viewer I could not agree more with the disappointment expressed.

      That video was crap. That video is following an initial release of XIV that was crap.

      This game is being scrutinized for a reason…

    • InvaderMig

      The premise of the video is irrelevant unless explicitly explained in the video.  This is PR, plain and simple.  This is what you fanboys need to get through your thick skulls. As soon as you release footage to the public everyone has access to it.  If there is a certain message you wish to convey with the video, then you must do so clearly.  If not then the video will speak for itself, and the video sadly doesn’t have much to say to those who know little about FF.

  • rustyhagun

     And with the new producer in charge, complaints and concerns are being voiced by players, and being heard. Trust, this game is going to make a lot of naysays turn back around and say Whoa! .. and this game is not gonna be a WoW clone. its just gonna have some things in WoW that makes WoW ..

  • rustyhagun

     It aint going free to play.. so dont expect that. FFXI is still pay to play. So use that as a hint as to whether FF14 is going to be f2p

  • Adi

    Moist mob name..ever. This is how this franchise feels to me now. Just..ehhh soggy and sad

    • rustyhagun

       Not a mob.. but an interactive part of the tree to poor quest related item onto.

    • Derrick Sturgill

      Your comment is soggy and sad. It’s not a mob name.

  • Taylor Reid

    On regards to FFXIV, This is a alpha combat footage at level 15ish. How is combat in world of warcraft at that level? You spam 1 skill then have a dump ability of sorts. SE has also stated the GCD will go down at higher levels. You guys are over analyzing these videos. These are just videos is to show some of the changes (mainly ui and server response) to those who are not in alpha. It is very disappointing with how much research the hosts have done prior to this story. One of the favorite games of the new director is final fantasy tactics and vagrant story, which is where the chat box and art style come from. It is a very large favorite within the final fantasy community. Finally yes the guy is not moving and clicking and what not, the purpose of the video was not some epic combat trailer. He took his time and took it really slow to show some of the “slow” people out there can see everything.

    I am by no means a FFXIV fanboy, but the amount of research you did for this story and instantly tore apart a video. This is not suppose to excite people like the End of the Era trailer. This was meant to show some of the changes in terms of styles and how the ui/combat responsiveness changed. If WoW made a level 15 combat trailer I am sure it would be fantastic seeing him spam sinister strike/heroic strike/fireball for 15 minutes.

    • rustyhagun

      ^ What he/she said. All 4 of them sound like noobs that don’t know what their talking about. Should be embarassed. Can’t wait for the next segment for FFXIV.

    • Justin Pfeifer

       And yet they called it a combat video and showed some boring crap that nobody wants to play just like the GB staff said that’s not good PR for anyone to want to buy the game after its already failed once.

      • Taylor Reid

         This video isn’t necessarily for new fans. This is for people who played in 1.0 and to show you how it has changed. Since the UI has changed so drastically this video alone shows that and how much more responsive the game is. This is alpha footage they can not show much more than this. Do you expect them to show you some level 50 raid footage? Considered that is not even in the alpha yet I doubt you will see much than that. The alpha test is to test server stability and to see if the basic mechanics are working properly. You do not need some intense game play for that. I will bring up this point again is there anything exciting to do any other mmo at level 15? Albeit GW2 but I would definitely say that FFXIV is not competing directly with GW2 as its a quite different game. It has many systems in the works but cannot be showed due to it being alpha. I played 1.0 at release and I can’t say much but 2.0 is a much larger step further in the right direction. Many people do not want intense action combat. I being one of them. I played XI for 8 years and still love the game to this day, the final fantasy franchise has always had a different take on combat as a more strategic fight than a reaction fight like most other mmo’s out there. I do not want to have 1-3 seconds to react to mechanic. I want it to be a chess game and you must outsmart your opponent in a strategic manner much like the franchise really has supported since the beginning.

