More Layoffs

TWIMMO 125: More Lay offs

This Week In MMO covers the weeks tops mmo news.  Topics on this weeks show include:

  • Layoffs at Trion
  • The Secret World Goes Buy To Play
  • EVE Online Hit’s 450k Subscribers Thanks To China
  • Ghost In The Shell MMO
GBTV General Manager
  • EsadBosnic

    Your mom jokes right at the beginning, fun show to be had all around. 

    • Jason Horton

       Go Hilary, this is going to be a good show! :)

  • Hannu Kankaanpää

    Pokket looks better with more normal makeup!

  • Melanie Dawn McGreevey

    wow’s new con tent isn’t free and this latest xp was crap.

    I LOVE TSW… with the added GW2-like dodge they added recently adds a lot to the game.

    MMOs are dying… I don’t get how Trion can support 4 games with a reduced staff.

    retooled AC2 night be a decent hit- first game with 3 faction pvp. “Graphics bad and nothing new” so like WoW?

    GitS could be fricken awesome!

  • GammaWolf

    The secret world is great value now with no sub.

    The combat isn`t amazing, but its something more interesting than the usual fare at least until TEO comes along.


  • Richard Elder

    Ghost in the Shell MMO could be cool. Would be very cyberpunkesque.

  • GammaWolf

    Pokket`s eve comments are not entirely true.

    I am not an eve player, but the game allows you to advace your character when not playing. You log in, queue up skills to learn then log out. Come back later and queue up more skills then come back in a few days.

    I agree that people will stick around because they don`t want to lose time invested, but eve allows people to remain relevant even when they are not playing which I think is part of why people keep their subs even if not all that active.


  • Kamil

    Thanks for the triple point sale tip for PS2 Mike. Will be sure to get some.

    • Dularr

      Yeah, that kind of settled where I would be spending my “extra” game money this month.  Going to stop by Walmart and pick up some PS2 station cash. 

      Maybe I will try TSW next year. 

  • Dularr

    Great show, good job everyone. 

    Pokkets comments on “beating” an MMO was funny.  Finish the SWTOR personal story at level 47, kill a Sith Lord, been there done that.   Finish your personal story in GW2, done. 

    I’m assuming in RIFT you would need to so some raiding to “beat” the MMO.

    TSW would be interesting, what conspiracy would you need to uncover to beat the MMO?

  • InvaderMig

    I Still miss the old TWIMMO music.  Is there anywhere I can find it?

  • Kyle Eggers

    For the TSW I like the B2P model more then F2P because it supports the company and devs more, so yes I will buy it and try it soon but currently I’m playing too many games over 10 games right now three of which are MMO.  Too many at once (when I beat one I’ll pick it up).  I agree with Pockett Rift is doing fine, I won’t go back because after of about 10 years of raiding  between EQ, WOW, and then Rift I’m just burnt out on raiding, and Rift is a raiding game.  Rift has the best raids in of all the MMOs out there.

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    hahaha this “skyrim” is totally true! I played GW2 and then I wanted to play skyrim and shoot bow in FPP… now I have Far Cry 3 so I still can use bow and stealth :D

  • InvaderMig

    “I’m dick slut”  LMAO

  • Fish Bait

    Skyrim: pillaging & killing people with boats.
    How!? lol

  • Radoslaw Sztejna

    Mike S dickslikesick ?!?!

  • Joey Biggs

    Mike u didn’t end the video on time…. u dick letsick 

    • Dularr

      The end of the video was classic.  MikeS closes the show, but forget to or how to stop recording. 

  • Kagitaar

    Pokket, you must have had some nice friends to carry you through LK, because you are not getting that geared by yourself in a month.

    Mike S, I am taking your otaku card for not being able to pronounce Kodansha. 

    • Dularr

      All depends on her guild.  A few runs through the ICC dungeons and the Argent Tournament dungeon and raid, could give her the gear she needs for ICC. If her guild had picked up the crafted patterns, all the better.

      • Kagitaar

        No, that was my point; she had to have had a lot of help to get back up to speed. I was refuting her point that it’s super easy to get back in the game, implying with it that it was her effort alone.

  • !wut_iz

    Wow, so far it’s 17 minutes of saying “TSW is going the GW2 route and it’s a good idea”, in 100 different ways.

  • Veldara

    I always did want to see a Ghost in the Shell MMO, but I don’t really like or trust Nexon’s business model.  A lot of their games are very restrictive, mailbox and auction house limits are very tight just to name a few.  I will admit though that Swtor, after checking out their limitations for f2p Bioware certainly giving Nexon a run for the money.

    All in all, I just don’t like or trust the f2p model, I’m a fan of either p2p or b2p, I get a sense of peace of mind that I’m not getting nickle and dimed.

  • Michael Coulombe

    They have to be really careful on their “trial”. They can’t zone it off, since you can repeat every single mission except the main story one (which is totally not the bulk of your xp). By zoning off, you get people to clear it, and again, and again, until the end of the trial period. What they should do, imo, is to put in a Rank/AP limit with a re-spec available only to trial accounts. That way you can clear Solomon as much as you want, until you cap, then try stuff out. One thing for sure: They need a solid trial.

    I think the reason why it didn’t really catch on is the gameplay/graphics/clunk. Seriously, 2012 and has worse movement/combat animations than WoW. What’s really weird, though, is that AoC has some pretty damn impressive graphics/animations/combat fluidity. They kind of downgraded a lot, and I don’t see the balancing factor. It’s not like the game is that long/replayable.

    B2P was the only thing they could do to save this game. I love it! Seriously would have never gone back to it… buuuuuuuut now? Yeah! Where TSW shines is the character progression. Fans of (sorta) SWG or even UI will enjoy this point based system. It’s really the clunk and the graphics that make it not appealing to the mass’ eye.

  • brainsonbrad

     this week in MOM!

  • brainsonbrad

    this week in MOM!

  • Jado Cast

    Jason, you need to clean your camera lens bro or turn of the sauna.   :)  One of the best shows in a while.  Great Job guys!

  • Bryan Dezern

    “I’m a dick slut” ~ Mike Schaffnit 2012

  • DoctorOverlord

    That was a hilariously rocky episode.   Thanks for not editing the last part lol