        People really need to realize this trailer was not a video showing “OMG LOOK AT OUR NEW AWSOME COMBAT” it was a trailer to show current players and players who left during 1.0 that hey this is more inline with our franchise determining factors while taking other factors that are successful within other mmo’s. If they continue with the strategic slower paced combat(not super slow as it is a mmo) but not a button masher like current themepark mmo iterations. This mmo will not be for everyone it is more of a mmo for the community that they let down with 1.0. Seeing as this may be the end of SE if they fail this I do not see them taking any risks with any systems that people may “deem” needed for next gen mmo’s. Just browsing the forums and other community sites most of the fans are happy with a combat system that is enjoyable and strategic based in a world developed by SE. Immersion is what made 1.0 and XI great, the world is really what set it out against other mmo’s of the time. If they can keep their fanbase satisfied It will be profitable. This mmo will not be for everyone but it will hopefully bring satisfaction that SE and the former XIV team let down at the launch of 1.0.

        • InvaderMig

          Nobody has to realize what the intention of the video is, that’s what so many FF fans don’t understand.  This game is under the microscope, and if you have to be in the know to understand why they are releasing a video, then the video shouldn’t be released at all.  The vid is going to be viewed by die hard fans, and people who’ve never touched the game at all.  This is a representation of their game, plain and simple.  That is what it is, regardless of what their intention is.  If it’s true purpose is only to be a vid for current fans who didn’t get in the alpha or what not, then it should be clearly labeled on the video before any footage is even shown.

          This video is pr, and is a representation of their game.  There is no way around it.  No one has to understand anything, because as soon as you release footage to the public you have to understand that everyone will be able to view it, not just fans, and those in the know.

          • Taylor Reid

             Do you not notice the giant Alpha in the bottom corner? Guess not. I am not a diehard fan yet I am keeping a eye out and after watching this video I noticed a lot of things but with the pace of the video and a bit of common sense I noticed that they were dumbing this down and “clicking” to show off the UI and how the combat has changed from the way 1.0 was. Whether this video is PR is not what I was arguing its the fact that its being completely taken apart for reasons that are not warranted. I have never seen another trailer where combat at level 15 was super exciting. Yet I do not remember people being this vocal about how “bad” this looks for square. Square can make great trailers for PR the limit break and end of the era trailer prove that.

  • Kyle Eggers

    Gary about your commit with the NFL and such, have you ever been on a field in high school college football and heard what is said on the field, or the sidelines it isn’t clean.

    • Bill Lia

      Yeah… but the NFL doesn’t usually allow that to be broadcasted out for the fans to hear and its next to impossible for anyone at a live NFL game to hear what is being said in the stands. With the accessibility fans have to professional esports players and their games through the internet the code of conduct has to adapt to that. If its on the internet it lives forever and it doesn’t matter if it was some ladder game or a tournament. Players have to act in a professional manner if they want to be considered professionals.

      I’m glad this information on this players behavior has been brought to light. I personally don’t want to support a bigot.

    • Dularr

      Racism and homophobia is still wrong even if it occurs on the sidelines. 

  • Hicks64

    Anyone else get upset when they see that thin line on the blue yeti?

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    Star Trek Beard!

    This Final Fantasy is horrible… almost died of boredom.
    Far Cry mmofps – cool but need something more than just one island. There is multiplayer in assassin, increase it to more online stuff would be interesting.

    • Miguel Crespo

      FFXIV is not horrible…

    • saxophone15

      Just because you find it boring doesn’t necessarily make it horrible. There are some popular games that I have no interest in playing, but I don’t think they are horrible because of that…it’s just not something for me.

  • sheduur

    I got to say that the overhauled UI of ffxiv looks absolutely great. Reminds me alot of what the ffxii ui looked like, which was one of the best looking interfaces I have seen in any kind of game so far.

    The combat looked still mediocre though.

    • Miguel Crespo

      trust me.. the combat is awesome

      • Michael Coulombe

        I wish you could tell us more, Miguel. All I want to know is if you can move while using TP. Like, seriously that’s the only problem I had with the combat (UI aside).

        • saxophone15

          From what I have seen and what others have said, you can move while using abilities. It’s just not shown in that combat video. Now I don’t know if that applies to all abilities or just some (I’m not in alpha).

  • Robert Lyons

    ffxiv looks so “generic asian mmo”

  • Zedris

    ok one question.Why is a huge part of the show about League of legends and the apparent fact that nobody on the gamebreaker staff is good at the game and gets flamed a part of Twimmo a MMO SHOW? if u have nothing to talk about just end the show don’t go on a rant about people being mean to you….

    • Dularr

      Gary gets a little focused on the drama/trauma around LoL.  Plus GamebreakerTV had several news articles this week around harassment in video games.  

    • scotb0t

       I don’t mind when they talk about LoL and other non mmo games on TWIMMO. To me this show is mmo and a little bit of general gaming news. Since there’s no other show anymore that’s focused on PC or non-mmo games, it works out well in my opinion.

    • InvaderMig

      The name of the show is TWIMMO not TWIMMORPG.  As long as it’s Massive, Multiplayer and online, it’s free game.

  • AY

    these scumbag gamebreaker TV hosts, were just thinking up anything and everything to critique ffxiv 2.0 for. They ALREADY said that you can move while casting abilities. Do you guys even research? Or do you just bash any mmo you know nothing about? 

    • Justin Pfeifer

      Warning angry little fan boy alert. Do your parents know your using the computer?

    • Miguel Crespo

      i agree with you, they dont do their research at all

  • Dularr

    What the commenters needs to understand is Gary does not suffer bad videos.  If a game developer wants to bring out the big troll hammer from GG, release a poorly edited video.

    The game questing might be good, the combat might be good, but you can’t tell from that video.

    • christopher murray

      that is so true.  gary used to make a living editing for tv so he cant handle poorly made videos.

    • Revanhavoc

      Exactly, D.!

      If people want a cheer squad for the game they like, go the the official website!

      They shouldn’t get all offended when impartial opinions demolish a video that only fans on esoteric forums would understand.

  • Composure

    For LoL, I have no problem being called out for screwing up, that’s on me to learn to not suck, but the reason I stopped playing is because that’s not where it stops. No one else is ever at fault. Ever.

  • klebz


  • klebz

    First off, the GCD is a base of 3.5 seconds in it’s current state. In alpha, Haste reduces your GCD by 0.1 seconds per 1 haste, however I’ve not been able to test if there is a GCD reduction cap from haste yet. 
    Now, there is no “GCD” as used in traditional MMOs. Many abilities appear to share a cooldown, rather than having a traditional GCD. There are also abilities in the game that do not share this “GCD”, and there are also abilities that will cause said abilities to have a reduced “GCD” for a certain amount of time. 

    Also, the combat in higher levels is mostly based on combo chains. All abilities can be used in a certain order to execute a combo, providing increased damage, healing, lower cooldowns, extra attacks etc.  The devs have said on the forums the GCD will most likely be reduced to anywhere from 1-2 seconds before beta due to player feedback. Additionally, some classes (Monk, Gladiator, something else I’m forgetting) will start with a lower GCD of ~2 sec, however they are not available for play now. The video Squeenix released really does a disservice to the game, the combat is much more fast paced and feels closer to games like WoW or Rift, and combo chains make the game more complex. Having a clicker make the video was a terrible choice.Yes, you can move in combat, jump, all of that.

  • orloxeqoa

    “There’s no movement in the combat! It’s so dull!!!!1!111!”

    >Saying that after watching a Conjurer fight. Casters (the one specific archetype) in this game have no spells beneficial to different positioning around mobs, which you would know that if you actually played before. There’s the door.

  • Kokobo

    In regards to the Final Fantasy XIV video…

    I’ve never seen a video that showcased a classical MMORPG’s combat as being terribly engrossing.  That’s not to say combat isn’t fun when your participating in it; just that watching it tends to be boring.  It’s especially true when you have never played the game, it’s hard to judge how intuitive it actually is.

    As for the questing…

    The personal enjoyability of questing is another aspect that would hardly shine in a video.  On the bright side; Square games tend to tell solid stories with interesting lore.  One of the biggest highlights for me in Final Fantasy XI was how engrossing the story was.  You wanted to get to the next section of the story and witness the cut scenes because it really was that engrossing.

    A funny thing I took away from the player clicking their abilities was as if to show us that the mouse actually works.  One of the biggest annoyances from Final Fantasy XIV original release was that the mouse was incredibly unresponsive. 

    What I took from the alpha video was the game is still in alpha.  How many games stay exactly the same going from alpha to a finished product?  It’s really hard to give feedback from a video because as a viewer you just don’t know how engaging it will turn out to be.  I’m under the impression these videos aren’t being produced to make converters.  They seem to be there for the avid fans who want early glimpses as to how the game is progressing.  Or even possibly players that were dissatisifed with their experience in the first incarnation and want to see what they have in store for the new release. 

    Here’s hoping they have an Open Beta because I would love to try the game and see for myself how it turns out.

  • Aisar

    lol good for Pokket for sticking with Tera until level 20.  I was bored and done after an hour both in Beta AND when they remade the whole beginning with the new area they put in.  For me it is usually, fun at level one or done.

  • Picoman

    I just got into ARR Alpha today and cant say exactly what i want to in response to this episode but I have been catching up with a lot of reading of the Alpha forums. So with that, the only valid comments were to do with the poor gameplay footage/editing.

    As for Gary wanting NA talking-heads in the videos, ewwww.

  • Tudor Simu

    I can honestly understand what and why things are said by you guys.. but some of the things just don’t make sense if you did a little more research in either the title itself or the people creating the game. Many things you said, you could answer yourselves by searching around the internet a bit, or simply playing some of the newer/older FF games/Square Enix games.
    Sure you’re being paid to do this and for the most part you’re doing a great job…but seriously, Every several minutes you make me go “Are you guys misinformed or simply not paying attention?”  I like you guys…but boy is it a pain to hear some of the things you say. I’m not against breaking things down to the nut, but do it right head to toe.

  • Jason

    Well I’m a clicker so does that mean I’m and looser and should go out and kill myself and die

    • Dal Latee

      I think you might be taking the comment about clickers the wrong way.  When the TWIMMO hosts said something along the lines of “we have a clicker here!”, I believe they were referring to the pace of combat.. the fact that the pace was slow (and safe) enough that a player could effectively (and leisurely) mouse-click his or her way to victory.

      It’s tied to the point Gary was making regarding how different games are designed for different markets.. how there’s an expectation to be able to play “one handed while smoking a cigarette in an internet cafe” with FFXIV.. a relaxed style which wouldn’t mesh well with games like GW2, TERA, or even WoW.  Thus the “we have a clicker!” comment.

      To people who are looking for more action oriented gameplay, watching someone easily handle combat with leisure mouse-clicking is usually not a good sign.  I don’t think the comment was meant to insult anyone’s playstyle.

      • Cold Silfur

        As the producer Yoshida P. said he clicks, that everyone can see skill informations etc… the pace of Final Fantasy never had been that fast.. its like when you are watching Heroes of Might and Magic videos (tactical rpg) and saying “wooo thats boring”.. is kinda wrong and TOTALLY stupid.

        but well they seem to be from the Call of Duty generation.. everywhere there should be BOOm and BOOm… and fast like an diablo..

        soo stupid..

        and.. besides that.,. thinking that asians prefer clicking is just damn stupid also.. asians (japanese) people in the official forum complaining about the same points like we do.. they are not as different as these “stupid americans” (in this video) think they used to be.

        and these are “experts”. i am playing MMorpgs for such a longer time, than just WoW…

  • Tsuga

    This video was posted on the lodestone forums for the playerbase that did not make it into alpha. Also it has been made clear that the alpha is extremely limited in content (max level 20, small handful of quests, no cutscenes, no FATE or limit break systems, limited area of access, etc.). This test is primarily for stress testing, and these videos are there to satiate the fanbase, who threw a fit on their forums when they didn’t get alpha access.

    The marketing push has not happened, yet.

  • pool842

    WOW you can tell these guys are owned by blizzard lol.

  • pool842

    Guild Wars is terrible…. I could not level past 12…Boring…

  • pool842

    I love the guy bashing it is playing mists of pandaria in the background lol… wow

  • Jack Power

    Ok this guys like to talk shit. This is an alpha demonstartion video. It’s nice if you have any constructive cretic. But you talk about stuff like.
    - omg this guys is uses his mouse
    - omg this lvl 15 mage is tanking lvl 8 mobs
    - omg he is using only 2 skills
    - omg 3 seconds globa cooldown thats like forever

    The only point i agree with you is that the combat could use more action between player and monster by moving around or avaiding skills(not 1,5 seconds brainless buttonsmashing).

  • Adam Gilbert

    ok so ff xiv sucked, the company trys to remake the game to recoupe some money. Obviously if the investment isn’t there the games still gona suck. It’s a copy of standard mmo’s to release asap and put their bets on the franchise to bring in the money not the gameplay. TWIMMO needs to move on, the games dead, and no one cares.Bring me some good gaming news, not final fantasy every episode for 30 min.

    • Miguel Crespo

      stfu adam, people care about FFXIV.. stop qqing

    • Jason Flint

      I wouldn’t take this review seriously at all.

  • Niko Santos Tolentino

    get a real job

  • luis alfonso

    wow you people talk a lot of shit lol this is alpha this video was made for people who did not get into alpha not really meant for everyone else. Top of all this is alpha it was only for stress testing so ya it boring because i don’t know it only for stress test not content stress test like beta going to be.

  • luis alfonso

    Also The YT video description said it’ll be using the mouse so people can easily follow maybe do your fucking research more before talking shit.

  • DoctorOverlord

    I had not seen the FF video, thanks for that GBTV.  It was alpha footage so I’m willing to give them a chance to improve things as far as combat.   Actually the combat did remind me of FF combat with the pacing.  It would be gutsy if they stuck to that but that doesn’t seem to be their intent.

    I’m REALLY glad they got rid of that made-up term ‘Leves’.   That was a pet peeve of mine that I found even more irritating than not being able to jump..   It really was yet another example of the arrogance of the original FFXIV designers.  They felt they could make up an entirely pointless new term for an established MMO mechanic and everyone would just bow down and adopt it.  It such a bad idea everyone just started calling the things levequests by the end.    Seeing them throw that out that term gives me as much hope as seeing jump in the game that Square may have pulled their heads out of the ground.

    • Cold Silfur

       Well, leves are going to be still in the game (easy killtasks), besides Quests, Dungeon Instances, Story missions… and of course Active Time Events, which are called “Fate” (like GW2 public quests) where everybody can join in.

      you are going to have THE choice.

  • Ryan B.

    sounds like to me you guys need some insight on what the plans for this game are. 

  • Kitty007

    You guys are idiots!  Alpha is just that, ALPHA!!!  Nowhere does it say game release video!!  Go back to your WoW where babies play!

  • Kitty007

    You guys are idiots…Alpha is just that,  ALPHA!!!  Why would they put all their cards on the table this early in testing when the release date hasn’t even been announced yet??  This is mainly for people to see what the graphics and some of the animations look like, not about mob killing.  I would’ve taken your rant more seriously if this was final Beta…go back to your pandas wowbabies! :P

  • Randy Brosset

    the gray haired guy needs to retire. I would date the chick tho.

  • ¼Ú¥O ±i

    i would love to post some video but terms and conditions says no……. =(

  • Jason Flint

    The quests are placeholder quests, the combat is focused on level 10, and the main focus of the alpha is to stress test and show the graphical change.  The combat is completely different than they are discussing.

    It’s like watching people gather around and discuss something they don’t know … granted it is based on footage and not in game play (in an alpha >.>).  But even though it is based on this footage that is misleading, all their reactions are knee jerk and follow a negative tone from the announcer that everyone just followed along with.

    Very unimpressed with the show in general.  Would like to watch some people that seem a bit more intelligent/mature and discuss things seriously rather than just putting something down with kiddy comments everywhere.

  • Jason Flint

    If you look at it from the point of view of someone that isn’t a fan … this show/review was still full of unintelligent remarks.  There were also a lot of statements made that could apply to any mmo out there.  The show did have an ignorant feel to it.

  • Jason Flint

    The reviewers in the video use this same language when describing people and games in the video.  It might be setting a bad example.  Perhaps avoiding this type of tone/behavior in the video wouldn’t encourage these types of comments.

    Edit: pressed enter by mistake before finishing >< … also noticing my replies are all showing near the top of the comments and not where i am posting them as responses to older posts, so i'm going to stop posting since it's just making me look like i'm spamming comments to be seen in the newest comments all the time D:

  • Justin

    lol what is pokket and gary complaining about, you want to kite every single trash mob and quest mob you come across? not even WoW is that stupid, i tank trash all day on my mage, thank god these guys arent developers lol

    this game is being built for FF11 fans more than anyone, its a niche group that didnt mind not having to run around in circles in every battle, didnt need to “not stand in purple stuff”, and just appreciated the animations of their characters and the abilities they got more than playing the game like a action platformer